Saturday, June 30, 2007

PHOTO HUNTERS June 30- 2007

Hi, ain't you sweet baby.
I just fell in love with this sweet bear in Saint Joseph. MI, last Summer. WE met on the street. I think we are still in love;))

Looking for more sweet pictures? Start here

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Friday, June 29, 2007

TORsdag - on Friday

Welcome - a short fiord cruise in Oslo

Friday morning it is. But TORsdag I was here. On a private cruise. Inner Oslofjord. I'll give you a wordless story. Pictures only. An evening from downtown Oslo and some short minutes away. We went south-west of downtown.. That's all: Oslo, Norway.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - June 20 - 2007

Please join all the other Wordless Wednesday participants here.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cats on Tuesday June 26-07

No cats. They are at work. Hunting is their metier.
Until 5:17 AM. Felicia slightly waked me up.
Just a whisper of a sound. A softly sweeeesh. A breath. But I knew she was here. Grief.
Felicia. Favourite place. I touched her. No reaction - but breathing. New touch. No reaction - but breathing. At last - she's alive.
Then I had to leave for work at 7:15 am

Rosa's jump's are more "clear". i.e . I can feel it. But last night she slept in the other house with Anna.
Yes - that's how it's is. Anna have started her Summer Vacation (Teacher) - I have not. And I do not want to wake up her up too early the first days in her long awaited and deserved Vacation. Besides, she can watch her fab Agatha Christie TV and other Crime series in the late evenings. I can blog.

This Tuesday:

First "Guest". Peder or Peter Fur - Who else, by the way?
Next: Rosa - Fav dryfood

And; Felicia where are you? Pollock served. Feliiiciiiaaa. Diiiiner. Pooolooock.

No reaction. We looked for her. In the Hills. Can you see her? No. Not a sound. Not even from the birds. They allways alarms when it's a cat nearby.

Suddenly. See. She is too fast for me. When she jumps up on the roof. From the top of the Rock. You might got a glimpse of her back feets.
Well - she is a she-cat. When laying like this - LOL. Can it be something else than a predators weapon?

OK, gato pueblos - this is all for now - we are out again. Hunting. And you are very well welcome to hunt for more Cats On Tuesdays at Gattinas.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Papa goes shopping - in the Blue

The Day after Mid Summer Evening Anna and Sylvi just wanted to sit down and enjoy the Sunshine.
Papa had to go shopping. Not a regular shopping. But the most important shopping of the year.

Approaching the Shop.

No neon. No big words.

Beautiful surroundings.

Guess what’s inside.

After shopping – a coastal walk.

Still water after the rainfall. Forms a pictogram on the rock.

Shopping on the Farm was step two. But, what’s this? A woodbird...

Here is what I had to buy – the most important object of the Year.

New Teddy with all brothers and sisters.

Here is what papa bought at the Farm. Best bread in the World.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007


I advice you to enlarge - to see the little boy kicking the water and better view of the girls mirroring.
What a challenge: Shiny. Think about it. I'm sure you would have at least 15 different choices of what it means for you. Therefore you have to visit all other "shiny" Photo Hunters this week. This picture is shiny for many reasons. You need not to mention more than two of them. If you can't - you can say: Well - it's a typical Kodak or you can say I like the dogs or I like .... the shiny reflexions, the shiny ... come on.. say it
PS. See that woman in red? She refused to move away! Can you believe it. I had to deal with her the whole evening. Even the morning after. She must be a real Wannabe;D - Scary.LOL:

After all, I care for you. You Too;)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

TORsdag 13 – June 21-2007

This time I got a TT for free. It just happened, what have not happened for many years here at the Summer House: Power Outlet.

At least the Pollock for Rosa and Felicia was well prepared before it happend.
Rosa was very angry at her father – Peter Fur. She screamed him away. What a noise. Like she told her father to at last be adult and fix his own life instead of stealing food from his own daughter.
I was down in the garden, when returning – Radio dead – no lights. Hmmm. I called my power supplyer. Power Outlet. Maintenance engineers searching for the cause.

