Saturday, April 28, 2007

Papa goes shopping and something

What a day. Our moving day. From Winterhome to Summerhome.
Be aware, I'm talking about moving. Change life. From beeing in-side to be living outside. Rosa and Felicia, they do know that change better than us humans. They do.

Felicia inspecting er world
We did not take the step - today. We realized facts. Washing - dish-washing - what to bring for the first days and what not? Still talking about moving. Need a new flat-screen TV. A wireless internet connection. So much to think about. To keep in touch with all of you. 24/7. Allways.

What did papa then do?
Shopping of course. Walking. With his Crocs. Given as a gift from Ingelin. Well, that was also this days exercise. 30 minutes. grrr- I need more....;))
And after the shopping - Shrimps and White Wine on the Balcony - The last this year - memories - but a symbol of change. Now I'm listening to Opera. Before having a Fish-dinner. With Anna.

I really wish you all a wonderful season. Take care and love;))

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trondheim - Norway

Trondheim - Olavsdagene - Norway

As predicted last TORsday, I was in Trondheim last weekend with my blog-friend RennyBA and other friends and collegues in the Norwegian Computer Society - for the Annual meeting 2007. Which is both formal and in-formal.

I met people from all over Norway, from South to North (more than 2000 km or 1300 miles from South to North), both customers, competitors, clients and business partners. I was one of the few rookies. OK
And that was fantastic.
In all facets. Networking. Talking with old friends. Meeting new, for me, people. A very positive experience.

At RennyBA's blog you'll experience our visit to the famous Micro brewerie. You see this happy and giving person to the left at the Micro Brewery Skål..

And again on your left are two, good old friends from the IT and business consulting society. Hi C and J. We had fun and also serious discussions.

Below here I will bring you some short background from the Olsok Olavsfestival
as of course RennyBAwill tell you in his blog about "The Town Walk Sigthseeing" in Trondheim. That means my reader, I'll present the city from the best on and use the the links to learn something you did not now from your parents, schools or MBA.

First picture show the Bishop of Nidaros (The old name for Trondheim).

Then we are in the Archbishops backyard, where they every year arrange a middle age market. And demonstrates old handicraft technics.

It's really fantastic and the atmosphere around is setting you several hundreds of years back in time. Amazing. The pictures below is from the the commom all Christianty Churches the worldv around. A clear message: Peace, love and respect. Whatever religion, race and political preference. It was such a great exceperience. We do remember this event, as it was yesterday. Go there. You need not at all be religious at all - for you learn what's for me and Anna is priority #1: Respect. See for yourself, my dear reader, the pictures.

Saturday, April 28, we will move out to our Summerhome. For the time being, we have no internet connection from there. Please be patient. We work for a permanent connection.

I'll try my best to comment your blogs from work (Office) and do my best to write posts in the summerhouse - then covert it into blogger at work. But time is limit. Hugs to you all;))

From Anna, Rosa, Felicia and Tor

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

25 April 2007 - Wordless Wednesday

Join Wordless Wednesday and see other contributors here.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cats like Rosa and Feliicia

As you my dear readers have observed, I've been here and there for a while.

Who takes then care of Anna?

And when I'm back?
How they express their passion is beyond most humans / mind.
ps. I'm still working about 24/7.

Then let the pictures from this afternoon tell the story. I'm sure you our CAT'S passon, in the spring - will affluent you a bit.
from here at 60 degrees north
PS. Rosa and Felicia loves and understands all comments. Mieeyeah

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Weekend away from home

For the third weekend in a row, I'll be away from home. This time to the City of Trondheim, in mid Norway. To attend The Norwegian Computer Society's Annual Meeting. My blogfriend RennyBA will also be there.
In Trondheim, we do have the only real Cathedral in the Nordics. And hundreds of years ago, the city was the Capital of Norway. Stay tuned. It will probably be more from Côte d'Azur as well. As soon as my workload are under control.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hakon reading Tors ball in France

Tor has a vivid phantasy, or may be he just likes to change a drab view on minor happenings and make them spectacular and worth while by redressing them in a framwork of phantasy,
and if that is true, it shows how life can be recolored from shades of gray to lustruous reds and other hues that provides smiles and even more.

