Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Feb 28 - 2007

Flickr comment: "This photo has taken my breath away!" My comment: sshh

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Cats on Tuesday Feb 27-07


How smart is your Cat?

Found this “test” in a ten year old cat-mag. Don’t laugh too loudly. Follow the instructions as described. The cat keeps an eye on you. This is serious science. Just look at Felicia what’s she’s up to. This test is for kittens, she proclaimed, and adds: The owner of my favourite armpits is NOT responsible for the rest of this post.

Start test
Important notice. Each test can be repeated up to five times, in order to obtain a reaction

1) Stroke or touch the cat gently on the nose and around the mouth with one finger

Does it close eyes? – 1 point
Does it shake the head? – 1 point
Does it lick around the mouth? - 2 points
Neither of this – 0 point (valid for all questions after)

2) Touch the cat gently on its back with one finger

What does the cat do:
Shake his head – 1 p
Raise its fur – 1 p
Licks where touched – 2 p

3) Touch gently the hair inside one of the ears with one finger

Shake its head – 1 p
Move the ear – 1 p
Rub the ear – 2 p

4) Ring a bell behind the cat

Moves the ears – 1 point
Moves the head – 1 point
Turns around – 2 points

5) Place a shoestring on its back (but do not let the string touch the ground)

Does it raise the fur – 1 point
Does it fall asleep – 10 points (This one is mine, sorry Felicia)
Start to remove the string – 2 points

6) Draw a string in front of your cat, from right to left

Does it follow the string with the eyes – 1 point
Does it touch the string with the nose – 1 point
Does it catch the string – 2 points
No shoestrings here

7) Place a feather about 8 cm or 2 ½ inch in front of the cat

Does it touch the feather with a paw – 1 p
… with the nose – 1 p
Does it lift the feather with a paw and play with it from one paw to another – 2 p

8) Move a pencil gently on the floor towards the cat

Does it touch the pencil with the paw – 1 p
Does it touch the pencil two or more times – 2 p
Does it look straight into your left eye and shake its head – 43 points (me again)

9) Roll a ball towards your cat

Touch with one paw – 1 p
Touch with head – 11 p (Watched to many soccer-games. Me again)
Start playing with the ball – 2 p

Less than 11 points: You have a slow cat
Between 11-15 p: You have an average cat
More than 15 points: You have a smart cat

Don’t forget to feed your cat with something luxurious after these demanding tests.


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Sunday - Feb 25 - 2007

Anna goes shopping – with Papa in tow
What a disaster. How could this happen?
The shopping list was as usual on the kitchen table. Shorter than usual. But everything looks so promising. Saturday. Papa's shopping delight.
Suddenly Anna stood in the Kitchen. Fully dressed. With her red sack.
- Where are you going? It’s Saturday, no school today, you know
- I’m going to the Shop
- You? To the Shop? Why?
- Need fresh air

I reacted promptly. Before Anna could tell to five, I was winter dressed as well. With Rucksack. I could not accept she go shopping with that short list. Nope.

Off we went, on the walkway (in our area it’s a whole system of walkways – very safe for children and others). Anna first, and I behind on the snowy way (hum, I ponder it should have been the other way round?). Up the tiny hill, crossing the top and down again over the Bridge, passing the local school. Some activity in the Gym. Turned left and passed some garages and houses. Then the backside of the small, local grocery store.
Well into the shop, Anna picked up the list, and started the shopping cart. Full speed to the bread, milk and butter, coffee filtre, fresh parsley and lettuce on root, fish bouillon and her Saturday Paper.
- That’s all for the Saturday shopping? I wondered
- Yes, we have all we need at home
But I sneaked discretely something extra into the cart. Saturday is MY shopping day. The result was two small rucksacks nearly filled up. No more than two shopping bags. And we went back home. What a shopping experience. Puh. The stuff was put away in seconds. Even the Cats wondered. No more? Must have been a bad hunting.

Then I went into the office. And Anna started preparing Dinner. What could that be? Bread, butter and Milk stuffed with lettuce and parsley? No attention from me.

