Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday August 31 - 2007 -

One year of blogging

My first blog was posted on August 31 in 2006. For a very simple reason. One year after I may say: I do not regret this step into the Cyber World at all. Never have I met so many interesting and genuine people from all over the Globe in such a short time. I’m overwhelmed by all the nice, wise, cheerful, interesting and witty comments given to my posts during this year. And all the fun I’ve been so lucky to take part in. I’ve done 272 posts in my first year. And received several thousands comments.

During this first year Anna, my wife, and I have had the pleasure to meet in blood and flesh two of my blogger friends, with their respective “better half”, RennyBA and Mrs Lifecruiser.
They are all unique persons and personalities. You can read about our meetings in several of my posts.

On this occasion, it is very hard to highlight some specific comments or blogs I’ve read.
Butt, I do think Mrs Lifecruiser’s idea of Cyber Cruise is worth a special gift – A x-mas card – a real one stamped from Santa’s Post Office in Dröbak. The Cyber Cruise – still going on has been very serious, informative, creative, high quality and at the same time: Fun, fun and fun. My anniversary gift to all Cuber Cruisers and readers: I plan to post from Buenos Aires/Argentina – and from Holland and Riga –
later this year- Have to go there, before posting, right?)).

I still have two more x-mas cards, with the stamp from Santa’s Post Office. When in the Office, I asked for one stamp for Norway, one for Europe and one for The World. Well,
as the first one goes to Sweden (Europe), then there is one for Norway, and one for the World left. So how to choose? I did not think twice. I made a simple decision:

Go back from my first post. Then look for the first comment from Norway and the first from the World.
Guess what? The result was revealed in my debut post:
Here it is: RennyBA – Norway and Expat Traveler – The World and Vancouver, Canada.
You know, our Cats have been frequent readers of Gattina's Cats on Tuesday, and they ponder out a special prize for her. (Shhh - a secret: Gattina and I have a date when we are 80 - if not before).
Next time I need other criteria for premiums. Maybe: animals, flowers, history, wildlife, architecture, sport, family, friends, kids, nature, boats, literature, movies, leisure, food, macro, daily life …. I write all the themes on a sheet of paper, put them in a Jar, and ask Anna to pick up 3 themes. For each theme there will be blogger names, also to be picked from different, smaller jars. Let’s see if it’s gonna be you next time.

Thank you all for a wonderful year - it's been like a never ending Samba. So do it then;))

PS. The winners will receive their cards in their respective snail-mail boxes.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

TORs - August 30 - My last post

Dear readers,

the headline is correct.
This is my last post.
Sorry. I'm fond of you all.
It's been a blast.
But time changes.
I have been a blogger for one year Friday August 31.
Everything has an end.
I'm not able to change that.
My last story is from our Canoe tour last Saturday.
In the Wilderness and the sound of Nature and the paddles.

1) Friday, August 24 - 2007 - Norway, South East:

Radio/TV/Internet: Weatherforcast for Saturday, August 25: Variable - may be showers, may be Sunny, may be windy, may be chilly, maybe maybe maybe...

2) Still Friday early evening:
To cold to sit out at the Platform.

We lit up the fireplace - old newspapers and wood. Cold and humid. At least we tried to have a pleasant time in front of our tiny fireplace. But fire? No, only smoke. You know, not up into the chimney - but directly down and into our small "livingroom". Smokealarm - piiiiiip .

At least the 3 of them worked according to product descriptions. Not bad. But it's a hell for your ears to stop that noise ----

3) August 25 - Saturday:

4) 6 am: Sunny - 14 C

5) 7 am: Sunny - 15 C - some wind

6) 8 am: Sunny - 15 C - still windy

7) 9 am: Sunny - temp? We slept again


8) b11 am: Sunny - 20 C - hmm - what to do?

9) 12 am: Sunny - 20 C - Brunch

10) 12:30 am: Sunny: 20C - Canoe on top of the Car

11) 1:30 pm: 20 C - changing wind directions - Started canoeing in the wilderness - on the Lakes

Then: 4 hours completly incorporated with the nature. Only the sounds of birds, some amphiums - queck-queck, insects, jumping fishes - splash, a moose, flowers, waterfalls, wild blueberies, partridgeberries, cloudberries, crowberies, windsounds from the leafes of the different trees.....

12) and a beach for our own - skinny dipping - *giggles*

13) 6 pm: Shopping - the tiny grocery store did not have our cats fav's

13.5) 6:30 pm: 17 C - Time for Cat feeding and some moister lotion

That was the end of my year as a blogger.

Please enjoy our tour into to unknown:

Here you can see Anna's Croc - to the left. But where is Anna?

