Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve - Part 1

After the Family Graveyard, where we lit the Candle lights for our beloved late ones, we went to Church, Uranienborg, where we used to live near by for 14 years, in down down Oslo.

Then we went to Niklas and Maria and Sebastian.

My Mother was there. And as written: Sebastian with my Mother with her Grand Grand Son. I think that was a very special and memorable moment for both of them.

Here Sebastian asks my Mother what is in her purse. Hahaha. Kids are kids.

Here you see Anna wishing my Mother Merry Christmas, and my Brother to the Right

From left: My Mother, Brother, Ingelin, Sebastian (Click to see him) and Solvi

Modern decorated X-Mas Dinner Table. I like the colours and Style;))

Well, we had to attack the Dinner - right?
I'm not known for eating too much. I prefere to taste even though a X-Mas dinner might be very tempting (not to mention all the memories just after WW 2). At least, you here see what for the past 150 years or so, has been very common in SE Norway for Christmas Dinner.

We had to - by free will - sit down and enjoy the Meal.
(Let me tell you: Niklas and Maria did the Traditional X-Mas dinner Top Class).
Can you see how Ingelin and Sebastian enjoys it, while Niklas is still busy?

After Dinner, what happened next? Santa, of course.

We all had been very kind, at least everybody said so, and Santa was ---- what was he? Generous or not?

Haha - that's another story.
Stay tuned.
If you are eager: Just click here - Surprise - surprise

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

From the Family Grave

This Christmas eve we went in the afternoon to the Family Grave.
I tell you, honestly - it's an unbelievable difference to see the name of your own Son in contrast to your Father and Grand Parents engraved forver on the Family Grave.

(Click on the Photos to see the situations better)

Here you see Ingelin.
In National Norwegian Costume. Blessing her beloved brother. And Family.
She was 11 1/2 when my Father died. At the very same day when her Brother, Niklas, was 20.

Here you see more from the Graveyard. I found it beautiful. With all the Candles.
I must admit, I left with Tears....

PS. I'm coming back with more positive thinking and comment on you blog

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Miewee Mistmas

Mie have not been on the miurld miieewwd miet for a gaaasp. It's mienter and dark.
Felicia captured mieee Rosa. In front of miexmas tree
We will play miet the tree, miale our miumans maiaway -- purr puur.

Miahapi miixmas.

Rosa and Felicia

This is a tribute to both Cats on Tuesdays and Wordless Wednessday lovers from our Cats. I read all the comments for them. They sit listening and asking: Please show us on the Map where all these kind people are living. We have only, so far met, in person, a very few of them. Can you teach us to communicate the way you do papa? That would have been a gift out of this world.

Mieeaw for Meace:-))

PS. Links to the WW and COT from the Logo's on top.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is the Alnes Light House on the Norwegian West Coast.
(Click to enlarge)
Photo taken with a WIDE angle lense. (18 mm)
More Wide here

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa in the Window - What is your wishes contest


it's a simple fact: Santa is here. In our Window. A bit disguised;))
And we did mutually asking for advice.

See how eager he is in the Window. I was not able to convience him to stay without moving for only a couple of seconds (or is it a she, who knows?)

What did he want from us? Why did Santa suddenly appear here?

Santa asked: Do you know some kind bloggers around this small Planet?

I answered: Yeah Santa, I know many kind people that you can visit

Santa replayed: Ask them to send you at least their e-mail adresses.

I asked: Why?

Santa said: I'll send them a Post Card

I said: But that will be too late for Christmas

Santa replied: If they believe in me, they will receive a Post Card from where I live all seasons. But they have to give me 3 wishes.

I was a bit confused, but at last I asked: Where should all people that do believe in you send their wishes?

Santa said: You are my secretary on this Planet, so they must send it to you. Then you have to sort out the different wishes and communicate their dreams to me?

Papa then said: Are there any limits? I mean people can dream about everything.

Santa answered very clearly: Any wish or Dream that can benefit Peace and Respect will be validated and taken into account.
Selfishness will not only be blocked but also registrated.

I asked: What do you mean with: Registrated?

