Friday, July 31, 2009

ABC - V and Travel Report 3

My dear Readers,
once again I have problems uploading photos.

This means I will post again as soon as I have solved the problems.

PS. We are in Issoudun - in central France. For Wine lovers I can reveal we did visit Sancerre to day, and bought some bottles;-)) We did also visit the enormous Cathedral in Bourges.
On Saturday we will go all the way to Vence, just 30 minutes outside Nice.

For ABC members, I'll post the ABC-V as soon as I have fixed my photo uploading problems.
You'll find out when I start to comment.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Papa goes on Vacation - report 2 - The Pirat Traveller

Here is the Pirate Tourist in blood and flesh:
We are still in Nancy, the Capital of the former Dukedome of Lorraine.

Papa went crazy to day. He became a Pirate.
Why? Because he went to the Food Market without having a Kitchen on his disposal.

Here are a very few glimpse, hence you know why papa wanted to steal all what he did see.

Oysters from Marennes, western France. Papa has been there several times and bougth several dousins of Oysters directly from the Oyster Farmers

Local "Charcuterie", made at local Farms.

Vegetables, all sorts from local producers.

And look at this - oh, Papa went allmost crazy.
This is only 5% of the different cheeses available at this Market in Nancy.

Much more from Nancy, when back home. You can see, we had a wonderful, Sunny day.

Tomorrow we will go to the middle of France to meet old French friends. 6-7 hours drive.

Stay tuned. I'll be back with short reports whenever I can.
And as said before, excuse me for not commenting very much during our Vacation.

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Papa goes on Vacation - report 1

Hello my dear readers,
as you might know, we are travelling by Car from Norway to South of France.
The Traffic in Europe are heavy and the speed is very high (130-210 km or 80-150 mph). So everybody has wished us a safe drive.

Well, papa drives soft like a Water Lilly.

But, he can not determine who he meet of crazy drivers on Autobahn.
Happy that Kaya could help me when in a wheel Chair after 6 and a half hours on Autobahn. Chocking;-)

Well, at least Kaya knows how to treat his father in law, if ...

.... and Anna as well.

We are now safe and sound in Northern France. In Nancy, where I was a part of a Norwegian Theatre group in 1968. We won the Audience Prize. Hurray. What you see above is the Town Hall during a Sound and Light Show. Place Stanislas.

More to come... so stay tuned.

PS - I don't know when I next time will have internet connection - and for how long - so please excuse me for not commenting - take my posts as short reports.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is for U - Comment in your own Language - dette er for deg, kommenter på ditt eget morsmål.
The Letter U is often used as a prefix both in English and Norwegian.
Mostly in English combined as "Un" like in "Undone" - "ugjort" or "Unfinnished" - "uferdig" or "Undetermined" - "ubesluttet". As you, my dear readers have allready discovered: In English these words starts with "Un" and in Norwegian with a simple "U".
But not all - alle

As Usual I start with:

The Letter “U”
“U,” the fifth and last (in English) of the true vowels, symbolizes collecting.

People wearing this letter in their name are talented enough to do anything they can imagine. Their imagination plays ... read more

The origin od the letter U? Check here.

I'll bring you some examples, before I will be more or less unavailable - utilgjengelige. Or may be unbeatable - uslåelig. haha
It's Vacation time. U know;-))

Let's start in Oslo - This is the old University - universitet - in downtown Oslo. Inside there is fantastic frescos painted by Edvard Munch. I had my Psycho lessons here. In the Aula. Where I also joined several classical music concerts. Before the new Concert Hall in Oslo were finnished.

Turning around from the University, we are still in Oslo. And here you see "Urban" - "urbant" life - liv in the Norwegian Capital.

Before I bring you far away from Norway, I'll show you how some parts of our Summer House (sommerhus) looked like "Unfinnished" - "uferdig". You can't image how steep it us unless been there.