I am not up for a full appreciative comment this morning before I have really become awake, but I congratulate you that read this comment if you discover as I do that Tor is playing with the details of life and redesigning it into adventure, and why shouldn't life be consumed as advenutre if this makes it possible to laugh when others just wait fore something better to happen!

What is Hakon wishing for?
Today I must find my camera, there is so much good content in a picture and at the least when the picture is sustained by comments that opens the picture to the world of - just - adventure, reality repainted by phantasy.

Come and comment on my homepage
and send a mail directly to to make sure I go to my homepage very soon ......

Best regards


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ball on the Rocks

Join the Lifecruisers Cybercruise Saturday Ball

This morning, Hakon and I were well prepared for the Ball. Just some details were missing. Which is normal when you have butterflies in your stomach. Guess we had.

The thought of meeting all the lovely ladies that’s so kindly had revealed their preparation for the Event, made us crazy. Woooow. The Ball of the new Century.

Our Evening would end up here. At the Palace in Monte Carlo. With the Grimaldis. That was agreed upon, long time ago. And I had a written invitation. Like all other Cruise members.

Before entering the Event, we had to perform. To do something.

Firstly to go by train from Cagnes sur Mer to Menton, in disguise. We did. Only one problem during that trip. The Train stopped in Nice due to technical problems.
Had to take the next train. Both Hakon and I are sure this was part of the test. The “To be patient test”. I secretly called our agent in Menton, Gunnar is his Cover Name, and tell the code was changed from 1310 to 1347.

We stopped at Monaco Railway Station sitting on deck 2 behind huge tourist brochures. New test past.

In Menton, our secret agent picked us up.
We were all dressed like old, ordinary and typically tourists – or at least something nobody would find suspicious.

To avoid followers and spies, we drove up to the hills and mountains around Menton. And I did study the terrain.
You know, you can not enter the home of the Garibaldis without being sporty or drive cars in the area. And Play. And one more very important thing: You must bring a photo of the old Garibaldi Village. Where is that? A Key to the Ball so to speak. We found out where the village is. Peace of Cake. (It's in the hillside just above the head of the person to the left)

Well up in the Hills, our secret agent, told us:
- You have one more test to pass.
- The Rock Climbing Test. Then you will be the hero of the Ball and have your names written in gold in Monte Carlo.

Ball is Ball we said, and started climbing. (We are on the Photo below).

This post is written from a wireless rock in Alpes Maritime in Southern France. You might see us on the picture.
We hope to be rescued before my plane leaves for Oslo on Sunday evening. I need my luggage.

PS. How is your Ball?

Please join the Ball from here.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cyber Cruise Ball Preparation

What a Ball(ade)- when Life cruising Hakon and I were both very anxious to join the cyber-cruise ball this Weekend. So we went to Carrefour. To shop and to fix some other necessary errands.

As you may recall, all luggage of mine are left at Oslo Airport. So I came down to Nice with nothing but my PC and Camera, cables and rechargers, plus a book called “A flat World”. After all, the most important to bring along these days.

It’s a huge shopping mall, Carrefour. The main supermarket do have 70 Point of Sales - or cashiers, including self scan check out points. Plus Special Stores and restaurants. The pictures are from our preparation for the Ball. All taken at Carrefour just North of Antibes at the French Riviera, if not mentioned otherwise.

First thing I needed was some cloths and a bag with flight cabin seize. That was easy to find.

