Friday, November 30, 2007

Silver Wedding

Taken in Oslo Town Hall. You are the first to see it (SIC)
Anna and Tor just married , December 3 in 1982,---
well this photo was taken by their own camera. Selftimer.
The funny thing was, we were 2 minutes late, due to the slow person we hired to create the Bridal Flower Bouque. Click to see the Flowers.

Saturday Dec 1 - 2007 - we leave Oslo, Norway, to go to the Silverland - Argentina. To Celebrate 25 years of marriage and friendship. In Buenos Aires.
In fact, it's our 10th time we have Vacations in Latin America.

May you all have a wonderful weekend and pre Christmas time.
We will be back 17-18 december
Miss you all allready.
This post is also dedicated Photo Hunters - Red.
Blushing red, we were

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - November 29 - 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome to Ola in Miami Beach

Dressed for Party, Ingelin and Papa went to Ola (Of Latin America). It’s just around the corner from Ingelin’s appartement. In James Avenue and located in the Sanctuary hotel.

Chef Rodriguez is famous and said to be the one that has put Latin American food “on the Table”. Click on his name to see some recipies.

I was very anxious to go there and taste the Food, as Ingelin had told me a dinner there is a must when in SOBE’s Art Deco District.

As we arrived early in Miami Beach to be, there were no need to reserve a Table (for normal dinner time, you should).

We were met at the entrance by a Swedish, charming lady, Annika. Table for 2 was waiting for us. Lovely atmosphere. Latin American music (I love it). And a tropical back yard. What more could a Norse wish.

They wished us welcome even from a busy Kitchen
Then Time for the Menu
Let's see, what they can offer. Click to read.
Water and bread brought to the Table - before we could count to the time of Day.
Then some more to drink...

Nor Ingelin or Papa are big eaters, so we went for mojitos. Many different tastes. Artistic presented and heavenly tasty. Served quickly. Recommended by us. World travellers as we are. LOL.

Here is some of our mojitos:

Oysters Rodriguez
lightly fried, served over fufu and creamy horseradish spinach, served w/ huacatay sauce

Foie Gras & Fig Empanada
anise empanada dough, foie gras, almond fig cake over watercress salad, duck serrano & black trumpet vinaigrette.

Food for papa

this was very good, but what was it? Chevre.

Mystery Meat Balls

with callampa mushroom sauce.It’s a secret…just trust us

heavenly - the name of this mojito? Go and ask. haha
Tuna Taco
resh diced tuna, crispy shallots, diced jalapeno, paprika, lemon oil, roasted garlic & ginger aioli

Caviar Arepa

colombian style yellow corncake served w/ crema nata, quail eggs & ossetra caviar 18 (w/1oz caviar 25)

We went out and felt very well. And extremely comfortable feed.

Then it was Party Time in Miami.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend - November

Hi, this weekend has been an Interlude.
But, much has been done and decided.
Our friend Nils, he was 70 on Saturday. We bought a $100 flower bouquet to him and called him on his day. The party will be next Saturday - the day we fly away down to Buenos Aires. (--- and for the first time since -94, I'm not going with my trusted customers (90 % with spouses) as their leader on our yearly X-Mas seminar. They will this year be in Nice (France). Just some minutes away from my friend Hakon.
But - Silver Wedding - I say no more.

Then we agreed upon where to be on Christmas Eve - the most important Family gathering in Norway. We will be in Niklas' new home. My mother (88) as well.

Then we also concluded where to be on New Years Eve. In our Winterhome. Party- party

And Saturday afternoon - buying and posting the regular Silver Cutlery to Anna's brothers. A long tradition - I think we now can serve at least 2 dozens of people - with silver cutlery. That's an important Norwegian tradition to serve familiy and friends with Silver and porcelain. In fact - it's a symbol of how we do weight you as friend - unless spoken out before - friendship is the most important - then we are very, very informal - as long as the food is prepared with a hearth for the visitors.

