Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bright - PhotoHunters June 28 - 2008

My dear readers do know I have not participated as normal lately here at PH. Even been a lousy commenter. Let me first of all say thanks for all kind words and warm thoughts in the past weeks.
Then, to this weeks theme: Bright.

I must admit, among my thousands of photos and scannings, I needed a little inspiration to figure out what to present. Hence, I did a Google Search. It's allways a natural story behind - yeah?
I found an inspiration more powerful, that I could ever expect. The Brights. You should visit this site if you will have a clue what Respect and Peace and a Naturalistic view can do for this Planet.

Then I found a Picture taken by my Father in the late 50'ies. It was a Bright Idea to capture me when diving into the Nature - The Oslo Fjord.

More Bright Photo Hunters here

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Papa left alone - or?

Anna is in Hong Kong.
(Click all photos to see the fabulous details)

No doubt, she is there.

Visiting Ingelin with A-L. Here they are all three of them. Dinner I presume?
(Photos received Friday morning)

I'm in the Summerhouse in inner Oslofiord, Norway, with two pregnant Cats.

So what do I do besides feeding the mothers to be?
Blogging? Reading? Eating? Nothing?
Well, my dear readers allready do know the one and only
RennyBA did visit me. I picked him up from a meeting not vey far from where I did work on Thursday and we went out to our Summerhouse. Some shopping of course had to be done. Quickly. Food and beverages. Oh, men are men. LOL.

Then we sat down talking and talking for hours on the Platform.

Suddenly Renny got the idea of showing his dear readers the old childhood tradition of treading wild Strawberries on a straw. Here you see Renny at work and dreaming back to childhood.

We allmost forget to make dinner - men you know. Typical. Talking too much. LOL.

Renny had Baked Turkey and I Baked Cod, both with Cheese inside. I did make some wok-like fruit and vegetable and herbs as sidedish. (Tomatoes, Pepperfruits, habaneras, chilis, bananas, apples, herbes, desalted Soya sauce, virgin olive oil, pine seeds etc - all chopped and heated in the Pan).

After dinner we climbed to the top of the estate. It was after 10 pm. To have a look at the spectacular scenery - Islands - Hills - Oslofjord - Villages - the Norwegian Summer Night - Vegetation - Nature . (The Summerhouse is right down under behind Renny - it's to steep to climb right up, so we needed to attack the top from around and back - even then steep)
As you can see.: The Sun are still shining on the Village in the background (Dröbak as presented on Cybercruise last year)

Then we went bakc through the Jungle in the tiny Vally just behind our Summerhome. Here you see Renny taking photos of the waterfalls in the tiny creek.

On Friday, we did wake up early. For Breakfast and waiting for our parabol to be installed.
We have had no TV for 6 weeks due to the implementation of the digital TV-network here in Norway.

The young man was very serviceminded and did his job quickly. Down under is Tomatoes and Pepper (Paprika) plants.

We now have about 55 TV- Channels. From different nations and languages. It's lot's more than I can cope with. It's sure something for everybody. Even a Channel that only shows Poker. That one will not be my favourite. I don't gamble.

(Renny had to leave by bus from our Summerhouse to Oslo (about 75 minutes). And later this Friday he and his lovely American Wife, Diane, went to Mariestad. We (Anna and me will join them there in the last half of July, before I go to visit our Son in Michigan and around)).

PS. Talking about gambling. Last Saturday it was a quizz program on the local Radio Station. Haha - I had my lap-top ready and did google-search for each question. Then I called the radio station. For each correct answer I received a "Ticket" and at 1:30 am it was time for drawing.

I did win a scratch lottery ticket, which I did receive in the mail box on TORsday.
After scratching, result: 2 x 5 USD. ( 2 x 25 NOK). Hurray.

Have a splendid and marvellouse Weekend everybody.
Hugs from
two Cats and Papa in the Summerhouse

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have a visitor

Believe it or not.
You know we are busy people.
But this afternoon and evening:
We met: RennyBA and me.

Our Summerhouse of course.
When our ladies were at work or vacation.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anna and A-L met Ingelin in Hong Kong

--- with a little help from Papa in Oslo

Very early Wednesday morning I received a SMS from Ingelin:
Their flight did land at 10:40 am local time. I have called them and sent several SMS's. But no answers. Have you heard from Anna and A-L? Are they in Hong Kong or still in Moscow?

