Sunday, September 30, 2007


5 pictures you never have seen from Amsterdam before... fusion
A C -Master of Art
Thanks to Marjolaine and AnneClaire - we had a marvellous time in Amsterdam.
more to come

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday Fun

Fun with Spam - yeah - it's possible

Spam is garbage and very annoying, unpolitely, stealing line and disk capasity, confuses….. but it’s also big money. Yes today, spam is BIG money. If you send 1 million spam letters and got 10 Cents for each e-mails opened and only 1% opens it: That makes USD 1.000. The fact is: It’s more than 1% that opens such mails. Tempted? Understand why so many private persons do spam? But the will soon be stopped and revealed. Also those companies that pays them. It’s about time to boycott these companies. But be aware, some companies will by purpose try to hang out competitors, pretending they are someone else.

I have figured out that Subject line text may be used in a funny and ironic way. Here are some examples. I have collected some Subjects I have received and combined each one with a Cartoon. Click to enlarge - it's more fun (yes, I've received this Subject as well)

OK, Let’s have some Spam Fun when we are in Amsterdam. My comments in green

Unwanted Pounds could be easily burnt off!
- Quicker than your nearest Gym - and cheaper if you have your Insurance Premium Paid.
(but read the the small letters first)

- CanadianPharmacy makes possible to get quality and save at the same time.
- Enjoy easy and convenient online ordering process of purchasing with CanadianPha...
- Start new life with CanadianPharmacy.
- Low your medication expenses ordering meds in Canada
- It's a long way from Canada to Norway + Customs and regulations + postage and tax

Peel off excessive pounds. Get rid of terrible pounds! And quickly!

- Well, well - Have you installed this innovative "Stop" at home? A great Hobby?

Feel, young, energetic and revitalized!
- too much training?

Won't forget last night! Won't forget last night!
- Well, we love to read - and learn - and change books...

-- What a Subject line: Clear as Ink

My wife complains about my small cock ALL THE TIME! From Aubrey Holliday
- Aubrey, When I realized you were a man, I tried my best to be a Woman

No more embarrassment!
- That's why we have only female Cats

Have a wonderful Spam-free Weekend. Or just have fun with it. It's fun to read the Subjects --- Right?

This is a very unofficial Cyber Cruise - In the real Cyber World.
Here are some more Fun Friday blogs I happend to visit this evening:

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cyber Cruise - Tuesday September 25 - 2007

Looking for Wordless Wednesday? It's here.

From Summerhouse to Chalet in Norwegian Mountains

My regular readers my remember Anna celebrated another Birthday last Thursday. It was a mild evening, and we did have our starter outside.

The main course was eaten inside in front of the fireplace.

A desert as well..... Know what it is?

On Friday we were heading for the Mountains - 230 km (about 140 miles) Northwest of Oslo. Hemsedal is one of Norways most popular Mountain Resorts. Lot's of ski-lifts. Mountain Bike tracks - even downhills, well organized horseriding tours in the Mountains, Golf, hiking tracks, swimming pools, hotels, chalets, restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, remote settlements, hunting, fishing, rafting, paddling ---- great and challenging outdoor life with other words.

When we arrived the first thing to do, was to lift up our vimpel. To tell the world it's people in the house. That's a normal habit here. If you forget to do it, you'll be punished with bad weather

Here is the cabin. 3 sleeping rooms, sauna, kitchen, livingroom, restroom...

We rented a mountain cabin. Equipped with everything. We only need to bring linen and towels. Plus food of course. Dish? haha - Machine of course.

Saturday Morning. Snow at the Mountain top - Skogshorn ("Foresthorn" oder "Waldhorn" ou "Pic de Forêt" - "Pica Forestal") - 1727 masl (5500 feet around). Could we reach the top?

Then we had to prepare. Anna with lot's of coffee.

A-L needed some brushing - to feel the freshness from the clear Mountain air. LOL.

The hike started along a tiny creek valley

Lot's of mountain hikers this Saturday. Mountain hiking is popular in Norway. And "everybody" like to see the bright colours in the Autumn. As you can see, we were not the first one. LOL.

Tatatataaaa - what did we see over the Hill? More mountains and a valley, shaped by the glaciers during the last Ice Age.

Still more climbing - or walking up the path.

What is he doing here? He is on his way down again - No, only smiling to the Camera

Old, dead tree - completly dried out

Resting belowe the snow and ice. In fact, it was so icy, we dropped the top. We would not risk to slide down to the Valley on our Butts. *giggles*. We went up to about 1300 meters (over 4000 feet) and were satisfied with the climb of 350 meters (1100 feet) to well above the Forest limit.

An apple a day --- even in the fresh air

Snow and crystal clear Creek - Wonderful taste

The weather changes quickly in the Mountains. We were happy we went hiking on Saturday and not in the fog and wind on Sunday.

After a wonderful weekend in the Mountains, it was nice to return back to the Valley.

You'll find more cyber cruises at Mrs Lifecruisers

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Cyber Cruise - Monday September 24 - 2007

What to do when you have only one day in Chicago - More....

More cruises at Mrs Lifecruiser
What about the Vikings in Scotland?

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

High Fly - Hemsedal - Norway - Morning report

I woke up in the early morning this Saturday. Everyone but me was still sleeping. I took some photos. You then can have a tiny impression of the nature around where we are. Enjoy and click on the pictures to have slight more narrow feeling of the freshness here.
It's windy---

Hmmm - cold? Yes -you see the frost..

A closer look - what's inside - water, food or wood?

We are not alone here....