Hakon went for having his PIN-code for his Carrefour loyalty customer card. And he got it. Then we went to the enterprise’s insurance company. Hakon wanted to have a price-bid for his Car and Villa. A young and helpful lady noted and typed every detailed information into her computer. When finished, she said, Hakon had to go to her “collegue”, as she was not permitted to do the final calculations and give an offer. 45 minutes it took.
Then the next one, 2 paths away. Same procedure. Same information. New questions. Explications. Sales talk. Then enter to have a premium calculation.

Sorry. You have more than 5 rooms. And Carrefour Assurance do not offer insurance for estates with more than 5 rooms. 1 hour 30 minutes so far…

Then the Car. Same procedure. Papers, phone calls, more sales pitches. Printed out the contract. New phone call. Sorry. 3 weeks too late to change insurance company due to blah – blah – blah.

Two hours. No result. They should learn to ask the key questions up-front. Two hours waste of time for a potential, new customer. And two hours waste of time for Carrefour Insurance.
Carrefour is world class in logistics when talking about goods. But Insurance? Nope.

Did the food shopping. What happened at the check-out when Hakon used his loyalty card and his new pin code. Yeah, you guessed it. It was rejected.Tried several times. Suddenly we were not alone at this cashier. She called a supervisor. She too tried. Phoned her boss. Hakon had to follow her. 55 point of sales, then another 50 meter. I was sent back inside with all our groceries. Lots of people to watch. Interesting in itself.

Another 30 minutes. Then he came back with the supervisor. Same card. It was authorized for this one transaction only then maculated.
Explication: His old card had been cancelled. A new one was sent, they said.. But how could they 2 hours and 30 minutes earlier the same day give him a PIN – code for his “old” card – if it was cancelled? Dear Carrefour – you have to be better on more than logistics these days!

Went back. Traffic Jam. No lunch. Hungry both of us. Made a 3 course dinner with wine. Chicken fillets, roasted liver, salad, Fried whole Dorado Royale (fish), cooked Potatoes with real Normandy butter (last picture to the right). OMG – what a heavenly dinner. And so well deserved, we agreed upon. Suddenly life was a gift.

Tele2 Internet connection dead. But Tele2 had left a phone message to Hakon: Sorry, we have had line problems in your area, but everything is no fixed. Hurray. Fixed – hahaha.
Then we had double Crème Caramel and a glass of Port. Yummi – Yummi.

Suddenly – internet connection. Hakon read his e-mails. I started reading mine. And showing Hakon the use of web-stats etc on my blog.. And then once again – no connection. Grrrrr.

I’m writing this text off-line on the glass veranda (raining outside), while Hakon is having a nap. And I cross my fingers to join the Ball after all the “Ball” we have had so far. A French “Ball”. Nothing new under the French Sun. I have been here before – Work and Vacation – since 1964.

On Saturday we plan to visit another friend and fellow blogger, Gunnar, for Lunch in Menton.
We might take the Train.

You can read about my visit to Nice in borrowed feather and see pictures from the Capital of the French Riviera here.

PS. My dear readers, please understand how well I would spend my time to join the ball, read all your fantastic posts and really join the cruise again. Love you all;))

View from Vence, North East Direction

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Papa goes travelling

What could be more exiting in early April than going from Oslo down to Nice and visit a good friend? My B-day present this year.

I woke up at 5:45 am. Had a tiny breakfast. Shaving and shower. Checked my luggage. And my hand-luggage, according to new security rules? Yes, everything OK. Anna got her morning kiss and hug. Went to the garage and picked up the car at 6:45 am. Check in time 7:50 am. Estimated driving time: 45 minutes. I had determined to go to the airport by car, due to the very late return, around midnight Sunday/Monday.

1) What a mistake. Early morning rush hours from south of Oslo, via Oslo before heading for the airport north east. Hahaha. Papa is naiv and stupid. He calls himself Optimist. Doesn't help all the time. Can't mention what speed on the highway was needed... Arrived at the Airport Parking at 7:55 am.

