Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WW: Ready for the Summer House? This Weekend?

There are reasons we want to move out to our Summerhouse this weekend. I'll reveal the Facts in a later post.
As written before,we had tons of snow during the Winter and some damages have to be repaired.
By Papa and Son. As you can see below, it's a must.

Here you can see some of the damages caused by the heavy Snow.

The Upper Stair Plattform. Just a big hole. A new Platform must be made.

The Upper Stair and the Lower Plattform. Not a safe place to walk. (Can you see Anna?)

The Lower Stair. Not suitable for walking.
These Stairs connects the upper and lower houses and are a must have to have some sort of practical comfort.

I'm wordless. Everything must be fixed on Friday, May 1. Papa went shopping to day.

More Wordless here

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

ABC #8 - H - Join the Challenge and Learn Norwegian the easy way

New week - new ABC challenge: (kommenter gjerne på norsk, svensk eller dansk)
The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt from Yorkshire in England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norway; but since my Blog is written in a kind of English, I've given me a doubble challenge: The objects must begin with the same letter or sound in both Norwegian and English.
How about that? Do you take the challenge?

This weeks letter is H. Click on the letter to have some exciting knowledge.

As usual I try to find objects from Norway that begins with this weeks Letter in English as well as in Norwegian. Plus a story.
This week the words you will learn is as follows:
Hest = Horse
House = Hus
Home = Hjem
Easy or difficult?

Learn about Norwegian Architecture traditions - and home buildings.
Fascinating if you are interested.

All Photos this week are taken locally, only minutes walk away from our winter-home in Southern Oslo, Norway.

It is not Montana. It's Oslo South. Here you see Horse=Hest and Houses=Hus and thus Homes=Hjem.

Horses - after a looong Winter, they enjoy to be outdoor - Southern Oslo.
This Farm is owned by the Local Community and is used mainly to activate young people in a neighbourhood, where the kids Parents do represent 98 different languagues. The meeting and care and working with all the different Animals (Horses, ponnies, hens, pigs, goose, sheeps, goats,
peacocks, cats etc etc) does align different culturel backgrounds to a unity.
About Norwegian Horses here

Early 1900-style house - Oslo Norway
- Very common building style in the countryside of SE Norway.
More Norwegian houses here

Modernized house from 18xx - Southern Oslo
Traditional Norwegian red - also from the SE of Norway

Modern Houses (Villas) anno 2009 in Oslo South.

Do go visit other Nordic participants on the Letter H.
Enjoy the photos, most of them are far above normal standards, and you might comment in your own language.
Someone in the Blogsphere will understand and help to translate. OK?
You can even ask Google to translate for you. But I refuse to be responsible for the result. It gives you and idea but - hahahaha. I say no more.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Ha en flott helg (Norwegian)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - 2009-04-22

Papa is wordless. What do you think you see below?

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


New week - new ABC challenge:
The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt from Yorkshire in England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norway; but since my Blog is written in a kind of English, I've given me a doubble challenge: The objects must begin with the same letter or sound in both Norwegian and English.
How about that? Do you take the challenge?

This weeks letter is G.

What does G means?
Ha-ha- it's not a G-string or a G-man.
“G” represents philosophy. People with a “G” in their name probably like to educate themselves in all aspects of religion. Some do not stick with just one belief but want to know the whole of religion and what makes it tick. Anything transcendental harbors fascination for them. Continue here

My regular readers do know I also do try to find words/objects beginning with the same letter that in a way is typical for Norway and also my dear blogreaders around the globe can have some pleasure to have an insight into - a wider view but Fjords and Fish (last weeks solutions).
Let's start with the nature. Grey - Grå
From a Season all Norwegians are very happy to be history each Spring:

Grey sky - Colourless and Grey Snow. In Norwegian Grå - if your Computer can not interprete the last letter: It's an "a-ring" - pronounced like the "o" in over. You have allready learned something new. (Sorry, my hair colour was not available from this computer's Picture Library. LOL)
This Week's main solution to the ABC contest is very close to Norwegians daily life. All generations. Even my Dear Mother.
All Norwegians do have strong feelings to it. Even when abroad, it's a must to bring in their travelling accerories. Even bring to their foreign friends)
Something that for Norwegians are at least as common as to be born with Ski's on their feet:
The Norwegian Gout Cheese or Geitost.
Haha - you have learned another Norwegian Word;))

(It's even on sale in USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden and some other Countries)

Photo taken TORsday evening;))
In fact, it's not really a Cheese. But, well, a Whay Cheese.
That means, the maturationprocess is terminated before the mould starts working.
Read More about the process here.