Santa: They will from then on never receive a hug, a X-Mas gift or any form of credits. At least from me.

Papa finished the coversation: Thank you Santa, I think I understand

Do you, my dear blogger friend take the Santa challenge?

pls excuse my rare english dialect with Santa, his after all from ancient Turkey

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X-Mas - just before and simple thoughts about Religions and Vikings

Have you ever thougt about how people born with Christian traditions these Days, in spite of so called Finacial Experts failure, still stress to create a link back in history and traditions that are more or less Dreams. And shop things instead of warm relationship?
Santa Claus. Coming.

In other Religions. Id, Ramadan, Lent and so on. Gifts - to whom and why?
. Follow the Religous leaders rules and traditions.
People have to obey.
If not?
In some few countries they are free to speak out, in others they will be punished to Death.
Is that Religion and Gods Will or is it something else?
If you have the will and ability to have a free mind, think about it.
But you may live under circumstances that will give you real trouble for you and your family if you think otherwise than what is accepted by your society rulers now in power.

I don't know.
However, the folowing 2 photos is take just now, in our Kitchen.

Here is our Kitchen Window decorations this Season. Both Photos
- each of them - can be enlarged by clicking.

Very traditional. Yes. But Why?
When you have Sunrise after 9 am and Sunset before 3 pm you might have something that can lighten up your mind and courage?

And of course a cultural heritage. Since centuries.

Here in the Nordics they had a single word for it: Jul.
That word has been adopted in several languages.
In French: Joli.
Everybody speaking French understand it's a compliment to say:
Tu es joli.
In fact - that's from the Vikings.
They were not at all as brutal as most of you have been told.
In the contrary.
They invented Jol. (the Viking Exibition in Paris and Berlin in the early 1990'ies clearfied)
When the Rich shared their wealth with the Poor.
That's the origin of the Scandivian Social Model.
i.e a more than a 1000 years of culture.

Blog for Peace

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas market and Crystal Party in Oslo - Favorite

My dear reader,
you might know I was enjoying at luxury dinner last Wednesday evening with good IT-friends
here in Oslo.

As you can see, we were all bright and Crystal clear.

This Friday, I was student again. Joined a course in a course for making excellent Internet based surveys, market analyzis and event feedback.

On my way back from the course, I went through the Christmas Market in front of the Oslo Town Hall, very close to the Harbour.

I was there at a time of the early afternoon when there are very few visitors, but Stars ( 1pm).

During the Winter, this is what you need to cover your feets. Slippers made from 100% Wool.

Here is the Sami Market - from outside. Click to enlarge and you'll see the top of some old Sail Ships.

Then I had to rush to meet Anna downtown (Christmas Shopping).

This is in short from a favorite Season.
More Favorites here

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News in Short(s)

Here papa was Wednesday Evening

and here you can find out the background

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - horses

When watching beautiful horses, I stay in silence and are Wordless - for a while.

These Photos are taken in August 2008, in Michigan (USA), at the farm where my DIL has her horse. I had the luck to visit these wonderful and trustful Horses.
More WW here

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - December 3 - 2008

Sunset December 3- at 3pm - Oslo Norway - Photo taken from our Balcony.
I advice you click on the Photo to really imagine the Beauty.
It's less than 3 weeks before the Sun once again will rise on the Horizen.
Some Days before X-Mas. Jul - Jol - Joli (check out on Google)
More WW's here

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cats onTuesday - December 2 - 2008

Cats on Tuesday friends my have missed us. Papa has been a shadow of him self as blogger since the trouble with pictures started a month ago.

During the Winter the Sun is very low above the Horizen here at 60 degrees North.
We do not complain

We can play with shadows

Form shapes

And papa can play with his Camera

And fix the contrasts and colours

We have fun all of us then - in the Sun and Shadow

More Cats here

PS. I discovered Only 257 photos in my Pica web-album. Average size around 20 kb. How can that be 1 GB?
Well I had to delete some pictures, in waiting for a new permanent solution. For the time beeing it's the only way to have posts with Photos. Still tooooooo muuuuuuch to do at work.

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