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This weeks theme is Metal. Since it's Easter my choice this time was a photo, scanned from a slide taken back in 1997, in Arica, Northern Chile. Why a Church? Read the photo-text.
Arica, church designed by Gustav Eiffel

Perhaps the most interesting place to visit in Arica is the San Marcos de Arica church. Founded around 1570, the original church was destroyed in 1888 by an earthquake and was replaced by this construction by the famous architect Gustav Eiffel. The more sturdy structure is comprised entirely of prefabricated wrought-iron plates. Only the doors are wooden.

With other words a Metal Church

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very to the point and to the theme of today Tor. Once question though: Was Gustav Eiffel there himself?

March 21, 2008 11:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool catch for the theme!!! mine's up too!

March 21, 2008 11:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bet the choir gets a good 'clang' in that chuch when they sing!!

March 22, 2008 12:47 am  
Blogger Maribeth said...

That's a great photo for this weeks theme.

March 22, 2008 2:19 am  
Blogger OldLady Of The Hills said...

A Pefect choice for "Metal" and Easter....! Eiffel certainly was a talented manb!

March 22, 2008 2:36 am  
Blogger Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

Pretty amazing to have the church built in mostly wrought-iron plates.
Happy Easter!

March 22, 2008 3:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's amazing! Beautiful, too!

March 22, 2008 4:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see a creation of Gustav in Chile! what a creative man he was!

March 22, 2008 10:06 am  
Blogger Gattina said...

I start to believe that you are obsessed by churches, lol ! (and you didn't sleep very much !)

March 22, 2008 10:16 am  
Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

What a beautiful old church Tor....just amazing. Thanks.

March 22, 2008 5:46 pm  
Blogger Leslie: said...

Yours is a much more elegant piece of metal than mine! lol But wonderful and I'm impressed by the bit of history re Eiffel. Thanks! :D

March 22, 2008 6:20 pm  
Blogger Carl said...

Wrought iron panels? That must have been an interesting site during construction. Nice photo and very interesting historical information.

I've got my PhotoHunt entry up at in case you're interested. If you do visit, please leave a comment and feel free to explore the rest of my little blog.

March 22, 2008 6:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

March 22, 2008 7:25 pm  
Blogger Janine said...

pretty picture of a church..nice one..

my metal entry is here

hope to see you there

March 22, 2008 8:17 pm  
Blogger jams o donnell said...

Wow, Great choice for this week's theme. Have a great weekend

March 22, 2008 9:27 pm  
Blogger Barbara said...

That's a really good choice for the theme, facinating too!

March 22, 2008 10:05 pm  
Blogger Sarge Charlie said...

excellent entry, very nice church and history lesson, my original photo post had some old farming iron and other farmhouse items, I added a second entry because of something I saw while visiting other photo hunts, please stop by both, happy easter

March 22, 2008 11:35 pm  
Blogger Natalie said...

What a beautiful church!

March 23, 2008 12:09 am  
Blogger CRIZ LAI said...

This is a great metal church Toraa. I did not even know it existed in Chile. Thanks for sharing :)

Hop in for some fun
and/or have a look what my metal teeth cat did
Have a nice weekend!

March 23, 2008 3:37 am  
Blogger Desert Diva said...

It's amazing that the reconstruction church is built mainly from wrought iron plates. An interesting choice for this week's theme!

March 23, 2008 4:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful church! I like to take photos of places of worship too.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

March 23, 2008 4:15 am  
Blogger denz said...

Wow! what a lovely picture for this week theme, just keep it up and enjoy what you are doing!

Check mine also in HERE!!!

Happy Easter!

March 23, 2008 4:28 am  
Blogger Harajuku PearL said...

Wrought iron plate church..Gustav sure love metals..hehe. Great picture ;)

Pearl - have a good weekend

March 23, 2008 4:50 am  
Blogger Mickey's Musings said...

A METAL church!! That is awesome :)
Happy Easter !

March 23, 2008 5:02 am  
Blogger Carin said...

Never heard of a metal church. Great entry on the theme. Thanks for sharing it.

Happy Easter !

March 23, 2008 10:46 am  
Blogger Rajson said...

Häftig kyrka,du verkar berest!
Kul att du tittade in.
Det är många norrmen i Skaraborg!Kanske inte i min lilla stad men inte långt ifrån.(Huspriserna är högre här jämfört med Mariestad!)
Ha en fortsatt trevlig påsk!
(Är du inte i fjällen,det trodde jag alla norrmen var denna helg!)

March 23, 2008 12:33 pm  
Blogger S said...

Wow the Eiffel Tower guy? WHat a cool church and most definitely unique!

March 23, 2008 4:36 pm  
Blogger Dragonstar said...

I've never heard of this church - wonderful! Thanks for the link as well. This is fascinating.

March 23, 2008 7:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing! I wonder what it's like inside - does it "feel" like metal? Beautiful anyway.

March 23, 2008 8:59 pm  
Blogger Sandee said...

Happy Easter. :)

March 24, 2008 2:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vilken fin kyrka. Förstår att du reser mycket. Att resa är ju så berikande. Jag har aldrig varit i sydamerika utan mest rest i Europa.
Lite Afrika och Asien oxå. Vad trevilgt det är att få norska kommentarer. M mm jag gillar dig. :D

March 24, 2008 8:55 am  
Blogger Janet said...

wow, that must be one heavy church!

March 25, 2008 12:57 am  
Blogger Ginnie said...

That really sounds like a heavy structure, Tor! And beautiful!

March 26, 2008 2:44 pm  

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