Thursday, May 31, 2007

On - off - on - off and on again

Calling Help Desk on TORsdag

This week I once again had to post from the office. The reason: No connection. I simply could not understand, while the Wireless status on my laptop said: Excellent connection and 100% signal strenght I still had no internet connection. Suspicious. Could it be too heavy trafic on this wireless connection?

This morning I called my provider. (They are closed in the evenings).

- Have you checked the xyz-light?
- No, I have not
- Do that - check if there is light on the XYZ-bulb.

Had to raise up and climp to the ceiling. No lights.

- No lights there, I said, when down to my cellphone again.
- Turn off the modem. Then turn it on again

I once again climbed to the ceiling. And did what I was told.
Went down again.

- Yes, I have turned it off and on again.
- Chech if there is light on the XYZ-bulp

Up again. No light.

Down again.

- No lights
- It can take a while

Up once more. Good traing for my balance, I thought. Rosa and Felicia were sure papa had gone crazy. They went away.

Suddenly a blink. And another. Yesss. It's light on the XYZ bulb.

- It's light there now.
- Try to connect
- Ok, I'll do
First try. Nothing happend but "Could not find...."
Second. Lucky me...
- I'm on the net. Thank you! But tell me, might the modem fell out from time to time like this?
- Yes, it does happen, so keep and eye on the XYZ-lamp.
- OK, I'll do. Thanks again.
Papa reading Questions for Anna and Solvi. More than 160 Questions. I think this was a song question - or an animal sound.Relaxing Rosa after I again was on the net. She layed down at my Toolbox. Next time I'm in trouble, she sure will help me out of it.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Find more Wordless Wednesday Photos here

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Monday, May 28, 2007

From Summer to Green Winter

A grey Day
Can you belive it. From sunshine and in the low 70 F (20 C) it dropped down to 8 C (mid 40 F) From Sunday to Monday. It seems like everybody is on the net. Took me more than 10 minutes to upload pictures. What else to do? To be on the Internet I mean... But when it's so slow, I prefere sitting in front od the fireplace.

Rain - rain and rain.

Cats refuse to be outside.

That's how it is right now here.

but you can see, Anna and S had lot's of fun. Even when in the Garden

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Colores - Colors - Colours - Farben - Farger

We have traditions. You may also have that. Thanks for that. This picture shows one our "must haves". Always different colours,and the same shape..

Collecting "Teddy Bears". Different from year to year. We found them rich and colourful. They are only for sale at a very special, far off place, during some short summer weeks here at 60 degrees north.
Please say hallo to these cute "Teddies".

You can meet more colourful ---- here

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Hurray - Hurrah - Hurra

My wireless modem arrived this afternoon. I placed it on a beam up under the ceiling. Pluged in the Powercord - and that was it. I'm on the net from our Summerhouse. I'll think I will celebrate with some sparkling fluid. With Anna. There might be some good night stories....

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Lovely Links Of Love

For the second time this week I've been tagged. This time by Mrs Lifecruiser. What a shame then to live in the Summerhouse without Internet Connection. Have to do "all" my blogging from work. But today my job portablePC will be completely reloaded. With our standard job software. It means I have to download lots of additional Software after completing the task. Puh.

A little prayer: Please do not tag me until I have my internet connection up and running from our Summerhouse.

I'll put Mrs Lifecruisers word into mine, so you know what this is all about:
This is not only about linking and rankings, it’s about making connections through the Blogosphere, so come on peeps, let’s get this going - joyn forces you too!

If YOU follow our example and really do play you’ll attract new visitors and make some new blogbuddies :-)

Here’s how it works, if your website is listed in the Enjoyable Finds category below, then you need to:

“~Start Copying Here~” and copy all the things listed without removing the links (Of course, the train would be no use without those links).

Move all the sites labeled “Enjoyable finds” to the list labeled “Oldies”.

Add 5 sites that you want to include in the train under Enjoyable Finds and make their “Visit My Site” link like this: along with this add the url of the blog you are choosing.

Example: (This is my blog that I’m using as the example)

Then invite them to join the train.

Visit all the listed sites using the “Visit My Site” link. (I hope the blogs I have chosen will participate. I would appreciate it bunches if you do and please let me know if you have :-).

Make sure to go to Alexa and see your blog rankings :-).

Enjoyable finds:

Ghee ~ visit my site
Lime ~ visit my place
Suzann ~ visit my place
Clarissa ~ visit my place
Shadow-Falcon ~ visit my place
Joy-of-Six ~ visit my place

Lifecruisers enjoyable finds:

TorAa Mirror ~ visit my site!
RennyBA’s Terella ~ visit my site!
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maremagnum ~ visit my site!
Tricia’s Musings ~ visit my site!
aka R’acquel ~ visit my site!
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Lifecruiser ~ visit my site!
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~End Copying~

Have a nice penticosta - pentecost - pinse - pentecôste

PS. It seems like my Wireless ADSL Modem has arrived at the Post Office. If so, and if it works from the Summerhouse, I'll let you now. More Champagne to come then!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

TORsdag - May 24 - 2007

Tagged for Food

I was tagged by the one and only coffee2go (Sanni) with The Eating Out Meme. Thank you, Coffee. I’ll do my best.