2) Self- check-in. Easy and fast.
- Do you bring any luggage (except hand-luggage)?
- yes, I pressed
- You are to late for your flight

3) What to do? Take the next flight? With a non refundable ticket?
4) I ran to the SAS Braathens info center. Told them what was up. They checked.
- Yes, sorry, your trunck is to big as handluggage.
- Can I check it in for the next flight?
- No, security rules you know (What about luggage that are missed and travel alone after you?)
- What will you suggest?
5) - Is there anything you MUST bring with you?
- No, really not, I can buy those thing I need for 5 days---
6) - Then I suggest, oh, you have only 8 minutes to Gate closed, if you run down one stair to the "concierge" and leave your luggage there, and pick it up when you return... well that's the only chance you have to reach this flight...
7) - Down where? To the left... ok, thanks; I was on the run.

8) ---- To make a dramatic story short (security check, you might have heard about...)
One minute after Gate Closed, I arrived, inserted my credit-card in the slot and said:
9) - God morning, sorry I'm late. Just had to park my luggage..
- What? Parked you luggage. Here on the Airport? You are not supposed to or allowed to do that!!
10) That was the attention I needed. Luggage. Placed on the airport. Owner ran away from it.
- Take it easy, It's safe with the Concierge.

11) Then the Gate was opened and I arrived at Nice Côte d'Azure at Schedule.

So now I'm here with my good old friend Hakon. We will blog from here (if Tele2 allows us to - by being a normal internet, secure and stabel provider).12) Hakon at lunch on Wednesday. Just after my arrival
13) View from his garden. Same bush and white flowers below.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter - Stompa - Summerhouse

As you may recall, we were catsitters for Stompa this Easter. And were supposed to go to our Summerhome last Wednesday. My back said: NO. We went Thursday (Torsdag - get it from now on?).

Rosa, Felicia, Stompa, Anna, me and the car filled up. It is not far way. About 30 minutes by car. Unless accidents in one of the 6 tunnels. Yes, 35% of the road is in tunnels. The longest 7,3 km (4,5 miles) under the Oslofjord.

It is so easy to pack the car with everything ++ we need. But the Cats... Ha-ha. They don't need to see the cadge. They don't need the smell. They read our inner thoughts. They hate to sit in a cadge. They hate driving. Pollution and torture at the same time. Maybe that's the same thing with different names. It allways takes much longer to catch them and bring them into the cadges, than the whole trip.
Rosa is the easiest one. Strange, 'cause she is the one that get "car-sick".
Felicia, she is so strong. That little creature. Anna can not bring her down from her fav resting place. No chance. I have to use all my force (strong man.LoL) to bring her down and into the gadge.
Stompa, what about him. He is shy. Just been with us for two days. Did he hide? Guess.

Well, we came across that line as well, and started our Easter Hollyday. Some cat-music, of course. Specially in the tunnels. The 3 of them could not understand why papa did hide the Sun. And curves. How stupid twolegs are. Go straight ahead.

The drive went very well. Until 4 minutes before the Summerhouse. The smell from Stompa. Ha - he has the same smell as his late mother. It stinked. To be polite. Opened the Sun roof. Relief.

When we arrived - first thing: Cats out. All of them know the place. And love it. Can't tell with words how they enjoy the meeting with their summer paradise. Look at the pictures. Can you see them?
The black Cat is a regular visitor. Accepted by both Rosa and Felicia. He lives in the neighbourhood. But allways meet up for breakfast and dinner. We think he is a more or less a Norwegian Forester.
But it was cold. Frost at nights. Snowing on Easter day. Stompa ran away. We went home with Rosa and Felicia. We left Stompa. How cruel. But he is used to stay out at nights.

On Monday, I drove to S. just arriving from Madrid, and we went out to the summerhouse to bring him back. He is back. And happy.
However, what's better than home? Snowcovered Flowers. When the springflowers are covered with snow. Home - a place to rest. A place to recover. A place to love.

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