Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Report: Back in Norway

Dear blogger friends, we are back in Norway.
Siutcases  at Home DSC_0080 
Suitcases after returning to Home

You may have noticed our tiny Country has experienced some horriefied moments, but our Nation and People have raised and said: Love, Peace and Respect.
Summer House July 27 - Veranda 
First evening and Night we stayed in our Winterhome..Washing Clothes etc.
Our Winterhome  terrasse: You see it has been enough water without our help.
Summer House July 29 - Anna 
Anna is back in our Summer house. Sunshine and 81 F (27 C).
Summer House July 29  - Rosa
Summer House July 29  - Felicia 
Cats – they loved too see us again – hmmm – they felt safe
Summer House July 29  - Canoe in Garden
Canoe in the Garden - Son and Grandson were frequent users
July 2011 Cherries
July 29 - all green but summerhouse 
Soooo Green, even our Canoe (on top)
Summer House July 29  - Red Currents
Summer House July 29  - Blueberries 
Some Berries in Summer Garden
Can you observe Anna?
This is it – under the Hills and Cliffs

More to come from our unforgetable voyage….

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Blogger Maribeth said...

Welcome Home to you, Tor and Anna!

July 29, 2011 2:41 am  
Blogger Sandee said...

I'm so happy that you and Anna are home safely. It sure was a pleasure to meet the two of you. It will always be a high point in my life. Thanks for taking the time to come out in the middle of nowhere to meet us.

Have a terrific day and enjoy your summer home. Hugs to you both. :)

July 29, 2011 2:47 am  
Anonymous claudie said...

Nice to see you at your summer paradise! I recognize very well the place on the picture! It's really a marvelous place in the nature so near the fjord!

July 30, 2011 3:07 am  
Anonymous Condos Puerto Vallarta said...

Wow beautiful place here. Thanks for sharing these amazing pics...:)

July 30, 2011 8:07 am  
Blogger Ginnie said...

So glad to see you are back safe-n-sound, Tor. I know it must have been hard to be gone while your country was dealing with the immedsiate aftermath of the tragic events there. I'll never forget what I have seen on the news and how you all are dealing with what happened. I know good will come from tragedy but my heart still breaks for you all.

August 01, 2011 11:22 am  
Blogger Shammickite said...

Welcome back to Norway. I am waiting to see more of your pictures.

August 03, 2011 3:21 am  
Blogger Al said...

Weicome back Tor and Anna!!!

August 03, 2011 10:17 pm  
Anonymous Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ah, welcome back home to your own paradise! Sorry though that Norway has tragic times right now....

Lovely photos of your ladies, Anna and cats :-)

We have another internet service provider now, but now we have not had time to sit so long at the computer instead.... hi hi...

Always thinking of our friends though, so you have been in our minds!

August 04, 2011 9:43 pm  
Blogger Shammickite said...

Hi Tor and Anna..... Latest news flash: Twins have arrived.... doubled my grandchild count in one fell swoop! WOOHOO!!!!! I'm a happy Nana.

August 07, 2011 5:49 pm  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I know you had a great trip, my dears..But, I bet you are glad to be home, again....And I know your dear dear Cats are THRILLED you are home! (lol)

August 09, 2011 10:33 am  
Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Oh so I'm a little late reading... BUT I know you are happy to be home! And this to me feels like what I will experience next month when I am away. So much excitement but will be so happy to be back home and happy to see "daddy"..

August 12, 2011 8:05 pm  
Blogger 4U2! said...

Kanot bilden -like! :)

August 13, 2011 8:21 am  
Blogger Gunilla said...

Tack för titten och för att du tyckte till!

August 13, 2011 2:06 pm  

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