Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photohunt - Thankful

I'm just thankful for what my family has given me.

Here you see from left my Mother, my cousin K, my mothers cousin M in Denmark, then her Daughter B, my cousin T-B, my Grandma and Grandpa and me (around 1950).
Photo taken in my Childhood Garden, at Bygdøy in Oslo, Norway.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Oslo February 27 - 2009

I did start working from my Home Office this Friday.
Looked out of the Window - Sun from a more or less clear Sky.

I thought, that you my dear reader should, for once, experience some of the views I do have between Home and Office.

Today, it was mild, blue Sky but still Ice in th Container Harbour

It is years ago since we had that much Ice in the Oslo Harbour.

Here it's how it did look like in Autumn/Fall of 2008.
And here is something very different from our Planet Earth (Mrs Lifecruiser)

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Star - Moon and Sunset over Oslo

I returned back home from work some minutes after 6 pm local Oslo (Norway) time.
--- You must click on the Photo;)) Did you read and understood? Click on the Photo. Now.

Had to stop on the parking lot for Guests to take a picture.
With my Under Water Camera. But I'm sure you have the time to enlarge the Photo to see the beauty - Sirius is the Star, Luna (the Moon) you have to enlarge to find, and the extrodinary sky. What a wonderful end of a hard working Day.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Vernissage

For the first time this Aquarell is published on Internet - It's a secret Art.

It's done in 1994.
By no other but Ingelin.
(Sorry the Photo do not represent the quality as deserved)
What you see is the Artist's impression of a Mapuche Woman
I think you should take some minutes to read what's written about
the Mapuches. And to respect.
Why is this very special painting revealed to the World right now?
Scroll down to my post from the other day - and you will understand


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Papa is invited to a Vernisssage

Peace of cake - just go to the vernisage.
Easy like that? Yeah?
Papa has been to several. Mostly in Norway.

This one will be different. Very different
. Until otherwise documented. hmm

Ingelin - papa's daughter - and Anna - in Hong Kong.
What has that fact to do with the rest of the story?

When back in Norway from SE Asia:
What did she do but invited us to a vernissage (opening of an Art Excibition)?
- You are hereby invited to a vernisage.
- Yes, said papa, where and when? (Interested in Art)
- It's in Essen (Germany) and the opening is on Sunday March 22.

- hmmrre, you said Essen, in Germany?

- Yes, papa, it's in Essen

- Why there, in Essen?

- Because it is the "Anne" (Mother) of Kaya
Here you see Ingelin and Kaya in Hong Kong last Summer (2008)

(I suspect the 2 of them (Ingelin and Kaya) are more than ordinary friends) that will have a vernissage to say some more.
Ingelin said as well: Kaya's parents would love to see you there, in their home and at the opening..

Papa - well - he had to respond positive.
And bought some Flight Tickets.

Papa's life.
Allways have to shop the unexpected.

And meet people. haha - papa loves that as well

Have a great week everybody.

PS. Still working 12-14 hours a day, so it's limited have many of my dear blogger friends I can visit and comment right now. But I'll be back.

More to come .... also before Essen

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Warm - PhotoHunt

What a challenge for papa.
Everyone that does know papa do know he is warm by Hearth, but to take a photo of his Hearth, well, he hopes that will be in yet some more years to come;))
It's snowing outside. And we have more Snow here in Oslo since several Years.

So what to do?

Warm up with lights and a Heart in the Snow. At the Balconny (3 inches by now)

Here with the 72 hours Candle. Yes, we lit one every Weekend.
It's a great combination of hope and romance and to remember our late beloved ones.

More Warm People here.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Papa goes Shopping - again

My dear bloggerfriends who have followed my modest blog in the past, do know that Papa from time to time goes shopping. Well, not shopping the "things" you need to "compensate" for what you forgot while doing the BIG SHOPPING for the week.
Please enjoy Papa's shopping on a TORsday. From Norway to Sweden and return.

We had a very special Guest- Shopper, to be picked up at the Railway Station nearby. Who could that person be?