Above is the Tool (with an international Club) all Norwegian kids learned, from very young, to use when they wanted Goat Cheese; the taste of the sweet and brown cheese: The Cheese Slicer, which we use also for cutting Cucumbers, Zuccinis, Raddish, hard Bananas, Butter directly from the Fridge etc. In fact, Norwegians are of some reasons proud of the fact the Inventor of the Cheese Slicer was from Lillehammer, Norway (Winter Olympics site in 1994).
(In Norway most of the Brown Cheese consists more Cow Milk than Goat Milk. Due to kids taste (milder). We prefere 100% Gout Milk).
Some more about Norwegian Cheese...

Do go visit the Norwegian participants on the Letter G. Look at this
At least, you can enjoy the photos, and comment in your own language.
Someone in the Blogsphere will understand and help to translate. OK?

Have a wonderful weekend.
Ha en flott helg (Norwegian)

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Papa had BD and did visit his Mother (90)

Just a short late Easter message to all my blogger friends around the Globe:
Thanks for all the fantastic BD messages I did receive.
I wish I was in the position to bring my humble body around and give a big grateful hug and kiss to each one of you.

Instead, I will post a Photo of my Mother and Anna looking at photos taken during our first meeting with Ingelin's new Family.
More to come, trust me

All of you that have a clue:
More photos from our Easter here

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

New week - new ABC challenge:
The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt from Yorkshire in England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norway; but since my Blog is written in a kind of English, I've given me a doubble challeng: The objects must begin with the same letter or sound in both Norwegian and English. How about that?

This weeks challenging is the letter F.

Did you know this about the letter F:
F is the numerical equivalent of 6 and represents love. It is warm-hearted, compassionate, and has the ability to make others feel at ease. When it is the first consonant in a name it carries the vibration of a mother hen type of individual. Negatively, F can carry a sense of melancholy

There are two things my foreign readers may connect with Norway, beginning with F.

GeirangerFjord captured from just North of Hellesylt, Norway. Geiranger is one of the most frequented spots for Cruiseships in the World, due to the Unique Nature.

Fiord or Fjord as we write it in Norwegian and also in English.
Aha, you are revealed: You know some Norwegian words. The second in this series. Right? Yes, yeah, ja?

Here I am with a former collegue around Midnight in the Northern Norway. Cod and Pollock.
And Fish or Fisk as we say in Norway.
The Fishing industry is very important in Norway. In fact, Norway is the second largest exporter of Fish world wide. It's a fact.

Have yo
u remarked how alike both Fiord and Fish is written in English and Norwegian. "Fjord" and "Fisk" What came first?
This is in fact the 3rd word in Norwegian you have learned through this ABC-series.
Amazing? But you have learned one more in this post; Ja?

Even if you do not understand Norwegain, go visit Petunia's blog, enjoy her excellent photos, and also find out other F-solutions. It's worth some minutes to learn to know what bloggers outside the English Spoken Sphere publish with photos. You might be very positively surprised of the Quality.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. (maybe we see each other again on Saturdays PhotoHunt: triangle)

ABC is here

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Papa is really flattered - read Ghee's

You simply have to visit Ghee, and see for yourself, why Papa is flattered.
Please post your comments here

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Two in one: WW and COT - April 7-8 - 2009 - Like a secret Easter Egg. Just open;))

This is Wordless but not Mieowless;-)

Dear readers,
It's more or less Easter Vacation for most people in Norway. Schooles closed from Friday afternoon April 3 until Tuesday April 14. It's Spring again. Natures is awakening. Birds are singing and mating. Flowers are eager to show their beauty and smell awaiting the Bees and the Bumbelbees to pollinate. The snow and ice are melting and ends up in creeks and rivers before reaching the fjords, Bays and Oceans. Days are longer than Nights. Here in Oslo, the day is more than 8 hours longer since December 21. In Northern Norway we talk about more than 15 hours.

It's Easter and these Flowers are called Easter Lillies in Norwegian, for many of you knowned as Daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus).
Here arrives the Cats: Mieooooow

Rosa enjoys the Sun, inside. For a short while. Her Mother was a 100% Manx

Felicia enjoys the Flowers outside. For a short while. Genuine Manx.
What's next?

And this is Wordless. Shadow or Relic printed on my jeans?

More Cats here and Wordless here.
Scroll down to see what Papa and Grandson did Yesterday. You probably not have been where we were.

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High and Low with Grandkid in Oslo

My regular readers do know my grandson Sebastian is a very active, young lad.
Last Tuesday we took a tour around in Oslo - not Downtown, but in the Beautiful nature that surrounds the Capital of Norway.

