Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Factory

An Apple Factory

Most people here with apples in their Gardens nowadays , do nothing with the Fruit. It’s a shame leaving the apples to rotten on the ground. Anna is a through apple lover, thus she conserves them in many ways: Chutney, marmelade, juice, jelly, deepfrozen after a quick cooking and of course makes dry apple rings. Unfortuneally, our Winterhome do not have a proper place to store them fresh for very long, that’s why she turns to the oldfashioned way of
keeping the Apples until next season. If you have lot's of apples, buy wine in screwcork bottles. See below.

Have you ever tried to bake Apples? Delicious with real Vanilla Icecream and/or with Cinnamon. You can of course also serve them ”flambé”, use Calvados or what you may have or prefer. You can also cook the apples, but do not leave them in the boiling water for too long. More or less you can treat apples like potatoes (pommes de terre!).


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