Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly Report from Oslo May 29 – something special did happen.

What a week.
Monday morning started with a Golf Ball seize and shape swelling under my left elbow. From zero to really swollen in 2 hours. Then my lower left arm felt “sleepy”, so I called my Doctor.
- You must come at once.

I did
And it was bacterial, which might be very serious. 12 ml of inflamation was taken out, and I was given antibiothica and was told: If it would grew up again, you must call me, the doctor said.

Student elbow 1 Student Elbowe 2
Well, on Saturday, (My Doctors Office is closed during the Weekend) just before leaving for Anna’s youngest Brothers 60 year celeb Family Dinner, the swelling was back. Wow, it’s 4PM and we should meet my “best-man” before the Celebration Dinner  at 6:30 PM. 105 km away (67 miles). (Photos above taken Sunday evening)

So instead of driving straight ahead, we went to the emergency hostpital in Oslo.
Luckely, the antibiotica (3 times a Day) had worked, so all dangerous bacterias were gone. What a relief. Just a “normal” Student Elbowe, the Doctor said. In my Age. I felt flattered;-)
We left the Emergency Hospital at 5:45 PM.

Monday I’ll back to my Doctor for a new Check…

Here follows the good part of our weekend.
Visiting Anna’s Brother – a short 75 minutes drive East from Oslo, close to the Swedish border.
Special occassion: He had Family dinner for his 3x20 Years;.)
2011-05-28 House
Villa – a part of it
2011-05-28 Garden with Sculpture 
And Garden – just a glimpse
2011-05-28 Jubilant og frue 
Well, here I reveal Anna’s youngest brother and his wife.
Dessert time and around 11:30 PM. Still visible outside.
2011-05-28 Dessert 
Here you see the two Brothers of Anna. Having homemade Ice Parfait.
2011-05-29 S A and G 2011-05-29 A and G
Sunday early afternoon we did visit my Best Man and his Wife. They live only a 2 minutes drive from Anna’s youngest Brother. What was supposed to be maximum one hour  visit – well, our Cats had to wait for some hours more for our return (but they were served enough food on Saturday).
Wonderful “girls” – right? In their 3x20 twenties +.
We have had lots of great moments together – from our kids were small kids, both in Norway and other Countries – Vacations together etc..
2011-05-29 Glåmdalen 
How does it looks like in this part of Norway? South East.
2011-05-29 Highway 2 Norway 
Well, here is some more photos from the Road back to Oslo.
2011-05-29 RV 2 
When returning back home, we had Sunshine and very heavy Rain Showers during our trip. Temperatures from 9-17 C (48 – 64 F) depending on Rainfalls. Photo taken by me, when driving.
2011-05-29 Mystery Plant 
Back home in our Winter appartement, In our Balconny, we have discovered a strange plant. The Green one. Growing very fast, and seems to  be in full blossom very soon.
We have not planted it, nor have we seen anyone the like in our Neighbourhood.
2011-05-29 Veranda Flat stilk 1
See how strange it is? Click too see  it properly.  Do you know the name of this Flower?
2011-05-29 Chives 
The Chives do Flower; and we know what they are;-)
2011-05-29 Violas 
Here are our Violas. They have grown since last week.
Wish you all a prosperous week to come. So says Leander and Grandpa;-)

PS. I still struggle with the service from my ISP. Nobody seems to find out why...


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly report from Oslo – May 22-2011

Since my last weekly report I did post from our National Day in Norway, May 17. We celebrate the Constitution fra 1814.
2011-05 Meatloaf with Bacon etc 
Here is last Sundays Dinner, the one Anna prepared in last weeks report.  It tasted really fantastic;-)
2011-05-19 Mother and Son at Cafe
As you may have observed – even on Facebook, MyGrandson and Daughter was in Oslo this week. They had a busy time visting friends but had as well some moments with us. Leander loves Appel Juice.
2011-05-19 Niklas at cafe 
On TORsday we had an informal dinner together. My Son Niklas joined us as well, just coming from Work. He works as a real estate technician (Office Buildings).
2011-05-19 Anna at Cafe 2011-05-19 Leander and Ingelin at Cafe
2011-05-19 Leander with Appel Soft Drink 
We enjoyed some hours together outside in the Sunshine. Magical moments.
2011-05-20 Oslo 1Norsk rosinbolle 1 
I left my Car at my x-wifes home, only 2 minutes walking distance from the Italian restaurant, and met Ingelin and Leander again on Friday.
2011-05-20 Oslo Norsk rosinbolle 3 
Leander observed me from long distance and he startet to laugh in luck to see his grandfather once more. His feet went up and down like drum sticks;-)
2011-05-20 Oslo Norsk rosinbolle 2 
He is a cute little boy. Here with his first Norwegian Currant Bun. He offered me a bite – mmm – a really good one. It sems he learn to speak German and Norwegian at the same time. Some English as well;-)
2011-05-21 Visiting my Mother 
Sunday, Ingelin and Leander had to return home to Frankfurt in Germany. But, I picked them up and we did visit my Mother in her Home.
2011-05-21 Leander, mother and Grand Grand Mother 
So we were 4 generations – here you see 3 of them, while papa was behind the Camera (as usual).
2011-05-21 Leander i oldemors bad 2011-05-21 Leander in Grandgrandma's Restroom
Leander had to visit his great-grandmothers restroom.
2011-05-21 Blowing 
Here in Oslo we are back to normal weather for the season. Some Sunshine, some Showers, some Wind. Temperatures around 60F or 15-16 C.
2011-05-20 Felicia 
And our Cats like to stay indoor. Here Felicia.
20-05-20 Rosa asleep 
And here Rosa.

