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OsloBG – From Downtown to Marine History

Friday, August 20 – part  2 - Afternoon
In my last post the last Photo was a Cruise Ship anno 20XX.
This time we will cruise 1200 years back in Maritime History. Even discover some of the most adventures persons in humans history.

You’ll find it all at Bygdöy, the penninsula in Oslo where I grew up from the 1940’ies. To visit you have 4 options of Public Transport, unless using your own legs or swim: Public Bike, Bus, Boat or Taxi.

Ferry from Oslo City Hall
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy  - Boats in Oslo Harbour 
We preferred the Boat – free ride with The Oslo Pass  from just outside The City Hall (The Bus as well #30 from outside The National Theater – Yearly Ibsen Theater Festival).
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy - Boat and Nobel Piece Center in Background 
And the Ferry departs from just outside the Nobel Piece Center, in the background.
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy  - Trad boat plus cruiseship 
Look here, a traditional Norwegian wooden “Motorboat” and a new cruise ship  - both heading for Oslo. Popular destination
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy - On the Ferry 
We relaxed on the Ferry after some hours visiting Akershus Fortress and Castle  - Sunshine – Hooray.

The strongest ship in the World: Fram
OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy  - Fram outside 
First stop was the Fram. The Polar Ship that brought Roald Amundsen to Antartica and the first ever visit to The South Pole.
And also so far has been to surface ship that has been closest to the North Pole. Crazy Norwegians? Why? I you want to know, read this about the strongest ship in world
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy  - Claudie inside Fram
Claudie inside Fram – in the Saloon
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy - Cabin Fram
Cabin inside Fram. Very small to stay for years.

Thor Heyerdal’s adventures and Scientific Expeditions
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy  - Kon Tiki 1 
The second Museum, 20 seconds away: The Kon-Tiki
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy - Ra II 
and Ra II.
It is even as well copies from Heyedahl expedition to the Easter Islands in this world famous museum.
Surprised there is a Museum and an Institute for Pacific studies here in Oslo? Well, Vikings are known for travelling at the Oceans.

Viking Ships ahead
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy  - Viking ship front 
Then we had a 12 minutes or so walk to the Viking Ships.
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy  - detail Vikingship
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy - Viking Wagon - details 
Look at the Wood Carvings made nearly 1200  years ago. From a sledge and a Wagon.
B1 - OsloBG -Museums at Bygdöy - Viking Ships - outside 
After the Viking Ship Museum, which is very close to my childhood home, well, we went “my old Road” …

Walking to Paradise Bay
B1 - OsloBG -Walking at Bygdöy  - Old  houses
… passing the open air museum with an impressive collection of Norwegian Houses and Culture from about 1120 uptil the 20th century. Think about it – so many Museums covering 12oo years of Norse history – within walking distance. Even the Pleasure Castle Oscars Hall and the Holocaust Center
B1 - OsloBG -Walking at Bygdöy  - Is it cold - the water 
… and even to Paradise Bay, where I learned to Swim about 60 years ago. Claudie are checking the Water Temperature
B1 - OsloBG -Walking at Bygdöy - Paradise Bay
… and Pierre was exited by the fresh air
B1 - OsloBG -Walking at Bygdöy  - Tsunami memory 
Nearby is the memorial for all that dead during the Sunami in The Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004.
B1 - OsloBG -Walking at Bygdöy - Looking south Oslofiord 
Here I used to play as a kid – in the 1950’ies. Our Summer House is in the remote Hills…

Then: We walked for about 25 minutes to meet and have dinner with other  wonderful OsloBG participants….
You will find their experiences here

That will be another story, in my words and photos, so stay tuned……

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Anonymous DianeCA said...

So many incredible boats, from the ferry boat (we took it too) to the strongest boat in the world Fram, Kon Tiki, and even the old ornately carved Viking ship. Here is a lot of Norwegian history and heritage packed into one post!

August 30, 2010 10:53 pm  
Anonymous Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Wonderful photos Tor, of a wonderful time together!!!! I think you've really succeeded very well with this post - so much interesting put together so well.

August 31, 2010 12:11 am  
Blogger Lelé Batita said...

Wonderfull post Tor! Congratulations for the rigth picture in the right place for a whole story day. Thanks for sharing.
In my Blog there are new pics too.
A worm embrace.

August 31, 2010 1:24 am  
Blogger Maria... said...

Nice post my dear Tor ! I remenber after that in the restaurant all togethers.
A big hug


August 31, 2010 9:28 pm  
Blogger lime said...

the intricate wood carving is just gorgeous. so impressive! love the picture of the scrolled part of the ship.

September 07, 2010 1:45 pm  
Blogger Vagabonde said...

I am pleased that you showed a picture of the wood carving and the ships as we did not have time to see them, we visited the Folk Museum instead. Very beautiful these ships.

September 20, 2010 4:00 am  

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