Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cats on Tuesday - March 31 - 2009

Felicia and Rosa knows the Spring is arriving. But very slowly. Thus, they pretend to relaxe.
More beautiful Cats here

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Papa is Singing in the Rain

We had some wonderful time in Germany 20-23 of March. Less than 2 hours travel away.
Coming from a Snowcovered Norway to Springflowers in Essen and Düsseldorf was just Wunderschön. From previous posts, my regular readers do know we went down to visit Ingelin's boyfriends Parents. They are all such nice and vivid people. The first meeting was an immediate success.

The weather during Springtime changes rapidly here at the Northern Hemisphere.
But with such brilliant hosts, papa startet to Dance and Singing in the Rain - at Night. Crazy Viking.
Come dance with papa:

(All photos taken from inside, while papa is outside)

Oh, that was refreshing and fun.
Much more to come, so stay tuned

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday and Summertime and Sunset

One hour lost, this Sunday Morning. But in half a year one hour will be regained. Back to Natural Time regarding the Sun. Even our Cats reacts. Every half year we "fix" the time.

Photo taken in Düsseldorf, Germany, on March 21- 2009.

If you know the name of the River, you can win a handwritten postcard from Norway.

Have a great week;))

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

PhotoHunt March 28 - 2009 - Hand

Go to the ABC Challenge on my post just before this one. And you'll find out why I refere to "written" the same way.

The Hand is probably the Homo Sapiens most important tool beside the species Brain. The Hand does also express a lot of a persons mental state. And activities.
(It's more important for me that you click on each photo to enlarge them as deserved, than commenting)
Here are some HAND e

Young and old uses hands to give comfort and trust (Norwegian and Indian)

Hands during a Wedding ceremony - in Punjab, India

Monkeys steal bananas from Homo Sapiens and use their Hands to open and eat.

Henna painting is important descorations for celebrations

Without a Computer or Cellphone, handwriting is still an important means of communication

String instruments are dependant of a feeling

A good cup of Coffee - tastes good and warms your hands

Opening and serving Champagne needs a steady hand (or two)

Playing Air Guitar - no Guitar but Hands

Happy Dancing - Hands up in joy

Ordering at at restaurant - the waiter is explaing - in another Language - hmmm

Grandpa and Grandson - working together

More beautiful Hands here . Do not hesitate, show your hand as well.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

ABC in Norwegian - #4: D

The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt fra Yorkshire i England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norway, but since my Blog is written in a kind of English, I've given me a double challeng: The objects must begin with the same letter or sound in both Norwegian and English. How about that?(Last week Cat and Katt - The K in Katt is pronounced like the C in Cat)

D= Door and Dør (D o-slash r) in Norwegian

A door is a moveable barrier used to cover an opening. Doors are used widely and are found in walls or partitions of a building or space, furniture such as cupboards, cages, vehicles, and containers.

A door can be opened to give access and closed more or less securely using a combination of latches and locks.

Read more......

The two Doors on the Photo is from the Norwegian Wine and Liquer monopoly Store in the Town of Dröbak. All alcoholic beverages stronger than 4,75 % alcohol are only sold in this state owned chain named Vinmonopolet. No other stores can offer such a variety and number of different wines in the whole world. Surprised?

Here you'll find other Norwegian and Nordic participants

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ART: Vernissage - Varnishing Day - Opening Day - Zeynep Yüksel

Warning: All paintings are copyright Zeynep Yüksel. All Photos copyright Tor Aabö. In this post.

Flowers by Zeynep Yüksel
My regular readers may recall the last weekend was very special for Anna and Papa and Sölvi:
The first meeting with the Parents of Ingelin's dear boyfriend Kaya. The young ones met in Hong Kong. First time. To papa's knowledge;)) For the whole blogger world to know, here is how we, the parents met.
Part 1
All Parents do know, sooner or later, they have to at least say hallo to the kids prefered partner's parents.

Ingelin invited us to a Vernissage - the opening of an Art Exhibition. A separate - only one painter - Exhibition. The Artist: Her loved ones Mother: Zeynep Yüksel.
U Z - it was in a hurry

You might know we live in Oslo, Norway and the event took place in Essen, Germany. Only about 2 hours flight time away with Norwegian to Düsseldorf. (The Airport parking at OSL costs more than the Air Fair - crazy enough - I ponder when they realize price means somthing - and service).
Arriving the Gallery.
The Gallery - Galerie Aviva is situated in a very charming old suburb of Essen named Werden..

Here you see the artist's husband walking up the narrow street close to the Gallery.
(We had Dinner in the Building on the left after the Vernissage)

Sometimes Papa got some signs of a happy result. Salute. Papa do think these botles are for good friends only. Have I missed some points?

Galerie Aviva from outside. Will the people enter?

At least they stopped to study the paintings more seriously. Papa say no more.

And here an anxious husband just before he does enter the Gallery.
The Vernissage.

