Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Feb 28 - 2007

Flickr comment: "This photo has taken my breath away!" My comment: sshh

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Anonymous Rose said...

What a breath taking photo.

February 28, 2007 12:28 am  
Blogger Donna said...

I love mountain photos. Happy WW.

February 28, 2007 12:47 am  
Blogger Shionge said...

Ooooooo.....*quietly*....*as quiet as a mouse*....very very nice Toraa....very nice!

Shhh....oh ok...thank you.....:)

February 28, 2007 12:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the contrast of colors with the flowers and grass.

Great photo

February 28, 2007 1:03 am  
Anonymous Brian said...

Oh my!! I would love to live there. :)

Just beautiful.

February 28, 2007 1:23 am  
Anonymous Rav`N said...

Oh my, what a view. A panorama like that would indeed leave a person speechless

February 28, 2007 1:23 am  
Anonymous Angelo said...

That is a breathtaking view Toraa, good job! Happy WW :D

February 28, 2007 1:50 am  
Blogger letha said...

That is a truly breathtaking photo.

February 28, 2007 2:13 am  
Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said...

wish I was there...

February 28, 2007 2:15 am  
Blogger Linda said...

What an absolutely gorgeous picture! It looks like you could climb right up to the clouds!

February 28, 2007 2:30 am  
Blogger Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Beautiful, I have a different kind of mountain shot on my WW.

February 28, 2007 2:37 am  
Blogger Claire said...

Oh I love it! can you find out hiking routes for me now! The hills are calling me!

February 28, 2007 2:46 am  
Blogger Sophia, The Diva Kitty said...

Just lovely!

February 28, 2007 2:58 am  
Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Yes, it really makes us speachless. Beautiful x millions!!!

Where is it? I've heard that you've a lot of stunning scenerys around Gudbrandsdalen and always wanted to see it, but I also want to see the rest of the world, so I'm getting out of time here... *lol*

February 28, 2007 3:02 am  
Blogger Diane J. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

I have news! I'm a great-aunt to a beautiful healthy baby boy. Check out the pictures and the details on my blog when you get a chance. :-)

February 28, 2007 3:12 am  
Anonymous Ma said...

It sure is breath taking! Such a gorgeous view! Thanks for sharing.

I'm up too.

February 28, 2007 3:26 am  
Blogger Irish Church Lady :) said...

What a beautiful picture. I don't play wordless Wed but I just had to comment on this photo!

February 28, 2007 4:12 am  
Blogger lime said...


February 28, 2007 4:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such depth...the flowers are a nice touch, drawing the eye deeper into the photo. Great shot!

February 28, 2007 4:43 am  
Anonymous Desert Diva said...

It's photos such as this that make one appreciate the true beauty of the world. Outstanding!

February 28, 2007 5:15 am  
Blogger An Ordinary Mom said...

Hooray, spring is coming!

What a beautiful shot! Love the mountains in the background as much as I love the flowers in the front.

February 28, 2007 5:51 am  
Blogger Liza's Eyeview said...

awesome! that's a stunning photo for WW.

February 28, 2007 5:59 am  
Blogger WendyWings said...

That is absolutly stunning, reminds me of parts of New Zealand actually. Happy Wednesday.

February 28, 2007 5:59 am  
Blogger Biker Betty said...

Wow!!! I would love to take a vacation there. Very beautiful picture.

February 28, 2007 6:16 am  
Blogger amy said...

what awesomely (is that a word?) wonderful colors..this reminds me of something I would see in parts of LOTR

February 28, 2007 6:23 am  
Blogger Gattina said...

Poor Flickr, he becomes quickly breathless, should excersise a bit ! It's Kitsch in good old german ! sshh ...

I love the comments !

February 28, 2007 6:49 am  
Blogger anyhowblogs said...

Im really... wordless.

Too beautiful to spoil it with words.

February 28, 2007 8:53 am  
Blogger Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

for some reason i cannot see thepicture.... boohoo....

February 28, 2007 9:26 am  
Anonymous Chris said...

That is quite stunning.

Where is it?

February 28, 2007 1:11 pm  
Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Such beauty and serenity! sigh.....

D :)

February 28, 2007 1:34 pm  
Blogger mar said...

It takes my breath away and I am truly speechless, how beautiful!!!!

February 28, 2007 2:18 pm  
Blogger Hootin'Anni said...

Soooooooooooooo pretty. The flowers framing the mountain and meadow!! Wow.

Today my W W blog is celebrating our kitty's 5th Gotcha Day (adoption) I explain the photos in the 1st comment entry

February 28, 2007 2:21 pm  
Blogger Celeste said...

I bow my head in awe.

February 28, 2007 2:26 pm  
Blogger Gene Bach said...

Very nice picture. Looks a lot nicer than it does here right now.

February 28, 2007 3:04 pm  
Blogger Mert said...

That is breathtaking! It's a little piece of "ahhhhh!" Happy WW! :)

February 28, 2007 4:01 pm  
Blogger Sherpa said...

That's gorgeous!