Here it is – the TT when Power Outlet:

1) No modem for Internet (Roaar – grrrrr)
2) No Cellphone charger (battery will still last until Saturday)
3) No Lights or Heating (don’t think needed at the moment)
4) No Washing Machine (grrr)
5) No TV (hehehe)
6) No standard Music Player (well, have music on my PC)
7) No standard Radio ( no batteries)
8) No electric garden equipment (we have only a wood saw)
9) Yes, my Cellphone still works (hehehe – se 2)
10) Yes, we have hot water (gas)
11) Yes, to water the garden (which is really needed) and get rid of goatweed (5 feet high)
12) Yes, to talk with the cats
13) Yes, I can write this post with my ThinkPad

Hope to make dinner, without barbecue. Result: Picture to the right.
As you may have understood (sure you have) this is written Wednesday afternoon. No chance to comment on WW- entries then.
Anna was occupied with the “End of the School Year Party” – grade 5-7 – performing for parents. She stayed in our Winter Home last night. I had to feed the Cats. In the Summer Houses. I put on my noiseguard with build in radio.

This is written outdoor.
Marvellous feeling. Happy TT.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - June 20 - 2007

Visit other Wordless Wednesday participants here.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cats on Tuesday June 19-07

Rosa and Felicia have a wonderful outdoor life these days - except when it rains. Then they stay indoor.

Felicia loves to stay on the Roofs. Then she has full control with what's going on on her terrain. Click to enlarge - and you'll see her. (Yes, we have work to do here during the Summer)

When we arrive from work, sometimes Rosa comes down the Path to meet us. While Felicia often lay inside by the Window. If she is not by the Window - well, then she most often is on the roof. She jumps from the rock to the left here. I would like to see a human doing the same.

I still have not been fast enough to capture her with my camera when she jumps up on the roof. She is incredible rapid. And me ditto slow.LOL.

Rosa loves to curl around on the Platform. She want Pollock.

They have started their hunting season - and occasionly they bring us the result. They do that to feed us - since we feed them all winter long. That's only fair. Sometimes we have to tell them they must kill the mouse before bringing it into the house. Then they wake up and do what cats are for: (at least a Manx) Kill mice. As they did for the old Egyptian and on ships in the earlier days. And for Farmers to day. At least some Farmers. And everybody else.

More Cats on Tuesday at Gattinas.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend – friends – Summer

This weekend was in a way dedicated N and A-L. A-L is in fact Anna’s maid of honor. Well there is a long time ago – you my regular reader do know Anna and I are going down to the Silver Country – Argentina in December this year for our Silver Wedding.

Back to reality. They came her Saturday – Sunshine 24 C – shrimps and white wine---

Then Fondue – what a surprise – no barbecue – but fondue.

PS. Planning ahead here at 60 degrees north, without taking the latitude into consideration – that’s #¤””#¤&. This evening we were lucky.

Well it was a very good dinner. Elk was the main ingredient. + + +

Salad, coffee avec - Open fire - a memorable evening.

Sunday morning – well party over. Raining and a temperature drop down to 12 C. You can see the difference.

PS. Tried to upload this Sunday. But in vain. So I brought my PC to our Winterhome for the work to be done.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

TORsdag - June 14 - 2007

Crusie 'n Sky into OsloIf you are not able to find out 13 things to do on a cruiseliner - stay at Home - I will not tell you;))
But you can see other TTT's.
PS. My regular readers should know it took 27 minutes to upload this picture. That's why I'm a bad commenter for the time beeing. Maybe I should concentrate on commenting instead of posting? What do you think?

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Wordless Wednesday - June 13 - 2007

Please visit and comment the exciting world of Wordless Wednesday contributors. Bring your own picture that tells a story by itself.

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