Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - August 15- 2007

Volcan Parinacota, Chile 1997 - scanned from a slide. Click to enlarge.
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Anonymous Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Worrying yet beautiful! :-)

Happy WW!

August 15, 2007 9:25 pm  
Anonymous Chris in Oxford said...

What a great landscape shot!

August 15, 2007 9:42 pm  
Blogger Michelle said...

That's a nice picture. Did you take it yourself? It's pretty.

August 15, 2007 10:03 pm  
Blogger Lori said...

It makes me want to sing...."Home, Home on the range...where the deer and the antelope play" lalala....Happy WW:)

August 15, 2007 10:04 pm  
Blogger Holly Schwendiman said...

How fun! It almost looks like parts of Yellowstone Park! My son's birth grandmother is Chilean...she'd love this!


August 15, 2007 10:22 pm  
Anonymous claudie said...

Cette photo est magnifique! ça ne m'étonne pas que tu aimes le Chili avec de tels paysages!

August 15, 2007 10:42 pm  
Blogger Rayne said...

Fantastic photo. it's neat seing the snow on top of the mountain but it looks so hot down on the flat land.

August 15, 2007 11:12 pm  
Anonymous RennyBA said...

Breathe taking and very different from Norwegian nature!

August 15, 2007 11:17 pm  
Blogger jams o donnell said...

That is a lovely nice shot. Very nicely composed

August 15, 2007 11:44 pm  
Blogger Daisy said...

That is very pretty! I live in south Florida, and we do not have snow or mountains here.

August 16, 2007 12:25 am  
Blogger Ambre said...

Wow! You posted a nature picture indeed! This is beautiful! It amazes me how the two go hand in hand. Snow capped giant standing upon the hot desert floor!

~great job~

August 16, 2007 12:49 am  
Blogger Fleur de Lisa said...

Another gorgeous photo from your travel adventures. :-) Simply beautiful!

August 16, 2007 2:08 am  
Blogger Shionge said...

I can see the different shades of colour tone in this photo and it is absolutely beautiful :D

August 16, 2007 2:53 am  
Blogger lime said...

wow, the contrast btweenthe snow and the deseert is really striking, almost unreal.

August 16, 2007 3:32 am  
Blogger TorAa said...

@Too you all: Firstly thanks for flattering comments. The picture was taken on Dec 26 - 1997.
Place: Lago Chungaro - on the main road between La Paz (Capital of Bolivia) and Arica at the Pacific coast in Chile.

Altitude: 4400 meters (around 14.000 feet). The volcano is over 6200 meter above sealevel.

August 16, 2007 6:34 am  
Blogger Gattina said...

Wow that looks quite impressive !

August 16, 2007 7:03 am  
Blogger Minnesota Momma said...

Beautiful! I enjoy landscape photos so much.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy WW on Thurs!

August 16, 2007 2:46 pm  
Blogger mar said...

Ahhhh, what can I say? precioso!

August 16, 2007 7:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful shot, Tor! Volcanoes are fascinating!

August 16, 2007 8:59 pm  
Blogger Thea said...

You truly do have the best landscape shots! I love your WWs!!

August 16, 2007 9:55 pm  
Anonymous captain lifecruiser said...

OUTSTANDING VIEW AN SHOT! Xcuse me for shouting, butt it was in excitement :-)


Absolutely breathtaking. I'm totally speachless.

...and when do we get to see Dröbak?

Wanna come and almost see my secret instead? *giggles*

August 17, 2007 1:27 am  
Blogger Expat Traveler said...

breathtaking for sure!!!

I love it..

Tora - my new camera is a pricey toy! It's a Cannon G7, basically the best on the market. I got it from a 1 day only online web sale. $200 off normal list price!

So far I like it, but if you email me, we can chat more about the best point and shoots.

August 17, 2007 3:45 am  
Anonymous Sword Girl said...

I've never seen a volcano before! It is so magnificent. Is it active?

August 17, 2007 4:28 am  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Great Picture, TorAa...I am unfamiliar with this place....What was the subject of this Worless Wednesday???

Thanks for your wonderful comment, my dear...I have such a good time with all the Hummingbird pictures...and I particularly LOVE the very colorful Tail Feathers...Who Knew!

August 17, 2007 8:07 am  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

It's a pretty volcano, even though it's probably dangerous.

Bolivia? Yep, it's probably sitting on the rim of a live volcano!

August 17, 2007 10:14 am  
Anonymous Britt-Arnhild said...

We climbed Vesuv earlier this summer.

August 17, 2007 6:58 pm  
Anonymous Marcia said...

It is beautiful, especially enlarged.

August 17, 2007 10:47 pm  

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