Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cats on Tuesday Sept 30: You stupid non sexy man

My dear readers may recall Rosa and Felicia were supposed to have kitten this Summer.

But with Males like this grey cat around -
He only thinks about food - silly cat, do you hear me - mioooooow

Need to check him up. Mieectible

Can't you even smell me? mieow

Can't you feel me? mieeeooooo - purr purr

Miieewhm - are you a Male or have you a voice like a young boy?

Both Felicia and Rosa have given up the Castrate (Enlarge this photo)
Well, Felicia thought about a secure solution *giggles*.

Papa. Who else? At least Papa did read Mickey Mouse. We enjoyed and slept well.

Have a great weeks with cats, gatos, katzen, chats, katter, humans, friends, family and clients and whoever you might meet. Start here

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday on the Platform

It's hard to believe, Sunday a week ago:

Look who were here at our Summerhouse platform - Marjolein - Mrs Lifecruiser - RennyBA - Mr Lifecruiser - Anna (behind unseen: Wim) and DianeCA

We had a good conversation the day after 3x20

And could still smile and laugh like Diane - and Wim had a Cigar. And Papa? He took the Photos.

Farewell to our dear friends from Holland and Diane and the Driver (RennyBA of course)

What then to do but exploring the Norwegian Jungle - Mrs and Mr Lifecruiser on a new expedition into the unknown

... and relaxed and enjoyed the Sunshine after a rough time into Norwegian wilderness. LOL.

A week have passed. We have lot's of exciting memories given from Anna's precious and wonderful guests. We will allways remember.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

PhotoHunt: View - Sept 27 - 2008

I had many VIEWpoints on how to pick one photo for this weeks post. I did not make it, so bear over me for the 3 to come:

View from Victoria Hill in Hong Kong. Ingelin had seen the View before. LOL.

View the Crabs and the Fish down under the platform

View from the Bus between Santiago de Chile and Mendoza (Argentina) - In the background you can view the highest point in the Americas: Aconcagua: 6954 m or 22815 feet.

You can also have a view of how Norwegians celebrates when 60, from a Swedish point of view - Thanks to Mrs Lifecruiser.

What kind of blogger are you? View it here
Or view mine here

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Friday, September 26, 2008


You, my dear reader, that was not at Anna's 3x20 Celebration, I understand you are fed up with all these private blogposts. But, you have to accept, these blogs are important memories for all her wonderful guests.

Did Anna's guest's prefere Waltz or Boney M and CCR and Swing and Rock'n Roll?
Look for your self on the pictures below. Age between 29 and 72 or something. Scroll down it's not someone you knows.
Click to enlarge the joy

Click to enlarge the joy

Read more here from Mrs Lifecruisers report

Well, some needed a pause between the Dancing:

Both new and old friends - well - Tore, Anne-Lise and Nils have met before. Some Years ago.
Guess where? LOL. Chez nous?

And here: Astrid, Frode and Jorun. What a wonderful passiar.

Here you see Tore and Marjolein and papa - we discussed culture, very engaged

Hi, listen - - do you listen? Haha - we had fun

Well, it became late. We looked out of the Window....

And some of our wonderful guests had to leave... to the other hotel - in fact Villas.
From left: My cousin Trygve, his wife Sidsel and their daughter Beate, who has her Birthday on September 21. Rumours would have it to they Celebrated her as well, when they arrived where they stayed overnight. With Champagne. Hmmm, Norwegians seems to love celebrations. A heritage from the Vikings? LOL.

-- and blogger friends deserved a Cigar. After the Celebration. From left: RennyBA, Papa and Mr Lifecruiser. We had a great Nachspiel with our Ladies.
Click to enlarge the joy

Anna want to thanks all her guests and cyber friends for all what you have given her in words and solid presents on her first and only 3x20 Event. She will still perform 3x20 for years to come.
Photo taken by Walter Rietig.