Of course Anna, was right, when she claimed we had all we needed at home. Bought and brought home by me a week earlier. Avocado with red caviar. Fish filets, pine nuts, rice, lemon, vanilla sauce and raspberries, from our garden. And wine.

On Sunday several kids was outside my office riding down the hill with their sledes. Could hear they had fun. Then the phone belled and we were invited for Dinner. Norwegian Saumon + +. Home at 11:30 pm. Pill Sunday.

Have a great week


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good morning

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Soft on Saturday - Feb 23-2007

Soft Alarm here: Heat up in the Cold and Cool down in the Heat.

Snow is a Soft state of Water. Clouds and Fog (low clouds in fact) are softer. But in that condition you can't jump into it and feel the softness as you do when jumping into soft snow. With other words, Snow is expanded frozen Water. Like Airy Powder. But Snow can be packed as well. But normally Soft shaped.

Snow can reflect the most Soft meaningful valeurs of colours. And you can make white angels, snowlamps and drawings that can soften the hardest shadow and heart. During dark Winternights, what does make your mind soften up but the soft light from snow. And a Christmas Card with Pinebranches stacked of snow: Beauty, melancolique, harmony, tranquillity. Softens my heart. Turns me into the full pleasure of Nature. And put me into real Christmas Mood. A Time to give and forgive. Without to be softhearted, but softminded. And when the Sun rises higher and higher the Soft Snow changes its forma and shapes and predict new life: Spring.

Have you read the book? Do you need a Soft Loan? Do you like Fruit de Mers? What about Music? Afraid of falling? And last but not least, you could not view this without Computer Software. Free Open Source Software? New Pro based on Open Source Software?

A tribute to soft:
Soft Whispers, by Seashell

I long to feel the warmth of your skin,
Your hand, reaching for mine.
I get lost in the tenderness of your touch.
Your caress ignites my senses, and softly whispers,
"I love you."

I long to see the glow in your eyes,
Your stare, connecting with mine.
I get lost in the boundless depths of your soul.
Your gaze frees my spirit, and softly whispers,
"I love you."

I long to taste the sweetness of your kiss,
your lips, gently brushing mine.
I get lost in the intensity of your emotions.
Your passion captures my heart, and softly whispers,
"I love you."

Have a Soft Life (not naïv) . Start (s)now:))


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friday Fun 2-23-07

For Grandchildren

The Leopard

A Leopard escaped from the Zoo, and caused panic in the neighbourhood, of course.

A team of volunteers was established, and the last instructions were given by the local policeofficer to the hunters:

- If you caught an eye of the Leopard, shoot it at the spot.

Then one of the hunters asked:

- Which spot, sir?

A day in the Zoo

Overheard in the Zoo:

Little boy: Mama, that monkey looks like dad

Mama: Hush, you must not say that

Little boy: Why, will the monkey be furious?


Little Anna returned home from school. Her nose was very red.

Her mother looks anxious at her and asks:

- You haven’t been involved in a fight again?

- Well, not exactly, Anna replied, it was one of the boys in the class that bite my nose.

- What, that was rude. Do you think you can remember who it was, Mama asked.

- Yes, I sure do. I have his left ear in my pocket.


An advice for men:

If you have something which is rather imperative you hide for your wife, put it down in her purse. There, she will never find it.

An advice for women

- Last evening I went to an auction with my husband, Anna told her friend

- Really, replied Anna's friend, how much did you get for him?

OK, Time for bed kids


An Evening in Town

Charles one afternoon surprised his wife by asking if she would like to go in the Theatre with him.

She accepted and dressed accordingly.

Standing at the Ticket Office, the young lady there asked:

- You want two tickets for the usual seats?

Charles wife looked amazed at him and said:

- Do you go here often?

- Nonsense, replied Charles, she must take me for another.

After the performance, Charles proposed they should go to a restaurant. And so they did.

Well, seated, the waiter come in a hurry and said:

- A bottle of Champagne and two glasses, as usual?