How could I know. So early in the morning here in the Summerhouse in Southern Norway.

I did call Ingelin. No answer. I did call A-L. No answer. I did send SMS's. No answers. Hmmm?

Then I received a call from A-L. They were in H K. At the airport express train station. Why there? They were supposed to meet Ingelin at the end station in H K, not at the Airport. I so said.
Then I sent a new SMS to Ingelin and luckely I got an answer. She called me back. She had gone home (Anna and A-L sure had her adress). I told her they now where on the train heading for downtown H K. And she replied she would be there in a short amount of time. Then I sent a new SMS to A-L. Anna and A-L did arrive at the downtown train station, but they did not see Ingelin.
Ingelin a few minutes later called me again and told me she would be at the Train Station in less than 5 minutes. And said: Ask them to stay right outside the control gate at the Station. Do not move away from there.

Ten minutes later, all the 3 of them where united. Hurray.

What did cause the communication problems at first hand? The Tyfoon that hit H K last Night. (Grade 8 - which is the highest)
Then it's good have Papa sitting (half sleeping) in the Summerhouse in Southern Norway to help the ladies to find each other in Hong Kong. LOL.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anna has left me with her best Woman

it's true.
So is life I think.
Follow on

When you see how it can be right out of our Windows at Mid Summer.
I do understand - It's about time to leave.
She left for Hong Kong. From Oslo via Moscow. Whith A-L.

Tonight it will be a Tyfoon - grade 8 in Hong Kong. Ingelin sent me a MSM.
She live in a very safe place - at Hollywood - in Hong Kong.

We did wake up at 5:30 am. And left our Winterhome just after 6 am.
I drove the two ladies to the Airport

Entered around 7 am. Here they are outside

Here they are - waiting for check in - and then after: Security Control.

A disaster. Normally and deseant people are treated like terrorists. What does it tell?
I know, but when internet has come to a stage, someone read your mails, I say nothing but. IT'S OUT OF HUMAN RIGHTS CONTROL.
Check in took only what you expect. But - security control - in the most busy Vacation time - wow - I was back in my my winterhome (60 km away - 90 minutes) long before they did pass. I had a feeling it would take that long.

Got a call from Moscow. They are safe. So far.

Then I got the MSM from Ingelin in Hong Kong: Tyfoon. OMG.

Here, back in the Summerhouse:

Felicia has figured out she will hate her sister Rosa. I need to be very clear and strong about that. She even want to restrict my blogging. Zimbawve - I said. The she run away.
So, my dear readers, I still have unexpected challenges.

Then I needed some music - Brahms and Bach. The latter is my fav, when I need comfort. Like during Rubens funural: Air. As a starter for the ceremony. Here U Z - we have a Radio and Cassette and CD player.

PS. Wednesday - well - then I need to get rid of my son Rubens belongings - which can not be used by anyone else. I'm still in sorrow.
Whish U all the very best


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A pregnant Cat and Anna - and papa

Felicia is pregnant. No doubt.
She stick to us 24/7. In bed. In Kitchen. In Garden. Everywhere.

These photos were taken Saturday.
When we could stay outdoor. To day - Sunday: Green winter again. Very chilly and rainful. Even problems to lit up our Fireplace.
(You know how it is when the smoke goes right back into the room - instead of up the Chimney? - and your smoking Alarm starts to bell---)

See the love between a cat and a Human

Felicia do trust us. She know we will help her, if complications. She also knows Anna will leave on Tuesday for Hong Kong. Visting Ingelin.
Papa will be alone in the Summerhome for about 10 Days. And work from there.
He are able to make his own food (healthy) and feed both Felicia and Rosa.
Even do what have to be done in the Garden. If the weather permits. Right now: Stay in door.

--- and haha - Papa has no TV. Only Radio, Mobile Phone and Internet.
+ Books and BD's.