The first to enter was of course some Norwegians;)) - Anna - Sölvi and Ingelin

And what was the first thing for H to do when inside the Gallery, but welcome vistors?
He handled the circumstances with elegance.

Some women, well? In a Gallery;)) They might be among the Rich and Famous,)))
Papa does not care, because he loves the both of them.

And the first to select her favourite piece of Art, Anna of course. "On the way to the Carnival".

The next Photos are also from the Opening Event. Wordless. People all over.

After a while, the Gallery was fully crowded. Several paintings sold. Wine, applejuice, Water and snacks were served.

Ingelin with Camera. Else you can see Zeynep and Kaya and Anna and other fans

Among the visitors was Der General Konsul. Can you see who that can bee ? And: The General Konsul represent which country? Gift to come.
Clue: Miklagard

The Gallery closed at 8 pm. As you see, there were some fans of Zeyneps Art that refused to leave the Exhibition. Papa very well understands.

The Dinner

Sooner or later a Gallery have to admit the vernissage is over and close for the opening Day.
As you might understand from the missing clarity of the Photo, papa was very excited, when arriving to the Dinner.

More than 2 douzens of visitors did meet for a meal at a restaurant as short as 90 seconds walking distance from the Galerie Aviva. To celebrate Zeynep's exhibition. The 2 persons on the Right are the Galerie Owners. Really wonderful people.

Here we are again, around the Table

At home again.
As I've said many times before: Every great, memorable moments comes to an end.
It was time to return.

We had a blast of a family gathering, celebrating both the Vernissage and the two youngsters in love. A real reunion of friendship across borders and culture and formation of new family relationship. We danced around Zeynep. And we Danced for a great friendship and relationship.

---- more to come - and papa promise: Joy, Friendship, Happiness and Great Performances and historical facts and voyages. So stay tuned my dear blogger readers and friends.

PS. Since we know the Artist, it will be very wrong to comment on her Art. We can only say the following: 4 of Z Y works are now in Norway. And we, as Norwegians went around and listened to comments given. Most of the visitors did know we came from Norway, but not all of them did realize the fact we understand German. Very positive comments to Zeynep's works.

Let me summarize: The Gallery owners did a tremendous job. They responded quickly and professional to all inquries and was very respondant to all the questions that arrived during the opening, besides serving the visitors properly. Hurray.

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Good Morning - have a nice Breakfast

Saturday Brunch
My dear blogger friends do know we have been away since Friday Afternoon until Midnight Monday/Tuesday. From Oslo in Norway and a short 2 hours Flight to Düsseldorf in Germany.
We stayed in Essen. In the Wonderful home of the Parents of Ingelin's (Daughter of mine) boyfriend, Kaya. We where welcomed like Royalities and introduced to a Couple (Kaya's Mother and Father) that melted our hearts. We were Family at first sight and touch and words.

No communication problems - we spoke German, English, French, Norwegian and Turkish.Even Pantomime.

It's Europe. It's Family. It's about Globalisation, respect across cultures, love between young people and having a tremendous time together.

PS. Papa do have background material for not only our excellent time together, but also much more. Fascinating facts and stories from the Craddle of Germany's Industrial fabulous history. Thanks to the Fact we were invited to Zeyneps Vernissage (Opening day of an Art Exhibition)

Much more to come.... so stay tuned

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

ABC in Words and Pictures: To Day B and C

Since I've been more or less laying with my Toe as my highest point in the past, I'm a bit after schedule with the ABC challenge. However, I take to Letters to day: B and C.
The original ABC challenge derived from Petunia in Norway, but since my Blog is written in a kind of English, I've given me a double challeng: The objects must begin with the same letter or sound in both Norwegian and English. How about that? Letter A was simple, cause it was a photo of Anna.

Here is todays first:
B for Boats or Båter
(Boat - Båt)

Here you see some small Ferry Boats in the town of Strömstad at the Swedish West Coast.
These ferries brings people out to the Islands in the very popular archipelago outside the town. Very popular during the Summer Months, both by Swedes and Norwegian, as Strömstad is very close to the Norwegian Border. It's seems hard to believe how lively it will be around in this Harbour only some months from now.

Here is the second:
C for Cats or katter (Cat and katt)

An easy choice for a Cat-lover. Here are Rosa and Felicia. They are more or less of the Manx breed. Look at this short YouTube clip.

Petunia in Norway startet this challenge . Go and have a look.

PS. We will be away over the weekend

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cats on Tuesday - but it was on SUNday

Can you believe it:
Rosa and Felicia have not been outside since October last year.
But on Sunday March 15 - 2009. Anna and Papa sat down on the Balconny. Well dressed. But Sunny. We opened the door, and
--- mieeiw
--- mioiut
-- - miauhah

Well, they went out. Checking everything.

miaahhhaa - same as last year.
Then we had to go indoor again. The Cats before us. Still cold outside. But they got their first sniff of the coming seasons when they still can perform their natural outdoor skills.

More Cats, if you like

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