Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snaps from Oslo, Sunday Oct 30-2011 – Off the Tourist Tracks

It was a very grey Morning this Sunday, but the Sun arrived after noon. We had an extra hour this Night as we are back to normal Solar Time. Wonderful a Sunday Morning. I took a Tour. All Photos taken inside Oslo.

First stop was Oslo West and the Marina in Frognerkilen.
2011-10-30 Forest of Masts 
Forest of Masts
2011-10-30 Holmenkollen Ski Jump 
In the Background, up in the Hills, you might see Holmenkollen Ski Jump.
2011-10-30 Cruiseliner 
Just a few on the Cruiseliner Deck (Oslo – Kiel, Germany, Color Line)
2011-10-30 Maritim Museums 
On the other side of the inlet, you see the Maritim Museums at Bygdöy.
2011-10-30 Oscarshall and Sailboats 
The tiny Castle Oscarshall and Autumn Colours
2011-10-30 House Skillebekk
Typical Seafront House – Skillebekk, Oslo
2011-10-30 Marina Oct 30-2011 Oslo
Waiting for next Summer
2011-10-30 Oslofjorden 
The fjord is allmost empty this time of year. Just a few persons fishing.
2011-10-30 Autumn Colours 
I made a stop outside the Vigeland Sculpture Park which attracks more than a million tourists each year. Behind the Trees it’s a Sports Arena.
2011-10-30 Sonia Henie Figureskater and Moviestar
Here you see a sculpture of Sonia Henie, famouse Olympic Champion Figurskater and (Hollywood) Movie Star in the 1920-30ies.
2011-10-30 Public Bikes
Here you can rent a City Bike for next to nothing. Lot’s of deposits to pick up and deliver all over the City.
2011-10-30 Where is the Tram 
Where is the Tram?
2011-10-30 Tram 
Oh, it’s here, on the other side, close to the Main entrance to the Sculpture Park.
2011-10-30 Street Musician 
I stopped for red light and what? A Street Musician at Majorstuen.
Important Junction for Oslo’s Subway, Trams and Buses besides a popular Shopping and Restaurant area in Oslo’s West End.
2011-10-30 Wrapped Hay 
Then I went North, into a Valley. But still within the Border of Oslo. Maridalen is the name, after Maria, Mother of Jesus. Here yoy see  Hay wrapped in Plastic.
2011-10-30 Maridalen Church Ruins 
Here is the old Church Ruins, where they every Summer plays a Historical Drama. The Church of Margareta was built around the year 1250 AD
2011-10-30 Oslo Waterresevoir Maridalsvannet
The Maridalen Lake is the main source for household and drinking water in Oslo. It is the largest Lake inside the Border of Oslo. Altitude: 149 meter (489 feet). 2011-10-30 - Hayrolls and Foggy Hills
This Sunday the Sun was shining over Down Town and Southern Oslo, but in the Northern Hills, the Fog and Clouds still hang around. The highest point within City limits is 649 moh, 2129 feet.
The lowest is at Sea level.
2011-10-30 Fog in the Hill
We are pretty close to the Wildeness here in Oslo, Capital of Norway.  Here you’ll find rivers, creeks, lakes, Forests, Hills, small remote farms, meal serving lodges and accomodation and Wildlife (Moose, Deer, Lynx, Beavers, Foxes, Rabbits and even Wolfes and Bears have been observed) and a rich flora with berries free to pick. You can go camping, cyckling on Forest Roads, boating, Fishing (if you have bought an allowance), walking or skiing during the Winter (Alpine, Snow Boards, Jumping, Cross Country).
2011-1030 E6 South 
Well, everything comes to an end. I went Home by E6. Here from Southern Oslo. E stands for European. A network of Highways connecting different European Countries.

More to come from Oslo….

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Victoria, BC, Canada – Walking around with Jen (Expat Traveller) etc

I can’t believe it’s more than 3 Months since we met
Jen, P and Cammie in Victoria at Vancouver Island.
Face to face for the first time.
We miss them all and Victoria.
Just see the Photos and you’ll understand why.
Vic  P and Cameron Vic Cameron and Jen
Left: P and Cammie.
Above: Jen and Cammie
Jen is mostly known as Expat Traveler
Here you see our wonderful hosts and for many years blogfriends.
Anna and Jen in Kitchen 
One of the wonderful things to be better known is to make dinner together. Here Jen and Anna.
The result – What’s better on a Summer Day?
DSC_0906 DSC_0958
DSC_0921 DSC_0882
We walked a tour along The inner Harbour of Victoria, and we felt at Home.
DSC_0886 DSC_0910
Vic - outer harbour DSC_0949
Before the arrival of the Europeans in the late 1700s, the Victoria area was home to several communities of Coast Salish peoples, including the Songish (Songhees). Coast Salish refers to First Nation or Native American cultures who inhabited areas in British Columbia and Washington state. Up right you see a Totem, that is now dived in 3 pieces. At a holy ground for the Songhees. In respect of this native nation please read.
Vic South view Olympia
South view from Victoria: The Olympic Range in Washington State, USA.
World's Tallest Totem Pole, Victoria, British Columbia
DSC_0820 DSC_0821
Details, including Anna – for you to imagin the seize of the Totem
More to come from wonderful Victoria, Jen, P and Cammie,
Adjust your GPS to...

Next destination?
Might it be Provence in Southern France, Germany, Norway, USA or from our Archives?

So stay tuned ---

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandson 2 years – a Weekend around Frankfurt. Germany – first report

Dear family and Friends I could have written at least one book about my experiences from last Friday Morning to Sunday late evening.
It started early Friday Morning: I was not able to open the Car Port….
End of History. I arrived in time to Check in for my Flight.