Wow, It's Ingelin. Papa's daughter. (Papa had not seen her since Dec 26th last year)

Papa asked the ladies, Anna and Ingelin, to sit in the back seats.
Papa needed to listen to the Radio to avoid the "sound" from their talks (I did not say blah - blah - -- I mean: Do not disturb the driver. They talked without a pause (on in breath) - what they talked about? Don't shoot the Chauffeur, papa had to concentrate on the very special driving conditions: Heavy Snowing for 132 km (about 80 Miles) with heavy traffic- ok?)

Well we arrived in Sweden. 1hrs 15minutes.
We did shop.
What we bought is of no interest, but for us.

We did watch the Swans just outside the "Cold Bath"

Anna and Ingelin asked for something for Lunch.

Papa had to eat something as well.

Then we went for a walk in the small Town of Stömstad. A Summer Paradise Winter Dressed.

This small Town is a Nordic Summer Paradise.

But, as you see: It's Winter.

And there are small Boats to buy for what might be a good price (SEK)

Hope you enjoyed the trip. To a Nordic Summer Paradise for all of you that loves boating.
Here, on Feb 19 - 2009

Papa has once again gone shopping.
And - you - have not seen what we bought;))

Have a great end of the Week.

Hugs to all Papa's readers
Anna and Ingelin as well

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Naomis Calendar 2009 - Wordless Wednesday

When you receive a gift from a Blogger Friend 9 Time Zones away from you, then it's special.
You can be Wordless for less.

Then you open the Package. And realize it's a Calendar with Photos taken by your remote blog-friend.

Wordless again.

We have placed Naomi's Calender just in front of where we most frequently are to and from:
Just in front of our fridge and freezer.
If you do not know or have visited "The Old Lady of the Hills", it's about time you do read her blog. Fantastic. And if you have any interest in American Entertainment Industry, it's better than Wikipedia and any other blogs. Far more describing and real.
Hereby strongly recommended.
Wordless People

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

PhotoHunt -Feb 14 - 2009 - nautical

This was really a challenge. Last week I could nor decide. This week I did. Only one photo-
I can not deny that I'm living in Norway. What has that to do with thise weeks theme: nautical? Well, it's going far back in history. Most know are the Vikings.

Here you see some young boys. The photo is a scan from a slide.
Two of them, well, they are grandsons to at that time the worlds largest oil carriers. Sitting in this small boat with two of my sons. Happy days. That was. (The Out Board Motor they did "harm" before the one Nautical mile back.

More Nautical

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter in Oslo

It is some years now since we had a snowy Winter in downtown Oslo, Capital of Norway.
We are used to snowy Winters, but you know, it allways takes some time to clean all Streets and Metro and Train Lines after a Heavy Snowfall.
And there are still people trying to drive, that should have stayed at home;)), or taking the Bus to their respective jobs

Here are some impressions from last weekend. (We were indoor with the Cats)

It did start Snowing. Slowly. It was all white grey. And Silent.

The Snow was light. But, you see it covered up.

We did stay indoor. Waiting for the Pathways and Roads to be cleaned from Snow.
(Some litters to get rid of - you know)

We did not serve Dinner outside last Sunday. You might have a clue why that would have been a stupid idea?

Instead, enjoyed it inside. Potatoes, Carrots, Parsley, red Pepper (Paprika), chilipepper, Bechamel Sauce and Fish Pudding. (No Curry this Sunday, as we do not mix chilipepper and curry). The best beverage is fresh water to this meal.

After Dinner, in the dark, we watched some lightning points outside. See the icicle on the Street Lights?

Look at this: Tuesday. Clear, Blue Winter Sky, and Sun shining on the Hills just North of down Town Oslo. The closest Hills, as you see here, raises to about 560 meters ( around 1750 feet) about Sea Level. Which is Oslo Harbour. You can take the Metro almost to the Top. And up there you can perform every kind of wintersports, even walk on you own feet and have excellent meals.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

PhotoHunt -Feb 7 - 2009 - Bridge(s)

Hello all PH friends, I did avoid playing Bridge this weekend. My stock of Cards remains in the Summerhouse. LOL.
In fact, I spent my time to find some Bridges from here and there in my different files on my computer storages (yes. I have several) .
Alle the photos in this post are taken by me or Anna.

