Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family Late Lunch Dec 30 - 2009

To Day Anna and Papa had invited the kids, still in Oslo, (Norway) for a late Lunch ( 2.30 to 6 pm), and their kids and their Mother and respectives.
The kind of Lunch you will find only in high class hotels in Norway was the menu. More than 30 different kinds
of food to choose among, including of course Cheeze and Cakes and Desserts. Fish and Meat and Salads. And all what you want of spices and "creams" and sauces. Soft Drinks,
Champagne, Portwine, Water, Mariestad Beer, Vinho Verde, Coffee etc, but no Liqueur this time of Day.
Papa was very occupied and so excited he allmost forget to take photos.

But here is some of the Family's little Prince: Metin Leander:

Metin Leander sang a song for us

Her he his studing what's happing around the Family Table
Besides having a good gastronomic time around the Kitchen Table - yes we had our meals in our Kitchen. Why?

No more food, no more Ice, some cakes left and some Hip-Sauce left. Even the Port was empty. 

All the present Cats, you know. Mutual respect. The Cats, all but the 3 youngest did hide. Sebastian did stay with the 3 youngest Kittens for more than 30 minutes in total silence and respect. Played and stroke them and Papa did not even interrupt to take a Photo. It was so great to see him caring that much for the 4 weeks young kittens.

In our Familly, we had of course our Plays, Quests about which X-Mas song etc the line read was from.
Premiums was roasted and candiced almonds  in selfmade Cornets (Anna). For the first that anwered correctly. Ingelin Won. With the most right and quickest correct answers. Papa lost.  Hmmm?
And Sebastian did hide some pieces of papers which we had to find in our living room - one by one. He sat in the room and said cold when we were far away and warm when we were close.
Papa did find 3.
Ingelin and Maria was the winners. With 4 findings and a great premium.
Which of course will stay as a Family Secret.

Dear readers of my humble blog, It's been a great pleasure to receive so many corraging comments during 2009.
I hope I'll have more time in 2010 to be a as good as you are
to comment and post.

And for those of you who have the opportunity to a lifetime blogger meeting i Oslo:
Trust me, I'll do whatever to make you feel welcomed and at Home in this wonderful City - The Blue and Green City and Capital of the Vikings.

More to come in 2010


Kittens and Hurricanes

My regular readers do know we are Cat sitters for two of Felicia's kittens born on July 17 this year.

Mieooow , we are Sister and brother. Visting our mom and aunty during the two-legs season.
See how sweet and inocent we are?

Sister, listen: We need to have some fun. Right?

Hi, brother, jump up and let's play on this large, green plain.

We will have Family Gathering tomorrow, but wit the Hurricane Twins, we need to plan otherwise. Serve the Meal in the Kitchen and devide our appartement  in order to let the "Hurricane" siblings have their freedom. They are after all young Cats. 

And there is more to think about, not only regarding humans, but also Cats

And you might also remember Felicia got new Kittens on Dec1?
Here you see the only Black and White, while to two twins are playing in the background.
You also observe the litter Box to the right? Oh, yeah, they know where it is and how to use it.

They are very beautiful and very Manx and their body shape and mind.

First evening in a Human Bed. What does it smell. Food around? Let's find out.

Hmm, who is the real Manx here? Except for the Tailless, they all have a Manx's body shape.

And Rosa is observing her Sister kittens. She behaves very well, and even play the the Hurricane Twins.

More Cats here.

Do not forget 2010's most important blogger event.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

X-Mas Greetings from Oslo - Norway

On December 25 it startet to Snow here in the Oslo (Norway) region. More than we expected.

Around Midnight we've had about 52 cm (17 inches) of Snow. As you can see here on our Balconny.

Have a great time and enjoy the rest of 2009.

See you in Oslo 2010? OBG.
PS. Do not bring your Skies or Winter Clothes. There will be now Snow in August. Bring your Swim Suites and curiousity to visit the Viking Capital. Once in a Life Time Chance.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

90 years and 13 Days - That was the age-span this X-Mas

Here you see my Mother and my Grandson. It is 90 years and 13 Days between their Days of Birth.

Here is what my other grandson made as X-Mas decoration. He is creative.

The youngest Santa ever. Yes, he is a real Santa. half Turkish and half Norwegian. He was 2 months on Christmas Day.

Here Metin Leander and his Mother in National Norwegian Costumes (Bunad)

From the Table - reflections in Glasses.

Have a great time.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas with Peace on Earth


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kittens on Tuesday

My regular readers may have observed we have been busy the past weeks and not very active as bloggers.

Below you will see one of the reasons.
Before the photos:
Felicia had new kittens on December 1. 
Three have survived. Here you see them the first Day they walked. 19 Days old.

Besides, we are Cat sitters for Felicia's twins, both born July 17, this year..
They will return to their new human parents firts week next year.
They are both great and very healthy Cats and loves humans (after a while).

She is the Female, named "Kviten" - "the White" due to her nose. She really adores us. But her Mother are not that satisfied. Predators life.

More Cats here at Gattina.

PS. Sorry, I'm for the time beeing not able to comment as I normally do. 
But will be back asap. This post is just for giving you an update from our daily life with seven Cats.
Just before X-Mas
But that's another story.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Papa is very concerned - global warming

Dear readers,
in the past two weeks I've followed the Copenhagen 2009 conference. About what matters for this small planets future. Global warming.
That's the main reason I've been a bad commentor and poster in December this year.

(Hm, at this time of writing, we have temperatures here in Europe well below average. In fact belowe freezing point in most parts od Europe - so many people ask: Who talks about Global Warming?)

23:44 PM
When now, listetning to and what's going on, I'm even more concerned for the future of our planet.

