Sunday, April 17, 2011

Papa and Ginnie + Astrid just went to a small Village

 Ginnie and Astrid at Veranda 1
My regular readers do know Papa lives in Oslo, Capital of Norway. When we have foreign visitors, we like to show them something off the normal tourist-path. That is something everyone can experience.
First we took a walk in our Neighbourhood. Photos by Astrid and Ginnie.
We went to the small Village Dröbak about 40 km south of Oslo. My Grandmother was born here. And we can even see where our Summer House is situated. Here you see the 3 Mermaids
.Ginnie and Astrid - Photo at Cemetery Ginnie and Astrid - what Ginnie captured
Ginnie loves to take Photos. Here you see her in action and even what she shot. In fact, they died long before her shot;-)
Ginnie and Astrid - Astrid at diving board DSC_0448
Astrid at the Diving Board and a Light House in Oslo Fjord
2011-04-11 Det gamle bakeri Dröbak DSC_0450
DSC_0456 Mermaids 3 - Dröbak
Some more memorable Photos from the trip to Dröbak with Ginnie and Astrid.
*2011-04-11 Cesar Salad Dröbak
We had a very nice walk and ended up for Lunch in The Old Bakery. Here is the Cesar salad as served outdoor in 20 + C (70F)
At 60 degrees North on April 11.
2011-04-11 Gravelax Dröbak 
And here the GraveLax toast. Luxury. Did they like it. Just ask;-)
2011-04-11 Shrimps Dröbak 
Papa enjoyed fresh, pilled shrimps. The Bread was of course from The Old Backery, from 178x.
Dröbak also houses the Univerity of Oslo’s Marine Bioligical station, in this Old House.
Oslo - Blue Mosque 
After the visit to the charming Village of Dröbak, we went here, in Oslo. Loked down at the blue Mosque
Oslo Opera House 11-04-2011 
And the Oslo Opera House.
Ginnie and Astrid - just as is 
We had a wonderful time together with Ginnie and Astrid.
Hugs and kisses and thanks for your visit.


Blogger Ginnie said...

You are such a sweetheart, Papa Tor, to highlight us and our visit like this. We are both so very honored. We'll never forget our wonderful time with you and Anna. You really are my twin brother, you know. :)

April 18, 2011 8:43 am  

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