Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our servants are back

Back to normal life

Our Cats are used to their personal servants. Who is not?

After 3 weeks with service from others than Anna and Papa, well, they told us clearly:

- What have you been doing?

- Oh, I said, you could have read my blog.

- With all that noise around us, they said, are you crazy?

- Not that crazy, I replied

And here is how they behaved after all the guests had left.

Rosa, she slept at her favourite place

Felicia refused to go more than some meters away. Stayed in my bed the whole night. Purr-purr. She was really happy to have us back.

Stompa, who do not like to many humans around him, sat down very comfortably

Peder Fur came as usual to beg for some food

More Cats on Tuesday at Gattinas place

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Monday, July 30, 2007

When we met her - the Captain

Sunday a week ago
Anna and her chauffeur wake up in the office of a Youth Hostel (scroll down to my post below) - had breakfast and found their way to the Car Ferry. We were not alone. So to speak, to cross the sound between Gotland and Fårö - home of Theater and Movie Ikon Ingmar Bergman, who died to day.

When waiting for the next ferry - I took some photos and also observed a Bankomat. I told Anna to go there - to have some cash. She did. While there, all the waiting cars for the ferry suddenly started to move - an extra ferry was put in traffic. I drove slowly - did not have any cash to pay the tickets - to bring Anna into the Car again. 10 meters before entering the Ferry, Anna jumped into the car.
But where to pay?
Certainly on board - of course. But no. Well, at Fårö, you sooner or later have to go back - pay on return. Easy? Right? (No - it's free - like a road - this is considered a "water road" in Sweden)
Then, we were heading towards Captain Lifecruiser. We had an obscure idea where mrs and mr Lifecruiser have their summer paradise. Obscure, of course, after sleeping in an office - we had had night work to do *giggles* - -

We followed our Captains road description - butt stopped at 11:30 am. And called. This is a very short extract from our 10 hour call - no 10 minutes ---
- Hi, it's Tor
- Oh hi Tor, so nice to hear your voice - he he - where are you, Mr Lifecruiser said
- We are just outside ---- Said I
- That's very close- we are not dressed - at all *giggle* - Reason? Read 4 yourself.
- I don't care if you are dressed or not - save the planet *giggles* he he
- OK - you are very close - just drive very slowly.... He continued
- How far is it? 100 meters - 200 - 400 - 800 or 1 km?
- In between
- What shall I look for?
- A grey building
- Most buildings here are sort of grey. What colour of your car do you have?
- it's ----
- Good - then I'll find you

We of course did. After about 10 hours (no it felt like it - only one minute) Mr Lifecruiser arrived. And gave us a heartly welcome hug.

Then who else but Captain Lifecruiser stepped out of the Summerparadise house?

What a first time meeting. Unforgetable. What a welcome. Meeting the Captain on our Cyber Cruise in real life. What a blast. We felt immediatly as real old friends.

After the welcome, Mr Lifecruiser drove us all to the North Beach of Fårö. Went for a long walk in the corall sand. Barefooted.

And talked and talked.

And sat down. In the Dunes
Thereafter we went to a restaurant we do recommend. Read more.
It was a windy evening - butt there is allways solutions. Or shelter.
We sat down in the wind shadow - The Farmer himself to the right.
Did we enjoy our selfs? We tested different kind of Wines. Even --- no, can not reveal everything. *giggles*
A wonderful first meeting with a pair of the most wonderful people we ever have met.
The Captain became hungry - and tried to catch some healthy insects.
Anna as Camera hog
Great, friendly people.

We preferred "Fait Trade" Wine. The more we consumed, the more help we gave - *giggles*
In spite of this years summer weather - what a blast of an evening.

It's to early to go to bed - mr Lifecruiser said - and Anna agreed.
It will be a secret at what time we went to bed - In Norway we say: You shall never sleep away the summer nights.
- The Caravan was fixed and ready for the Norse (Norrbaggar) cruisers. We slept on wheels.

A dream of a first time meeting. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Lifecruisers.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rescued on our way to Captain Lifecruiser

A Saturday in July 2007
ps. This is a time jump

We arrived Visby and Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea (Sweden) on a Saturday Evening. Nothing special about that. We thought. We arrived at Nynäshamn and waited 20 minutes before the ferry headed out for the Island.. Three hours with the speed ferry - with our car and canoe.
Only, we had not booked a place to sleep - hotel. During the summer months, that would be a wise thing to do. Special for the weekends. And this weekend - all youngsters from the Capital of Sweden, Stockholm, did have their summer party in Visby. We did not know. hehehe.
We asked at the Tourist Information:
- What hotel do you recommend for people our age?
They looked at each other...
- There is no hotelroom left here in Visby, you better go North.
Well, so we did. By road 149.
Asked everywhere we observed a sign with a bed. After 10 pm, it's a sort of panic around...
This is the Sunset from Fårösund - Kustparken
- Sorry, can't help you. All occupied. Drive North.
We did drive North. Same message 7 places (Villages). Anna sent me a certain "eye".
- It's nearly 11 pm.
- We will find something, I said, (I'm allways looking at the positive side of life)
We at last came to the ferry to Fårö - then I observed a sign with a bed. We drove out there- to Kustparken at Fårösund. (Kustparkens hotel)
- Do you have a room for two persons for one Night?

