Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 31 – 2007 – hallo out there

Dear regular readers (new readers as well) - what here follows is for strong hearts only.
Whatever reaction you may have, is your own responsability. Do not blame the writer.
Everything you read and see of photos (all taken on Wednesday, October 31 in the Year of 2007) is pure original. And is not to be used without the owner of his written permission. Otherwise I have to come and visit you for free. I do believe this will prevent you from any attempt to copy any material from the following.
I do record every single visitor, even spammers- do not visit without giving an honest comment
Scroll down if you accept and agree to by free will - not to by any circumstances accuse me for harming you.

October 31 - 2007 - Oslo South

A report from The All Saints Evening - In some English spooking Cultures named Halloween - from Oslo (Norway -part of Europe)

It’s nothing extraordinary this Wednesday – not at all. We eat, as usual some bloody dinner, dressed like always in the few hours we had for ourselves before and after dinner. In the dark season here up North. In the dark – we see “things” – understand.? Yezz – we do. Do You?

This is Annaween during a normal winter dinner. You can see she is having a bloody meal. In a design Kitchen thereafter.

And Papa as well. Can you see how like we are?
Silver Wedding around the corner.
PS. We have new Passeports - Occupation/Profession: Halloweenists - We tried: Bloggers, but sorry - not accepted.
And here? This is papa - after dessert. He need a haircut, more than blood. No doubt. But, when in a small shop - haha - everything is for free.

Then we looked at our pepper (paprika) and Tomato plants fromoutside in. Again the same: Green-wees. That’s just normal. This time of year. We see “things”.

Suddenly the door bell ranged – we opened – outside some youngsters – 4 of them. – the 2 oldest ran away scared. I do not understand why. The two smallest stood there and asked for trick’n treat. I gave the some Nuts and some sweets. Then they vanished.

I put on my frock and went out. To tell them it’s more. I got a capture before they ran away

I went to the Litter "house". Then I met those beasts. Of horror – kids or something wicked? I see two - what's up? It might be more around here...

A minute later these came along. What’s going on a Wednesday evening here in our silent and proper Neighbourhood? Three more kids wicked?
Then I ran back home - and ... noooo - Airyween

Ran out to the Veranda --- please - a Verandaween (OK in Summertime - *giggles*)
Then - what else butt jumping down to bed and cover my eyes and ass. What did I see? A Beduiween.

Then I ran out again to our Living Room - Floodlighted - then what? Catoweens?
Alcooweens? What a Nightmare. Need a helpoween pill. The weens are all over.

Bloggoween is my best medicine: Please release me - I need help. pls blogger friends - what are your here for - Heeeeeeeelp

I did not know until I read this
frightening blog. From witch hehe U' bbr will have access to more hrhhr grrr arrh horrorweens. (It's a very cold breeze blowing in the room--- strange sounds - brrr I'm freezing..)

Ahh rgr - bloody hunters and Nightmares around: the next click U do is 4 for more bloggoweens.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cats on Tuesday - Oct 30 - 2007

Felicia and Rosa held a low profile during the Halloween party last Saturday. They did not think it was that fun. The only thing they found acceptable was the red, fresh meat.

On Sunday, when their humans and guests seemed to behave normal again - the come out from their hiding places - even though Sunday is pill-day.

Felicia thought she should comfort Renny. He must have been scared last night, she figured out. Or was it opposite? Renny is, by the way, one of the few "strangers" Felicia accept.

Rosa found a more hidden place - and closed her eyes due to all the mess around. But had to look at the Photographer.

Then, at 5 pm they come into the kitchen - looked at the wall clock and then at us. No pollock - it's 6 pm. Oh, yes, We are back to normal sun time again.

Gattina will be on Vacation until mid November in the meantime Meanwhile Meeyaux (aka Andrée) is so kind to take Cats on Tuesday over to her blog
Please go there and put your name in Mr. Linky !

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A bloody farwell

He was a good husband. But on Halloween a woman has to do what a woman has to do. My dinner was superb. The best so far.
Ghostly regards from Anna - hehe - I'll bring his parts around.

PS. Who's next?

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hallo Halloween from Oslo

Welcome to RennyBA and TorAa's Halloween Lifecruisers Cyber Halloween party. Join us minute by minute. From Saturday afternoon to Sunday Brunch.
This is from the entry hall
90 minutes later:
More to discover inside during this night of horror....
Wow - this is from the Kitchen
A little relief from the horror
22 minutes later:

This is the result of our appetizer
87 minutes later:

Then we had to eat the "Blood pearls"

Guess who is here? Anna Asks be patient please
23 minutes later...

Next move will be posted within some minutes..
42 minutes later...
Ohhhh screeeeem - what's out on at the veranda

Here you see can see our horror

Who is this Ghost? Send a message.
More to come - if we survive...... tomorrow

I woke
up by a strange noise. What did I see?

