Monday, December 10, 2007

Iguazu - and return

The three of us went from Buenos Aires to Iguazu on Thursday.
In short: The Waterfalls are a World Heritage. You can´t imagine if you have not been there. It takes 2 days to have a clue of the size. (May be some of you will remember a movie with the title The Mission?)
Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina in one Day. We met Evita, but Ingelin named her Clara.
Saturday we went by bus, walked a lot, went rafting (under the Foz) 4x4 truck in the jungle, dropped the inclusive dinner at the hotel and and ....

Ingelin went back to Miami last Night. We are going North to Salta at noon to day.

More to come.....
Lots of pictures (even cats, birds, racoons, the falls from air, land and from inside)

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Blogger lime said...

oh that sounds like a wonderful adventure. can't wait to hear more.

December 10, 2007 3:39 pm  
Blogger RennyBA said...

Woow, what a trip - how excited adventures - glad you had a great time with your daughter Ingelin!

Thanks for keeping us post and keep on having a great stay :-)

December 10, 2007 7:45 pm  
Blogger Mar said...

We are following you :)
Thanks for leaving footprints!

December 10, 2007 9:24 pm  
Anonymous said...

Ah, yes Iguazu, the once in a lifetime opportunity! Really! Unforgettable.

*I'm dreaming back*

The Niagara falls is just a little stream comparing to the Iguazu!!!

December 10, 2007 11:34 pm  
Blogger Fleur de Lisa said...

Tor, it sounds as if you and your ladies are having the adventure of a lifetime. I'm looking forward to your stories and photos!

December 11, 2007 3:44 am  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This sure sounds like "the trip of a lifetime" Tor....I cannot wait to see all the pictures! Very Very Exciting!

December 11, 2007 7:56 am  

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