Thursday, March 22, 2007

Torsday 13

1. It's my day (Thors day) - and Thor Heyerdahl

2. I'm on a cyber cruise

3. Pirates tried to .... me

5. I've birthday once a year

6. This number in my language means sex (seks) in English

7. I was a member and worked for Club 7 (in the 60'ies)

8. Had to wake up - last chance

9. Not my shoe number

10. Yeah, here starts the song

11. It's at play

12. My wedding month

13. It's a long time ago



Anonymous Captain Lifecruiser said...

what - not a comment? Where is everybody, have the whole blogosphere run away with a handsome pirate?

March 22, 2007 11:52 pm  
Blogger Expat Traveler said...

lol - I think everyone has run away...

Must be the anticipation of your time change...

Lovely list...

March 23, 2007 12:45 am  
Blogger Irish Church Lady :) said...

Cool list on Torsday, Tor!!!

Now you'll have to elaborate more on what Club 7 is. I went to the link but it was all in Norwegian and couldn't find a way to translate it.

Don't forget to come and see Ottawa tomorrow!

March 23, 2007 3:20 am  
Blogger Gattina said...

How very strange that you only have one birthday !!
Yes and sechs in german means sex too. Why do the english speaking people not the same ? Instead of six, sex ! It would sound very good for example "Pope Benedict has his birthday on the sex"

March 23, 2007 5:58 pm  
Blogger Gattina said...

It's me again, I found a picture of you (or is it Renny ?) laying on the beach !

March 24, 2007 7:11 am  
Blogger Ginnie said...

Tor, I know you and I are the same age, so you can tell me....did you just have your birthday (or am I dense?!)? If so, Happy Birthday. If not, Happy Torsday! :)

March 24, 2007 3:07 pm  
Blogger TorAa said...

@Captain Lifecruiser: Sleeping after a hard week... But they will return stronger than ever:)

@Expat Traveler: I believ you are right. All that sudden Sun. Makes me a bit lazy. And hard work in between.

@Irish Church Lady:) Mercie. Club 7 was the first "intellectual" club in Oslo, founded ny an excile Hungarian (1956), a young woman poet and students. Most of the founders died early.
Lot's of rumours around it, in the beginning. I joined the club, as a comedy writer in 1966. Later beeing a member of Scene 7, who in April 1968 won the audience's price (with Les Femmes Savantes, Moliére)during the International Theatre Festival in Nancy, NE France. Yes, just before (one week) the student riots in Paris.
Music in the club was jazz, r&b, folk song. It's worth several books to tell.....

@Gattina: I think the Pope will excommunicate you;D. Besides, I have my day every week: Torsdag. As you know it;))

btw. Me or Renny? See your post. shhhss.

@Ginnie: It's first Tuesday after Easter.... (and my present this year is a 5 days trip to Vence/Nice/Menton), starting April 11

March 24, 2007 3:34 pm  
Blogger Sanni said...

HA! That´s a great one, Tor. I´m sure we are on the same cruise... *LOL* adolescence is a looooooong time ago =)

March 24, 2007 5:11 pm  
Blogger RennyBA said...

Happy TOR's day fellow friend!

March 25, 2007 12:06 am  
Blogger Shionge said...

Hahaha this is a good one Toraa, I luv it!

I must have a 'shionge' day too ya!

March 26, 2007 2:06 am  
Blogger ShadowFalcon said...

Personaly I'm an Odin fan so Wednesday for me :-)

March 29, 2007 9:03 am  

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