Friday, October 21-2011
Heavy fog in Frankfurt … allmost 2 hours delayed papa arrived.
Forget it, it’s History, I arrived and met Ingelin at the airport. And Blahablah and suddenly:
ML-OCT 2011 Hi Bestefar 
Bestfar, so said Metin Leander – He loves Norwegian Chockolade
ML-OCT 2011-DSC_1065 
We went for a walk on Friday Afternoon. Here he is with his Mother, Ingelin.
ML-OCT 2011-DSC_1077 
Leander was sleeping in the Forest Park, and the weather was beautiful. The Park was constructed in the 1930ies

Saturday, October 22. 2011
M Lwith Grandpa Hasan and new Tractor 
Next Day: Happy Birth Day. Grandpa Hasan gave him his favourite: A traktor. Guess they played like kids;-)
Traktor very popular 
You see, even the Neighbours as well – but shy when papa would take Photos..
B D Table before serving
Ok, a glimpse from the Table – before serving – and who did inspect and who took the Photo?
Proud Grandfathers of Course.
Did I forget to tell you even Grand Mothers was present?  Here Zeynep and Metin Leander.
2011-10-23 Ett trinn av gangen - ut på tur 
And here he is with Grandma Sölvi

Sunday, October 23- 2011
2011-10-23 Autobahn und Wein 
Sunday we went to the Rheingau District –only 1 hour drive away
2011-10-23 Bestefar mit spezialität Schloss Jahanissberger 
We had a wonderful time – at least papa;-)
2011-10-23 Bestefar - see you soon 
Bye, bye, said Matin Leander –Hope  to see you soon bestefar.

Details will follow

Have a great week all of you

Have you seen my “Photo-blog”?
Click and enjoy.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sunday in and around Oslo South East

My dear readers do know it’s a long time since I brought you around in the Oslo area.
You have so far mostly seen “landmarks” and “historical” places.
Hence, I took a tour this Sunday, just to give you an impression of how it looks like just now in the Southern part of Oslo and even further South and East. No landmarks, only how it really looks like.

South East Oslo
Autumn 2011 - Birches Oct 16
Birches in a tiny Wetland, Klemetsrud, Oslo
Autumn 2011 - Lawn with autumn leafes Oct 16
Low Sun lights up the lawn behind Klemetsrud Church, Oslo South
Autumn 2011 - New Houses in a Hillside Oct 16
The Population of Oslo is growing rapidly. Houses are buildt everywhere . Yes, Houses because Norwegians love this form of housing and besides: Close to Nature,-) Like here in a steep hill in a Forest. Klemetsrud, Oslo South East.
Autumn 2011 - Heating Plant Oct 16 
Do you know from where we have heating and hot water in our Winter Home? From the Plant above which serves large parts of Oslo’s home with Heating and Hot water: The Source: Recycled waiste. The Smoke? No, it it’s Steam.

South East of Oslo - a Lake
Autumn 2011 - Birch Oct 16 
Here we are at a Lake in Enebakk, SE of OsloAutumn 2011 - Forest Lake Oct 16 Deserted, tiny Island and Rush in the Foreground. The name for Rush in Norwegian is “Siv” which is also a female name.
Autumn 2011 - Hidden Boat Oct 16 Autumn 2011 - Tiny Boat Oct 16
Here is what I observed behind the Rush – tiny Boats. There might be Fish in this Lake;-) And kept as a secret….
Autumn 2011 - Tiny Island with Pine Oct 16 
From the same spot as the Photos before I as well observed a very tiny Island, with a fascintating Pine. This is at the Eastern end of the Lake, and you might observe the dominant wind directions. Yes, from West-North-West.

Going into Farmland
Now, lets go further South East, into Farmers land. How does Farms in South East Norway looks like in October?
Autumn 2011 - Entrence to Norwegian Farm Oct 16 
Wellcome to Farmland
Autumn 2011 - Plouging Oct 16 
Preparing for next season – ploughing on a Sunday
Autumn 2011 - Strange Light over a Farm Oct 16 
I was really fascinated by the Light and Colours here.
Autumn 2011 - Farm Oct 16 
And the waving , changing Landscape and ever changing light.
This Photo and the 3 before are taken from the same spot within the same minute. Can you understand why Norwegians allways talk about the Weather?

Returning to Oslo
Autumn 2011 - View from Sofiemyr Oct 16 
When approaching Oslo again, I stopped just outside the community border to bring you this view from Sofiemyr. Here a Western View. Two Fiords, which you can not see are between my viewpoint and the Hills in the very distant Horizon.

Back in Oslo  16 km (10 miles) South of Downtown
Autumn 2011 - Cock Oct 16 
… and close to Winter Home (5 minutes walking distance) who met me there? Colourful like the Autumn – and proud;-)
Autumn 2011 - Viking Sheeps grassing Oct 16 
These sheeps are the original ones, breeded by the Vikings more than 1200 years ago. To the right you see part of a Lavvo or Sami Tent.
Autumn 2011 - Viking Sheeps 4 Oct 16 
You see the Sheeps: Long fur and adapted to the Climate and Nature
Autumn 2011 - Female Peacock Oct 16 
Suddenly, what is this? Here in Norway?
Autumn 2011 - Peacocks Oct 16 
The Peacock couple blocked the road… nipping some Water.
Autumn 2011 - Oct 16 
In the last bend on the Road before entering our Winter Home I had to stop again to take a Photo of the wonderful Autumn colours of Virginia Creepers, locally called “Wild Wine or Wild Grapes”.

Hope you got a tiny impression how how it looks like in the Oslo, Norway Southern area, in Mid October 2011.

Wish all my blogfriends a great week to come….

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