Saturday, July 25, 2015

Second leg of 24 hours that felt like a week

You know, when in good Company, time is nothing else but what Your clock and calendar shows.
So it was for us from TORsday until Friday afternoon.

We went by Car South of the Border to buy something and then drove to some social media friends at a Camping (RV) park. Talking. dinner, walking and staying overnight. What would the world have looked like without trusted friends? We have seen enough of stupid actions, based on non-trust and religious misunderstandings for too many years. With other Words: Trust and respect makes Peace.

Here is some Photos from Our 24 hours Journey South of the Border and Meeting With friends.

Green thinking
Pink for thinking of People With Cancer
Just arrived the Camping Site
Barbecue, what else?
It was blowing, but warm enough to walk With Shorts.
Pleasant to walk here

Next Morning - a late Breakfast - that is what we need during Vacation.
Vacation? Haha, we have Vacation all Year round - Lucky we are.
Part 3 will follow
Have a great Sunday

24 Hours
Yes this it is what this is about: 24 Hours.
From Thursday to Friday. Going South of the Border.
Some shopping. Combined With visting People. Normal?
Well, I have been on Social media With Frida for many years.
Her husband not. My Wife not. I know they might have been suspecious.
What kind of contact?

In fact we met Frida and Husband first time for Coffee, Ice-Cream and Strawberries and a talk in their wonderful Home on Our way South of the Border. In fact, we were at the Platform in Sunshine. 

Who wished us welcome but this beautiful Cat?
I have only known Frida via Social media, and we all know, some People say something regarding themself which are inncorrect.  In this case: We knew each other beforehand.
Like old friends for years we met.
Beautiful view from Platform
Svein and Tor at Larkollen - so relaxing and a good converastionyyy
And here, Frida, my since longe social media friend
I must say, it was a blast to meet Frida and Svein - first time.
This is part one of this 24 hour story, so stay tuned

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anna Wake up early this Morning,

to defrost Our freezer and fridge.
After around 15 years of service, they did not live up to modern standards any longer.
It took in fact 2 more hours to get rid of the  Ice in the Fridge than in the Freezer.
The New ones, combi freezer and fridge was expectet between 1 and 5 pm.
They came at 1:25 pm.
Then the Food had been out allready for 4 hours.
We saved the most. Luckely.
But the Kitchen was a mess for several hours and still are. You will not see. Only all Our memories which topped Our old ones.

And the Magnetics as well.

Well, we needed a time out, on Our balconny after the first efforts
Tomatoes we will ave until the Frost
and of course enjoying Our orchide and Dino, who seems to be very hungry.
Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday we will visit social media friends in Southern Norway and as well do some shopping just South of the Border..
Next week we will go up North in Norway.
By plane and Rental Car.
Visiting an "old" friend of Our Son.
We are greatful having Connections With Our kids friends. Broken the generation gap. It is important.
We wish you the very best

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hi, what a Day:
Starting With measure Space for Fridge and Freezer and Beds...
Drove to one dealer and found excatcly what we needed regarding Fridge and freezer - two combi solutions. Hooray.
Beds? We went home to be ensure the measurments- seems we end With a King Bed - and a combined Sofa/sleeping bed in the Office. To be ordred soon - 3-4 weeks delivery...

This is a part of last years Investment funds.
The rest will be travelling...

We had a wonderful afternoon at Our Balconny - in Sunshine.
 Anna knitting
 Felicia loves the Flowers and Herbs at Our Balconny

We wish you a wonderful week

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tor blogging again

it is a long time since I posted here.
Maybe it's because after Retirement and writing for 45 years I needed a pause?