Monday, June 29, 2009

Papa has a new weekend with 3 women plus 3 Cats

In the Heath of the Norwegian high summer, papa had once again 3 women around.
What is the old man up to? Hmmm. You can see for your self.

You are hereby invited to a Weekend in Summer Norway. Hope you enjoy, and once and for all got rid of the idea of Polar Bear in the Streets. Do you hear me?

Here you see them, Anna, Sölvi and Ingelin. Do they allways eat?

As you might know, Ingelin are expecting her first baby in mid October. Can you see it?
And she is also finalizing her Master Degree.. (Still eating, you see - at least one- hmmm)

We had a Cremant de Bourgogne Rose. As a Welcome. Ingeling had Water.

Stompa is back in his Summer paradise. When he arrived he acted like he has allways lived here. We can understand. After all, in the past Summers he has had his Vacations here for 4-6 weeks.

It was a Hot Weekend. Regarding temperature!
32 C (90 F) in Norway is not very usual.

You can see how the heath (What else. LOL) impact on Papas mind. Some mistakes here. But it ended well.

Then it's nice we have only walking distance to the Fiord. Lot's of Boats and Water activities.

Anna and even Sölvi - her head is above Sea level out there. LOL.

Anna - after Swimming. Cold? Well Vikings our age can swim when 20C + (It's 22 C now). That's around 70 F plus/minus.

Boats - and Hills - Looks exotic?

Ducks at the Creek's meeting with the Ocean fjord.

Looking East from the Beach, Dröbak in the background.

Beachfront Houses - Typical Southern Norway

Beach and a narrow sound - We live up in the Hills to the left.

Papa with a well deserved Ice Cream (Lemon and Rasberry Sorbets).
After all he had to go shopping while the Women were relaxing at the Beach;-))

And a wonderful fresh Salad for Dinner.
Papa must admit, there were some Sparkling Wine as well. Cremant de Luxembourg.

The Flowers also did have a wonderful weekend.

Monday Papa left for job and fixing the car before 8 am. Sölvi left with the bus
around 9 am. Anna slept until - haha- not to be revealed. She's on Vacation.

Papa is still busy.
Bloggerfriends are coming Tuesday.
A Clue: Tennessee and Norway West.

PS. I hope you have enjoyed the way of living in Norway during a Summer Weekend.

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Friday, June 26, 2009


New ABC week. And Q is the challenge.

Same object in both English and Norwegian beginning with the letter Q


Yes, it was very difficult.

There are only 3 words in a Norwegian Dictionary that begins with the letter Q.

(Ok, in professions there are more. Among others in Movie and TV productions: To give a Que - a signal to begin or stop something)

Besides only two of them, in the Dictionary) have equal meanings in both Languages.

Since I do not have a proper photo of me dancing Quickstep - Quickstep, I have to choose the last one.

A word and a name that allmost all Norwegians really regrets has it's origin from Peaceful Norway:


First about the Letter Q:
“Q” is the letter of the alphabet that represents innovation.
New ideas is this letter’s forte. Always looking for a new, more efficient way to apply themselves is their goal in life.
Eloquent in their ideas.... Read more

Origin of Q is according to Wikipedia

Ok, I will show you some photos from Vidkun Quislings residence. (I was born not far away ) and I'll tell you something more (Quisling was executed in 1945) . So fasten your seatbelts. He name it Gimle. (no)

When I was young, just after World War II, the Traitor's or Quisling's (ggrrrrr - his name has become a synonymous for a Traitor) residence was used as a home for elderly people that needed healt care. Every May 17, Norways National Day, the local school parade stopped in the back yard and played (The School Brass Band) and all we kids shoutet Hurra-hurra-hurra (Hurray).

What a change - from the Traitors home to a good Home for elderly people that needed care and daily treatmeant. (I'm really sorry that I'm not able to present a Photo - Black and White) from that time - I do have, but not here in the Summerhome)

We boys, did discover a "secret" Cellar, and our Fantasies were scary: What's inside? Nazies still living? Killed people? Bombs and Granates? I remember we could have Nightmares only thinking about it.

What happend afterwards?
It was transformed to The Norwegian National Education Center for the Midwifes.

(Let me be honest - many of the local young men were very interested regarding the Students - LOL)
What's more amazing: Today it's ... Les mer

Read more

You, my dear reader do know I'll allways give you a happy end. What is this Residency to day?

The Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities
I think it's a marvelous change in use of a magnificiant Building.

You will without doubt find more here at ABC – in Words and Photos – ABC i ord og bilder.

The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt from Yorkshire in England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norway

Click on this Link - lenke to see more fascinating ABC-O

PS. I do suspect the Letter Q will be a Challenge most difficult for most Norwegian ABC participants. But I say:It's OK with a Q-Milk -haha.

Next week, the challenge will be the opposite: R. When talking about ABC-R. Easy, but the other challenge is:
Vacation. But let's stayed tuned.

PS. It's still 25 C here in the Summer House at 60 degrees North. At 9:22 PM.

Look at my previous post to see if it's dark or light outside.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - 2009-06-24 Around Midnight

Here my dear readers, are some photos taken on June 24 - 2009.
Around Midnight from our Summer Home, just South of Oslo in Norway.
If you think it's still light, well, you live closer to equator than we do.
Simple as that.
Yes, this is the view from our Summer House Around Midnight. That's why we are Wordless.
A little bit earlier - after 11 pm - if you do not believe in these wonderful light summer evenings, it's about time to rethink what you habe thought about Norway

Photos Taken between 10 and 11:15 pm on June 24 - 2009
Anna is down as you se, and I'm on the top of the Roof - around Midnight. No Flash used.

If you comment,
these Roses are for You.

