Sunday, December 30, 2007

Papa goes Dreaming - about his Women and Buenos Aires

Yeah, that’s how it is. I'm dreaming - PLS take your time - this is a ALL in one post (to have fun - click on the pictures)

I might be some sort of sentimental - and not what you usually as from my blog excpect. OR? (not Oregon)

This is last the Sunday of 2007. As we know it from our Calendar. The Christian or Roman – right? (Gregorian we follow here - not Julian)
Have you, by the way, ever thought about why the New Year starts about 10 days after the Winter Solstice? Or the Summer Solstice according to the same Calendar…
For me it’s a mystery. Today the Day or (dögn we call it here in the Nordics: that's 24 hours, like a date . f.i dec 30, while Day in English means 24 hour
s when here it means when we have Daylight while a "Dögn" here also includes night, afternoon and morningt. - like four Seasons = A Year and in between: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall) - we have 6 more minutes "Sun" in Oslo than on Dec 22/21 - but also about 13 hours less than June 22).

Regarding our and Ingelins Voyage to South America from the Northern Hemisphere---
I realized what complications that followed when North America changed the date for “Summer- and Winter time” compared to the rest of the World. Then, we are speaking of ONE hour. (Both ours and Ingelin’s flight were cancelled – when going down to B A). How could IT programmers knew about it, if not told?
Me now:
I feel like a Bear.
Sleeping most of the time. Not my usual Spirit.
Dreaming about the good time we have had in 2007 meeting new and old friends.
Anna and Ingelin - Plaza San Martin, B A
And our Silver Wedding. And my visit to Ingelin in Miami Beach. Our visit to Amsterdam (Marjoleine) - Sweden: Faro (Mrs and Mr Lifecruiser) - Mariestad ( Renny and Diane and the 2 great boys) - Tocksfors (Bettan and Johs), France: Hakon in Vence: Norway: Kongsvinger: Svein(my best man) when Anna did celebrate 40'years since "russ" (higher than high school - lower than college - normally you are 19 when finnished).

It's a shame, I have only this year been to the following Countries besides Norway:
Sweden, Holland, Germany, France, USA, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina

Among others - Anna and me as well (you see the young ones?) - Plaza San Martin
During the Year I must admit I've met so many wonderful individuals in the Blogsphere. Both me and Anna feels we are a part of a Global community - working for Peace. Thanks to Renny, that "forced" me into it, We should have been with you at New Years Eve in Mariestad (rest of my readers: N K is 70 and we missed his birthday that's why) - Next year?
BUT- it's one person that has brought so many together during 2007: Mrs Lifecruiser. I just called, and P and B are fantasitic inspiring persons.

Just now, I do need to see some light:

Before I start this post, I would like to invite you to a cup of Tea. For those of you that prefere the local Mate, Ok, you can have that. I did have a a melange good for my hopeless digestive (GERD - for those of you who know what that is - just search on Gooogle, and you'll find out - it's far away from happiness....)
Then, nearby, I met a white lady:

A naked beauty wreathed by Flowers - we did not talk. Only looked at each other. I did not dear do to otherwise. LOL.

May be I could have waked her up for a Tango?

I turned my head:

And ended with an unforgetable Birthday Party

(yeah, you can rent pro's to give B-D parties here - we watch for 30 minutes - and it was really great to see the kids excitement)

Oh My Beauty ,
why are you so apart from me
I did not bring my swimming shoes
May I disturb you fishes
in order to bring faith and luck?
NO, she is in the French part of the Jardin. May be to a Ball with in Southern France?
I have felt like this the past weeks - telling the next generation about life (From Jardin Botanica in Buenos Aires)

As allready said - I need Light. Anna and Ingelin in the Afternoon Sunshine (Jardin Botanica, Buenos Aires - before their shopping - comes later) did make me happy. They even sat down to be captured under all the Flowers. I feel better.

Here is a fatal photo of a lost Viking in Buenos Aires. Luckely he was not robbed (broke anyway - haha) and found his way back to the hotel - while the women went "chopping" (history has teached me it was otherwise - Vikings I mean). But, who took this picture and even gave the camera back? (Well, there were lot's of witnesses, and about 58% gave a simular description of that creep that took this photo - I'm coming back to this event, well, what do you think about such a reveal?).