Charles wife, of course, became more than suspicious. She was sure there were more than something in the wind.

- You have a mistress, Charles wife shouted out.

- Take it easy. Relax. Have you ever heard such a nonsense. It must be my doppelgänger.

Heading home in a Taxi, the hullabaloo continued. The wife loudly abused Charles constantly for cheating her, until the driver had enough, stopped the cab, turned around and proclaimed:

- If that lady does not stop shouting and arguing, I propose we do as usual, throw her out.


A young bragging man had just started his career in the company, called the help desk for assistance to create his first password. A young and well formed woman entered his cubicle and asked:

- Well, what password do you want to have?

The young hero thougth he would embarrass the girl, and said: Penis

Without to bat an eyelid she typed: p-e-n-i-s

On the screen the following was displayed:


Have a wonderful Weekend

All illustrations downloaded from Startsiden.no and copyright accordingly

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Wordless Wednesday - February 21 - 2007

The Kids were asked to draw their impression of Papa. One of them found an old Photo and did this. Wordless.

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Feb 20 - 2007

What is the difference betwen cat fur and cat hair? And what cat fur do humans have?

Some people do wonder and ask themself such a question. For the cats it's clear as water. There is no difference. Another thing is all the patterns a cats fur can have. Some cats have patterns and colours so visible you can see the cat from long distance and everywhere. Others have patterns and colours that sometimes make them invisible out in the nature. In their natural habitats. Some years ago, when we had Plysj, a Manx with Tail. Yes, they can be a real Manx, but not think about if you want a Champion. We don't have cats to be strictly after some measurements. We have Cats because we find Cats extrodinary animals, and they do us well.

Back to Plysj. I took some pictures of her and early spring. If you can see her, you may notice how well she merge into the nature. If you did not know it really was a cat there, you would not have seen her.

I picket up some information from this site:

About Manx:
Awn Hairs
There are several different definitions of awn hairs, depending on the breed of cat, but awn hairs usually form the basic coat. In some breeds, the (finer) awn hairs may be the same length as the guard hairs, while in other breeds, such as the Manx, the guard hairs are longer.

What cat fur do Humans have? You too =^.^=
  • Vellus
    Sparse, baby-fine hairs, such as those found on the Sphynx cat. (Humans also have vellus on all but a few body parts. Cats on Tuesday do not speculate in which bodyparts. Ask your doctor or hairdresser if in doubt)
  • Curly Hair vs Straight Hair
    As in humans, curly hair in cats has flattened shafts while straight hair has round shafts.

About Plysj:
She was our first cat. We had talked about it for years, but we did not live in a place, nor did we had trustworthy catsitters, to have cats before. When we in 1988 moved to a much larger appartement, the time was come. Anna took it in her own hands, and one day I came home from work, she was their with a collegue and her friend, a vet.
- Tor, you know what? We have a Cat. Shhh, come and have a look. It's a real Manx.
- A what, I said.
- A Manx
- I thought you said we've got a Cat
- Yes, a Manx Cat
The Vet said: But she got a tail, so it's not a champion...
- A Tail???
- To become, eventually a champ, it must be a Stumpy or Rumpy...

As a result, I became very curious, but it was not until the age of Internet, I got the answers:

The Manx is a very playful cat as a rule. They can jump higher than anyone could imagine, and it is not unusual to find them perching on the highest point in any room. They have extremely powerful hind quarters. It has been stated by one Manx owner that “Manx are the feline sport cars of the car world with their acceleration and quick turns.” Manx exhibit many dog-like characteristics such as retrieving and burying their toys. They will either be known as a “one person cat” or the “family cat.”
Since the Manx (or tailless) gene is dominant, kittens that inherit it can have a full tail, a short tail, a rise (known as a “rumpy riser”), or no tail (“stumpies”) at all. Breeders have found that it is possible to have all these tail lengths in one litter! Only the stumpy or the rumpy riser are eligible for competition in the championship category at CFA shows.