Yeah - Viking Traditions. We are not that bad?

Besides these need to do - we have been very passive. Some talking. Sleeeeeepiing. The days here are now very short. The Sun is "up" this Sunday 11h 59 minutes shorter than at mid-summer. Can you imagine. 12 houres. That's why we go to the Southern Hemisphere in less than a week.

Our Cats, well they relaxe. They are born here. They will stay with cousin (cat) Stompa for nearly 3 weeks. We will bring enought food. Solvi do not have a Car. So, we will bring for a least 3 weeks of food for, then 3, Cats.

But - during Summer -the Nordics is the worlds most wonder. It's up to you. Can it be simpler?

Tell me when you want to visit - we will allways find accommodations

PS. This is my first post, maybe the only one, without photos. What do you think?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cybercruisers Friday Fun

It's good to be a Norwegian. We can go Swimming year around.

But, take care - here he comes - Thor the ancient God - for once without Mjölner, his hammer. Voted #1. In in which Category? (it's more than one - so you better think twice - at least)

More to come... SOBE's Art Deco District also where to EAT

Cybercruisers - and wanna bees. click here

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

TORsday 13 - on Thanksgiving 2007


Well, well, I could not resist to take a one day off from Southern Florida, to show you our Thank Giving Dinner. And also under the heading Thursday 13. How come 13?

Well, here you see our Dinner. 11 filled paprika's (peppers). Home made, organic.

One lucky person

Another lucky person

That's 13.

Hope all of you that Celebrates Thanks Giving will have/did have a wonderful time with your family and dearest.
It's so important to take care of each other - both family, friends, collegues, neighbours, neighbours neighbours and so on to every Mankind and living beeings on Planet Earth.

On Cruise? No? Then go here - and a really facinating way to cybercruise.
Have YOU met the inventor of Internet? Well, RennyBA did last Monday. You must read about it.
What about a sightseeing and Thanks Giving greeting from Sevilla? Don't miss it. Click
When did you last visit Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama Canal? Click

More to come.. from Art Deco district in Miami Beach - a guide to ....?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - November 21 - 2007


See the contrasts? Reasons to be Wordless?

Both pictures taken the day before Veterans Day in Miami - Sunday Nov 11 - 2007.
Click the pictures to really SEE the contrasts.

Cybercruise lovers - click here

Wordless People - Click here

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach

After several more or less joyful posts from the bright side of life during my visit to my daughter in Miami Beach, I think it’s about time to post something serious. Something we shall never forget – unfortunately such crimes still happens. When shall we ever learn?

After our Lunch at Books and Books, we biked another route back to the Appartement on Saturday November 10.

Suddenly I observed this sculpture:

I had no idea what is was nor what it symbolized.

After all, it was in a beautiful and silent setting.

Ingelin biked further to the end of the Arcade. I followed. And remarked all the names written on the Wall. Hmm, a feeling stroked me. All the names seemed to be Jewish. Click to see.

When I approach Ingelin, she told me where we were. We parked the Bikes and went further in silence.

Through the Tunnel, I observed sculptures that reminded me of those seen from outside.

Inside, it was a vast number of sculptures. People in the deepest despair. Young, old, mothers, fathers, babies, children, whole families, old ones, young ones. Sculptured by Kenneth Treister, FAIA, in the late 1980’ies in Mexico City. And more names, thousands upon thousands written on the Wall. Click to SEE.

I will let you see some more pictures from this dramatic “scenery” without any comments.

Create your own title..... if you can or will - For me it's the monolite of Evil - in Contrast to Gustav Vigelands Monolith

Why? Why? How could this happen? Could todays Pop-stars mislead the youngsters? Political and Religious leaders, can they mislead and mistreat in search for short time power?

