Sunday, September 25, 2011

TIME Warner does sneaky Marketing

Hi my dear readers.
A week ago I received a copy of  Time Magazine- wrapped in plastic – in my snail mail letter box.
Bookshelf 1 
I  did put the TIME Magazine away - unopened – I have more interesting things to read. And news? Better sources do exists.
(Above part of one of our Book Shelfs)

TIME Warner Invoice 
Three days later I received an invoice. Name and Adress hidden by me – hope you understand my symbols…
One year subscription to TIME Magazine and free access to TIME Magazine on Internet. OMG – I have never accepted nor subscribed to TIME Magazine
TIME Oct 3 - 2011 
Yesterday, I received another copy, wrapped in plastic, datet October 3 – 2011. 
Here you see what I have received from TIME Magazine the last week, without asking for it. Waist of natural resources and Money.

After this, TIME is not a serious company.  I will not pay for something I have not ordered.

Conclusion: TIME OUT

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall report 2011 – Oslo Area, Norway

This year the Weather has been unusual here in the Oslo Area. It has been mild, not warm, and very rainy. In fact it has never been measured more Rain in Oslo since 1900, the first year rainfall was measured.  So what is it like? What have we done, except for working. Yes we still are, in the ages of 66 and 63. And love our work.
Fall 2011 - Clouds
Lot’s of Water in those Clouds – I can tell;-)
Fall 2011 - Summer House - Anna 
Anna at the Summer House platform – we left the Summer House earlier than normal. Due to the weather and the fact our Cats wanted to go Home
Fall 2011 - Kitchen Cats - Anna Writer 
See the Cats, they were very happy to be back in the Winter Home as Table Cats – Felicia in front and Rosa behind.
- I think Anna is writing a shopping list for papa;-)
- And the Cats checks out wether or not she remember to write Cat Food.
Fall 2011 - Summer House  - Blueberries
Some Blueberries in the Summer Garden. They were late this year
Fall 2011 - Pine 
The Pine as seen from our Veranda – one Sunny AfternoonFall 2011 - grass 
The Grass in Autumn Colours – in our large Flower Box. Our Cats adore we have as well  Grass here. Then our Flowers and Herbs stay untouched – more or less;-)Fall 2011 - Anna 3x21 years
On Sept 20, Anna was 3x21 years – and only 2 Days before she found her old Photos…. I might post some of them one Day.
Fall 2011 - Orchides
Orchides – a present from Solvi to Anna when 3x21
Fall 2011 - Anna dancing in the Hall 
Anna has joined a Yoga training – and looks and behave like a youngster
Fall 2011 - Lamb Stew 
Here you see Lamb Stew – one favourite Autumn meal in Norway. Papa “hunt” for the ingredients and Anna prepares.
Fall 2011 - Summerhouse 
To day we went to the Summer House to clean up a bit and pick up  home made Chutney etc and some Summer Clothes, which we need for our short Vacations to Provence (France) and Austin (Texas) in October and November. Photo taken from the Road. Can you see the Houses?
Much more to come… from here and there…..

PS, Have you seen my Sky Watch? Click here and enjoy

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park – part III

In my last post I took you on a tour around the open air sculpture park.
This post will bring you to a most amazing Sculpture created by Nina Akamu:
The American Horse, 1998 (Bronze).

Read the fascinating story behind this giant sculpture and who insired the artist here.

Belowe our first meeting with this giant Sculpture
A H 1 
First glimpse was from the “Train” that brought us around the park
A H 2 
This was our second glimpse. We thought we had to go back..
A H 3
We returned walking – it was really worth it
A H 4
Inspired by who? What do you think?
A  H 5
We were amazed - watch the details
A H 6
To give you an idea how large the Sculpture really is:
Can you see a human beeing here?
A H 7
Look at this. Majestic. Power. Art. Nature. All in one.

We have more from this wonderful park and gardens.

A well much more from our Summer Vacation.
Next post: California, Victoria, Michigan. Indiania, Minnesota, Washinton, Illinois, Norway or what?  Stay tuned;-)

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - II

Frederik Meijers Gardens
Dear friends and readers, let’s start our journey into the Sculpture Park.
We were adviced to take the “Park Train” driven by seniors who not only love but as well know art.
Very good guide we had.
All the Photos that follows are taken from the “train”.
The Parks is so large and with so many objects it is a great way to have an overview and then go back to the Sculptures you like the most.
S1 - Horse - wood 
Horse made from wreck wood found in a River
S3 Neuron Scuplture S2 - Neuron text
Neuron – made from stainless Steel – Click on the right photo to learn more
S4 - Just wood
Just Wood – but dancing – love this simple creativity and fantasy
S5 garden Tool
Wow, what is this? A secret Kitchen Garden. How great;-)
s6 - red and great 
Some people  on the “train” said this sculpture reminded them of a Kindergarden. What do you think?
s7 Spider in the woods 
See the Giant Spider? It’s safe it is fenced in;-)
s8 - Headless 
They are headless – we have learned they put their heads down in the Sand when frightened – but here in the Michigan Forests?
s9 Yellow
Yellow Fantasy – Happy Sculpture 
S91 Listening to History Sculpture s91 Listening to History Text
Listening to History. Who owns the Truth? Click on the photo up right to see the name of the Artist.
S92 - siiting down
Just sitting down and relaxing in the Nature
S93 Head etc in iron
Halloween in Iron or an alien? Go to Frederik Meijer Gardens to find out;-)
S94 Bridge
Suddenly a Red Rock Bridge - - -
s95 Air sculptures
On the Hill…
s96 Airy sculptures
… streching and dancing towards the Sky
It was an overwhelming tour and papa needed some rest;-)

In my next post I will show you the most amazing sculpture, so stay tuned…

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