These are the rules:
1. Link to the name of the person who tagged you.
2. Include the state and country in which you live.
3. List your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location (locally).
4. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been

My favourite places to eat in Oslo is at Anna’s of course, i.e. at Home,’ cause she is a wonderful cook. When going out, it depends on the season. It’s a hard task to choose among all the restaurants in Oslo. It is really many good ones. For most of you, you might find it expensive. But it is of course many cheaper alternatives. I have chosen to present 5 after season; all have been “tried” be myself.

I will start with Summer.

1) Lille Herbern - Close to the peninsula of Bygdøy is this small “hide out” island Lille Herbern. It has a waterfront restaurant that can accommodate up to 75 guests, and a terrace that seats approximately 100. Should you want a smaller room there is a chambre separee for maximum 10 guests. Since 1929 Lille Herbern has been a restaurant where the people of Oslo have come to enjoy fresh seafood in a casual atmosphere, and it certainly ranges among the oldest restaurants in Oslo.

2) Solsiden - At the "sunny side" of Oslo. Open only at summertime; 2007: May 2- September 1.
Come taste the best of seafood in Oslo. Live lobster tank, oysters, salmon and other Nowegian delicacies
prepared with natural, organic ingredients at the hands of master chefs. Complemented with an exceptional wine list.

Uniquely situated at the historic quay right below Akershus castle. (Map here).

Solsiden faces the most romantic sunsets in town. If you are into culinary delights, don´t miss this one.

In the Autumn/Fall, if I still have money after the Vacation:

3) Bagatelle – Bygdøy Alle 3 – Oslo West. The only restaurant in Oslo with 2 Michelin stars. Do I need to say more? Look at the pictures from the interieur and at the menu.

Around Christmas, to have traditional Norwegian food – reserve long time before (they open for reservations December a year ahead)

4) Gamle Raadhus – Nedre Slottsgt 1 – Downtown Oslo. The old Town Hall of Oslo. Traditional food, and modern as well, in charming surrounding. Also an open air backyard. More pictures.

During the Winter, when the Sun are coming slowly back it’s time for something Chinese. I mean not the usual Chinese “restaurants”, but a real restaurant:

5) Dinner – Stortingsgaten 22 – Downtown Oslo. The simple name belies the fact that this is one of the best places in Oslo for Chinese food, as well as dishes that combine Norwegian and Cantonese styles. Peking duck is a speciality here, or, for a lighter meal, try the delectable platter of seafood in chili-pepper sauce. See for yourself.

Well, that was to days choices. Might have been 5 others, if asked another day.

Here it’s close to lunch time. I think I’ll have a banana, and then go to my physio therapiste.

I will tag:

Fleur de Lisa in Indianapolis

Expatraveler in Vancouver (some recommendations from Montreux too?)

Shionge in Singapore

Ginnie – where ever she might be just now

Queerchef in Bergen

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

For more WW entries, please go here

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cats on Tuesday May 22-07

Every year when we move out to our Summerhome, we have a trusted visitor - from the Neighbourhood. We have asked the closest neighbours who owns this long furred cat. Nobody are sure, but they all point to the same house. There they also have a dog. It seems the cat walks for cold water and air. We call him Peder Pels or Peter Fur.
You can see, he has lost fur. But he loves to have a meal on our Platform

He is loosing his fur every spring. Looks so helpless and shabby. Like a back street cat. And he has allways plenty of Ticks. He is very shy. But when it comes to hunger and food, he can sit on our Platform for hours. To receive some leftovers from Felicia and Rosa. Sometimes he even sneaks into the Kitchen. When he his very hungry and understand he will soon be given some food, he allows us to take away a Tick or to. Peder is also vey slim, even though we really gives him lot's of food. We think he has worms.

Felicia is very sceptical but seldom got angry at him.
Here Felicia is on her way down from the Roof.

But Rosa has allways seemed to like this shabby cat. He is her Father.

For more Cats on Tuesday, visit Gattina.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

May 17 - 2007 - National Day - Norway

Anna at work on the National Day
Teachers can choose if they want to follow their classes in the Childrens Parade. In Oslo, this means you have to be at the respective schools at 8 am. And the schools going as the last ones in the parade are finnished around 1 pm. It's a hard "work" marching for so long. But it's also a great and proud tradition. Anna choosed to follow her school this year. This is the story of her day. Photos taken by papa. Except one. Guess which?