Some facts about The Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach:
In the fall of 1984, a small group of Holocaust survivors formed a committee dedicated to building a permanent memorial to the memory of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.”
Read more

We left the memorial in silence. It is not easy to find words. Cause it has happened again. “Cleaning” some call it. Cambodia, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Rwuanda, Balkan etc etc.

After the Memorial we found Peace and Silence in the Japanese Garden.

More Cybercruises – the longest and best cruise in Cyber Space, headed by Captain Lifecruiser.

PS. I’m studying the Art Deco Architecture and history of SOBE. The Raise and Fall and Raise again of Miami Beach. And a surprise: Who was there during her childhood?

More to come……

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Evening – in SOBE - Nov 10 -2007

A Dinner at South Beach

My daughter had plans for me. She would show her papa the real taste of South Miami Beach. Where people meet. And a real VOSS Water account. Good food as well.
Besides, she had ambitious plans for Sunday. (Next post). After a Saturday early afternoon I will never forget: A Memorial (will be posted next week) – very, very strong experience. You might know where we were?

I was told to dress properly and shine my shoes and shave. What else than to obey? Ingelin know the dress code around.

They do have a very efficient transportation system in Miami Beach. Even for 60+ people like me.
Went out – she lives close to everything important here, so no Taxi was needed. Besides we love to walk – Vikings you know.

She asked me where I wanted to have dinner. How could I know? I had no clue at all. Besides I observed what I did. First we went into Raleigh.

- papa, do you want to have dinner here?
- It’s wonderful, I like it here – what’s the options?
- Well, we can walk to Delano – It’s just a minutes walk from here
- Why?
- ‘cause I want you to see a real VOSS account
- Lets’s do it, I said

Then we went out. To Delano

The entrance hall, the Bar, les meublements, the décor, all splendid. Quelle rafinnement. – absolutely at the upper shelf.

We went out to the outside bar and pool. Had a red and white. Sat down at the poolside.

A new world for me (VOSS and Pinot Grigiot)– the primitive travelling Viking. But I’ve learned how to adapt. Just watch and behave like the others. *giggles* Like a Cameleon.

And of course, a Table for Two in the Pool. Why did not a single soul take a picture of us? Are they so decantent? We did order a Dom. Which was never served. My shoes, not the right brand - perhaps? LOL.

- Do you want to have dinner here, Ingelin asked, when we sat there, In the backyard
- Yeah, I said (This might be very, very expensive I thought - but haha, the $ is so low nothing is expensive here anymore)
- OK, I’ll ask for a Table - Ingelin said and did.

No Tables for us for at least one houre, as we wanted our dinner served outside. Norwegians you know. We are crazy about outdoor life.

Then we returned to Raleigh. Got a table – outdoor.

Wonderful and pro service. We both had Yellow Snapper. (First time for me – only Red Snappers before).

I did start with Florida Frog Legs. Haha – do you remember our visit to Everglades?

The Frogs even tried to escape. See?

Two glasses of White for Papa, one Red for Ingelin. And a bottle of Pelligrino.

We shared the dessert. Marvellous. Delicious. My regular readers do know I prefer fresh Forest Berries and real Vanilla - This time: Vanilla Marrengs. Heavenly.

Then we walked home. After a Saturday I will never forget. Ingelin knows SOBE. And where to go. More to come..... (so short a stay and so much to tell)

Cybercruisers at Mrs Lifecruiser. A journey you can not miss

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo Hunters - November 17 - 2007

I love---- My Daughter

Here we are at Key West - Southernmost spot on Continental USA - Sunday a week ago. She did take good care of her Father, who is now back in Norway.

This photo is a part of my report from Florida - as a Cybercruiser

More Photo Hunters

May you all have a wonderful Weekend

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Papa goes to Party in Miami - you are invited as well

Miami, Friday, November 9 - 2007
Dear Cybercruiser, It's Friday...
Here is our fav:

What else to serve on a Friday? For Cybercruisers - only - - -
Can't believe it, last Friday:Papa was invited to a Party in Miami. By friends of Ingelin - Niklas and Jonna, from Sweden. Bring your drinks and have fun. We did, after a pleasant meal in Miami South Beach (comes back to that in a later post - frogs from yesterdays post a. o.).