Have a nice week to come.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

National Day in Norway: May 17

In Norway we celebrate our National or Constitutional Day on May 17. It’s the 3rd oldest Constitution in Europe. From 1814.
Norway was a free country for some Months after the Napoleon Wars. But after the Piece Confernce in Kiel, the same Year, Norway was part of the Swedish Kingdom, after beeing a part of the Danish Kingdom for about 400 years. Norway regain it’s sovereignity in 1905. This was headline story.

The most remarkable with the Norwegian National Day Celebration is the fact it’s focused on Freedom, Peace, Democracy and the Kids – the Nations Future. Photos from two places in Oslo this May 17.
2011-05-17_0789 National Day Norway 
From the National Folklore Museum at Bygdöy, Oslo
2011-05-17_0797 Coffee Cakes Soft Drinks Ice
Coffee, Cakes, Soft Drinks and Ice Cream and Baloons. Kids Day;-)
2011-05-17_0790 Ingelin - Leander - Ingelin
Guess who where there? Ingelin and Leander and Ingelin. Ingelin and Ingelin are great Friends from Business Administartion and Marketing Education. They were together in Düsseldorf last Weekend, and now my daughter Ingelin and her Son Leander went up to Oslo to celebrate Norways National Day. See their beautiful national costumes?
2011-05-17 _0793 Ingelin - Leander - Ingelin and Sölvi
Grandma Sölvi was there as well
2011-05-17_0802 After the Parade Hasle School 
Then Papa had to go from Oslo South West to Oslo East. Crowed there as well
2011-05-17_0799 Hot Dogs 
Kids favourite except for Ice Cream: Hot Dogs!
2011-05-17_0806 Kids playing 
And playing
2011-05-17_0807 Anna at Hasle School 
Who is here? Anna – hooray! She went in the 2 1/2 hours School Parade – yes it took 2 1/2 hours for Oslo’s 119 School who participated this year from start to end. The Highlight of the Parade is greeting the Royal Family in from of the Royal Castle.
2011-05-17_0808 Seb ar the Cake Lottery 
But we missed the Cake. Then grandson Sebastion is the right person to buy the Lots.
2011-05-17_0809 Seb and Father with Cake 
Did he win for the 3rd Year in a row? Yes. A French Chocolade Cake. Her with his Father Niklas.
2011-05-17_0819 Anna and Rosa 
Anna was of course a bit tired after 4 1/2 hours with her Class and even more celebration with Sebasian and Niklas etc, so we went home and had a Bottle of Champagne. Rosa was happy as well;-)
2011-05-17_0817 Papa veranda Champagne 
Papa saying cheers to all his blogger friends around the globe.

Have a nice week.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly News from Oslo – May 15 - 2011

Another week is History.
Life is normal. Work and work.
At Home and at work, so to say. Don’t forget to include what you do at home and for your home when referring to Work;-)
2011-05-14 Greenhouse Lions dent 
It is spring and lot’s of Yellow Lions outside;-)

Well, the most Dramatic here was that the Majority in our Condos (300 appartements and small rowhouses) voted for a new TV- Cable vendor and as well Internet and phone provider. I must say: Can only be better.  At last;-)
2011-05-13 Dinner 0 
We had a wonderful light Dinner on Friday. Prepared by Anna.
2011-05-14 Summerhouse 
Saturday we had to go to our Summer House. Flowers needed before the Norwegian National Day on May 17.
2011-05-14  Anna ponders 2011-05-14  Red flowers
2011-05-14 Greenhouse Red 2011-05-14 Greenhouse - Roses
Here Photos from the Green House we prefere due to the Quality and Prices. Click to see the Beauty.
2011-05-14 Greenhouse Friends 
And we met of course, by intuition, my childhood friend and his woman there. My friend was of course occupied with the Flowers while the Women were talking;-)
2011-05-14  Greenhouse at the Counter 
My regular readers may remember papa is crazy about flowers and the only limit is how many flowers to carry along in his Car.
Here Anna with the Saturdays choice (we have to be aware there might still be frost at Nights here at 60 degrees North) Price: Around $150 (NOK 840.-). In an ordinary Flower Shop the price would have neen trippled.

Here from the Summer House:
 2011-05-14 Grapes from last Year
Grapes from last year.
2011-05-15 Stemors 2011-05-14 Red-White and Blue
While I went for Water, Anna did plant some of the Flowers.  To the right even in our national colours: Red, White and Blue.
2011-05-14 Syrin Lilacs
2011-05-14 Apple Blossom 2011-05-14 Cherry Blossom
Some natural Flowers as well in our Summer Garden. Lilacs, Apple and Prunes.
2011-05-14 Mr Gray or Fidel 1 
While there, Saturday afternoon, we got a visitor. I think he really misses Rosa and Felicia. They will soon meet again.
Anna preparing a Dinner 
Saturday Anna prepared something very special. I think I’ll make a separate post so you can follow her work.
2011-05-15 Rainy Day 
Sunday we planned to go back to the Summer House to arrange rest of the Flowers we bought on Saturday. But, for the first time in weeks: Rain. Even our Cats were reluctant to walk outside.

Have a great week to come.

Tuesday, May 17:  Norways National Day.  Hooray.