Friday, October 31, 2008

I don't use any space at all according to Google

Google offers a service were you can check how much storage you are using on your Google Accounts - including Picasa Web Album which is now a Blogger standard - no choice as far as I've so far have checked out.
(The first GB is free, something you will not be informed about until you have reached that limit. For simple gMail text it's 5GB - should have been the other way round if you ask me)

I did check my account.
Guess what?
The field for my storage usage is: BLANK
What? BLANK?
Does that means ZERO or???
Why then should I buy more space

I've informed Google about this lack of a result on their service page.

In the meantime, enjoy photos from my last Sunday's visit around in Oslo. It's posted on Facebook.
(Hope you have access. Searching for a better, permanent solution, but work takes allmost all my time just now)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Papa means about Google and half true Marketing

Hi, dear blogger friends,
first time post without any photos. It's strange - and I do not like the situation at a

OK - look here then
(I do not expect you to comment, unless you read the whole post and have some qualified opinions of what is really happening in the World just now - but you can read, and say nothing - at least you'll learn more about me)

We have all read about the World Wide Financial Crises in the past weeks. I must admit:
My advice is very Simple:
Jail the greedy bosses - not the piano player - which was never teached about how those complicated "papers" and "securities" and "obligations" and "value papers" and what ever creative names they where given - the reality behind.
And, not only put them (these bosses) behind locked doors: Confiscate all their fortunes - and return it to the people that have had trust and saved their money in their institutions.
For pensions. For the safety of family future. Kids and old relatives. For homes. For small businesses. Why? Because they have committed a crime. It has absolutely nothing to do with free enterprise and economic systems to do. Not at all.

We are talking about greed. Like Dictators. Like "Mafia". Or, whatever you call greedy people.

Have we never learned from 500 years back when Tulip onions were sold? They did split up the Tulip onion and sold the feed in a tempo that the Nature simply could not live up to.

And now - Google try to do the same. I've sent this message around this evening - To FaceBook Friends around the Globe. Are Google just a "Booble"? Ask yourself. I do.
With reasons, to be frankly: Avoid any sign of greed and signal of "We have Market Power".
They will never, ever think about you, the ordinary consumer.

Here is a touch of what I pretended to post since Saturday:
Oslo in the late Autumn - both Historical and present and "folklore" + our Cats.
But then Google told me: Pay before posting. Without any Warning. This is bad business behaviour and a Customer treatment that only will end up as a very bad investment for Google Stockholders. Sic. Stick to companies that provide water, in a deseant way. Stay Green.

Here it is: My writing to Google, this afternoon.
(May it help to tell them, or have Google been too big and neglegting the original Internet Idea and the Communities? A simple question)

Some very few Months ago, I was informed of a new fantastic option as a user of Blogger: All your Photos on your blog will be stored in a Picasa web-album. Wow. (I've installed and used Picasa for a long time on my own computer). Ok - that was the information given. How stupid can one be when Google has taken control over Blogger? They ask (demands) for a gMail account. I've a Yahoo e-mail account (how many should one have? + job-accounts) Then last Saturday, when uploading a photo to my blog: You have passed your account's limit on your Picasa album storage. What? Who told me about a limit? What sieze? Not Google. Nobody. I followed the instructions to find out. Can you believe it: The only answere is: Buy space or you can have some more for free if you open a gMail account. Reminds me of MS. Far away from open standards and free use of the Internet. So I wrote this comment on their Question how to Help better: I asked a simple question: How to get rid of Picasa storage on Blogger photos. I've never asked for that option. Just told what a fantastic new feature to blogger. To pay for it? Not at all mentioned. I have Picasa installed on my own Laptop. If this option will not be a free option, and clearly outspoken the limit of free space: I'll quit Blogger and Google. And blog about this greed on other blog-providers, like WordPress and even on FaceBook. So hereby you are warned: Google do think they are in the same position as Microsoft was (They seems to be more open these Days) - creating de fact monopoly.
Avoid Avoid Avoid

Regards Tor with Internet experiences since the 1990'ies

Hope you got something to think about

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

PhotoHunt - October 25 - 2008


More Scary Photo Hunters here

Thus - it will take a while 4 me to be back - as a normal blogger, my way.
If you are in the same situation, do not hesitate to blog about it. Or tell about it on Facebook, or Twitter or wherever you are.

