Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friends since ages

I have had the honour of meeting  these wonderful women, since before they were teenagers. 
Here they are, a flavour of Ingelins friends, which we have known the past xx  years,
You know, how it is to reveal a woman's age.
 So this will still remain a secret. OK.

Ingelin is #2 from left. Lina is # 3.

If you want to see some pro-photos, taken by Elisabeth - the lady to the left.

May I see U at OSLbg?
Wow - that would be a blast and once in a lifetime experience

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - 2010-01-27

Fed up with Cats - Kittens and Baby Boy?

My regulare readers might have been fed up with cats and kittens and baby boy the past months.
I really understand that fact. So let be honest, my blog post's the past months has been written for my family and close friends not living in Norway.

I must admit, this entry is also very selfish:
My son Ruben should have been 42 on Friday Jan 29. But he died from poisning on May 18th 2008. Here you see him as the passionate and interesting discussion partner he allways were.

More to come...

WW-participants here.

By the Way: Have you ever thought about meeting other blog friends in flesh and blood?
Click here for a chance in your Lifetime to do so. 
Click here to see what bloggers write about this unique event.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Metin Leander 3 Months to Day

Baby Boy Metin Leander is allready 1/4 of a Year Old. He has grown.

Sunday Ingelin and Metin Leander came for a short visit. Mainly for picking up goods that we have store when she worked in Florida and in Hong Kong. Her car was filled up. Anna had knitted a new Sweater (Alpacka Wool)

Next Sunday she will move to Germany with her Baby boy - to Düsseldorf and Kaya; her man.
It means we will not follow Metin Leanders development so closely in the Future.
Even Felicia understood it will be a while until she would see them both next time.

On Saturday, Feb 27, they will return for the Official Naming ceremony, which will take place in Oslo City Hall. Report will come.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What are Friends for?

This is an imperative Question.
I've learned as a blogger since August 31, 2006.
Friends is all around - in different Nations and Cultures around this tiny Planet.
If you are open to see and accept we are from different cultures, climates and traditions.
Build the Bridge so to say.

I've had the honour to meet some of you person to person.

 Like Suzann in Saint Paul
What a great privelege and experience.

 Here is our hosting couple during the once in a life time blogger meeting in Ollioule, Last Summer - Claudie and Pierre.

And here is the Amundsen Family - without kids. First Night together in France 2009.

And who is here but Mr and Mrs Lifecruiser. Having Lunch or was it Brunch?

And even met people who are not bloggers, but we have contact via e-mail.
Face to face.

Our Summer Vacation is a typical example of this last fact

Claude has been a friend since 1967. Here he is in Sancerre - Summer of 2009

Hakon I met first time around 1975. In Oslo. Here with Anna August 2009, Vence, France
And our trip to Holland to celebrate Marjoleins 3x20. Her she is with Wim. They are a very nice couple - and we do love them both. We met first time at Lake Tahoe, California.

We feel privileged to travel around to meet real friends in flesh and blood.

However, there is one person I would love to see and talk too face to face.

Here is the 2010 Calendar she sent us.

Here is her wonderful Sweetie - our X-Mas Calender 2009
So far, it is still a dream - to visit the Old Lady in the Hills..

More to come..
Hope to see as many of you ass possible in Oslo 2010. OsloBG, you know.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

TORsday - It's all about kittens

Dear readers,
it seems my Internet connection is working so far this evening. I cross my fingers.

Many have asked me to give a closer presentation of Felicia's Kittens.
So buckle on and scroll down.

He is the only B & W among the sieblings. Very active and charming and cosy. We call him Mister.

He has no Tail. A real Manx Cat. With long back legs, he is still a bit clumpsy. But you should have seen him when running like a Rabitt. Wow - he is very fast to be 44 Days old.

Mama Felicia is observing her kittens eating behaviour

Hi you, why do you eat only the Jelly? 
Don't you know the price for Cat Food?

mmm - do you want us to go bankerupcy?

As Mother as Daugther - looking the same direction - and remark their patterns

They love to play - here Brother Shorty and Sister Candy.
Why do we call them Shorty and Candy?

He has no Tail - with other words Shorty
Her Tail - looks like a liquorice bar

Hi Brother, what to do next?
- Let's use our clows
- These Humans needs a new Chair and Sofa
- yippi, we do that

And they did.

He is without Tail. She has.

Hmmm - could this be Normal?


This is all for this TORsday.
More to come....
PS. The Kittens will be given new Homes end of February.
Only people with long cathold experiences will be considered.

Do not forget the most important international blogger event in 2010.
Click to meet the Mayor of Oslo


Saturday, January 09, 2010

It is really cold outside here in Oslo

Besides, I must find a new Internet Provider.
Can't live with the fact I never know when to be connected or not.
Since Dec 17 last year, well, I've hardly been online to comment, post or even done my banking transactions.
Sorry for not have been able to comment you all and give you a Happy New Year from us in Norway

Outside my "Computer" Room this Morning.
The Day is about 30 minutes longer than on Dec 21.
Average Temperature in January so far: - 10,8 C (11 F)
The coldest since decades.

PS. My dear reader, I'll come back as commenter asap.
Once in a lifetime chance? Click here.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

It is all about Kittens - or?

Yes, it is for the time beeing---

After 3 week struggling with Modem and Internett connections, well,  what else to present but New Life, Hope and staying positive?

The Kittens  born Dec 1,  are so active we have to separate.

Both Anna and Papa.

And Felicia and her her sister Rosa.

Hence, Felicia's kitten. the Male without a Tail, like his Mother. Real Manx. Very vivid and loving Humans.. We hope we will find the right Humans for him.

The 3 siblings playing with papas feet ( They are strong--- say no more)

She is so alike her Mother, except she has a Tail.

What is this? The Kittens seems to adorePapa's toes. What's about Papa. LOL.

The 3 Kittens are very healthy and livly. Sometimes so lively at Night we have to keep them apart from their Aunt Rosa. i.e. Rosa and Anna sleeps in a separate room.

All people that have some knowledge about Cats, do know how Smart and Clever they are.
They Rule.

OK, my dear blogfriends
You see my Cats really hae taken my mind - besides my Internet connections since Dec 17 last year has been a disaster.

Hve a great 2010.
I promise to come back more frequently - and even to comment


Friday, January 01, 2010

Wellcome 2010