The Nordics doing business in Miami do have a very strong network. They take care of each other in a fabulous way. I am very confident with that fact, considering my daughter is single, Blonde and 30. I did observed it was more than one man looking at her. You know a mans gaze....
Tall and blonde.... and charming....

Well, we took a Cab from the restaurant in Miami Beach in the direction of Miami. Over the bridges and to the left. Went up with the lift, next to the top.

And here we were. Me 62 - the others average age 30.
I askedmyself:
Papa, what are you doing?
No problemas. Pas de tout. Kein Problem. Intet problem.
A Warm Welcome I will never forget.

I brought my White Wine (from Ingelin's 30 B D party) and Ingelin a bottle of Red Wine. And a case of VOSS Water. What else? Here is from the Kitchen

After saying hello to about 20 people (do I remember all their names?) - we went out to a large veranda. With a spectacular view. I was amazed. What a view in the Miami evening. And everybody: Dancing. What a Wellcome.

Had to take some snap shots. My Camera is not the best for night photographing - Hope you at least will have a clue... Did they leave my Camera? Oh no- Sit down a be a Star. *giggles* - Papa and Ingelin.
- Tor, sit down here
- No, here
- No, here
So, you are Ingelin's father, so nice to meet you...
(I will not reveal all the compliments - hehe)

I talked with everybody as we should be the same age. I took the picture while they were talking. They discussed what Music to Play. I'm sure they had a challenge because of my age. LOL.

Besides dancing - international - We spoked Scandinavian. Mostly. So the 4 guys from UK had a moment of beeing neglected. Poor guys - some minutes without understanding a single word of our conversations.

We talked. Even when dancing. What we talked about? Hehe - even here on my blog something will remain a Secret.

We danced. Me too. With the "youngsters" hahaha - what fun. Thanks to my dancing partners - you made the evening unforgetable-
And danced - me too.

A dance in which we had to do something. Like "Fishing" - "Bowling" - picking Blueberries - "Dishing" old fashioned - "Stepping" etc etc.

This was fun. Really fun. Do we have a small one before going to the Night Club?

Dancing and dancing - and pls take a photo - charming Swedes

Then we went to a private (very exclusive) Night Club in SOBE (SOuth BEach - Miami Beach).

Ingelin with a Baloon - Night Club Equipment - me not know. Me not understand. Baloon- LOL

Jonna - Joke, Joy or happiness? Or papa? *giggles* Thanks for beeing invited.
Jonna: Hope (I know) you can carry out your intentions when having a break from your studies.
Papa, just before leaving. Not that bad looking when his mind "clock" was 7 am.

5 Taxis. Ingelin fixed everybody inside. After some time. She first had to follow her Papa to her place at 1:15 am. (For me it was European time 7:15). Luckely it was only 3-4 minutes walking. And then she fixed the 2 last one inside.

My "little" girl seems to handle the most. Even at SOBE's most exclusive Night Club.
This photo is, well, a bit handled - taken when I said: Papa need to go to bed. That old creature- - Ingelin followed me to my bed, said gGodnight and
-- Papa , thanks for a wondeful day
hmmm - who is to thanks but Ingelin?
I'm a lucky Father.
Papa is proud. And had an extrodinary evening with the young Scandinavians in Miami area. They are doing great - works very seriously 24/7 - have created an important network to take care of each other - but not to forget: Respecting America and the people of Florida.

They (The Scandivians) are really hard working, very clever, handsome and someone you can Trust. I learned that this Friday evening in Miami and at SOBE.
Please join the best travel information in the Cyber World - No disturbing adveritizing - only from mouth to mouth. CLICK HERE - Real people telling you the real story

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