My Scary Photo is here (hahaha)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday -Oct 22 - 2008


I kiss my Sons Urn. I'm Wordless
When you kiss your own Sons Urn - then you are really Wordless.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday or total Silence Wednesday

Wednesday, October 21 - 2008 - Nordre Gravlund (Northern Cemetery) - Oslo, Norway
The Day before the Urn Interment.

Papa had to go and check it out during his Lunch hour: Is the Grave Stone brought back and properly rehabiltated - with Ruben's Name written correctly? And the special Stone, is it there with the correct words? Is every prepared for Wednesdays ceremony? What do we need to redo? New Plants? New Lights? etc.
Well, as you can see, the two Stones are there. Even the hole for the Urn.

Papa needs to plant and fix some Light to the Grave. It's also close to Tous Saints and X-Mas time. Must buy something on Wednesday before arrival. Enlarge to see my Family - on my Fathers side. It will be our Family Grave. Someday I'll be there too. It's good to know. Enlarge to view.

Top down:
My Grand Dad (Who build the Summerhouses) - he died on Dec 25 in 1963 - Cerebral Hermorrhage. Less than 10 hours from he felt his first pain. I was there at the first moment he felt something was wrong.
My Grand Mother - she died by Breast Cancer - I did not know about until 3 weeks afterwards. How could that be? At that I went around the old waterways in Europe. Writing for a Magazine. But - no Internet, no Cellphones, no international long distance call kiosks along our route - only "poste restante" at certain places. My Father - he died during a heart operation - most proberly due to the fact the operating crew did not got the information: Diabetes. So you must tune the anesthesias/narcosis.
My Son - Poisened with out knowing it. Do not ever take any kind of analgesic (2 days before) you know you will go to a party where drugs like Alcool etc will be served. If you broke a bone/leg and something, and you know within the 2-3 next Days, You are going to an important celebration - avoid all kinds of "stuff" that are giving you the same "relaxation" as Morfin.
Most Doctors do not know about this 3-fold combination. What happens is this. When these different ingredients, alone mostly positive (if not allergic), are combined, your brain send a certain Signal:
STOP BREATHING. When asleep you have no chance. You not only stop breathing, you also stop living. So take care when you have heavy pains.
(Ruben had from a very complicated fracture in his foot - and was told: Just relaxe.... Public Health can be very good - but also very neglecting when it's a monopoly) I'm Wordless.
The text on the tiny stone to the left: Vi savner deg - We miss you.
That Stone is brought by Rubens Brother (Niklas) and Sister (Ingelin) from his (Rubens) Favourite Summer Camp Island in the Inner Oslofjord (Langøyene - Long Islands - Just some minutes away from down town Oslo).

I'm Wordless

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A special Weekend

You, my dear blogger friends and readers do know I've have been absent for a while.
It's a reason for the most.
In this case, it's not because I suddenly dislike you. On the contrary. I miss you. I really do.

This was our Weekend:
Saturday: Pick up the rest from our Summerhouse. And wash the floors, cover up here and there and bring plantes into Winter Home. Even harvest the late Grapes and Herbs.
Then making food for the cats and to ourself when back to our Winterhome.

Easy made food. Saumon and veggies (from our Summer garden) - even Minnesota Wild Rice from Suzann.

Our houses is to the left. A tiny part of my Cousins to the Right. Our Grand Pa was the architect and builder. Everything is designed and build by ourself.

Sunday: Visting my Mother.
Bringing my son Niklas and his woman, Maria. Niklas was not in the "Neighboorhood", so to speak on his grandmas Birthday last Sunday.
Niklas was at a very exotic place for one week just a week ago. A place - in fact an Volcanic Island in the North Atlantic that you just can't visit. Even though you have a private airplane:
Jan Mayen - a very special place on Earth. To say it discretly.

Back to my Mother.
She is among the youngest at "the home". "Only 89". This afternoon we helped a lady born on Oct 17 - 1908 down the Lift.
So you see, my Mother feels young.