In the Lake of course. To cold for me to swim. Besides, if we both were in the water at the same time; who could take this photo?

Anna, prepared for the return to "civilisation":

Returning over the lower lake. Can you feel the silence and the sound of nature?

Well, this was my last post in my first year as a blogger. Goodbye.

PS. See you in my second year as a blogger, I hope. Starting August 31-2007

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - August 29 - 2007

Parc Forestal - Santiago de Chile - 1995 (scanned from slide)

Visit more WW entries
PS. I've opened a new blog this evening: Spammers Pillroy - pls bomb them.
On Friday, August 31 - 2007: One year since I started blogging. Hurra - Surprises?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cats on Tuesday August 28-07

Of Cats and Kids

Sometimes I wonder how it is to be a domestic cat. Nowadays, I mean. Not until recently when there allways was one two-legged slave around. But today. When the slaves leaves at 7 am and do not return until 6 pm.



Morning rituale, seen from a cat:
-- here
- your breakfast.
- Eat it fast. -- slurrp, coffee. (hope she leaves some milk for me, says Felicia)
- We have to leave. Hurry up
- You must stay outside. (no, says Rosa - I will stay here, in front of the Fireplace)
- There is some food in the other house, you know.
- hey - hey - we must leave NOW
- Stress or selfish - hmm - those two-legs are really weird, the cats think

Stompa - he has been here since July 6
No matter what the weather is - out you go. OK, I can bring your down to the other house... With some lunch. OK?

Amazingly, when the slaves returns from work - they are running down towards "them" and even greeting with joy. Mieew. We know the sound of your car. may we play? No - dinner.

Rosa looks down at her father - what's he up to but begging for food - as usual
Then the stress starts again. Cats and two-legs want dinner - at the same time.

Peder can't wait for dinner - and Anna, well, you see how that ends

Just like two-legs kids everyday - nowadays.
But what a heaven, when they all relaxe - purr purr and cozy cozy.
More good stories and wondeful pictures here at Gattina

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Boats on Mondays

We did a walk around in Oslo Harbour with our Dutch friends some weeks ago.

Suddenly we came across this boat. Have you ever seen a boat with such shapes and forms and wings? You can read about the Earthrace here. They have a biodiesel engine and they will try to go around the world in 65 days.

For the time beeing the boat is on a promotion tour in Europe. If you want, you can enter the boat, for a certain amount of Money. You can follow where it is on it's promo-tour on it's homepage.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Photo Hunters - August 25 - 2007

We have some traditions in our family that makes 4 generations very HAPPY.

Here is a representative of this tradition. Yezz, we were all around around the table - making traditional Norwegian X-Mas cakes. And you can all see how this tradition goes from generation to generation. With joy and happiness. You should know how proud my Mother (88) was, when we told and showed the photos of Seb making cookies for her. Nearly teardropping.
My mother is 82 years older than Seb. They play well together, when togethered.
That's my contribution to HAPPY

PHOTOHUNTERS - what's that?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wordless Wednesday August 22 - 2007

Here you can buy and have designed wood details in all forms and shapes.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cats on Tuesday August 21-07

Stompa is still here. Solvi had her knee operated to day, which means it is better he stays with his cousins. Though he is still shy. When serving dinner, well that's a "show". Stompa is running in and out. He is hungry, but even a slight movement or noise makes him run out. What to do then? Serve dinner outside - when it's not raining. Here you see the three of them. From left: Rosa, Stompa and Felicia.

More wonderul Cats at Gattinas.

PS. I'm about to give up my frustrating internet connection from our Summerhouse. That's why I've been an unpolitely commenter lately. Not much time at work, but job.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Boats on Monday

Small boats used by local fishermen at Gotland, Sweden, in the Baltic seas. Small boats like these and simular types have been used in the Nordic countries for centries. If you look closely, you might recognize the shape from the Viking Ships.

Boats on Mondays --- why not?Just present ONE photo. And tell with some short words - ---
Mar was first out this week.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

It took me 36 hours to post this photo - due to my internet connection. This is Anna and a huge Cactus in Northern Chile ) on the road between Arica at the Pacific Coast in Chile to La Paz in Bolivia.
--- an exeptional contrast--- to what we adored higher up.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Cybercruise - Dröbak - Southern Norway

A Journey out of the normal tourist path
We do not know exactly what the name Dröbak means. Most probably it is related to the Norwegian words, ‘Dröye bakker’ which literally means, long lasting hills, or hills that goes on forever, and in Dröbak there are many such hills.