In My Chair
more to come - if I survive----

Yezzz - we are still on Planet Earth - Ready for breakfast
Lifecruiser - RennyBA -

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Friday, October 26, 2007

News Flash - Flash - Friday

Yesterday, Ingelin returned to Oslo - with her 2 trunks?
No. Vanished? Stolen? Where is it?
All have been market with EAN/UAC stripe codes. And for every change in movements, they should be scanned - so it can be traced. Point by point where it is, have been and to traced the a single passenger. For security reason.

Does it work? Oh, no. Who will admit a failure? (Ask if for your own trunk can be sent by with the next flight ha ha Oh No then you are suspected terrorist) -That's called security

See here , can you ever believe she would do a failure? Or beeing a terrorist?

Can you believe it: Two heavy weight trunks, from Miami to Oslo without a single tracking? And you can not bring a a soap on your airtrip? Or 12 ml of your personal perfume. And your medicine: Then you need a doctors prescription - if not, it's taken away from you.

She learned what is important. Here she is helping Anna's Mother - 1981
But 2 overloaded valises - on their own hand - ha ha - they happend to show up at Oslo Airport 27 hours later. Could not be on the same flights Ingelin did take. Mystery? Scary - if you ask me.

Family traditions - oh yeah - see Ingelin and her brother preparing for X-mas 2006
Saturday - Ingelin will give her 19/11 B D party to her friends in Oslo. I helped her with carrying home food and beverages. Plus 11 chairs and a Table.
That was my Friday Evening.
PS - after a very long days work - sorry for my English ----

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Ingelin is back in Oslo - luggage ?

A horror story from to day

This is Ingelin at her BD party (11-19) - She felt sooooo old her hair went Grey. And blown up. Party baloon hair? I do not know. I was not there.
But today - on TORsday (of course) - she arrived in Oslo.

1. Ingelin arrived at OSL
2. She waited at OSL for her luggage
3. She still waited
4. No sign of her luggage
5. She asked: Where is my luggage?
6. Answere: WE don't know
7. She took the train "home"
8. She misses her 2 suitcases
9. No cellphone - no PC - in the missed luggage
10. No party costumes, personal cloths, no gifts - nothing only but her clothing suited for Miami
11. She need 11 chairs for her B D party on Saturday - papa fix
12. She needs an additional table for 7 - papa fix
13. Understand? Papa has something to do - but for Ingelin: A pleasure - allways

Have you ever experienced "missing luggage" ? Tell me. OK

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - October 24, 2007

Idyllic? This old picture from Arica, Northern Chile 1997/98 made me think. Here we were unconcerned about how close we were to the Atacama desert. Dryest place on Earth.
In the meanwhile, look at this leaf.

Thus these two stories:

Food and freshwater - Two important projects for Mankind

On travellingspouse’s blog, I read about a very interesting and important project that can help farmers in arid zones increase yields and help smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tropical Legumes Project

ICRISTAT, the International Crops Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics are conducting a research and development project to improve the productivity of legumes.

Read more....

By reading this post, I come to think about another very important project along the same road.

The Great Rivers Partnership

Worldwide water usage has increased six times since the 1900s. That's twice the rate of human population growth. According to the United Nations, nearly half the world's population will experience critical water shortages by the year 2025.

The Nature Conservancy began the Great Rivers Partnership to help protect freshwater resources, transforming the way large river systems are preserved and protected. What impact will construction of a new dam have on the water supply of a town downstream? Will clear-cutting a forest in the upper part of a river's watershed imperil the fish stocks local people depend on for food?

Addressing these questions will help government organizations set policy and management decisions to help conserve the natural environment and benefit residents at the same time. The project will initially focus on three large river systems: the Mississippi River basin in the United States, Brazil's Paraguay-Paraná River system and China's Yangtze River.


From serious matters to something that can be very ghostly: Lifecruisers Halloween 23-31 October - not only Ghost Towns.

Click on the picture to have your own Halloween decor, made by Gattina

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oddly Ghost - Halloween Cats

Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Post
During the Wintertime, when the nights last for 20 hours and the polar wind pierce to the marrow, many spooky things happens. Trolls and Gnomes find their way to human settlements in hunt for food – covered by the dark winter Nights. The Farmers use to bring porridge to the Barns – in order to keep these creatures from the underworld friendly. But in apartment buildings there are no Barns. There is in cellars and air ducts in which strange creatures and sounds often can be heard.

Illustration by Gattina

In December last year, in the high season for Trolls and Gnomes, I went for a nap after dinner.

Tired I lay down on the bed, and was nearly in Dreamland, when the wardrobe Door, suddenly slide aside. The wardrobe goes from floor to ceiling. I could not see or hear a thing. I must have dreamt, I figured out. Trolls and Gnomes do usually make noises. Could it be some new specimens adapted to modern housing? Hmm.Ghost? The former owner?

I rolled over and was half back to Dreamland again, when the wardrobe door slowly closed. What a realistic dream. I could not see or hear a living being and the door closed right in front of my tired eyes. Is it Age or am I about to turn mad? Ghosts do not exist.

