Monday, September 11, 2006

A Medieval Wedding in 2006

This Saturday in August 2006 turned out to be very special. We went from our rented Villa in St. Joe down South on I-94 in direction of Three Oaks. We were my wife Anna, my son Niklas, my daughter Ingelin and their Mother Solvi. Purpose: The Aabo Wedding.

In the USA it’s very easy to find a place when you only know the Interstate Exit. And even know how far you are to drive before leaving the Interstate. We entered at Exit 27 and had to leave at Exit 13. That gives 14 miles to drive.

We were strictly told not to arrive later than 3 pm, due to the fact we should pose for the ”Photograf-man”. After all, the wedding place was on a Farm, several miles away from the Interstate, and we had only been there once, driving one route to the Farm and another when we returned in the evening. After a confusing start from leaving the I-94, we remembered the name of the roads and avenues, and ended up at a Road Block. Luckely, we did see a sign poste on the Road Block: Aabo Wedding. Puh-ha, how could those guys manage to have the road blocked for their wedding? Well, we were obviously close to the wedding spot. As we saw no police on the blocked road, nor hidden behind trees or in the Corn-fields, old Viking instinct gave us courrage to pass the Road Block. And there we drove until we discovered a new sign: Carriages Chariots and Longboats and a painted Viking Ship.
No doubt, this was the parking spot, whatever one used as transportation means. No planes allowed, though.

In the sunny weather, we crossed the meadow and then suddenly, horses and people dressed medieaval. And we, with modern 2006 dresscode, sharply separate from the others. A strange feeling. I wondered if our car was not a car, but a Time Machine. At least it felt like it.

Lance dressed like Thor

The altar was situated at the lawn under a tree, with the soyabeans and the cornfields in the background.

The Groom was led to the altar, where he, the lucky youngster, was left behind with his best man and the Priest.

Suddenly, music - medieval you should notice - and the Bride riding her horse over flowercovered grass arrived the scene. Truely centeries ago we were. They both said Yes, Rings on, and they lived happily ever since.

Yes and Yes

Happy, Medieval dog

Where did they go for Honeymoon? To Oslo, Norway, and the Medieval Festival which takes place last weekend of August or first in September!
Happy, Medieval dog Every year. Come along and jump into your private Time Machin and go centries back, in Oslo.


Blogger RennyBA said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely Aabo wedding. You all looks great in the pictures!
Lance dressed like Thor was great too - good to see there are still Norwegian vikings around:-)

September 11, 2006 10:56 pm  
Blogger TorAa said...

Thank U Renny, I must tell you about Lance's Pilgrimage to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo 3 years ago. He touched one of the ships, and really felt he had come to heaven. He could not believe everybody in the Aabo family had their childhood just outside the Viking Museum!

September 12, 2006 9:30 am  
Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Oh oh, very cool wedding and I love the outfits!!! We should have been there too...

...and you should have been dressed as Tor!!!

So, you have the similar medevial week in Norway as we have over here, but we have the first whole week in August. I guess they travel around, some of the attending people at this fair's. We have even people from Germany on this fair's.

Great post.

February 24, 2007 11:15 am  

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