February 28, 2007 4:10 pm  
Blogger Apple said...

Very beautiful!

February 28, 2007 4:23 pm  
Blogger Expat Traveler said...

how beautifuul! It is sort of the theme for my photo today which blogge rwont let me post...

THEY SUCK! Sorry.. I'm mad at them today... :)

Outside for some snow... :)

February 28, 2007 7:44 pm  
Blogger Waspgoddess said...

There are no words that haven't already been used to express how beautiful this is. So I go with you and say sshh...

February 28, 2007 8:28 pm  
Blogger Miranda said...

I never knew it was so beautiful there.

February 28, 2007 8:44 pm  
Anonymous Dan and Jaime said...

That is a beautiful picture! I love fireweed. It is definitely one of my favorite plants in the world. You can only find it in the northern parts of the world (eh, probably down south in the Patagonia area as well).

Great picture. Thank you for sharing.

February 28, 2007 8:55 pm  
Blogger Kuanyin said...

Gorgeous...like Heaven On Earth!

February 28, 2007 9:04 pm  
Blogger Eagles Wings said...

That is a breathtaking photo!
Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed lunch :-)

February 28, 2007 9:34 pm  
Blogger Thea said...

What an absolutely gorgeous picture. Thank you for sharing!

February 28, 2007 10:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the bright colors.

February 28, 2007 10:21 pm  
Blogger webduck said...

Beautiful picture, and framed so nicely with the flowers. We have fireweed here in WA state too. And, mountains! LOL Happy WW.

February 28, 2007 10:26 pm  
Blogger Wendz said...

Yes. Sssssh.

*whispers* - beautiful.

March 01, 2007 12:29 am  
Blogger Sanni said...

So beautiful - it leaves me *wordless*

March 01, 2007 12:40 am  
Blogger Shaz said...

I agree . . SSShhhhh . . .don't spoil it x x

March 01, 2007 12:53 am  
Anonymous chase said...

Well it took my breathe as well. Which place is this?

March 01, 2007 1:03 am  
Blogger elisheva said...

I'm breathless. Thanks!

Thanks for visiting "Got Bible?"

March 01, 2007 1:10 am  
Blogger TorAa said...

@ I'm overwhelmed by all these wonderful comments. Warm thanks to each of you. I hope I've reached to visit you all, I'll check again on Thursday.

Some of you have asked where this is.
Before giving you the clue. This area in Western Norway has been declared a world nature heritage.
I was first time on this spot back in 1959. The nature is the same, the hotel on the top burned down just after my first visit, and the old road is still in use - for tourists.

Go to this site, choose your preferred language, and follow the instructions for maps and information.


March 01, 2007 2:37 am  
Anonymous eph2810 said...

You are right - absolutely breath-taking! I love a surrounding like that.

March 01, 2007 2:46 am  
Blogger Raquel said...

WOw, cool and what a nice scenery too.

March 01, 2007 3:13 am  
Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Magnificent! I love that it is flanked on both sides with brilliant colour!

March 01, 2007 4:36 am  
Blogger QallieQ said...

this photo is amazing! you can barely tell this is a photo.

March 01, 2007 5:07 am  
Blogger KnicKnac said...

Took mine away too! WOW!!!!

March 01, 2007 10:55 am  
Anonymous Red said...

I love pink, and that's a good pink! My boi will be lost without me so I could say he would be lost for words!

March 01, 2007 1:28 pm  
Anonymous Tim said...

Looks like here. ;)

March 01, 2007 8:02 pm  
Blogger srp said...

Is this close to where you live? Absolutely stunning. I don't think I would ever want to travel if I had this view.

March 01, 2007 11:04 pm  
Blogger RennyBA said...

I do agree, it's breath taken. Where did you took that picture?

March 01, 2007 11:17 pm  
Blogger Lynn said...

Oh to dream of spring!

March 02, 2007 1:50 am  
Blogger Firefly said...

Yodeling my approval VERY LOUDLY!! :p

March 02, 2007 3:18 am  
Blogger Firefly said...

Okay, I know you don't yodel in Norway, but we do here in the U.S. and I just had an outburst of yodel-inducing appreciation. Sorry. *blushing*

March 02, 2007 3:29 am  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Fabulous photo...oh, sorry, supposed to be wordless...ok, words fail me!

March 02, 2007 5:02 am  
Blogger Gattina said...

Since two days now I always see the same picture, but today it's different, now I saw that it's not a painting (what I really thought and that's why I found it Kitsch) but now I realize that it is a photo ! Then of course it's completely different ! Paintings looking like photos are considered awful, but Photos looking like paintings are beautiful. Got it ??
Are you sick BTW ? Hope not !

March 02, 2007 4:59 pm  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Oh. My. Word. Stunning! (I'm late, I know. Hope to see you this week!)

March 06, 2007 10:50 pm  
Blogger bluemountainmama said...

shhhh is right! wow! did you take that? an dwhat exactly is a fjord?

March 08, 2007 9:28 pm  
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