Friday, May 25, 2007

Lovely Links Of Love

For the second time this week I've been tagged. This time by Mrs Lifecruiser. What a shame then to live in the Summerhouse without Internet Connection. Have to do "all" my blogging from work. But today my job portablePC will be completely reloaded. With our standard job software. It means I have to download lots of additional Software after completing the task. Puh.

A little prayer: Please do not tag me until I have my internet connection up and running from our Summerhouse.

I'll put Mrs Lifecruisers word into mine, so you know what this is all about:
This is not only about linking and rankings, it’s about making connections through the Blogosphere, so come on peeps, let’s get this going - joyn forces you too!

If YOU follow our example and really do play you’ll attract new visitors and make some new blogbuddies :-)

Here’s how it works, if your website is listed in the Enjoyable Finds category below, then you need to:

“~Start Copying Here~” and copy all the things listed without removing the links (Of course, the train would be no use without those links).

Move all the sites labeled “Enjoyable finds” to the list labeled “Oldies”.

Add 5 sites that you want to include in the train under Enjoyable Finds and make their “Visit My Site” link like this: along with this add the url of the blog you are choosing.

Example: (This is my blog that I’m using as the example)

Then invite them to join the train.

Visit all the listed sites using the “Visit My Site” link. (I hope the blogs I have chosen will participate. I would appreciate it bunches if you do and please let me know if you have :-).

Make sure to go to Alexa and see your blog rankings :-).

Enjoyable finds:

Ghee ~ visit my site
Lime ~ visit my place
Suzann ~ visit my place
Clarissa ~ visit my place
Shadow-Falcon ~ visit my place
Joy-of-Six ~ visit my place

Lifecruisers enjoyable finds:

TorAa Mirror ~ visit my site!
RennyBA’s Terella ~ visit my site!
Coffe 2 go ~ visit my site!
maremagnum ~ visit my site!
Tricia’s Musings ~ visit my site!
aka R’acquel ~ visit my site!
Fruit Of The Spirit ~ visit my site!
Hootin’ Anni ~ visit my site!
Irish Church Lady ~ visit my site!
lazaza83 ~ visit my site!
Soul Glo ~ visit my site!
Sword Girl ~ visit my site!
Frolicsome Kid ~ visit my site!
Dackel Princess ~ visit my site!


Lifecruiser ~ visit my site!
Writer’s Cramps II ~ visit my site!
Quilly’s Quips ~ visit my site!
… a work in progress ~ visit my site!
Ever After… My Way ~ visit my site!
Insanity Prevails~"Visit my site"
My Romantic Home~"Visit my site"
fairiebees~"Visit my site"
Exceedingly Mundane~"Visit my site"
Smokey Mountain Breakdown~ "Visit my site"
Kaliblue - Visit My Site
Just me shann - Visit My Site
Tigger Bob’s- Visit My Site
Star8278- Visit My Site
Asara Dragon- Visit My Site
A Little Piece Of Me - Visit My Site
The Rocky Mountain Retreat - Visit My Site
Scrappin…with life in this New Year of 2007 - Visit My Site
Rhonda’s Blog - Visit My Site
Skittles’ Place - Visit My Site
Cruftbucket- Visit My Site
Goldercoaster - Visit My Site
ComedyPlus - Visit My Site
eJabs- Visit My Site
UntwistedVortex - Visit My Site
The Chronicles of My Life - Visit My Site
I am Who I am - Visit My Site
WebStyle - Visit My Site
Endangered Spaces - Visit My Site
CoolAdzine for Marketers - Visit My Site
Rinsem’sRink - Visit My Site
Sean’s Ramblings - Visit My Site
MacBros Place - Visit My Site
Can’t Coach That - Visit My Site
Critical Assumption - Visit My Site
Foreign Perspectives - Visit My Site
Carl Pei - Visit My Site
Swapw - Visit My Site
Life of a School Bus Driver - Visit My Site
Tamiki - Visit My Site
Bobs’ Reformat This - Visit My Site
Shawn Knight - Visit My Site
Kelly Cho - Visit My Site
JohnChow dot com - Visit My Site Visit My Site
Jane May Blogs - Visit My Site
Ms. Danielle - Visit My Site
Stock Trading 101 - Visit My Site
Ed Lau - Visit My Site Visit My Site
Nate Whitehill - Visit My Site
Gary Lee - Visit My Site
MakeMoney Online with a 13-year Old - Visit My Site

~End Copying~

Have a nice penticosta - pentecost - pinse - pentecôste

PS. It seems like my Wireless ADSL Modem has arrived at the Post Office. If so, and if it works from the Summerhouse, I'll let you now. More Champagne to come then!!

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Anonymous Captain Lifecruiser said...

*whistles* I'm impressed, already done with this! Well done :-)

May 26, 2007 11:29 pm  
Anonymous ghee said...

Hi Tor!!Cheers!!congratulations to your DSL :)

oh,my second tag for this..thanx for the tag,Tor,I appreciate it coz I really want to do something about my alexa score :)

happy blogging!hugs!!

May 28, 2007 4:15 pm  

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