Then I fall in deep afternoon sleep. I didn’t even dream. Sure did me well, if it was not for the sudden awakening: Something heavy suddenly hit my stomach and disappeared as a fast shadow out of the sleeping Room. A Ghost? A Ghost that heavy? A Gnom?

No – it was Felicia – oh that adorable cat. Need no alarm clock when taking an afternoon nap when she’s around. She opens the door, peace of cake, climb up to the top – upper shelf, then closes the door again.

PS. This story is a rewriting from a post made in December 2006.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

PHOTO HUNTERS Oct 20 - 2007

Practical - Ultimate

I f you happens to not Z the clue - please Call 00- 134 - 987- 65 and ask for this extencion: I N G E L I N
-ps you must say: It is the practictal way as teached when men were men.
Hua uu- whats U talking about?
Not the Emergency - not me. Can't you see my practical remedy? CALL NOw.

PS. IT is very important that you are aware of the SEieuze of the LEtteras and how it is wru\tten. It is a secret Blue Smock entrence to see mooore.

If you are about 19-11 of age now - well - since it's practically weeekend - then, show me - tell me - Are you a person that can handle - I mean - over a cup of
Water or do you prefere Bach and Candle Lights - and some Wine ...

What is the secret code?

Don't be Angry with me: The code: A PRACTICAL joke (silly me - my native language is not English)

If in doubt - try this

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Friday Fun - October 19 - 2007

Hello, It's Friday again.

During the last week I was offered a Rolex Replica from A.Lange & Sohne Watches. The offer arrived as an e-mail. I did not open it. It was dated Saturday, January 1 - 1972.

Another offering was sent by somebody named: Enjoyable. The offer was: Excitement. It was dated Friday, December 31 - 1971
Spam can be fun. Ha-ha 1971 and 1972.
I'm not very much into US Politics. But, as far as I know, these JibJab's might be funny. It's two different views:
The Night of the Livings Dems:

The Night of the Living Reps:

Have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A change of life Cats on Tuesday Oct 16


Mieew - Autumn -Fall - lot's of mices - temptations for Cats... (phhuuu)

We left from what you see below -in cadges . Miooooow . Our 2 legs: Did they observe all all our fresh meat down there. Mices and Snakes and grande insects. Miaaahaha , they brought some ill-smelling sprays - uukucch - can't be good for nature - (we have teached them to use organic) By the Way: We like the view. See:

Rosa - just before one of her last catch this year:
Rosa: See me? Not that easy. Hurray. That's how I'm.

I did have a wonderful outdoorlife for 5 months + 1 week this year.. My 2-legs were away from time to time. In the meantime: Good, wellknown friends and family of our 2-legs parents allways taken good care of - you know
My mother lived here for many years. I miss her. She was killed by a car. I will never go down to the main road --- again.

Felicia: Thanks for a new year with a great experience as a free to do predadator. I know most humans do think I'm to perfect to be adored. I'm not "sweet" enough".
Then "Felicia and Rosa" said: Who is this male? Peder Fur, he is, so said I
Hehe - the view from our Winterhome when we moved back early October. Some weeks before it was worse. But's that's for the better - we hope

Felicia is very strickt about changes. She knows it, before I even start to schedule weeks the exact day and time. That is the thruth.

Felicia allways come back every night only a human head away from where you where born. That day - when you were born, papa was accidently really sick and had to stay ïn bed. (for my regular readers and blogger friends . Yeah - and she (Felicia) -she so "marks"this fact --- miieeew - puuuhhrr)

Miawwh. I mieih no more . Questwue celakø mieqa dn NOOON. (Cats can express in a way I admire.
Reality - coming back from Summerhouse- this is only PART of what we had stored after moving -hahaha- what was - .
Anna says: Ok we are here again

F: OK - Funny to be back again? I do know the very best food allways drop under my 2-legs party table. Grrr -frrrr-stay a way

Felicia: I wish you all the very best. I can be a little jumpy inbetween, but after a while , I can be a trustful friend. Felicia says so ( Ok -U see mee, but T said never to reveal where)

On top - first time since April (Felicia)

On the floor - where is the doggie bag? mieaaahhha . dogs

View My old scratch scratch --- My history - Felicica puuureed

Look at the charming Rosa - she's pretending to be a carpenter

What - puurr puur , I lay down where I want


Rosa and Felicia are born at the same day . The last day of October 2003. Under my head (and bed -on the floor)n. That Monday I had a flue a strong, that hindered me to walk 15 minutes to my Office. Their Mother Sali, got 6 kittens.We kept 2. Rosa, which birth I did observed - and the 4 next to come as well. Then I fell asleep. Anna, when arriving from work in the late afternoon, told me there were one more. That Cat, Felicica, has thereafter been a special friend for me. Mutual.

PS. third time I do to try posting this.IE have giving so many .... I say no more

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