Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weekend Sept 25-26 in 2010

Autumn is here at 60 degrees North. Chilly it is. Outside.
Weekend Sept 25-26 Luggage 
We cleaned up our Summer House and brought back food and clothes, did a little shopping and picked up Sölvi for Dinner in our Oslo Home. Felicia inspecting. She checked everything, even more closely than Airport Security;-)

Dinner was excellent:
Weekend 25-26 sept Snaills 12 
French Burgundy Wineyard Snails, homemade Bread and Cremant de Bourgogne.
Weekend 25-26 sept Vaktel 1 
Weekend 25-26 sept Felicia og vaktel 
Even Felicia loves Quail
Weekend 25-26 sept Cheeze 2 Weekend 25-26 sept Cheeze served
Cheeze, local Norwegian, and all but the Jarlsberg from small producers.
Weekend 25-26 sept Present 1 Weekend 25-26 sept Present hairy
Weekend 25-26 sept Present two Weekend 25-26 sept Presents happy
And BD gifts from Sölvi to Anna
Weekend 25-26 sept Orkide1 
And orchids as well.
Weekend 25-26 sept Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream
Raspberries from our Summer House Garden and genuine Vanilla Ice Creme. 
Weekend 25-26 sept Coffee etc 
Coffee etc (OK, we had a taste of Calvados)

Then we had Quizz to the Early Morning. Crazy Norwegians. The Cats fell asleep long before us.
Weekend 25-26 sept Sunshine and Flowers 
Sunday afternoon, we relaxed in the Sunshine.
Very comfortable.

More to come…..

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

PhotoHunt 232: Natural. September 25, 2010

PH -Natural 
What’s more natural for mammals than to care for their babies, like Felicia cared for her kittens last year.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday – Sept – 22- 2010

wwedWho needs a Time Machine
Who needs a Time Machine here?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Birthday Dinner – Anna 62

Monday, September 20 – 2010,
it was only Anna and papa at the Dinner Table. Silent. Only the sound of the Candle Lights and our own breath.
King Crab and Champagne 
Until this was served- King Crab.
And the Champagne was opened and enjoyned. Moët et Chandon Imperial.
Anna and King Crab
Crick – crack  - see how informal this BD celeb was. Just sooo relaxing. Food and beverages: Luxurious.
Then Chicken Breast was served with green peas warmed in real butter. And some fresh Tomatoes. Simple as that.
Anna 62 - Red wine 
Red Wine for Anna. Sainte Estéphe – Medoc – France.
Anna 62 Chablis 
White Wine for Papa. Chablis 1er Cru.
Panna Cotta 
Dessert? Panna Cotta.

Well, this was the official part of the celebration. We enjoyed an Evening just for the two of us. (Ok, then, the Cats were  here as well and got their part of the meal).

More posts to come….

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

to Anna, my wife and best friend.
Anna X2 - Sept 20 
September 20, 2010 , X2 years young

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photo Hunt: School

photohunter7iq Skole_thumb[1] 
This is a School in NW Argentina – Quedabra del Toro Valley in the Salta Region. Most of the pupils have miles to walk to the School in high alltitudes. About 3000 meters above Sea level (9000 feet).

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun – Sept 17 - 2010

Friday Fun 1 
Can you please keep your mouth shut?
Friday Fun 2 
What? Are you still trying to tell me something?Friday Fun 3
mmm  - You wanna eat me?
Friday Fun end of day 


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – Sept. 15 - 2010

Iguazu 7 
Taken under the Iguazu Waterfalls. You better keep your mouth shut here.
Iguazu Anna y Ingelin 
I think the pictures tells more than words about this wild water trip.

More WW here

More posts from Iguazu Falls here 

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

PhotoHunt #230: Anniversary

photohunter7iq I’m back again here on fascinating PhotoHunt. In the past weeks I’ve been busy posting from the fantastic OsloBG (Oslo Blog Gathering). You should have been here;-) Just scroll down to the present posts to have some ideas of the event.
PH - Anniversary May 17
This week I present the celebration for the Anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, May 17th. Here from Oslo – Capital of Norway, founded 1000 years ago.
The parade in Oslo lasts for 2- 2/12 hours. It’s a Family day with lot’s of goodies and plays for the Kids.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Summer is over - some very good memories

The Summer of 2010 here in Norway is more or less over. Where we live, we have had a green winter, and August was the coldest and most Rainy in 28 years. Not one single day swimming. The Ocean was too cold or simply too many jellyfish the type that burns.
In spite of these facts, we have lot's of great memories, among them our trip to Istanbul and Southern Turkey  - in the Bodrum area.
Highlight #1 the OsloBG - The Oslo Blog Gathering in August - Here "behind the scenes"..
 We have collected some bottles from that exceptional event. As you might see (Click on the Photo), a very international collection of wines brought by Lifecruiser, Lazaza, RennyBA and DianeCA besides TorAa.
If you ponder: We did not drink all the bottles during one evening. LOL!
I must admit, it was hard to go back to work after our blog-friends went back to their respective homes around the globe. We had for some Days in a kind of Abstinence.
Missing the presence of the Global and friendly Blogger Community.
We will meet again;)
Anna and Papa will visit some secret places during this Autumn/Fall.
Our Cats are doing well.
And I suddenly realized I've been a blogger since late August 2006.
Since that I've met some wonderful people from around the World.
People we will meet again and people we have not yet met in person so far.
More to come....

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Friday, September 03, 2010

OsloBG – Day #1 - The Bloggers invade Oslo

Hi all blog friends and –lovers. Here are some photos from the first day of the wonderful Oslo Blog Gathering, organized by RennyBA with assistance from his charming wife DianeCa and Visit Oslo and First Millenium Hotel. Below is some photos taken during the Oslo Mini-sightseeing. Let the pictures talk for them selfes. Click to enlarge.

Vigeland Sculpture Park
111 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Vigeland Park overview
112 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Vigeland Park -Flowers
113 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Vigeland Park and bloggers
116 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Vigeland Park - Sculptures 
117 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Vigeland Park - Girls and monolite
118 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Vigeland Park - Fontaine

Holmenkollen Ski Jump – would you dare to jump out here with skies?
119 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Holmenkollen
120 - OsloBG - Mini Tour - Holmenkollen P and C 
Oslo will host The 2011 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
See you in Oslo 23 February - 6 March 2011

Reception in City Hall hosted by Mayor of Oslo: Fabian Stang
13 - OsloBG - the grand opening  - Walking towards Oslo City Hall
Must be properly dressed . . .
11 - OsloBG - the grand opening - Mayor and Swedes chatting
When chatting with the Mayor . . .
12 - OsloBG - the grand opening  - Oslo City Hall - Wall paintings
. . . in Oslo City Hall
OsloBG - the grand opening - Mayor of Oslo grets the Swedes Welcome
By the way: Anna and I was married in this room;)
14 - OsloBG - the grand opening - Anna and Diane etc - on way out
After the reception – happy bloggers

If you scroll down, you will experience the OsloBG event from day to day.
There will blog gatherings somewhere next year as well. Will you show up?  Recommended

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