More wordless choices here

PS. Papa is working and working these Days - but all my dear readers are in my heart and mind;D

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Papa goes to a concert with 3 women and received an Award

Dr Music - Martin himself

Life is beautiful - simple as that. If you were not alive, how could you read these lines?

Another Weeekend has passed.
Anna is now in Summer Vacation. I have tons of work to do, still.

Here is our "Dinner" last Friday. Very simple, so to say.

Saturday we went to downtown Oslo for a Concert. To the benefit of a Yacht Club.
Happens to be in the Area where Anna does teach at the local School.
Papa with 3 women. And Wine.

Some Photos from the different Orchestras at stage this evening:

Opening Band - 13.

Why are people outside during the Night? They need Nicotine, forbidden to smoke indoor.

Action - Martin Kaspersen

Lost Luggage - Ingvild Hammer is Vocalist

Still Lost Luggage? OK - then come and listen;D.

Finale - what a great Evening.

We left around 2:30 AM - Papa say no more;-))

And Papa received and Award from Click click Lappedamen
Can you believe that? Here it is:

The Challenge is to nominate only 5 blogger Friends.
Hmmm - I have to think twice and again - International or Locals?
OK - I'll do a mix.
Norway: Petunia
Sweden: Lifecruiser
Denmark: Rimkogeren
Spain: maremag
Singapor: So Shiok

May you have a wonderful week to come;-))

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photo Hunt - Creamy

This all over Body Cream is very CREAMY

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

ABC #16 - P

New ABC week. And P is the challenge.

Same object in both English and Norwegian beginning with the letter P.

Difficult ? There are simple lingivistic reasons for English and Norwegian similiraties. Just continue reading- If you don't have time, just bookmark/Favourite?

First about the Letter P
“P” represents the rhythms of life. This includes knowledge, which gives this person a keen insight.

Bright and clever, these people find a way to get what they want in this world. Not only are they shrewd but they have the intelligence to back up whatever
read more

Origin of P is according to Wikipedia

The ABC-P challenge: Yes, it was very difficult.

Not the way you might think.

The challenge was how to limit the number of similarities.

Don't go wild, take it as a "lesson" ;-)) Or Summer School;)

Lot's of Photos this week will compensate for next weeks ABC-Q. OK?

(A very sad story)

If you think about Paris, Penis, Podagra, Pisa, Patriot, Portugal, Parasites, Perfume, Party, Pentagon, Politician , Prune, Prolog, Program etc etc... think otherwise. Translate here

See my Point – poeng - 12? This is a Pair - par. In many countries also accepted in real life, not only in Card-playing. I could of course presented a King and Queen as a Pair - par. Apparently something is missing in our deck of Cards. LOL. Maybe Permantly - permanent.

(Summer Lesson #1:

Many English words derives from Latin, like this one above. Others have the orgin from Germanic. That's one of the reasons there are so many common words and expressions)

Here we go with something that did have an immense importance for Norwegians in the 1700 h

.undreds (18th Century)

Potatoes – poteter - patatas. I think most of my readers do know potatoes or patatas origins from the Andes in South America. Some hundred years ago the Norwegian population at most survived due to the Potatoes. Every Sunday, the Priests talked about the value of the Potatoe.

They were called Potatoe Priest - Potet prest

In Norway to day, there are more than 20 different types to be bought. For different uses and meals. Those above are well down in the soil in our Summer Garden.

Also important is Rosa’s (one our Cats) favourite dry-food from Purina..
I cannot beleive how that big company can present such confusional web-sites. When searching for Cat food, they present a photo of a Dog.

Hm, many people are dependent of Pills - piller and fell asleep with their head on a Pillow - pute.

Sometimes calculations can be of value.

I do some research my self and then is Percent – prosent of importance. Who said what in a Quest. Understand?

Please now be prepared for some trips far away from Norway.

Talking about myself, I’m a Papa – pappa - Here with daughter in Key West, Florida.

We have been to Parati – Paraty in Brasil. The old town, at the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The village is build in Portuguese - Portugisisk colonial style. (Photo scanned from Slide)

Here you see the Pier - pir in Puerto Montt in Chile. We were there in 1994. (Photo scanned from Slide)
This is the main
Fishing Town in Chile. Situated about 1000 km (630 miles) south of Santiago.

Go down from Santiago by bus. You will not believe the Comfort and Service. Then rent a Car and

discover an amazing country on your way back to santiago. And do not forget to respect the indigenous: Mapuches. They have never been conquered by the White Man.

And we did visit a Volcano in Northern Chile, on the border between Chile and Bolivia – Parinacota. 6348 masl or 20,827 feet – I must say: If you have the chance, go up there. You’ll never forget. At least to Lago Chungara. You will see Birds and Animals that only lives here.

Well, lets go back to Norway:

Something unexpected: Palms – palmer - Real or fake? You must visit.
Or read Mrs Lifecruiser post about the visit

As we do not have a bidet we use Paper – papir;-))
When time, you can read "History of Paper"

As last week, I’ll end up with something pleasant:

The Post Office - Postkontor of Santa Clause in Dröbak, Norway. Open Year around.

(If you send me your post address to my private e-mail address, you can expect a X-Mas card)

PS. Are you aware how many meanings "post" do have? If not, read more - Interesting. Also when thinking English - Norwegian.

Lots of pictures posted this week as well. There could have been many, many more.

You will without doubt find more here at ABC – in Words and Photos – ABC i ord og bilder.

The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt from Yorkshire in England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norway

Click on this Link - lenke to see more fascinating ABC-O

I wish my Norwegian readers that this weekend will leave for Summer vacation the very best.

Have a great and well deserved time.

PS. It might be of interest where you are going this Summer.

We plan to go, by Car, to Southern France. An International Blogger Meeting. Hurray.

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