We brought Apples from the Summerhouse Garden and some Sweets. I should have brought more Grapes. I'll do that next week.

Then we - Niklas and Maria and me checked out the Graveyard. Family Grave - it's a serious matter on Wednesday Oct 22: Urn Interment - Ruben.

The latter is the reason I've not been in normal condition for a while. My brain have been occupied somewhere else. Grief? Memories? Selfishness? Practical details? I don't know. Anyway, it's a first time experience. I've never learned how to react or behave in a situation like this.

But, you know I'm an optimistic creature, and will come back again.
As soon as possible.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Familily - Photo Hunt

I suspect the most of my blogger friends have tons of "Familiy Photos".
So does we - just go back in my humble blog.

But this photo of a painting made my dear Uncle Per in 1938 is very special for me.

It's my Mother and Father - still very young and 7 years before I was born. Our Summerhouse is just a few meters to the souht
They were in fact the Cradlle for my 4 kids.
You can see them all if checking my blog archives.
On October 22, well, Ruben. I can't help still crying: Urn Inerment.
It might sound selfish, but papa will never ever overcome ....


Friday, October 17, 2008

Autumn - Fall Images from Oslo South - Norway

Friday - Oslo Report - Oct 17-2008
Sunshine - blue sky - Ice on my front Car Window in the morning- beautiful colours - intensive work - nice shopping and a very pleasant time in the afternoon sunlight at our BALCONY.

My dear blogger Friends - I think it's important to share with you how it looks like just now - where we live. These pictures are all taken Friday, October 17, afternoon from where we live (Winterhome) in Southern Oslo - Capital of Norway.

Popular for Dog's - view as our Cats see it - LOL - from our Veranda

View from our veranda

Another view from veranda

From our Veranda

Just outside

Just outside

Autumn flowers - 2-3 minutes walk from our Winterhome - yeah I did take a few minutes walk for you to see.

View - 2 minutes walk from our Winterhome. Sunset time.

Have a splendid weekend, my dear readers and personal friends.
Hope to come back to comment your wonderful blogs.
(Going to bed - have to close Water etc at Summerhouse this Saturday)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

TORsday October 16 - 2008

Papa next to naked - Gosh that old man and body;))
Just stopped working - It's 11.04 pm when I start writing this post.

Photo: It is nothing but how I did look like during my 24 hour Bloodpressure test.

Why then posted under the cover of T13?
Because - Fasten your Seat belt: 3x13 Blood Pressure Tests in 24 hours. Even at Night.
The Results: Well my "Young" age condcidered:
Come back next Spring, said the Doctor, and we do a new test.

Finnished this pist at 11:36 pm. Miss my pillow and A---

Have a great weekend

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless and Happy Anna

There is nothing more pleasant than positive Surprises.

This morning we received a message in our Mail Box:
You have a Letter/Package that is too large for your Mail Box. You can pick it up in your Local "Post in Shop".
Papa, who by accident this Wednesday should go to his doctor anyway (24 hour blood pressure test equipment on my body - but worked for 11 hours - haha, that's papa), close to the post in shop, brought the form and returned with a Package to Anna. From USA. Hmmm.

Anna opened the emballage, and.. a Card - hmmm

What's inside? She read the Card - with wonderful Greetings

Minnesota Wild Rice - What a wonderful gift and surprice. Anna is happy. Very surpriced, flattered and happy.

What a wonderful presant
From Suzann, papa's very reflective, wise and beautiful blog friend in St Paul.

She says: Vote Obama. Change is needed. For the US and the World. Can you be more agree during these times?

Both Anna and me send loves across the miles and Ocean to Suzann. She is a true Friend. We post this openly for you all to realize what a unique person she is. Papa has really learned about life from her, and we have talked face to face about our sorrows, griefs and also rebuilding, prosperity and future and optimisme and caring and helping those that really needs help.

PS-1. Papa and Anna will enjoy delicious meals, and post recipes with Minnesota Wild Rice.

PS-2. did you know it takes 150.000 liters of Water to produce one kg of cultivated Rice?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Papa - mieow mioth are you doing?