6:00 AM: Alarm Bell
6:05 AM: Anna went up to the Kitchen. Coffee time. And "feed the Cats" time.
6:16 AM: Papa goes to the rest room. Shaving and showering. Always shaves before shower. Take no chances to have the mirror full of Dew. Not on May 17. The National Day or Constitutional Day of Norway.
6:36 AM: Anna comes to the Restroom telling the weather forecast is better than reported last evening. More Sun and milder in the Oslo Area. No coats needed.
6:55 AM: Five flags were placed inn the flower box. Sun was shining from a 100% blue sky. But chilly; less than 10 Centidegrees (50 F).
7:05 AM: Finished dressing and flags and cameras and papas corset (he needs it when his Lumbago is at its worst) were brought down to the car.

7:06 AM: Anna comes down to the car and we were on the road to Oslo and Anna’s School. It is 50 km (about 33 miles). No other cars on the road. Empty highway – what a funny experience. A normal working day, this trip will take 2 hours +, starting this late in the morning.
7:45 AM: Arriving at school. Some children are already present. It’s a very special day for kids, the May 17: So much ice cream and hot dogs they can eat. And all carefully and nicely dressed up. At Anna’s school there is children from 37 different nations. Enlarge and try figure out the flags and the nations.
Everybody says: Gratulerer med dagen (Congratulations with the Day) to each other. Even the former headmaster was present, and the present of course. All the Flag-bearers were called upon to fetch their flags. May 17 is the Day where everybody living in Norway feels they are Norwegians.
8:00 AM: Time to hoist the Flag to the tones of the National Hymn
8:05 AM: Papa drives to the Winter home and parks the Car. Made some blog comments (Too few actually – sorry for the lack of time).
9:25 AM: Papa goes to the Bus station – The Lumbago is very annoying and painful. Had to stand up in the bus.
9:45 AM: Takes the train to downtown Oslo. Lots of people with national dresses and flags.
10:01 AM: Arriving the National Theatre station. Went straight to the Royal Castle waiting for the Royal Family and the Parade to start. Some veteran planes flew over the Royal Castle.
Then the Royal family comes out, greeting there folks. The sky was blue and the trees were green and the people waived their flags. Then the National hymn. People singing. Kids had gas balloons. Now and then, balloons were lost and flew up in the sky, while kids were crying for a new one.

The parade consist of well over 100 schools and 30.000 children, Brass bands Even the brass band recruits are marching.and Flag-bearers. First goes the Mayor of Oslo and the Local Government.

Then comes the schools. Those who goes first have jubileums. Anna’s school went as number 6. The school is 125 years old. Among the oldest still existing.

There she comes, Anna (in red) and her school. I followed as good as I could among the crowd.
Got another few pictures from another place.
Then it was to crowded to follow. Papa went down to the Harbour, were the parade ends and parents can pick up their promising kids. But one father did not show up. And Anna had to bring that young boy back to school. We missed 90 minutes due to that fact. Papa bought a Hot Dog and went around and took some more pictures.As you can see, lots of people all over, watching the Children Parade. Click to enlarge and see more details.
2:10 PM: Back in Summerhome. Champagne and shrimps on the Platform. The Sun was baking and the temperature went up to 20 C (70F). Flowers were set out, even the Tomatoes and the Basil. Cats were well fed. And we too.
To read more about our National Day, please visit my blog friend RennyBA. He had his American MIL with him to the Parade. Like RennyBA, I will also dedicate this post to Mrs Lifecruisers Cybercruise, where you can read about other celebrations and fascinating places all over the world.

To day the schools are free. So Am I. That’s why I could go to our Winter home and post this today. Have a wonderful weekend.
(If the commentfield for a reason or another is hidden, you are free to e-mail me)

PS. More Photos here:

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - May 16 - 2007

Tomorrow is May 17 - The National Day of Norway (celebrating it's Constitution from 1814). I'll most probably be away for 4 days. I hope to bring pictures from the Parade and the Royal Castle next week. May you all have a wonderful end of this week. (Still no Internet at our Summerhome - What a mess).

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cats on Tuesday – 05.15.2007

Felicia is a young Lady. She likes to present herself as a Queen. That means: Clean.
Here you can watch her on the roof, making herself Miss Catworld. No stylist needed. She surely have a long washing instrument: Her Tongue.
Can you see how concious she is? She still ”goes on the Pill”. We have decided that will be the best. To have kittens in our Winterhome. More control for her and us. We have not yet pondered out if it will be this year or next year. You know Felicia and Rosa are born the same day, Oct 31, 2003, as sisters. But we do think they are half sisters. Their Mother was very popular among the males. I have posted pictures of Sali, their Mother, some times ago.

Then, I’ve told you about Manx. They love to stay high. And found their own entrance over and under the roof. Here is Rosa, coming in from to hole in the Ceiling. I’m happy for the mistake Niklas and I did when we constructed the roof and Ceiling. At least, Felicia and Rosa do find it very practical and comfy.

Monday they stayed indoor. It was raining ”Cats and Dogs”. And a typical ”Green Summer”.

Love your cat(s).


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