PS. I'll soon be back to normal postings (what is that?) and commenting. Have a most wonderful weekend.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anna 3x20 - Part 2: - Welcome to the Dinner

The Vordrink or Aperitif had to come to an End. At some point.
So here is the Dinner Table and some actions around it. 3-4 hours or something, or was it more? (Excuse my English at this time and blog-post - I miss my Dictionary)
Here is presented only some highlights from the Dinner. Several hundreds of photos taken. Our dear Guests my ask for a CD with all the Photos)

35 Hungry Bodies were hunting for their Chairs. Only 5 persons had fixed places around the Table (Ingelin as Toastmaster and Anna's and my best woman/man + Anna and Papa of course). The rest of the places were numbered. And all our guests had to pick up a number to find out were to sit before seated.

By a coincidence Mr and Mrs Lifecruiser happened to be placed together. Did you know they both have Royale Blood? Here is the proof.

We started with Scallops and Sancerre (White Wine).

Ingelin soon took over as the born Toastmaster.

Lot's of Telegrams she picked up from her Hair, Ears and yeah from here and there. And the Guests enjoyed, and laughted and applauded. She did a fabulous performance. Very professional.

Tore, the Sailor, was very eager to say something to Anna. Sidsel to the left. Who is she?
Well she met Anna years before I did. She is married to my Cousin, who "lives" next door during the Summer. Besides we, Trygve and I had also our childhood as neighbours. Small World.

When the one and only Anna celebs her 3x20, Lot's of people had to say something, sing a greeting or perform a show. Here you see Jorun, Wenche, Anne Kari and Tone, that wrote the jubilee song. In the foreground Lina and Frode.

Here is Wim and Marjolein with one of their Gifts to Anna.They came all the way from Hollnad to celebrate Anna's 3x20. See how happy Anna was.

Frode, my childhood friend, of course had so some nice and creative and funny words to Anna.

Here you see Ingvild,Anna's collegue speaking. From left to right are Jorun, Ingelin and Toril

Ooops, did we have Royal Guests as well? Of course they came all the way from Stockholm, Sweden to give this Event a very special flavour. Mr and Mrs Lifecruiser. They gave an unique performance. Applaudes.

Mrs Lifecruiser and Anna - they are simply beautiful women and persons.

And, what else can you expect from Sweden, but this gift to a lady 3x20. LOL. Boobs?

Mari Anne (born in Brooklyn) and Gro had traveled for 2 1/2 hours just to do and say something - more than that - they performed their adress to Anna very well. See their engagement and passion?

One person was deeply missed on this occassion: Ruben, who died on May 18 this year.
Niklas - his brother so well and deseant reminded us all. Very touching and so couragously he did stand up and SAID IT. In between when honouring Anna. A marvellouse tribute to our loss forever.

Here you see Gro, Diane and Jorun. They happened to sit besides each other during one of the courses. At the West End of the Table. Wonderful persons and women. If you ask papa of his humble opinion.
didi wrote this

If you remember, or if you have really read the text above, all our Guest got their Seats by a "Lottery". At least to the Appertizer. Then before the maine course were served all with equal numbers had to move 3 places to the left. So also after the main dish. Thus everyone could meet and talk to someone else. So suddenly, from left: Mari Anne, Renny, Nils, Anne-Kari and Marjolein. Anne Kari has her Birthday on Sept 21. The Day after Anna.

Even Papa had to say something - about 3x20.
Do you know what 3x20 means for lot's of Norwegians? Of course not. That means the highest score from the Ski-Jump Judges. For Style, General Performance and Elegance. And that is what Anna is for me.

Even a splendid celeb dinner comes to an end. Papa's best Man, Svein, who is 6 Days younger than me, gave the "Thanks for the Dinner Speech". And Anna gave him a very Heartly hug for his performance.

After an excellent Dinner (go to RennyBA's Terella for details), we had a rest outside to watch the Village of Holmsbu and Harbour by Night.

What happened after the Dinner? Did we have more to Eat and Drink? Did the Oldies Dance?
What about a Celebration Cigar? What about the 10 who had to go to the other Hotel - did they walk for 40 minutes during the Night? Or was it some Champagne? Who knows? More to come....

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