Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Since my last post, I've been travelling again.
Several times.
My New life as a retiree.
I will continue travelling as long as my body Accept the Challenge.

I have met New People, fantastic ones in Holland.
For Your information, after the "Black Death" it was a periode of time it was more
Dutch (Holland) People in Norway than original Norwegians.

Since my last post, Anna has retired-

So now we are free to travel,
thanks to Our trusted Cat Sitter.

Last weekend we were in Tromsö at allmost 70 degrees North.
It was a X-Mas Gift to Anna and my X-Wife.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Dear Blogger Friends,
I have been absent for too long time.
No excuses. But when travel it has been easier to be on the above.

Photo of one of Our 2 Cats this Evening: Rosa - now 11 Years

Lom Stav Kirke, Norway

Since I retired in April last Year I have been travelling a lot.....

Here With one of my first Blogger Friends: Lisa Fleur in Fredrik Meijers Gardens and Sculpture Parc in Michigan, USA.

Efesos, Turkey

My Daughters Wedding - in Bodrum, Turkey

Here With Great Blogger Friends in Provence, France

Schloss Heidelberg in Germany

Arriving at Calama Airport, Atacama Desert in Chile
From Mendoza, Argentina

Paraty, Brasil

Amsterdam, Holland and Light Sculptures

Oslo, Norway - Winter
At Key West

SoBe - Miami Beach

Kinderdijk, Holland

French Riviera, March 2013
Amsterdam, Queens Day

Telemarkskanalen, Southern Norway

Heddal Stavkirke, Norway

Lyngör - Southern Norway

Balloon Flight early Morning in Alsace, France



Schloss Neuschawnstein
In Vosges - France
Metz, France

SandefjordSouthern Norway

Zwolle - Hooland - Hanseatic City - here With Friends
Cagnes sur mer, France
Oslo, Norway


Grand kid in Strömstad - Sweden
Limburg, Germany
Some of my travels reflected here...
And I will continue to travel as long as my Health allow me to do it,

In the past Years I have met many of my Blogger/social media Friends, In US, Canada, France, Sweden, Holland, Germany and Norway. And even Chile and South America.

When my dear Wife retire, within 2-3 Months - we hope to visit and see in real  life even several of you. Around the Globe. And do not hesitate to ask for accomodiation for free in Norway.

Since last post, my Mother died in the age of 94. She was not very well her last 2 Months.
Just before that, one of Our common Blogger

Friends are now living 2 minutes walk away
from us.

My Daugter officielly married a Year ago - she lives in Germany.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


A good friend of us was 70 in February, but wanted to have a Party in Summer time.
We had last Saturday.
In Fredrikstad at Isegran. Historlical site.

Here is some Photos from the Event:

Here you see the Water Mill clsoe to the end of River Glomma - the longets in Norway

It is several reastaurants and cafees at the Riverside in Fredrikstad

Traditional Buildt Fishing Vessel

The old Fortress

Flowers and River

Anna Next Morning - after a Rainy Night

And here a good memory from the Event

I'll be back - I promise

Friday, June 14, 2013

HI all my blog friends, I am not familiar With the New design here.
May be it is because I am a retiree and do not follow up and understand technological News.
Well, I would tell you since the past year I have been travveling a lot.
Have met Family and good friends in US, South America and in Europe.
It has as well been a tough time, since Anna still Works.
She does not like I love to travel and do not like to Accept that I'm older than her; hence I retire some years before her.
She want to retire end of this year, but just know she "hates" me.
That is a terrible thougt - she want me to find someone else.

Here I am With Grandson in Michigan July 2012
I'll be back - have a great Weekend

Friday, March 08, 2013

Knowles House at Key West, Florida, USA

Since I retired allmost a year ago, I’ve been “Grandpa Vagabond”. I love to travel, see and discover new cultures, rediscover where I’ve been before, compare behaviours, taste new food, watch the nature and also relaxe.

As my regular redears do know, I hope you are still out there after a long absence, I have travelled a lot. Both with Anna and a friend from Holland.

The latter is a great challenge, since my Dutch friend is a Female, and I’m a Male. Sometimes I wish I could have been a neutral “object” due to all negative thinking regarding such a travelling friendship.

So after about 8 weeks travelling with Anna last year, it was about time to go together again. We figured out our destination should be Key West and Miami Beach.

Well, this post is about a very special Bed and Breakfast in Key West: http://knowleshouse.com/Knowles House at 1004 Eaton Street.

I had search for the Right place for Anna and me to relaxe and enjoy Key West, for some Weeks, to stay for only 4 Nights. That in it self  is a challenge.
Knowles Sitat 1 19.02.2013 18-06-24
We  wanted privacy and as well have the opportunity to meet others. Besides we like “Clothe optional”  possibilities. Yaeh, we need Sunshine and Vitamine C all over Body during the dark Winter we have at 60 degrees North.
Knowles House skilt 1 20.02.2013 01-51-25
Well, we booked at Knowles House. And in return we got a quick response. I called bacj to confirm and I felt we were at the same wave…
Knowles House - Pool Duck 20.02.2013 03-37-07
When we arrived, we felt at Home at once. In a wonderful House from the early Key West settlements.  Here is our Pool friend…
Knowles House - allmost naked man 27.05.2011 08-28-41
Christiana wellcomed us with a glass of wine and gave us all and more than that, the information we needed. Well, here I am after a short dip in the Pool late evening. With more than a Glass of Wine, and even a Camera. Haha, we had freedom…
Knowles House - back yard 27.05.2011 05-37-12
We both felt: We are at Home.
And met people from “all over”. Fantastic. No Photos…
Knowles House Sun Deck 27.05.2011 01-46-14
We used the Cloth optianal Roof Top Sun Deck. Not revealed here for obvious reasons
Knowles House Flowers at Sun Deck  21.02.2013 23-11-57
Beautiful Flowers
And enjoyed the Breakfast (included) and Garden.Knowles House with C 22.02.2013 17-33-25

Here we are with Innkeeper Christina. Thanks for a wonderful stay.
We would like to return to this relaxing and wonderful Home.