If you really want to experience something different and excotic - then take your time to read a look. What is shown and written here is only a tenth of what this tiny Village/town offers of differences - Culture, Museums, History, Art, Entertainment, Music, Restaurants, Outdoor activities, Architecure, Beaches, Historical Monuments, Festivals and even Santa all year round

Why then go to Dröbak? A small town situated where the Oslo fjord is at he it's narrowst. Because our Captain Lifecruiser once have been there? Because I've been there? Because my grandma grew up there? No- no - no. Be patient.
This is the first warning you got:

If in doubt - yes - it is a warning Santa Claus is here. Let's find him. OK?
The hungry Captain asked for a short stop - at this small outdoor café. Long way down the endless hills you know. Hunger, she said, Stop.

Then, we continued walking - we had been warned: Santa is around...

What's written here? Welcome to the X-Mas House. Hmmm?

During Summer we refused to enter - only had a secret look.
I'm hungry, the Captain claimed - You know I've been in Dröbak before. Lets go here:

Yes, of course - it's just the neighbouring house - we went inside. Down to the Cellar Restaurant.
Had a wonderful early, but tiny lunch. And some refreshements.

Food gives courage to swallow more work and culture - remember we are walking. No tourist mini-trains or Rickshaws - only your own walking features. We would head for Santa's own Post Office. We aske for the direction

Butt, there was only one to ask, and he was very - not to say: stoned fishy - occupied. He gave us a hint, though....
Can it be here? Let's give it a try
Inside - what's there butt an old traditional Norse postman. (The one that looks like a Polar Bear)

I'm hungry - who else but our Captain gasped . . .
Well, it's time for lunch. Let's got to the "Jungletelegraph"

- What, I'm hungry %¤¤¤W#)?)&%.
- Listen, this is the old Telegraph building
- gggr, listen: I'm hungry
- Relaxe. You can have whatever you want here
- gggr I only want food
- .. in addition to food - the local jungle telegraph

After the Jungletelegraph and the giant elephant, or what ever we ate, we needed some excercise. Let's go down to the Sea - to the Oslofjord-
You, my reader - need a little pause - it's going to be more - close your eyes and feel the *sniff-sniff* from the Roses - and enjoy the "Stakitt fences".

First we headed towards the Main Street - We went in the wrong direction - hmmm - Might be we had a glimpse of Pink Elephants - *giggles*
Then down a small street
Oh, is it down here?
or down here?
Let's sit down and plan, while the hungry Captain can sit alone under the apple trees with her apple pie with cream and the first smell of salt sea. + +
Then suddenly - a harbour
Boats - close ups - wow - Fishing - rowing - or just a transport to a hidden Beach?
Who else but our Captain, once again, what can it be, is she a Cat or Dog - I'm hungry--- Then; I figured out, let's bring our Captain to a place that will keep her away fro hunger for a while:

The Worlds only Lutefisk Museum- Crazy Norse
OK, Captain - you need some more - (the hungry) more. We can have short visit here. *giggles* My fav spot of course.
The mermaids. I love them. Swim together with them and guinnc - qiunk and shhhs - with them.
I was obviously a suspect person of behaviour - See - the Coast Geard came and left. I'm was not aboard - had to think about our Captain - as youngman, you know.

The Mermaids use to serve me Fish here. Don't be jealouse when I say. Best servants a man can dream of.
Excuse me Captain - I can understand you went to Mono, when I had my time with the Mermaids.
OK Folks - Captain and Crew need some solitude.
Learn more about Dröbak - It's more than you can imagine.

Did you know that a 100 years ago, they (Dröbak) shipped more than 100.000 tons (metric) of natural ice to UK, Holland an other North Sea countries? That was before the time of fridges and freezers. They also exported timber, used for among others to the Dikes in Holland. And it was the Winter Harbour for the Capital of Norway (Oslo) - as the inner part of the fjord in earlier years were frozen for several months. The small town was considered a suburb to Oslo. Walk the memory lane here in English.

Hallo - nothing here from my grandmas house - nothing from the unique architecture; or from the dramatic WW II - etc. (The Nazi invation was postponed from here with the result the King and his family could escape - but about 1000 soldiers/mariners drowned in the cold seawater in the very early morning of April 9, 1940 - The navyship Blücher is still on the bottom of the fiord)

We are on a cruise. Thanks to Captain Lifecruiser.

It's a charming small town, with pittoresque wooden houses, special roof architecture, art galleries, pubs, cafes, restaurants, aquarium, lutefish museum, boats upon boats, beaches, parks, blues festival, jazz cruises, and the Oscarsborg Fortress with is dramatic history of war, The all year round open Christmas House and Santa Post Office.

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