The analog TV closed down a month ago. So what you here see is now history.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless - Football - Soccer

Here you can see my two first Sons and their Soccer / Football Team(BBK) back in 1980. Ruben (who died on May 18th this year), to the left in the second row, was top scorer in Oslo that season. By far.
Niklas, a year younger than Ruben, played as back or defenser. He is #1 from left in the first row.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rosa Raped - nearly - Cats on Tuesday

On Monday Morning, I did call our local Vet.
Rosa did have a huge inflammation, the size of a dried prune. On her right cheek.
Did not eat from Friday evening - so we figured out on last Sunday: Visit our local Vet. I called and luckely they did have time for her Monday.
(I took the time off from Work)
She was very silent when we drove the 18 minutes from our Summerhouse.
Very curvy Road to put it mildly. Rosa in her Cage. Me driving. Some sounds. Miuaw - mienow . Relaxe, We gonna fix your pain. Miiaaw. Puuur.
And she acted very, for not to say stoïcal, and very calm and wise during the treatment. At the Vet. They did only have our old adress. But the history from all our former ones. The Vet was very curious abour Rosa's Tail. Ha ha - she is half Manx, I said. Manx is not the best known breed. Tailess, more or less as they are. And very clever hunters. Yeah yeah.

It was a very hard and tough treament. All the inflammation and blood. So much from a small Cat. Even the Vet was surprised. Both to the amount of inflammation and how Rosa acted. Only once she showed her clowes. And used them. On me. I can understand. But they (the clawes are sharp and strong - the Manx Cats can even kill Foxes due to their long and sharp Claws)
Both the Vet and me had to wash our selfes afterwards. Blood and yellow inflammation. Rosa got her remedies, vaccinations etc. 1 hr plus treatment, vacinations etc. Well, here in Norway: USD 100. Rosa is worth at least such amount for us.
What had happened?
Female cats will never ever accept to be raped (Estrus time). So Rosa had struggled. In her right cheek we did see deep wholes from a male Cat's teeth. Very deep. And from clowes on her back.

She got a very professional treatment.

And after one hour, when we had returned to our Summerhome, she would have her regular dinner (Pollock - warmed fillets).
I had to stay in the upper house (yes , there are two small buildings here at our Summerhome). In a bed too short for me. But what don't you do for your fellow creatures on Planet Earth? To make them safe and sound.

Then she want to stay outside for a while. See her rosa bandage? When she runs out...

Nice for a cat to wear? Not at all. See the Blood? And she did drink lots of Water.

Then she needed a time for herself. Watching the World. From the edge of the roof over our Restroom.

But Felicia - she is pregnant. Stayed in my bed all night. purr purr puur. (We do think she has found her nest)
I love my pussies. They are so nice.

PS. Pictures again taken in a sudden by a camera just at hand.

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DOWNLOAD DAY 2008 - Help set new World Record

Thanks for pledging and joining our effort to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours. Don't forget to tell your friends, family and colleagues to pledge to download Firefox 3 during Download Day!

Do not comment. Just Download Firefox and beat the SW in 24 hours Guiness World Record.
Click on the Link down here:

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

From Tropical Days to Green Winter in one Week

Yes, it's correct. It's all about living 60 degrees North.
We are used to dramatic changes in weather, temperatures and Climate.
We have had the most catastrophic Fire Forest ever in Norway - Southern Norway - cabins, cottages and farms burned down ( More than 30 K dekars of Forest damaged).
Northern Norway: Green Winter - with rain and temperatures at the highest just above freezing point. (Global Heating? No. Climate change? Yes)

Here, in our Summerhouse, we went swimming last Saturday (22 C watertemp 71.6 F, land: 89.6 F). This Sunday 12 C land temperature (53.6 F). Raining. Needed yes, but so chilly. brrrr. It's then nice to have a Fireplace.
I did sleep until 3 pm to Day. Lot's of different dreams. Some pleasant but some not.

Here you see Felicia. She is pregnant. Watching the weather. It did start raining again soon after.

Rosa is wounded. Inflamation. Her right cheek looks like a baloon. I did not have the heart to take a photo of her. Must bring her to the Vet tomorrow.

Did call Ingelin (my daughter). Anna will be with her in Hong Kong last week of June and first week of July. I'm gonna visit Mats (son) in Michigan first weeks of August.
In between we will have some Days with our lovely friends Renny and Diane in Mariestad.

