Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Report: Back in Norway

Dear blogger friends, we are back in Norway.
Siutcases  at Home DSC_0080 
Suitcases after returning to Home

You may have noticed our tiny Country has experienced some horriefied moments, but our Nation and People have raised and said: Love, Peace and Respect.
Summer House July 27 - Veranda 
First evening and Night we stayed in our Winterhome..Washing Clothes etc.
Our Winterhome  terrasse: You see it has been enough water without our help.
Summer House July 29 - Anna 
Anna is back in our Summer house. Sunshine and 81 F (27 C).
Summer House July 29  - Rosa
Summer House July 29  - Felicia 
Cats – they loved too see us again – hmmm – they felt safe
Summer House July 29  - Canoe in Garden
Canoe in the Garden - Son and Grandson were frequent users
July 2011 Cherries
July 29 - all green but summerhouse 
Soooo Green, even our Canoe (on top)
Summer House July 29  - Red Currents
Summer House July 29  - Blueberries 
Some Berries in Summer Garden
Can you observe Anna?
This is it – under the Hills and Cliffs

More to come from our unforgetable voyage….

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

We are chocked and in deep sorrow

We have no words for what did happen in Oslo Friday 2011-07-22
In our tiny, peaceful country. Unbelievable and tragic.

Last news: More than 80 youths killed at the Summer Camp....

CNN report, BBC News,

UPDATE Sunday July 24 at 9 PM Chicago time: One of the Victims was an unarmed Policeman at the Youth Camp. 93 reported dead. Several still missing....

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Short Vacation Report #10: Victoria and …

Yeah, a Day with Jen and Cameron in beautiful Victoria.
Papa must admit we slept very well and looong. Had a great breakfast. Jen made crepes with fresh blueberries, strawberries and banana slices. Heavenly. Just like the Flowers above..Ready for a walk
Are we going up or are we going for a walk?
Cammie Jen and Anna
We went for a walk along the waterfront.
Old Bridge. Details will follow…
Anna Jen and Cameron 
Here they are: Anna, Jen and Cameron (More about this special place later)
Cameron loves Norwegian
Cameron really enjoyed Papa speaking Norwegian;-)
Anna and Jen in Kitchen
While Anna and Jen worked in the Kitchen..
Dinner as prepared by Anna. P came home from work so the 5 us enjoyed the meal together before we had to leave for the speed boat to Seattle.
We left Victoria, Jen and P and Cammie with one thought in our mind: We will meet again;-)

More to come from our visit to Victoria…

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Short Vacation report #9: July 19-20, 2011

Hello, I’m back on the net again, this time from Victoria, British Colombia and the Home of  Expatraveler. First meeting after nearly 5 years reading and commenting each others blogs.
Vic - Express Boat 1
We went over to Victoria from Seattle with Victoria Clipper IV,
Build by Fjellstrand, Norway
Vic - Cameron, Jen and Anna
Here is Cameron, Jen and Anna
Vic Fishermans 1
Victoria has it’s own Fishermans Wharf
Vic - Grandpa blogger
Grandpa blogger;-)
Vic  P and Cameron 
Cameron and proud Father P

More to come……..

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Short Vacation report: 3 places

2011-07-18 Lake Tahoe 
Sunday: Lake Tahoe
2011-07-18 S F 
Sunday: San Francisco
2011-07-18 Seattle 
Monday: Seattle

More to come……

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Short Vacation Report: Papa met Comedy+

You know papa and Anna loves to travel and meeting people.
Yacht Club At the table 
Yesterday we met Comedy+, her husband and a lot of other boatlovers at a Yacht Club.
What a blast of an event….

More to come

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Short Vacation Report: Haircut

Papa is not a frequent barber shop customer. 2-3 times a year.
Barber shop 1 
Here he had his hair cut in Sloughhouse, California. Anna as well.

More to come….


Short report: Magnolia

We observed this wonderful flower just in front of us.
And the Magnolia flower did something to us...

Stay tuned....

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Vacation: Short Report #8

This report will be posted on my other blog, due to Blogger uploading problems.

Click here to see: From Madison to Saint Paul


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Vacation: Short Report #7

After a wonderful dinner and evening with Lisa and Lori, we headed up North again.
North-West to be exactly.

Our destination this Thursday was Madison, state capital of Wisconsin.
2011-07-07 Indiana windmills
We passed a very large windmill park
It takes hours on the Interstates and a brake from time to time is a must.
We stopped here. Had a real Italian slice of Pizza + coffee etc.
Madison Summer 2011
How come sailing is so popular in Madison? Lot’s of lakes around and in the City limits.
Monona Lake view….
… as seen from William T. Evjue Gardens
Here is some photos of the Wisconsin State Capitol..
No Vacation without some dramatics. You see this ATM? It allmost swollowed our Visa Card.  It was blocked  into the ATM.
No phone # to call. We asked for help.
And got it from a retired couple and these wonderful young women in the shop next door. (The Bank said: Come next morning; with our Visa Card in the ATM. No way. They are unresponsible, and their bosses still got bonuses. It’s a shame).
We loved this part of Madison…
Dinner, say no more…
Traditional Church in Madison
Traditional Houses in Madison..
Madison City history 
Madison City history..

More to come from our US Vacation…..

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Summer Vacation: Short Report #6

On July 6, we left Mats and Lori in Michigan
2011-07-06 Leaving Mats and Lori2011-07-06 Lori and Nina
Lori with Nina
2011-07-06 US 31 
… and headed south to Indiana  on US 31
2011-07-06 Peru Indiana 
– here we are in Peru, taking a brake…
2011-07-06 Boat snf Sunset
And ended up here, just outside Indianapolis
2011-07-06 Anna tasting Wine 
Went to the Wine Shop and Anna tasted…
2011-07-06 Lisa tasting Wine
Lisa, blogfriend since years, tasted too…
2011-07-06 Lise outside fav shop
Lisa outside her favourite Shop
2011-07-06 Platform with Flowers
Here is the Platform with wonderful flowers  etc.
2011-07-06 Chicken on Grill
Lori made a most delicious chicken and we sat outside and talked and talked and enjoyed life…
2011-07-06 Late at Night 
Until very late. Papa is lucky knowing such wonderful people
2011-07-06 Goodbye Lisa and Lori
Goodbye and thank you so much for a wonderfultime…

More to come…..,

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