More to come, when I do “wake up” from my hibernation

In the meantime, read and comment and wish a Happy New Year to (it's many more, but how to reveal them all?): Special wish to Charles ( RennyBA's blog) designer - hope the "Paperwork" will soon be done. I think "expat-travelere" will understand.
All Cybercruisers - Here in the Hills - Spilling out - Lime

Mrs Lifecruiser - RennyBA - Fleur de Lisa - Ghee - Mar - Gattina - Shionge - Susie the indian (Asia) - Shadow Falcon

Have a great New Years Eve

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sebastian - Friday Dec 28 - 2007

December 29 - 2007

We were this evening at the mother of my kids home - to give Seb another Christmas Eve - new presants under the X-Mas Tree.
This is a short post - it's late - and the climate (the weather) is not the best for papa...
Sebastian with "drums" we bought in Uruguay some weeks ago.
Here you see Niklas (my Son) and Seb (Grandson) with X-Mas gift - Who is most fascinated by this gift? hahhaha
Seb could not wait for the berries from our Summer House
Something else:
Papa discovered this dress in Argentina and said: That's you, my dear -- What do you think? She agreed - this Anna. Right?
PS: Anna's secret dress for New Years Party (from Buenos Aires) shhhs - don't tell
Dear blogger friends - this is in fact a short message to Ingelin - but you can read it as well.
I'm going to bed -
oh, Felicia just jumped upon me - puurrr puurr
omg - I have written without any spellchecking---
More to come

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Gifts and Cards


(the rapid changing weather here knocked my body off - sorry for my "Christmas silence".
So, this is my first sign of contact with the blogger world again:
It's about time to express "Thank You":

The Unique Calender we got from Naomi (made by her self)

Everyone that have learned to know her unique photo's from her Garden and her effort to bring these beautiful photos to the World - yeah - we are really grateful. It's an unique gift. And I could not resist to call her to say thanks - (that's me ---)

And a surprise from Maribeth:

Not the Beautiful Card alone - but combined with the letter therin - we are utterly blushing for this surprise. (ps - my scanner is not fair to this wonderful card)

And a postcard from Ingelin (She was robbed after returing to SoBe from our great adventure together in Argentina - that, my dear readers was a challenging message to receive just before Christmas - she was pushed down an outdooor stair, then robbed - everything but Money and Credir Cards were found close to her appartment - but: a Christmas without money? - To day, you have solutions for such circumstances - easely money transfers -

As a true Viking, she went blue, green, red and yellow to Costa Rica. She is amazing;)
And here is some more X-Mas Cards - only 10% of what we received. Some are very Traditional Norwegian ( God Jul _ Merry Christmas, Joyeux Nöel, Feliz Navid etc) - others are more modern.

This is the Ultimate Christmas Eve Post Card - in Norway. From two of our real friends. We wish K and KM the very best for the year to come and hope they both soon will recover from a long (too long) time of illness.

Danish: "Glaedelig Jul" - "Gledelig Jul" - considered a bit old fashioned in Norway - we say "God Jul" these days---

PS. Hope my health will recover (from very cold to Rain and heavy wind in 10 hours - that seems to have a bad impact on my body - sleep - sleep - even the Cats, have staying in the bed - but that's encouraring in a way - I then think: How a like we are...)

Have so much I should have done/written/comment - I'm embarrassed. Pls keep over with me.

More to come (have not even started Argentina, not finnished with SoBe etc - I think I have to go away to a silent place - LOL )

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Anna and Tor and Family and Cats wishes all blogger Friends Merry Christmas.
God Jul (Scandinavian) - Joyeux Nöel - Felize Navidad - Gute Weinachten.

Rose from Argentina (Salta)


Thursday, December 20, 2007

From 8:30 AM to 4:14 PM - Thursday 13


Inspired by my good friend and blogfella, RennyBA's article
"From dust to Dawn in December in Oslo" - I descided to take a sidestep from Argentina Adventures. The reason is obvious, I believe you will agree, my dear reader, when you see the pictures taken from outside my office. Christmas Cards - and they are real. Not arranged.

Grassing Horses in the Morning
From when I did arrived this morning around 8:30 am and left around 4:14 pm (It's early leaving due to the Fact we picked up our Cats after 3 weeks at Solvi and Stompa - her Cat), I shot some pictures - 4 U, my dear reader, to imagine how it's here in Oslo right now.

First some Facts. Oslo is situated in the bottom of Oslofjord - 100 km - 63 miles long. The City is sourounded by Hills, and the Downtown City is formed like a Hollow - with a Valley to the East, North and North West. To the South it is a Plateau, falling steep down to the fjord and a Valley and more hills to the South East. There are several Islands and a Pennisula (Bygdoy - where I'm born). Anna and I live in Southern Oslo during the Winters.

In the morning - The Horses - Neighbours to my Office's Parking House - see- no shadows yet.

Same Horses. They do find grass under the Frost.

Before noon I had to drive to Down Town Oslo - Do you see the Fog that has caused all this beauty. And I hope you can Imagine how low the Sun are above the Horizon these days - looooong Shadows. When driving Southwards - these Days when Blue Sky - Take care.

Had to walk out of the Parking House to
remember the scenery above ... Sun is up.

Do you ever have had a scenery like this just outside your Office Parking? Enlarge and you'll disciver oth the farm and Horses.

Noon - same Horses, same Farm. Remark the looong Shadows. And enlarge by clicking on the Photo. Then you will be there without feeling the Cold.