Love you all.
Hope to be back soon to read and comment

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Regatta in Oslofjord - Friday, June 13 - 2008

The most popular Regatta in the Nordic Countries started just after the WW II. With a few boats in an overnight regatta from Oslo (Capital of Norway) to the the beginning of the fiord at the Faerder Light House and returning back to Oslo. A distantance of 2x100 km ( about 130 miles all in all). To Day, it's some miles shorter, in order to let all kinds of sailboats (no use of "motors" alowed") to be able to compete and participate. No matter of professionalisme in the skill of sailing
This year it was about 1200 boats in the race.

On our way back to our Summerhome, I did take some photos, not with my best Camera, but I hope you will have a clue. (This from the inner Oslofjord)
OK, then - it's enlarged here (You'll also see the Hills North of downtown Oslo in the Background)
Even more here. U Z? Can you count how many? They all have to sail during the Night.
Here they are - some of the boats - in the midle of inner Oslofjord- Allready a distance between the best in their class and the leisure sailors

Click to enlarge. It's hundreds heading south out of the fiord

Have a great weekend. Respect and love all your dearest incl cyberfriends.
Again thanks for all kind comments, private letters etc regarding our loss.

hugs to all of you

PS. I still have problems to comment and visit you all. Excuse me for that fact. I'm coming back. Believe me.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Hot Saturday in Oslo - Norway

We have had two weeks now with warm weather here at 60 degrees North - around the Oslofjord.
Air: 30 C plus and Sea: 20-22 C

We could go swimming. Both Anna and Solvi. (Anna in Blue Bikini)

Her I'm propelling in the Big Blue. Ha-ha - still like a kid in the Water.

Then after, preparing a meal at the Summerhouse Platform: (A meal dedicated the Light, Summer and Climate)

Starting with Avocados - with Wolf Fish caviar and Mayonaise in the bottom

Then our main dish. Ready to be served, with olive and grain bread.

But, what are the ingredients?

A cold Salad. Let's go back in time. What's here? Every ingredients but the dressing.

Enlarge to have a clue. OK?

And even before: Crispy lettuce. Hard boiled eggs. Tomatoes. Fresh Garlic.

Some boiled ham (mild) plus boiled potetoes and a Camera and a tiny Chair.

A dressing based on Natural Yughurt and French Dijon Mustard. And some Pine Nuts.

What could be better during a Warm Summer Evening?

What to drink? Fresh Water or White Wine or the both. We did have both. The White Wine was a crispy Sauvignon Blanc.

A Fantastic evening, sitting on the platform watching over the fjord and all the Boats. It was really crowded out there. But that's another story.

Sunday afternoon it was Sebastian's 7th BD. Like X-Mas for him.
(that's another Story as well)

btw: My regular readers: We are on track to recover from our loss. May be I'll soon visit your wonderful site soon again. Miss you all.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Can you swim in the ocean at 60 degrees North?

without beeing crazy or a Polar Bear?

Let me tell you, to begin with: (Oslo - Norway)
Sunrise at 3:59 AM
Sunset at: 10: 34 PM
Air temperature (in the shadow): 30 C (86 F)
Water temperature (in the Sea): 21 C (70 F)
We can live with that.

We actually did 2 swimming "tours" in the inner Oslofjord this afternoon.
There will be no pictures for you to see. Because we did not bring our swimming suits. LOL.

Here, on the peppled beach, who was there?

This Sea Bird guarded her two eggs with proud and passion. And with good help of the Naturists that use to frequent this spot - we are all nature lovers - we hope she can have her "babies" safe and sound.
PS. You must enlarge to see

Then we went to our Summerhome.

Had a pleasant "cold" meal. And some White Wine.

View from our platform towwrds the fjord with all the weekend boat "tourists". In the background the highest island in Oslofjord (226 meters above Sea level - 750 feet around)

Norway is the most wonderful place to be, when the Summer is like just now. The long light evenings, the Birds singing, the plants of all kinds so intense. Flowers. Vegetables. And the closeness to Nature. Water, Fields, Mountains, Sea, Forests, Cities, Towns, Marinas, Beaches, Culture, Nightlife, solitude and crowded. The Wild Strawberries - Yeah - ready to be picked.

Have a great Weekend everybody.

Hope to comment your fabulous blogs very soon.

PS. This weekend Sebastian is 7. We need to celebrate.

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