We had her for 6 years. Got killed by a Car. Before we knew, I searched for her in two months - from early October to early December. In the whole district around our Summerhouse. Before the Telephone. A man told me what had happend. I was in a business dinner. Felt some tears. People around me understood my feelings.

That's all folks. Do as the old Egyptian: Let the Cats rule.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Papa goes shopping and Nuts

Saturday February 17 - 2007 New Saturday – new shopping list. Written on an used envelope. We practise recycling and reuse in this household. At least when Anna does not have anything else within reach.

This Saturday I managed to keep the list together with the banking card. And she even gave me a 10 crown piece for the shopping cart (deposit in order to have people to return the carts to the cart-stands - works excellent. False coins are a very popular give-away's).

The list consisted of a.o. milk (specified), butter (my choice?), bread (my choice?), coffee (my choice?), vegs and fruits (my choice?), Skrei (Cod), cod-caviar, egg (My choice?), Newspaper(always the same), peanut- and rape-oil, crème fraîche, cream, cheese (my choice?), cat food (specified) and NUTS. Yes Nuts. Not at all specified.

Nuts, I thought, why not? And I went nuts.

Hazels, Pistachios, Brazil nuts, Pecan Nuts, Macadamia Nuts (don’t give them to dogs), Cashew Nuts and a large cup of self-mixed Nuts (yum, yum – candied almonds, yogurt-covered deli-nuts, sweet walnuts, fresh peanuts….).

Belowe: Saturday's catch on the Kitchen Table


Entre: Melon and Parma (ham) in very thin slices

Main: Cod slivers (heated, not cooked) with cooked potatoes (organic – they taste heavenly), parsley butter and cod-caviar (not present at audition - blah). The picture show the Cod before preparation.

Desert: Sliced Pineapples scattered with fresh chopped, red hot chilli-pepper and real vanilla ice cream. Ice-cream not present at audition - another Blah.

Sunday I went for a short walk in the neighbourhood. Pictures here. You can learn a lot of Norwegian Suburban Surroundings and 1980's architecture.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Photo Hunters Saturday February 17 - 2007

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Taj Mahal
in Agra, India is considered one of the modern worlds wonders. Most people know the Mausoleum from outside. Therefore I have choosed to present a decoration detail from the main entrence. It consist of several panels.
Each panel has been carved through with intricate piercework. The remaining surfaces have been inlaid with semiprecious stones in extremely delicate detail, forming twining vines, fruits and flowers. Here you see flowers. The stones were brought to Taj Mahal from several parts of the world.

Facts about Taj Mahal from Wikipedia:

The Tāj Mahal (Urdu: تاج محل‎, Hindi: ताज महल) is a mausoleum located in Agra, India. The Mughal Emperor Shāh Jahān commissioned it as a mausoleum for his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Construction began in 1632 and was completed in 1648. Some dispute surrounds the question of who designed the Taj; it is clear a team of designers and craftsmen were responsible for the design, with Ustad Isa considered the most likely candidate as the principal designer.[1]

The Taj Mahal (sometimes called "the Taj") is generally considered the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements of Persian and Indian. While the white domed marble mausoleum is the most familiar part of the monument, the Taj Mahal is actually an integrated complex of structures. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 when it was described as a "universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage".
More pictures from Taj Mahal and India

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday - february

For Young and not soo Young - Free to watch

For GrandchildrenThe Bankrobbers
Two Bankrobbers ran away from the crimespot followed by the Police. After a few minutes, the robbers arrived at an athletic sportsground. After 4 rounds, the Police arrived.
Then one of the Robbers burst out: We better hurry, the Police just arrived.
The second replied: Take it easy, we are 4 rounds ahead.The roadpainter
A man from in the middle of nowwhere, got the job as the roadpainter in his community.

The first day, he painted a 400 yeards white line. The second day he did 250 yeards. And the third day he was down to only 100 yeards.

His foreman was not satisfied with such a development, and asked why he slowed down on the tempo.

Well, said the fellow villager: It's obvious. It becomes longer and longer each time to go back and dip the brush in the paintbox.

