Monday, October 16, 2006

Going bananas

Friday 13th

We did visit my mother, as she was 87 on Thursday. Thursdays we both work until late, so we found it better to visit her Friday, when we can leave earlier. My mother is in good shape, except for her hips. So she uses a ”rollator”.

We brought her a bottle of Red Wine, with screwcork, as it’s easier for her than traditional corks. And a box with grapes, tomatoes, ppepper and mint chockolade. And we talked.

She told a strange story – it’s about the human nature. Listen, she lives at a home for elderly (and sick). Once a week, they’re served porridge and 1 banana. Lately they’ve only got a half banana. And my Mother asked why it’s so. We do not have sufficient supply, she was told by by one of the employees.

My mother only minutes later discovered him with a whole banana crosswise in his mouth.

Stealing from old people. Last sort, if asking me. Friday 13th.


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