Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Best of everything

Where is the Best place to live?

Most people vote their place of living ”the best place on Earth” to live. I have remarked it seems to be a certain correlation between ”Have been in many countries and continents” and ”Have not been outside own country/district)” and what people answers to the question.

In my curiousity, I did a Google search: best country to live

I do not know how the different organisations build up their rankings, and I’m not sure I would agree to the results found on page one. One Comment: Both Ireland and Norway are ranked #1 – How can it be no other countries did have a higher % of emigrants?

Result: 14.200.000 for best country to live (0,35 sekunder.)

Among top Countries:
Canada, Ireland, Norway .....

Try 4 yourself. Best country, best city, best tourist destination, best of everything you want to know.

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