Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dinner 4 4 G's

Four generations for Dinner

Handpainted by Anna

Last Saturday we invited my mother, brother, x-wife, son and his son for dinner. Yep, that’s four generations. I never experienced such an event as young. My grand-grand parents died long before I was born.
However, this was the second autumn in a row we arranged a fall dinner-meeting. The original reason is the fact that all women in the closest family all are born in 2H of the year while all the male are born in 1H. Thus:

Ladies Dinner.

Marie-Louise, Anna, Solvi

No doubt who caught the highest degree of attention: Sebastian (5) and my mother (87).
They had real fun at the table.

Seb making Orange Sauce

Young gentleman, as can be, Seb helped with the orangesauce for the duck and of course he prepared the table for the homemade jelly (Anna) and the applecake (my brother).

Avacado and Caviar

Ready for making coffe
When leaving at 11 pm both Seb and my Mother was pretty exhaused, happy though, after another great family dinner. Five minutes later our cats revealed from their hidingspots. Playful as allways. We went very late to bed.


Anonymous Lisa said...

what a very special evening! A rare event to have 4 generations together as such. The dinner sounds delicious and the company even better. I do love the plates that Anna had painted. She's got quite the talent!

November 15, 2006 2:36 am  
Blogger RennyBA said...

How sweet - four generation is wonderful. I do remember thous days when my grandparents was still alive and we where more than 20 around the Christmas table:-)

November 17, 2006 1:29 pm  

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