- hm, well, sorry, Michael said - butt?
- Have you any idea where there can be a room for this night?
- Well, let me think - no - no
- We have sleeping bags, I said ....
Then we walked out the door. What to do? Sleep in the Car? Well, we were convinced that would be the solution - and went towards our C5-car.
Suddenly Michael (the owner) ran towards us and asked:
- Do you have a tent?
- Yes, I replied, why do you ask?
- If you want, you can set up your tent just here, on my lane for one night.
We of course, said - yes, thank you very much.
Tent picked out of our Car. First time. Never raised it before. And we started to assemble that "thing". At the platform 15 meters away - 45 feets - was the Saturday Nightclub. Lots of people. Looking at those old people trying to put up a tent. Anna in the inner tent. Me fighting with the outer tent. Around Midnight. In the lights from our Car.
After 39 minutes Michael came back:
- Do you have some problems?
- Yes, we said

After closing time - *giggles*
- Well - if you do not manage to assemble your tent - I can offer you to sleep in my Office. But You have to have a look before accepting. OK?
- Yes, I said - and followed him to the office.

The rest of the story:
We accepted. Brought in our sleepingbags - went to the night club and bought some white wine.
Then went to bed. And slept very well.
What did we pay for this overwhelming service?
Office view - the morning after
Zero - no nothing.
-Then I told Michael: I'm a blogger. I will do a post about your hospitalty and caring and service.
Breakfast? We had to tell the waiter: We have stayed here for free, hence pay for the Breakfast.
The answere was: No. - - - But we payed. Some dollars.

The platform, from which at least 27 people were amused by the Norse trying to raise at tent. We had breakfast out here the very next morning
A wonderful place. And wonderful people. You may now have seen some pictures from Kustparken.

Thanks to Michael Söderberg - we did survive in comfort.
To read more about this wonderful region and what's going on there - Mrs Lifecruiser

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Monday Sightseeing with the Captain and her lover (husband)

From Day to Night - with Captain and Mister Lifecruisers
(this is retro-blogging - starting with the end - and ending with the beginning)

Have you ever seen the rain? Have you ever been on a real life cruising with Mrs and Mr Lifecruisers? In heavy wind. With unlimited food and wine. With jokes and seriousity?And fans of outdoor life? This is only some impressions from a rainy Monday. Butt, it was a heavenly tour around the Island of Fåröe.

Well, you might have seen some moments on my last post. When we paddeled in the green. Monday we did use some other remedies. Fresh weather so to speak. Enjoy our day.

Monday was a grey day, so to speak. Then Nature opens for different observations. And, believe it or not - more talking when walking around this wonder of the nature.

Mr Lifecruiser, he is a wonderfulful personality and the best guide and chauffeur you can have at Farö.

As we say here in the North - It's no bad weather - it's only bad clothing. But we know how it is - and are well prepared. As you can see here: Anna did buy something suited for this Summer.
So - here we go - with Mrs and Mr Lifecruisers bringing along the Northern part of Fårö - famous a.o from the Ingemar Bergman movie "The Shame". Some photos from the very unique nature, old fisherhuts, etc

OMG - suddenly - strong Wind and heavy rainfall- we sat indoors and watched the nature outside. It was fascinating - and romantic
Some food - Fish and Chips

At Fårö it's more than nature to see. Look at this. A restaurant with cars and everything you can imagine f¨rom the 1950'ies - even a juke-box with old records. Fabulous place.

And with friends

Have you ever seen a more charming smile?

And of course we had to memorize- when served mr Lifecruisers speciality - Caviar + + a secret of course. (butt heavenly good)

It's wonderful to be in love - and this was only the first good night kiss. (I suspect - *giggles*)
More to come

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Destination Captain Lifecruiser - The real Cruise

When Cyber comes to reality - something happens - Part 1

My regular readers and A-team members may have observed that Anna and I wanted to visit our respectable Captain Mrs Lifecruiser. We did. This time it was not a cyber-cruise but a real one. This story starts with a cyber-cruise you probably not have enjoyed before. (The whole truth about this journey will appear as soon as my brain comes back to normal – I’m only a crew member – remember that). You may also recall my post from the Göta Channel with boats in the middle of farmland- here can everything happen. Enjoy the pictures and the fantastic fact bloggers from different countries can meet this way.