1)  Nobody talked about supporting people with fresh Water.
Does this matter regarding CO2 and Metan gaz?
Yes, it's about lifes to live, no matter if it's plants or liveing creatures of all kinds, including Homo Sapiens.
2) Reforestation. Industrial countries did start deforest centuturies ago.
We have learned that Forests not only conserve Co2, but keep humitidy to the ground and expand the forest and also prevent deserts to expand. President of Brazil talked about that.
(But they have a long way to go)
3) CO2 - it's easy to tax - which many Governments so want to do -in fact they say they need those money. But our plants needs CO2. In other words: Find the Balance.
IN Copenhagen 2009 nobody said nothing about that fact?

These are some of the reasons Papa is concerned

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Dinner - Norwegian Season tradition

my dear bloggerfriends and readers.
Saturday we had once again a  Family Dinner.
This weeks ABC-L is here

Metin Leander was of course in our  focus - Seven weeks allready.

Here he is with his Mother.  Wow - he is big. Needs cloths for a normal 3 months old child.

What was special for Dinner this evening?

Kaya was served Lutefisk for the first time ever.

Did he like this very special Norwegian season dish? He smiles and seems happy.

What to drink when served Lutefisk? You see, very well dressed.

A special Akevitt dedicated and blended for lutefisk. Together with a small glass of beer.

Of course you can have Water as well. 
Or even red or white wine. But check out how the wines can accompany Lutefisk.

Dessert as allways: Berries from our Summer Garden and real vanilla ice cream


Have a great week to come.
Do we meet next year? OBG. Mark the dates for a once in a lifetime experience.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Kitten tragedies

My regular readers my remember Felicia gave birth to 6 kittens on December 1 - 2009?

Well we are so happy as we was at that day.

However, this is not a happy post about Cats. So be warned. Photos taken with my iPhone in order not to be to detailed.

One of the Kittens died last Saturday. Gene failure.

On Sunday we discoverd another two of the Kittens were born with serious defects. One of their back legs was only half size. This is the curse of the Manx-gene.

To Day I went to the Vet. It was only two solutions: Amputate the misformed legs from knee and down or give them a sleep-in injection. After a relative short pro et contra discussion we decided to end their life one week old. They would never could have lived a good life as Cats. Not even as indoor Cats.

 Here you see the Vet with the tiny black kitten. Missed half her right back leg.

It was, however very heartbreaking to hold them in my hands while the Vet gave them the injections.

Except for their handicaped legs they were very healthy and large, even their eyes were open, kittens to be only one week old.

The Vet told me she has never seen so large kittens and with open eyes so young before.

While they passed away, the Vet opened Internet to read about the Manx breed.

Then checked the kittens. They needed a double injection. So they were strong. In their too short life.

Rest in Peace our dear little ones. They will be cremated. 

More Cats on Tuesday here. Hope there will be many lucky stories

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Photo Hunt - Curved

Front part of at Real Viking Ship.

Where can you see this Viking Ship? Click here

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stompa is back Home and Baby Vagabond's name revealed

Dear readers,
family and friends,

Last Saturday we had visitors.
Ingelin, Kaya, Baby Vagabond and Sölvi.

And Stompa was still in our Winter Home.
You are wellcomed to be a virtual visitor.

They came to bring Stompa, the Manx Cat, back home. Here in his favourite Chair.
10 years old he is.
He has stayed with us since early July. Both in our Summer House and in our Winterhome.
He felt more and more very well at Home with us and Felicia and Rosa.

Stompa was a very frequent vistor in our bed. And in the early mornings, mieoow, do you know what time it is? Hungry - U know.
He even told us when he wanted us to go to bed.

As usual, when we have visitors, we have to sit around the Family Heritage Table to join good food and beverages.

Baby Vagabond with typical Norwegian Tuque. Have you ever seen a cuter santa to be...

or? Santa is, as you might know from Turkey. Just read here.

Here is Baby Vagabond and Anna

Baby with boring Grandpa - Metin Leander preferred to sleep.
Yes, that's his name.
It means:
Metin is Turkish and means STRONG.
Leander is Greek and means: LION OF A MAN

What do you mean, when understanding the meaning of baby vagabonds name. Still strange and unusual, or did it help when explained the meaning_

Have a great week end to come.
I'm in Mariestad, Sweden. In RennyBA and DianeCA's leisure home.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Felicia got kittens again

Felica got 4 kittens on July 17 - 2009. After that she has stayed inside ever since, but for a few Days end of September. That was all she needed to get pregnant again even though she gave her kittens milk at that time. And before we could neuter her. If we did while she gave Milk, then she would loose that ability; which had meant a lot's of milking work for us - and when we were both at work during the days..... Nature ruled.

Last evening we realized something would going to happen. Felicia had only a very small portion of her regular dinner, Pollock. No more room for food.

At 11.55 pm it started. And at Midnight they start to come out, the new breed.

Here is # 1 and #2 while #3 is coming out.

This is #2

When we just fell asleep, 4 new kittens were born on the Floor just beside our Bed.

When we wake up this morning, it was 6. Two with Tails, one with a half Tail and 3 like most Manx: Stumpies.

And when I returned Home from work, there were no Cats in our Bedroom.
Hm, where could they be?

I followed the sound. Oh, yeah, they mieows all the time; the Kittens. Behind this chair.

So now they are here, behind a chair. Where will they be next time? Follow the Sound.

The Kittens will be around 4 weeks at Christmas, and Kittens are Kittens: No X-Mas Tree this year. To tempting for a bunch of kitties.

More funny Cats here at Gattinas

And we will meet in Oslo next August, right?
The Oslo Blog Gathering 2010
National Geographic has rated the Best Places to visit. Read More.

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