It's about time to bring you, my dear readers, on a journey. The letter " U" ain't easy, "unless - unntatt" you are from USA - USA. Photo taken on July 4, in SW Michigan, Eaux Claire - I had to explain to the locals the name of the Township orginates from French and means Clearwater. I will not comment on their reactions.

It's a long way from USA to South America. Here you see the national Flower of Uruguay - Uruguay. Same colours as is in the country's National Flag.

Norwegians love to walk in the Nature and the Mountains. Maybe it's unexpected that I bring you here?
This tiny village, Uspallata (Mendoza District in Argentina), is where you have to apply for a permission to climb the highest point in the Americas, and the highest Mountain outside Asia.
So now you know where to adress, when thinking about climbing to 6.954 meters, when snow over 7.000 meters.

Continue reading and I'll bring you closer.

Here you see Aconcagua, when we first time did see this Majestic Mountain.
What does this photo have to do with the letter "U"? It's simply unhabitated - ubebodd.
We were there in April. That's not the best time of year. It was blowing and blowing and snowing higher up. So we gave up, even to base camp. Best time of year is early January.

Sometimes we have to admit: It's better to go "Under - under" than over a Mountain. This photo, scanned from a slide, is the Argentian side of the main road between Argentina and Santiago de Chile. For your information: The old railroad and road have both been destroyde by stone sledges. Caused by Snow and Eartquakes.

You will without doubt find more here at ABC – in Words and Photos – ABC i ord og bilder. The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt from Yorkshire in England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norabway Click on this Link - lenke to see more fascinating ABC-U

PS. We will be on Vacation for some weeks. I'll try to comment and post whenever I have an Internet connection. Cat-sitters are in place, when we visit Family and Friends south of Norway.
You are wellcome to visit my travel blog

To my Norwegian bloger friends - til mine norske blogvenner:
Heisann, du må gjerne følge oss på reise fra Norge ned til Middelhavet.
Skal skrive underveis.
Kattene våre har det bra. Også kattungene.
Kjenner du noen som vil ha slike gode katter, så si i fra

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

COT - July 21, 2009 - Kittens

Felicia gave Birth last Friday.
It startet around midnight.
Number one arrived around 2 am.
She struggeled for around 17 hours.
This time you can click on each photo to enlarge)

Feets first. We helped Felicia. But in vain.

Dead. Wrong way out. Besides too large for a first time Birth.
No Tail. You See?
Summary before more photos:
At 4 am #2 arrived.
Healthy. Great.
At 4:30 am #3 arrived

Papa went to bed.

Her is # 2 and 3. The Black one is #2.

At 8.00 am # 4 arrived.
Proud mama Felicia

Here you see the 3 living when papa wake up.
Mama Felicia was very hungry and was away eating for a short while.

At 4:45 pm # 5 arrived. Papa did not want to disturb the new Cat Family, so this is what he was allowed to publish.

Result: 4 living kittens. They seems to be very healty.

I would have liked to post more from this very special event.
You see, we have waited many years tho give Felicia and Rosa the opportunity
to have kittens. Last year was in vain.
This year, Felicia succeeded. We are very happy she did.
Rosa still struggles.
Besides, we are going on Vacation.
So what to do?
Planning is one side of the challenge.
The other is what's best for the Cats.

The result will be:
Felicia and her 4 kittens will stay with Sylvi - indoor. While we are away.

Rosa and Stompa (Sylvi's Cat) will stay in the Summerhouse
with Cat-sitters, who will live here, when we are on Vacation. Here they are Tuesday Evening.

We think this is the best and safest result for both the Cats and people.

I hope you, my dear reader, understand, this situation has caused us
some logistic challenges. When talking about the Cats.
Our Garden, travel logistics, and my work, my daughter's pregancy, well,
you might understand papa have had not much time to post or comment.

Felicia and her 4 Kittens will be transported from our Summerhome
on Wednesday to Sylvi.
While we are on Vacation: No Photos of the Kittens. Sorry.
(May be I will take and post some photos from the Move of Felicia and her Kittens from Summer Home to Sylvi, during our Vacation).

More Cats here at Gattinas.