The driver
A man was on his way to his cousin and was explained how easy it was to hit the road.
- just find the I-15 and drive to you see the house
But the driver did not hit I-15. Instead he went out on I-5 three times.

I recommend a Voyage to India in pictures - 1998

And now, it's time to go to bed for Grandchildren

Warm up's:
-Have you seen a flying saucer?
- Not since the Divorce!

Everybody can do a mistake, said the Hedgehog, and crept down from the hairbrusher.Doggycat?
Modern times
A farmer well over the hill, had for many years wanted a wife at his farm. One day, he got his broadband internet connection, and started to surf the net. Suddenly he got over a contact site, and pondered if that was something for him. After a couple of days, and a little help from a nearby youngster, he had created his advertisment and posted it with picture of himself and the farm.

Only hours later he hade several answers with pictures and dreams from several women.

He choosed one from the large city, and the following weekend she arrived his farm.

She is a bit plumb, he thought, but she's a woman.
They went well together, and soon they were married.

One month after the wedding, his wife said she had to go to the hospital to give birth to their child.
- Hm, said the husband, that is strange, here we are used to wait 9 months for babies.
- Oh, you know, said his wife, I'm from the big city, and everything goes much faster there.

Here are a song for Saturday Morning.

This one below was sent to me by a person (collegue) that knew I was without my regular terminalglasses for I while. Guess I was embarrassad when everybody looked at me when I had my eyes "within" the screen.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Food singer

A New Bird is BornOn our voyage to India, we learned about food and bird singing. It is different recipes for different birds. I tried some food for Northern Cardinal. What could be more likely for a Viking? Just click on the link, and you will hear the result of this special recipe and also my transition to a Cardinal. The recipe from the Tibetan Monks is of course a thousand year old secret. And I have promised not to reveal a single ingredient.
Have a wonderful TORsday
Please visit The Cyber Cruise Event to have more Fun

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thank you all

I have problems to thank you all for your comments. This is what happens with my comments to last weeks Photohunt (The deck of cards):

Thank you all for the comments to my deck of cards. Even those of you that does not play cards, got the point: The Red Heart among all the Black Spades. This entry to the theme Broken, might be unusual, but that's a world wide challenge: What makes you special?

For me, all of my readers are special to me. Thanks.

PS. This is my 8th time trying to comment on my own blog - that's why I haven not taken the chance of giving you the individual comments you all deserves.


This is number 9 - and Anonymous

Number 10: Other

Number 11: TorAa Blogger display name

Number 12: I post my Thank you comments on my blog.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wordless Wedensday Feb 14 - 2007

WORDLESS WEDENSDAYThe All American Technoparade

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Tuesday February 13 - 2007 - cats



We need no mama or mother-in-law to our cleaning and health controls. That is taken care of by Rosa and Felicia. Even my armpits, as my regular readers will recall. This week Rosa and Felicia will show my dear readers some examples of their honourable and important appointments as Chief Inspector Officers (CIO's - not to be mixed up with Chief Information Officers).

I'll think I start with the Garbage. They can't fool me, that's waiste of time. Only waiste waiste here.

I will start with checking the Pollock. Then I'll find out if the two-legs hunt quality. Yummy. OK

Have to inspect this one firmly. An el-cable or "playing dead" snake? Miuck - el-cable¤##*

Flowers might be very suspicious. Can be lot's of chemicals here. So take care. We women knows the difference. Mjaa. OK.

Food inspection. Are the Parsley true organic. Have to check like a winetaster. Accepted

Bear inspection performed by assistant apprentice, The Longtailed Stiffer

Is this clean enough for a Cat? Must dig a bit. Check around. Snif - snif - dig - check. Hi, clean up this one. Need new litter. Now.

What's this? Midnight surfing. Let me see if you use the Parent Filter. Just blogging? About what? Cats? OK, but don't tell them all our secrets. Mieaaw?

Night inspection: All calm, no disorder, no dogs, no vampyres - excuse me, a mouse.....

.... see you next week.


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