Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stompa - where are you?

 We have not seen nor heard from him since last Thursday Afternoon. We have all been looking and called for him. He have never been outside here before.

We know he recalls the sound of our Car. We know he knows our voices.
We have announced we miss him at our local communiy web-site, on Facebook and on Dyrenett.no (Animalnet). 
So far in vain.
Stompa, where are you? We all miss you so much. Family Friend for 10 Years.
Cats on Tuesdays here.
I think I just post and call for him again, so please excuse me for not commenting as I should.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sweets and Cakes 
It seems many people around do think this is one of my own addictions. It's not. I prefere Fruits

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stompa is missing

Yesterday afternoon our two Cats and Stompa was on the Veranda.
The Veranda is about 3 meters ( 9 feet) above the ground.
When we called for the Cats, Rosa and Felicia ran in.
But Stompa did not come. He had vanished from the Veranda. No sign nor sound of him.
We of course went out searching for him, as he has never been outside our Winterhome. But in vain.
We went out early this morning (We had frost last Night) as well and callled for him. In vain.
I stayed at home as long as I could, before entering the office. Called for him around 11 am. In vain.

Then we came home in the early afternoon and inspected large parts of our Neigbourhood. There is Forests and Gardens - and only one Road. The rest is for Pedstrians only. We search and called for him. In vain

We have been Catsitters for Stompa since April 14, since Sölvi was supposed to visit Ingelin in Düsseldorf - but due to the Volcanic Ashes, her flight was canselled. But she hoped to go another Day, so Stompa stayed with us and his two Cousins. Stompa is 10 years old and castrated. He has before also been away for some Days, so we hope the very best.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010

Maundy Thursday we planned to go from Essen and visit Cologne. But, we were forced to change our plan, due to a severe accident on the Autobahn – A3 – which is the most circulated in Germany.

Insted we went here:
Kulturhovedstad 2010
Or more exactly here:
Zollverein - The nwe Ruhr Musuem
To the Zollverein colliery and coking Plant World Heritage Site close to Essen in Germany.
The Ruhr Museum opened on the 10th of January 2010, the official start of the programme of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010. 
Zollverein - Model
This is a model of the whole site. CLICK TO ENLARGE.Zollverein - from outside
Here you see it as is –it is hugeZollverein - Shaft XII and model
What’s here, we thought ---
 Zollverein - from outside
Well, we went closer---
Zollverein - Zeynep and Anna
OK –we found the Entrance – An escalotor that brougth us up “Sky High” up. Zeynep and Anna borh were in a very positvive and eager mind to what to find inside.
Zollverein - Sound sculpturs
Well, here you see Anna, She is standing upon a white spot.
The other visitor on another.  Why?
SOUND SCUPLTURES – Yeah. Anna listened to the Birds while the other Woman listened to Waterfalls.Zollverein - Exhibition
After all, we were here. See the constructions?Zollverien - as is
OK, I think You have a better idea when seeing this above.Zollverein 1
Now, here in this Museum you will find art, culture and history – even 300 millions years back. What you see above is simply a  a symbol af melting Iron down the Stairways.Zollverein - view from top
We went to the highest point of the Museum. Easter Look.Zollverein - old Railway Tracks
Just some facts:
See the old Railway Tracks?
I short: When Coal and minerals were discovered in the “Ruhr” inland area, they did have a great challenge:
How to transport to the markeds? Railways were build. But before thet:
Zollverein - waterlift
By Boats and constructing Channels and Locks, like you see a model over here.  A very special construction, no longer in use.But the Waterways and Channels was in fact a very important success factor for the success of the “Ruhr Gebiet” in Germany and in Europe as a whole.

Zollverien - Steamship model
Here you see a model of one of the first “Speed Boats”. One that could go up and down the river Rhein.  On the Channels, Horses were the main power to drive the boats, but on the great rivers upstream, some newer technologies were needed.

My friends, this was just a very short introduction to RUHR.20010. You might read more here and find out more about the Industrial Revolution.

PS. This is the first time ever, I do post from an application where I can write and post photos from my own computer without beeing on-line. I have noe ideas how this will end up, but I X my fingers when I hit the “Publish” symbol.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Anna went shopping and Papa took some Photos

Dear blogger Friends,
one week without Internet Connection: Could you bear such a burden?
Papa went allmost crazy.

OK, as you might know, we did visit Ingelin and her Family in Düsseldorf and Essen, Germany, during this Easter. Here you see Anna and Metin Leander, 5 months young.

Shopping was on the To-Do-List.
No Camera allowed during the Shopping. But afterwards Anna went on the local Catwalk. LOL.
Here you se her- See the Price Tag?
Here as well - What do you think?
Anna wanted a Mirror. Guess who were the Mirror. haha. They have so much fun. Anna and Ingelin.

Then it was Time for Dinner. After all, we went along for 5 hours. On our own feets. This was the appetizer.

And now, some photos from the Main Dish preparation:
 Look, they are really consentrated to present and serve a perfect Dinner
Calf Fillets
Ingelin and Kaya enjoyed to prepare dinner for Papa and Anna

Here you see 3 of us having a happy and very well professional prepared Meal
Much more to come, so stay tuned...

By the way, it's about time to make your most interisting travel booking ever:
The Oslo Blog Gathering takes place mid August 2010. All true bloggers will arrive.
More here

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