Captain Lifecruiser

Mrs and Mr Lifecruiser do enjoy their Vacation at Fårö – just North of Gotland, Sweden – an Island in the mid of the Baltic Sea. More to read here: http://lifecruiser.com/
They have enjoyed their summer vacations for years at Per’s Farm. And for years all personalities staying here have formed a wonderful friendship and society. I can confirm it's heartwarming - if you believe in friendship before "dead things".

Per looked at something (it was not my Car)

That’s too crazy, he thought - no channel, no WATER

But he had to look one more time - Crazy friends from Norway

Here is what he looked at - mr Lifecruise delivering something - for the cruise

A real cyber cruise - or a green cruise.... (Green thoughts to day of course)

With Champagne

Can we drink it as well?

At the green sea?

Well, the captain did cross The Green Sea with open mouth – that was what she did.

After the cruise - it was about time to do something else. Say hello to the Lamm. That's what's they are named here at Gotland and Fårö.
If you found this journey inspiring, well then we are inline. There is more to come. Our journey to and from was in it self, what most people would say, not piece of cake - so stay tuned. It's a matter of survival. hehehe. And Luck. And - stay tuned.
PS. Thursday afternoon we will pick up our friends from Holland. We met at Lake Tahoe, CA, last year. It's so wonderful to make friendship without boundaries - that's peace creation.
Post Scriptum: Mr and Mrs Lifecruiser are both unique, wonderful, giving people, with a sense of lifestyle and humour rarely found any longer in the western hempisphere. We learned to love them both.
--- Signed Anna and Tor

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Friday, July 20, 2007

TORsdag to Thursday

Ordinary Summerlife in the Nordics
What an exciting week. TT could easily become TTTT (Ten Times Thursday Thirteen).
Our days at RennyBA's leisure home in Mariestad - If you have still not read about that blogger and friend of mine's meeting: RennyBA and TorAa. Scroll up for the whole story from the both of us. (Click on the pictures to enlarge - take your time this time)

Anna and Seb Playing Domino

WARNING - I'll put my 13 in between the text- all small photos with a short text. Since I do not know when I will be around for the week to come - you have a week to read and also to comment.

WARNING II - We will meet Captain Lifecruiser within some days. Maybe it will end up as a surprise? A real cruise? Who knows?

My cousin and his daughter studies of to activate a new laptop

My readers will remember we returned to our summerhouse last Sunday. Cats were around - until my son and grandson showed up - only 14 minutes after our arrivel. Then the Cats stayed outside - away from the tornado of a grandson.

Boys playing

Solvi left for Oslo on Monday - 'cause Ingelin was coming back from her work in Florida - via Stockholm.

Me, Beate and her Son
Monday and Tuesday evening it was only the 4 of us - except the fact we were invited to our summerhouse neighbours - my cousin on Tuesday evening. He and his wife - their daughter and grandson. So there we were: Anna, my son and his son and me. Having a great time together. We even helped Beate to install the software needed on her first laptop ever. Plus, I brought my wireless modem over (it's less than 1 minute to walk) and we helped her to join the cyber world - at least an e-mail adress:

Simon and Sebastian - so serious -when asked for a photo to be taken
simonbeate@yahoo.no. She was very excited. And we talked into the small hours. And she read my blog and several others as well (your's maybe - we left her to her privacy after a little traning)....
The two boys played very well together - after a while - you know boys 6 and 8 years old - - -
The tiny sea packhouse - now a summer articraft gallery

Sebastian inside the articraft shop - look what's here

Wild cherries - so sweet
On Wednesday, Solvi returned with Ingelin. Our two small houses then was to it's limit of guests - due to the fact the weather was not very outdoor sleeping friendly (Yeah - both Anna and I love to sleep outdoor - ;))) ) But it was really nice to see Ingelin again. She is hard working in Florida - rememer - if you want really clean water: Ask for VOSS.

Niklas, Seb and I went to the Greenhouse, and bought two new grape-plants, which can stand our climate. View from the green house.

Summerfood at the tiny platform

Thursday, Ingelin, Seb and Solvi wanted a sightseeing and a visit to the summercraft- and art summershops here at the Hurum penninsula. I was of course the chauffeur.

Sand Gaard - only organic and local food here

Niklas needed some rest and Anna had in mind our new trip to Sweden and preparing for our guests from Holland, arriving next week.

Sand gaard - Summer gallery at the organic farm
Before we left, around 5 pm - I did pick some raspberries - they are now in our freezer - ready for celebrations: Ingelin 30, Solvi 60, my mother 88 and Xmas. Alle in this 4rth Quarter of 2007. (+ Anna and me having silver wedding also - in Argentina). So many fantastic things to celebrate. In so short time. Wish you all the very best to you - family and friends.

Have more TT fun here

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