(Yeah, we have crossed this famous bridge - photo taken by Anna)

Bridge for me means building/creating connection. From end to end.
I ended up with physical connections. Some very old.
Please take your time, even this is a Photo Hunt. You can learn something that most of your friends and neighbours did not know. By clicking on the Links given. You have the whole Weekend. To enjoy. Your comment will be of less value than your curiousty to learn more.

The first one is very old, build by the Romans. Le Pont du Gard. In Southern France. Orginally it was a Water Bridge, but also for people and horses to cross over the River Gard. Yeah. The Water canal is on the top. Suplying stabel fresh water to the crops year around.
Anna is there. How come?

And here too, Anna.
This is the Bridge to the Bath in one of the most renowned fiords in the World:
Geiranger Fiord. During the very short Summer season, more than a hundred Cruise ships do visit each year

This Stone Bridge is not that far away from the Photo above. With other words, it's from Norway. All the Stones are locally picked and shaped. Several hundred years ago.
I'm amazed by the effort and planning and will to build a Bridge like this, you can see the local stones at the Riverside. They, who build the Bridge had to, and did find the right stones. Impressing.

Can you see Anna? Click to see the spectacular Mountains in the background. There is a peak, that are next to unclimbable.

From Mountains in Norway to New Holland, Dutch Village, in Michigan, USA. Here you see a fishing enthusiast fishing from a tiny Bridge.

Well, going into the Nature is not allways easy for People who are dependent on Wheel Chairs. This is from the Music and Instrument Museum at Ringve in Norway. A Bridge to the Museum.
OMG. It seems like Anna has been there as well. Can you please join my next Bridge, which is on the intellectual side:
And interview with Mrs Lifecruiser .
Then Mrs lifecruisers's blog about the interview .
We have created bridges across borders.

More Bridges here at Photo Hunters.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Out of the Window

This the view from my Home Office in Oslo on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 8:30 PM.
Photo taken with a Nikon D60 SLR Camera. You might see me mirrored in the Window?
And the Snow outside? If you can not, click to enlarge. Then you will discover a 3-D effect, Even see some Art and Photos reflected.
You might ponder, why we do have a Swedish Flag in the Window?
(We are Norwegians, living in Norway)
It was a gift from Mrs Lifecruiser. To Anna's 3x20 celeb last Fall. In fact both me and Anna do have one set of Swedish Grandparents.

My last post was about the accident with my Working Glasses.
Luckely they were repaired yesterday - for about `£10 or $13.75.

Then I had to work. In front of my computer screen, which I could not see clearly at all for 3 days. Frustrating? Yeah.

But now I'm back. Ajour with work and can even take time to participate here at WW. Hurray.
(It's late - after 10 pm, so I can not visit to many WW participants this week. Pls excuse me)

Here you will find Wordless (more or less, like me) people from all over the World.
Join the excitement

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Papa turned around.....

Bang bang
It hurts
The Door was open
Suddenly Papa could not see.
Eye Glasses, where?
Papa had pains in his left cheek.
Took his hand to his cheek.
But - where is the Eye Glasses?
Believe me, this happende after some wonderful calls with bloggerfriends and family.
Maybe Papa was a bit excited?
Did not think about the fact the Door was open, and when he turned around, hit the Door.
Whatever the reason: Papa has a handicap.

You see. Anna took this Photo. You can see Papa suddenly looks 25 years older than he is. But had to report. On his blog. How revealing. LOL. "The Old Man and His Lap Top Computer"

Here is Papas Eye Glasses. It's something wrong here. You See?
Papa can hardly
see his own Computer.

The Glasses were not broken. But the string that hold the Left Glass together broke. Can you see the missing Link? At least Papa knows it. LOL.

Luckely, Papa has his driving glasses. Which he can not use when working in front of a Computer Monitor. Thus, he is writing this post without Eye Glasses. With the head allmost inside the screen. As you have seen above.
Haha, this is Papa. Allways optimistic.

Beate was here. We had a 4 course dinner plus coffee etc on Saturday. Not to forget a vey good quality time together

Have a great week to come.

PS. Guess what Papa has to do first thing Monday morning?

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