Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Surprise, surprise on May 4th – 2010 in Oslo, Norway

To Day, I looked out of the Kitchen Window, and what did I see? Click on the Photo. We should have had Flowers, not Snow by now. Excotic Oslo;)
2010-05-04 Snowing 1
In half and hour we had 10 cm, or 3 inches of Snow in May. Very unusual. I was happy I still have my Winter Tyres on my Car. We live about 100 meters (300 feet) about Sea Level, and the Roads here were covered by wet Snow.  Click to enlarge the Photo below and you see it was a heavy Snowfall.
2010-05-04 Snowing 2

There will be no Snow during The Oslo Blogger Gathering in August. Money Guarantee.

Read more  from the “Beeing Tourist in your own City” arrangement last Sunday on Diane’s and Renny’s. I did my own report from the our Neighbourhood in Southern Oslo, here.

Well, we are fed up with Snow and Ice, so please be invited to Ceara, in NE Brazil – at least enjoy the Photos. Click here.

PS. Stompa is still missing. We are really affraid something has happened to him;(


Blogger Sandee said...

I wish Stompa would come home. Especially in this weather.

I'm wearing shorts, a polo shirt and sandals. It's wonderful.

Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Anna. :)

May 04, 2010 6:23 pm  
Anonymous RennyBA's Terella said...

Yea, I was shocked when I looked out of the window this morning too! I mean last week I had a post about springflowers and nice warm weather!

Good to know it was just to remind us of how great it is that it's soon summer after all :lol:

About OsloBG: Of course it won't be snow in Oslo in August - I garantee too ;-)

Btw: Thanks for plugging me Tor - very nice of you!

May 04, 2010 11:47 pm  
Blogger ShadowFalcon said...

Jeepers I knew it was cold down here all of a sudden but snow in May is odd even for Norway, isn't it?

May 05, 2010 9:35 am  
Blogger Shionge said...

Oh I pray that Stompa will find his way home to you Tor.

Send some snow over it's too hot hot hot here in Singapore ;(

May 05, 2010 1:25 pm  
Blogger Maria... said...

I love Norway whit snow or sun , whit rain or warm .. I like your wonderfull country Tor !

Hug from Ibiza


May 05, 2010 1:49 pm  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

The planet is going crazy...we've still got late summer temperatures here and it's winter next month!

Oh no, I hope nothing has happened to Stompa. Maybe he's adopted another family? Or maybe he's been catnapped by someone wanting a cat.

Oh, I do hope he turns up.

May 06, 2010 7:14 am  
Anonymous Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Noooooo! Now I know why we had soooo cold winds that day!!! Oh my, how happy I am that we didn't get that snow....

...and even the French riviera had snow too - and floodings by horrible waves, Cannes & Nice! *big surprise*

What is happening with the weather??? *sigh*

No Stompa yet??!!! I really hope that he just has found a new girlfriend or something.... or maybe he has being influenced by all the traveling and hitchhiked with some one...?


May 06, 2010 10:31 am  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I cannot believe you are still getting Snow, my dear Tor....That is pretty incredible in May!
So sorry to read that Stompa is STILL missing...It's quite a while now. I pray he is okay and that maybe somebody found him and is taking care of him.

May 06, 2010 11:28 am  
Anonymous claudie said...

Yes, Stompa is in our mind.
Carcassone under the snow, in may!! Crazy! Cannes and Nice's beaches devasted! And we have to take our covers at night again!
I have a cold with all those differences of temperatures now! I hope I will able to go at work tomorrow because I don't like to be ill at home when my pupils are without their teacher!

May 06, 2010 9:30 pm  
Blogger Expat Traveler said...

I've been thinking of you all week actually and it snowed in Victoria on Tuesday so yes the weather is weird! Not here at our house, but a little further out in the city...

My thoughts are with you!

May 07, 2010 3:32 am  
Blogger lime said...

i was hoping the surprise would have been stompa mewing to be let in. snow in may...unreal!

May 07, 2010 8:41 pm  
Blogger suzann said...

It is supposed to snow here tonight - last Friday it was 79 degrees - today, one week later it is 48 and rain with a bit of snow on the way. Go figure!

So sorry about Stompa - perhaps someone is feeding him inside and he will yet return. xo

May 07, 2010 10:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehehe I had a funny experience at work. I was trying to have a Mothers Meeting at the Crisis center, and had stubbornly turned my back to the window!! However the entire group I was trying to talk too was staring at the window and in the end my collegue said, " Sorry Diane, but have you looked out the window! " hehehe they couldn't help watching the giant snow flakes. And here I am pretending that if I ignore it, it will go away....

May 07, 2010 11:54 pm  
Blogger Ginnie said...

If you still have snow falling in June, Tor, I will realy be afraid of global warming and all its potential for the years to come! :)

May 09, 2010 12:40 pm  

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