Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where is this? Answer and you can Win 3 Days free Transportation and admittance to Museums etc

This view is known by only those who have been there.

The Woman traveler Teachers from Asia, were there on Saturday, Feb 27 - 2010. They loved Anna's dress. Bought in Hong Kong. So, where are we now?

May we see You in August?

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Kittens got new Owners

Wednesday afternoon I got a SMS:
- My name is G L. Do you still have Kittens?
- Yes, we have two, a female and a male.

Here they are, brother and sister

Then a Phone Call:
- Hi, it's G L. Do you think we can come and have a look at the Kittens this evening? So we can pick up one?
- Well, I replied, we have decided the two Kittens shall live together. How do you live?
- We live in a Villa with a great Garden
- Well, then you can come this evening. But I warn you, we have opened a bottle of Champagne.
We hope the Norwegian Mens Team will win the Cross Country Ski relay in the Olympics.
- That's great, we can then see the finnish when we arrive.

Love at first sight

We had both Champagne and Red Wine from Argentina. Norway won the Gold Medal.
And guess what, the young lady was born in Argentina, and did live there until she was 13.
Hence, we started talking like old friends and had a nice evening before they went home with their two new Family members.
Happy new Cat Owners
We are sure they will give the Kittens a great new Home. We know, because Felicia (Mother Cat) also accepted the new owners very quick and easy, which is not her normal way of behaviour.

PS. On Saturday we will celebrate Metin Leander's Naming Ceremony in Oslo City Hall. More on that later.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vancouver - Canada - Norway

Have you seen the symbol of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC?
 Here you see the original - in Oslo. You can read more here. It was given as a gift from Canada to Norway in 2005.
Read why here

PS. Canada did beat Norway both in Curling and Icehockey yesterday. Congrats to the hosting country.

Update: Tora Berger won the Womens Classic Biathlon to day. That was Norways Gold Medal #100 in the Winter Olympics. 
And Gold and Silver in the Mens Classic Biathlon

My ABC2-V is here 
Last update: 2 Gold Medals to Norwegians on Friday. 
Read more about the Inuksuken at Renny BA's Terella


Papa takes a Winter Olympic pause - from blogging - Vancouver memories

First time I did visit Vancouver BC, was back in 1995.
My daughter, Ingelin and papa, went up north from Portland, Oregon, USA.
We at that time stayed with my Mothers Cousin, Marie (born 1899), and asked her for permission to rent a Car and go up to Vancouver BC, for a 2 two Days trip. We were allowed.
Here is Ingelin. In Portland, OR, back in the mid 1990-ies (repro from a diapositive/slide)
But I think you might like to see some pictures we took back in 2007 - in Vancouver, British Colombia, on the West Coast of Canada.
 Eastern view from Wreck Beach, Just North of the Univeresty (BC)

Vancouver skyline - from a public beach

From False Creek - Downtown side
This photo is taken from the Eastern part of False Creek, Vancouver
This the view from Canada Place in Vancouver. In the Hills back here, it's eastbond, the Olympic Ski Competions are now to take place.
 Vancouver is a green city. Here from the path down to Wreck Beach

 Vancouver is also a Blue City. In many ways, very alike Oslo in Norway. Blue and Green City.
 Vancouver is also a City for Sea Food lovers. Like here at Granville Island
 You, know we Norwegians are pretty crazy about Winter Sports.  We are born that way.

Are Papa happy with the performence by his fellow Norwegians so far?

ha-ha, You see papa, here at Wreck Beack in Vancouver. What a dissaster.
Our next Event will be the Naming Day for Metin Leander , which will take place on Saturday, February 27. 2010. I'll post as soon as possible. 

Do not forget: Participants of OsloBG will have the chance to meet the Mayor of Oslo.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - 2010-02-10

Many of my readers and viewers do find the view from our Summer House in Oslo Fiord very excotic. We too, we simply love this view.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Average Sunset time in Oslo ca  6:32 PM at
Spring and Fall Equinox

More average Photohunters here
What time will we have Sunrise and Sunset on August 18, 2010?
Opening Day of OsloBG.
ABC2 - T is here

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - 2010-02-03

Here in Oslo we have lot's of Snow this Winter. And our kitten Mister, as you see,
he is dreaming of Summer and a Green Spot to relaxe. Here you see him in his indoor Garden. He is a very smart Kitten.

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Papa is thinking practical - about Cats etc

Must be a joke.
A man my age thinking practical?
(You would have killed me if I had refered to my grandparents - at least regarding housekeeping)

It's about a smart way of living with pets, named Cats. i.e. accepting we as humans lives in our Cats home.

You see, Papa is not even abel to have a minute for himself in the Rest Room

They need Food and beverages like we humans. But, Papa is out of Words when seeing how hungry they are

Indoor Cats neets Litter Sand. Heavy to bring home from SuperMarket (Even bad Quality)
People needs Toilet- and cleaning Papers.  Volum, volum.

You might have noticed (in my few posts in the past) we have 3 Kittens right now.
So this is a true story from Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

Cats are eating. The Kittens are very hungry - 2 Months old.

Here you see the result - in plastic bags. After 2 Days. Too cold to deliver outside. (-17 C)

What to do but call our Cat Sand Litter supplier? He allways arrives on time.

When the Door Bell ranged - the Kittens were invinsible. But as soon as the door were closed..

You see, the Kittens, they had to inspect the Quality.

Very acceptable. Alle the 3 Kittens agreed upon that.

Cats on Tuesday

Dear readers:
Where are you going in August this Year?
Meet bloggers from at least 4 Continents.
OsloBG - that's the simple answere
For the "conference fee" - you will receive more than the double in free tickest and admissions to attractions and Museums, even meet the Mayor of Oslo. Free guides and experiences with local bloggers  locals etc. Making friendship.

More to come...

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