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Friday, July 17, 2009


New ABC week.

And T is the challenge.
Bare kommenter på ditt eget
språk. Der er tillatt.
Easy, if not for the fact...... Both happiness and Tragic - tragisk. It's about my Cat.
That's why I post much later than n
ormal. I'm not able to be at two- to places
at the same Time - tid.
Click here to see the kittens

Same object in both English and Norwegian -
beginning with the letter T.

As usual, I start with the meaning or origin of the letter in question:

For all of us, with the letter T in our names, me included:

T” represents development.
Bustle and activity motivate this letter. Persons having this letter in their name tend to be restless. They need to keep --- read more I must read more;-)))

I have tons of photos that can visualize T's. But not here in the Summerhouse.
You are obviesouly reliefed by that fact;-))
Thanks - Takk

let's start this weekend T- Tour -tur with a

Tango - here from Boca district of Buenos Aires, Argentina

And it is a very long way from Buenos Aires to the famous Taj Mahal, in Agra, India.

Well, when we are around on this small planet, let's go here:

Teotihuacan. Once the largest cities in the World - before the Europeans arrived to the Americas. Please read, when you have time - tid

From Taj Mahal to
Tullips - tulipaner in a Norwegian Spring - is as well a long trip.
Tulips are orginated from
Turkey - Tyrkia - But in Europe most known from the song: Tulips from Amsterdam.

This is also a way of travel:
Train - tog. Heref rom Nice in Southern France

Some simple facts:

Ten + two = Twelve ; Norwegian: Ti + to = tolv
Tomatoes - tomater - where? Summerhouse - of course

And now:
Telecommunication Tower - telekommunikasjonstårn. Tryvannstårnet.
Oslo, Capital of Norway.

And from Oslo, we go 500 km North to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral - the main Church in the Nordics during Middle Age.
Let's cross centuries and oceans again:

One of the most mysterious places on Earth: Teotihuacan, about 45 km north of Mexico DF.
By the way, did you know that Oslo, Capital of Norway, is also called: Tiger Staden - Tiger City.
you can see the Tiger just outside Oslo Central Station)

And as usual, let me end this post with something most of us do have a a positive memory of:

Teddy Bears - teddybjørner

You will without doubt find more here at ABC – in Words and Photos – ABC i ord og bilder. The original ABC challenge derived from Denise Nesbitt from Yorkshire in England and Petunia brought the challenge to Norabway Click on this Link - lenke t
o see more fascinating ABC-T

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Kittens - short message - ABC - T will be delayed

This Night around 2 AM Felicia had her first kittten:
Dead by Birth. Tradic - tragisk
Around 4 am: Her second
4:45 am Papa goes to bed
There might be more kittens

At 3 pm Felicia got her 5. Kitten. The 4 last are well alive.

Photos to be posted.

Papa is a very emotional.
Felicia's first baby was simply to big. And besides: Feet first. A Tradegy - tragedie

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Woman at work - or was it a Skinny Dip or Dinner?

To day Anna and Sylvi went to the Shop, walking. It's about 30 minutes.

On their way back, they went to the Beach. Nobody else around. Did they then wear Bikinis or swimming suits? Papa was not there, but I can confirm there were no wet swimming equipments when they arrived the Summerhouse some minutes after their Bath;-))

Well, Dinner had to be prepared.

Simple as you see. But nothing artificial. hmmm?

Here they are with Red Wine from Medoc, anno 1995. Gift from Ingelin's father in law.

The Bottle more detailed

Mixed Grill

Baked Potatoe - with Garlic and civettes from the Garden

Result. All veggies and Herbs from the Garden. At 60 degrees North.
And Felicia - she is staying close to us. Here she is on the Roof.
Does Cats manipulate Humans or vica versa? Click for an answere
Kittens can arrive every moment now. Yeah, papa has felt it's live and lively - miooooh

So stay tuned for the news-----

On TORsday, papa will be at work 150 km's away (95 miles), but the "Girls" will guard the Summer Castle;-))

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