Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Fun – March 2 – 2007


Part 1) For Grandchildren

The old car

Bill was very proud. He had bought his first car and paid everything himself - cash.

The “new” car did cost him lots of trouble and many visits to the local repair shop.

But Bill, still was proud, for as he used to say: My car runs as speed car. It’s always first in the Queue.

The Priest and Anna

Anna was well up in her years, but could still do her housekeeping without help.

The local Priest did often pay her a visit. On one of his visits, the Priest-man suddenly said:

- May I sing a Psalm?

- Oh yes, that would be wonderful, said Anna, and while you sing, I can prepare the Coffee.


Lisa told her new neighbour:

- My hubby started his Sawmill with two empty hands

- Wow, that is impressing, said the wife next door. He must be very clever then

- Well, now he has only one hand

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were sitting under the apple tree. Both had eaten enough of apples.

Then Adam said to Eve

- Do you love me?

- Yes, of course, said Eve, who else?

Good Night. Go to bed or you will have a Nightmare.

Part 2) For 18+ A Humor-Blogs

The Lords Gift

Brian went to the Pastor in order to have his child number 14 baptized.

The Pastor did the registration and broke out:

- Oh, Brian, some times I find the world injustice. Here you come with child number 14, while my wife and I have none. We have prayed and prayed for years, but in vain.

- Well, said Brian, I can confide to the Pastor, it takes more than prayers alone

The Rape

One of the counties “loose birds” went to the local police and reported she was raped.

- Well, you must tell me exactly all what you remember, said the officer

- First it was on Monday. Then it was Tuesday. But on Thursday, he did not show up.

Saturday Night

A young woman and man was sitting on a Bench in the seaside Park. Full Moon it was and a perfect evening for romance.

Suddenly the young woman said:

- Oh, you reminds me of Don Juan

- Don Juan, said the young man, but he is dead

- Yes, exactly what he is, she said

Sleeping problems

Janet went to the doctor and complained she had difficulties to fall asleep.

The Doctor then asked her to lay down on her right side

- Oh no, then my liver hurts too much

- Well, on the left side then, said the Doctor

- Oh no, then my heart hurts terribly

- Lay down on your stomach, that will go fine

- Oh no, then I can’t breath, complained Janet

- No problem, said the doctor, lay down on your back

- Oh no, not at all, ‘cause then Jack comes at once

And now my friend, is it about time to go to bed?

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Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

*giggles x 100*

I love the joystick comic best of course. I've always thought that they named it joystick just because of that, a bit double meaning :-)

Good night? It's now we wake up, the night owls :-))

March 02, 2007 8:44 pm  
Blogger mar said...

Loved them, specially the first cartoon from my second favorite German, is he Ulli Stein?? My favorite German is of course my husband.
Night, night TorAa!

March 02, 2007 9:29 pm  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Funny! You're going to bed, I've been up for a couple of hours...this world is sure an upside place!

Have a nice weekend, Tor, Anna, Rosa and Felicia.

March 02, 2007 10:33 pm  
Blogger Fleur de Lisa said...

My favorite is the Adam and Eve. Hope your weekend is a good one. You're off to the market soon I suppose. It's that time of week. :)

March 03, 2007 1:52 am  
Anonymous Claudie said...

Ah! Ah I didntknow ,I would begin the day laughing if i'd come on your blog! The last one is very dirty! I love it!
Thanks to speak of Bernadotte on Mrs Lifecruiser's blog: now I know who he was! Ah ah I didn't know Sweden and french people were cousin in law! This could explain comportement of our men!

March 03, 2007 10:13 am  
Anonymous ghee said...

I love them,Tor!!esp the rape?hahaha!

I had a good laugh before I go to bed,at least im sure that I can have a good dream ;)

March 03, 2007 5:27 pm  
Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Yes, your cute cat is telling me to go to bed after all this frivolity! You spend hours getting these jokes! I know so few.

March 05, 2007 4:44 am  
Blogger ShadowFalcon said...

hold on, is that first pic you?

March 05, 2007 5:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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