Afternoon - Birches - at 1 AM.

South East view in the very early afternoon

Blushing Trees. If you have taken your time to scroll down as far as this, I'm blushing of Gratitude as well...

Leaving with Flash - result: Not what I saw. Then:

Leaving at 4:14 pm. Another shot - without Flash and Tripod - 3,5 seconds. Am I steady? LOL.

Find more cruisers here. And do not miss Lime's Citizen of the World
(OK - I'll post mine during the weekend - that might be a surprise?)
PS. It's lots more to come from South America, Art Deco in So Be and - just return to read and Z.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Argentina - Buenos Aires part 2 - La Boca

La Boca is among the oldest parts of Buenos Aires (Fair Winds).
The city was first established as Ciudad de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen AyreFebruary 2, 1536 by a Spanish expedition under Pedro de Mendoza. The location of Mendoza's city was in today's San Telmo
(literally "City of Our Lady Saint Mary of the Fair Winds") district, south of the city center.

For Soccer enthusiasts Boca jr is a well known Football Club, where among others Diego Maradona did play. The large Arena is in the district.
Today La Boca is known for it's colourful houses, cafes and artists with lot's of small shops and even Tango performances. It's a must see for visitors to Buenos Aires. Safest time to visit is during day time. Go by taxi from the city center (USD 3-4).

Here comes pictures from our visit:

Entering La Boca from the Harbour side

Typical La Boca. Anna and Ingelin Window Shopping

Tango at the Cafe. If you want, you can be taken picture when dancing when the young couple.

Tor having Lunch

Paintings for sale

New friend - Feet in ice and Mate besides

See the complete Cyber Cruise 2007 Calendar here.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Argentina - Buenos Aires - Part 1

Jardin Botanico - Cats etc

In Iguazu we stayed at Hotel Margay. We appologize we did not see one of these rare Cats. Uknown for most people. But, here is a painting of a Margay.
My regular readers knows we are Cat lovers. The Cats Mieew is very global. Which means we could communicate in the Cat Language in Argentina and Uruguay. That's a fact. If you do not believe it, we can guide you for free (Air Tickets not included - LOL).

OK, let's start this Voyage and meet the Cats.
In Buenos Aires, the place for Cat lovers is Jardin Botanico.
Click on the photo to find out where it is - to the right. Our hotel is situated very central (left on the Map). You can have a Suite for 3 persons, breakfast included for USD 100. Restaurants etc 2-3 minutes walking distance away.

The Cats are really the Kings and Queens of the Park. All well feed and good looking. Do follow the restrictions what to do and not to to with them. i.e. Leave them as they are. Just look, not touch. But you can speak with them.

Guardians - do not forget they are predators
You can take the Subte (Subway or Metro) Linea D to Plaza Italia. You can not miss where to go when out from the Subte (The Zoo is over the next Street). The Cost is very reasonable: 0,70 Pesos ( around USD 0.22). Or you can take a Taxi. If your in the Center of Buenos Aires, the fare will be around 15 pesos (less than USD 5). The Park is spectacular. Flowers, Trees, Plants, Sculptures, Ponds (another story).
Here is some of the Cats we met in the Park:

After Lunch, we need some rest. Pls do not disturb. We can even hear your iPod.
Afternoon cleaning and refreshing
Boss - no doubt - or just well feed?
Cats do have a very good life in this Park.
Jardin Botanico is dived into several sections. This is the French on. Can you see the cat? Black and white like the person in front. Excuse moi, mes amis de la France, mais c'est que de gaieté. Contraste - n'est pas.

And, here is one more, in Palermo Florida district, where you can find Small Top Class designer fashion shops. Clue for my women readers: Honduras road and around. Prices?
Less than a Luncheon at Champs Elyseés in Paris.
On Tuesday, December 4, we went over Rio de la Plata by boat to Colonia in Uruguay.

We talked the same language. Very interisting, if I may say so, about how to live and being a Cat in Urugugay.
Back to Iguazu and Margay. The Hotel Manager have a Cat, named Evita. But Ingelin quickly named her Clara. Besides the Swimming Pool and the Frogs, she was the positive side of the hotel. That's another story.

We had some good moments together. Clara told me how it is to be a Hotel Cat and I told her about Felicia and Rosa. She loved their names and the fact they can stay outside half the year where we do live.

I did ask her: May I tell your story to my blogger friends?

She said: Miienow.


Mieu mieiaaw - miee mieew - which means: Please do not refere - I have enough challenges.

That Cat loved us - and it was mutual. It's fantastic to have contact with other living creatures on this Planet.....
On our last night in Puerto Iguazu, Clara (real name Evita) jumped up to Anna's lap. And they mieewed very intimate together. Clara was very clearly outspoken - and her meanings not to be misunderstood. We did agree with her.
By the way: If you have some minutes spare, visit:
Much more to come - joy and dramatics

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