Snow at the Mountain tops

Butt, We have a Sauna - happy feets - it's hot- hurray

This is a tribute to our Captain and mr Lifecruiser. We wish they could be here. And you too, my dear reader.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anna 59 - September 20

We will go up in the Norwegian Mountains to celebrate Anna's 59th Birthday - How Excotic and fresh - like herself. Happy Birthday to my wife and best friend.
Click to enlarge

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shut Down - but still alive

Wordless Wednesday (from India) here (Sept 19 - 2007)

We are alive. View from the top of our estate - Saturday September 15 - noon. At least, this is a very stimulating view - though, it's a hard climb up the steep rocks to the top. Worth it?

Plastic - here

Original Message:

Hi, I'll be away for some time. No inspiration.

Q: Why?
it's as simple as this:
Spending the whole afternoon and evening only to upload one post - waiting and waiting - loose connection - reestablish connection etc etc - watch the screen where nothing happens, check modem lamps, antennas, , having about no time to comment and read other blogs - is so frustrating - driving me mad. I want a life.
Therefore as a rule, I will post only to WW and PH from office (no more time generally not available) until we are back in the Winterhome in 4 weeks time.
I've posted on my mood right now.

PS. I'll post from the Norwegian Mountains end of September (21-23) (CyberCruise)

PS 2: We will be in Amsterdam the weekend (28-30) and I'm in Riga Oct 9-11 and moving to Winterhome Oct 6-7. I'm also invited to my daughter in Miami.

PS 3: We will have dinner with Blogger friends end of October.

Q: Can we contact you?
A: I'm available on my e-mail

Q: Why is that?
A: Because e-mails normally does not have pictures, thus I can live with the slow, unstable line

Q: Do you feel frustrated?
A: What an insane question

Q: What will you do about it?
A: Read above. Only some weeks, and I'm back to normal. Pls be patient.

Q: When will you be back to normal?
A: I'll post Wordless Wednesday and Photo Hunters from my Office.
I'll also post from the Norwegian Mountains end of September (21-23) (CyberCruise)

Q: Will you post comments to your bloggerfriends posts?
A: I'll do my best - from office - in between. That might be very irregular. Hope you can excuse me.

Q: What will you say to your readers?
A: Love you all. You are such important inspirators. And I learn so much from you, I would not by any means miss a single of your posts?

Q: Can you read/upload posts?
A: Posts/sites with a few elements to upload takes a reasonable amount of time, but, "advanced" i.e. with to many fancy elements, it's takes too long - even "time outs".

Q: A last comment?
A: As said before: Love you all. I'll be back to normal soon. Hugs to you all from us in the Summerhouse.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Boats on Mondays - September 10 - 2007

This Monday I will invite you to visit the Strongest Ship in the World. Besides, no other ships have advanced further North nor South than "Fram". You can see it in Oslo. And read more about it here and see more photos. You will have an insight in the exploring of both Antartica and the Artics. Above is a model of Fram, outside the Museum, where you can see the original Fram, in full seize - you can even walk aboard and see all the equipment and how they lived. Fram's construction was genious in the sense it could not be screwed down by the polar ice, instead lifted above - hence they could handle the ice and winters during the ships many expeditions - which other vessels was not designed for.

More boats: RennyBA and Mar and Mrs Lifecruiser

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

They went out with a Canoe but came back from the Coastal Trial

September is the Month which in many ways is like April here in Norway: Four seasons - Warmth - Cold - even Frost.
Butt – some differences there are:
April has Naked Trees and Cold Water. Colourful spring Flowers in the forests. Melting Snow and Spring creeks and the sound of mating birds.
September has colourful leafs, mild water, wild berries and young birds training for their long journey to the South.
Both months can be mild, even nearly warm(to be at 60 degrees North). In April we call it “A taste of Summer” – In September “Indian Summer”.

Saturday Forecast: Sunny, 23 Celcius. (That’s an agreeable Summer temperature here).

Decision: Let’s go canoeing.
That was exactly what we did. Canoe brought up at the top of the car. Driving 23 km (14 miles) to the first lake – Normally we paddle over in a about10 minutes, then lift it up to the next where we can stay for the whole day. Or lift it up to the “secret” 3rd lake.
Well up to the lake:
Strong wind from north-west, and even very chilly. Oh, no. No-no-no-no.

Ha-ha- ha – here at our Hurum peninsula we have more choices. We have the Coastal Trial.

The trial is well market, with it's blue signs, like here on a tree.
Which means, you can always walk where the wind do not “take” you. And at the same time be very close to nature – and what a variation of beach zones, stones (even volcanic 100 of millions years old), and vegetation within less than half a mile. And not crowded, to say it timid.

The shore is very variable - stones, pepples and sand

Cause the wind came from North, we went to the southern part of the Coast Trial – or Kyststien – and had the most wonderful view of the outer Oslofjord. (100 km long – 62 miles)

First glimpse of the coast.

Closer and closer to the shore

A closer look

We went further - thrugh the coastal forest

Then suddenly, hidden in the coastal Forest - a red boat

Different vegetations as we went on

Blue marks on the rocks. We were on track.

View from a higher point. The southern part of Oslofjord

Anna with Crocs sitting on the Rocks and wading in the Sea.

Crocks is not the right footwear to climb the steep hills in the background.

What is this?

Papa was almost sunburned

Colourful pepples

Then we left the coastal trial and headed for the Summerhouse - a wonderful day by the coast.
Hope you enjoyed our Saturday tour and the pictures.

At the end of the day, we ended up with Shrimps and Homemade Meatcakes. Recipe copyrighted by Anna.
PS. Monday, September 10, we have local elections in Norway. We will vote. As the both of us always have done. Too many do not vote. I can, in a certain way understand why, but that’s another story.

Please go to Mrs Lifecruiser and be updated on what’s happening on the Cyber Cruise. Don’t miss it. You’ll go to places you never imagined existed and you will experience places you thought you knew – all in an innovative setting.

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