First Stop: Grefsenkollen (382 m or 1 253 feet above Sea)

Seb was not very aware of the fantastic view over the Oslofjord, the Hills and Forests and some part of downtown Oslo. Click to see more details.
But he wanted to be viewed himself. Fantastic.

Papa and Niklas talked about something to eat, and Seb did hear, so he ran into the restaurant.
After our snack, we went down to another destination in Oslo.

Second Stop: Bygdöy. A peninsula in SW Oslo. (Papa grew up here, so did his kids)

We went at the beachfront, but what catched Seb's attention was of course rotten trees. Papa does not have the number of trees he combat to the ground. At least, he used his energy. That's for sure.

Here is more Nature:

Still lot's of Snow, which is not usual on April 7.
In the Background you can see the hilltop we did visit 30 minutes ago. In the 1930'ies was used as a landing field for aeroplanes. Now it's a part of the Royal Farm.

Just before we left, a Mallard couple arrived and started to swim peaceful around in this year around pond. It's in fact below Sealevel at Tide. And nicely preserved to the benefit of all the rare water-insects and other small creatures that lives here.

Just a few climps from the late Spring here in Oslo, Norway.
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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Across National and Cultural Borders

Warning: This post may be longer than usual for my regular and new readers. But you are wellcome to comment the Photos only. In your prefered language. Selv på norsk.

These Days, when too many Humans around the Globe suffers from the never ending Dream of "Up, up in the Skies" (read this to understand), there is still positive examples how people can be united. And learn to love each other in matter of seconds. This is, my dear blogreader such a story, from true life.
You, who are a regular reader here on my humble blog, may have the clue about what will be revealed under these prolog. And also be aware of: This is for everybody to get a short insight into - - - Papa says no more.

Norway and Turkey

Historically we know little about the connections between these 2 nations and cultures until what was written regarding the Crusaders more than 1000 years ago. Miklagard has a very special place in old Viking legends. To day both Nations are members of NATO. Neither of the 2 are EU members. The southern Coast of Turkey is among the most popular destinations for Norwegian Chartertourists. (We are allways travelling indepently).

The Weekend of March 20-23, Anna and Papa were Airborn from Oslo (Norway) to Ruhr (Germany) - Essen and Düsseldorf.
To a very special event or occasion, as
papa has interpreted in this post.
But, that is papa;)) And he only. Let that be said and written.

Hi, let's come to the point. At least, what can be revealed:
Ingelin and Kaya.They met in Hong Kong.
(Do you think they are charming and beautiful? Do not ask about Papa's opinion. LOL.)
Well, we were invited to a Vernissage.
Must come, said Ingelin.
And we did.

Here is the Table. Two Nations Flags.
(The Flags both printed from what else but Intern

And here: What else but start with a genuine Champagne?
Well, it often tend to be a bit formal first time parents meet. You might know about that?

But the women, they started talking, like they should have been friends since Kindergarden

To cheer up and refresh our different Mothers Tongue or Languages. Some Norwegian. Some Turkish. Some English. Some German. Some French. And Body language. Sparkling golden drops of Champagne may help. LOL.
Here you see the Ladies skol;))

Let's start with the Starter. That's a normal beginning, so to speak. Fried Squash.
We continued talking and chatting and talking - blend up of several languages, like a vivid, mixed salad.

What is this? It's Chicken, not at all KFC, but the best from the Chicken in a Wallnutsauce. We adore the Turkish Cuisine. Let that be known.

And then: Fillet of Lamb. How mant did Papa put in his Mouth? Hahaha.

Green beans - softly heathed - as we do it when in Summerhouse

Large white beans with veggies - one our favs

and and and

Well every meal comes to an end. Ok. The we were served Cheese.

Some Blue cheese
- papa adores (secret=

Some fruits? Can you resist? Papa could not - hah ha

1938. A special year for a very special Man.
We had a taste. Not to been seen at the Bottle. Just a tiny taste. A smell, so to say.
What did matter was what we talked about. Fathters talk.
first meeting was nothing but a blast. It took only seconds, and we were Family and Friends. Papa do really hope we all can be Family.
At least Papa, in his mind, has found what he considers family.
And Papa do believe in then and there -carpe diem.

ps. this day, April 6, 30 years ago, papa did met Anna first time. There will be Champagne. And 30 yeras of pleaseant memories. How fast times . . . no no, I say no more. LOL
Have a great Easter and a week to come.

hugs to all my visitors
and if you comment, I do stille have some Easter Postcards.
If you want one, handwritten, you must contact me at:. toraa at yahoo dot no

More to come . . .

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