Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Papa serves a Summer Salad

My readers are aware of the fact I live in Norway and most of you think of my Country as very Cold. Yes, it can be very cold but as well we can have very pleasant temperatures.  Like today – on our balconny we had 32 C this afternoon (90 F).

With other words, papa prepared a dinner suitable for the Sunshine and temperature.
2012-05-22 Salad 25% ready  
It’s very easy to make. From the ground. lettuce, hard boiled egg, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, avacado
2012-05-22 50% ready 
Add some chopped ham
2012-05-22 Salad allmost ready 
Add  natual youghurt  and add mustard (Dijon type) as flavour
2012-05-22 Salad ready to ne served 
Add another layer – and if you like an Anchoivies and Garlic
2012-05-22 Salad served
Enjoy the meal in the Sunshine

Have a great time,

PS. papa will make for you  as  well:-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Family Dinner in Oslo – May 10, 2012

My Daughter Ingelin and grandson Metin Leander are in Oslo. When they are, we usually find an early evening and have a light Dinner together. Starting just after working hours. As you might see: It was a Rainy Day…
2012--5-10 Entering restaurant 
Here we arrive at Santino’s – italian style restaurant with pasta as specialities. From left: Niklas, Sölvi, Sebastian, Anna and Leander.
2012-05-10 Meny 
What to choose from the Meny?

2012-05-10 Leander eating spagetti 
Leander preferred spagetti with parmesan…
.2012-05-10 Family Dinner Boys
Sebastian and Niklas had Pizza while Leander enjoyed is sparkling apple juice.
2012-05-10 Family Dinner Women 
By some reasons all the females was seated on the same side of the Table.. Guess where the Males were sitting:-)
May be we like to see each other;-)