Sorry my dear Cats, Anna, Family and blogger friends - I'm working 24/7 for the time beeing.
I will return to you and my blog soon, so just check out. May be a picture or so that I can post for Family and Friends to ensure we are still present.
Cat stories here
PS. Sorry for nothing commenting for too many days. I do know I have something to look forward to with joy and pleasure. Have a great time.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008


My Mother is 89 this Sunday October 12 - 2008.
We would surprise her. Where she now lives - at the elderly home. 40 minutes by public transportation from our Winter home.

And brought a bottle of Champagne, in fact this bottle was a gift to Anna at her's 3x20 celeberation some weeks ago. She wanted to share it with my Mother. The bottle was a gift from Frode (my good childhood friend - which my mother also know very well) and his woman, Astrid. So we shared memories from the 40 and early 50'ies.

We also brought 4 glasses. And Blue Grapes from our Summer House Garden (She was there before I was born). And guess who has blogged about our Grapes to Day? Click on Blue Grapes.

When we arrived, my Mother was not alone. My x-wife (scroll down to see) and our good friend Solvi had arrived some minutes earlier.

We talked and talked and enjoyed the Champagne while I unpacked my PC and connected to Internet via my Mobile Device. My Mother wanted to see how it is with her Grand Son Mats, who is living in Michigan.
She is very proud of her Grandson. My youngest boy.
Then we clicked into to Anna's 3x20 event, as shown some weeks ago here at this blog.
we left 1/4 of the Champagne in her fridge. She needed some early evening food - and we left. See the Blueberry Muffin?
We had a good time together.
And are looking forward to next years Grand Old Lady Event: 3x30 - Hurray.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

PhotoHunt: Lazy - Oct 11 - 2008

This week I felt too Lazy to participate. That's papa's true soul;)) - weekend - you know.
But what else to do? LOL
Here are some dogs, a cat, food and people that fit into the category of Lazy.

1 - Could you be as lazy as these Dogs?

2 - You Lazy old, white Cat - why must I repair the energy supply?
The color of my fur?

3 - On the Road - well if in a hurry - Lazy Food. This one was at least kind of Healthy
4 - Big Band Swing Orchestra playing live in the Park - and--- so Lazy?
Free entry - it was.

(PS. I did dance that late afternoon in Fauribault- Minnesota)

If you need more Lazy - here is Rock Music or something like that: Lazy Music
More Lazy Photos? purr purr says Rosa and Felicia - our Cats - some food please.
hmm - click

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

TT13 - TORsday - recipes from the Norwegian Kitchen - #4

Happy TORsday to all "Making you own food" lovers.
This Torsday we will do something very simple.Every Days Food- we call it.

From the Norwegian Cuisine (most winning after France in international Chefs contests)
If you do not like Fish, well then use your Fantasy to find a replacement.
(Don't forget then to take Omega-3)

What to do?
1) Buy some smoked Cod fillets. If not available in your local store, go fishing. Norway is the place to go then. And smoke it the way you prefere. How do you do that? Haha, producers keep it as a secret.
2) Potatoes. Tiny with "robe". We pick them in our Summerhouse Garden (OK - we miss it when we are back in our Winterhome)
3) Sauce: Beurre de Persille - Butter and Parsley Sauce - just melt the butter on low heath and add chopped Parsley. You can use any kind of
real butter and Parsley.
4) Carrots - shrubbed, from own Garden or bought (Organic, better taste and more environmental friendly). Only some minutes in hot water. They must rest crispy, not overcoocked. A Fork is a good instrument to test the combination of crispness and softness. It's your choice.
5) Have a glass in between with whatever stimulates your work as a Chef.
6) Talk about what you are going to serve - and kindly ask if some Habaneros is wanted (or red Spanish pepper - chili type)
7) Don't forget the Serving Plates (you are adviced to heat them - but not to a fingerburning temperature)
8) Fork and Knife - In fact only Fork is needed
9) Glasses for whatever you prefer to drink - No sweet drinks, they will destroy the taste of the Dinner
10) Lit the Candle Ligts (you have them at hand - allways? If not, you are not a Romantic Person)
11) Sit down around the Table and sniff the wonderful odeur (smell)
12) Start eating - slowly and enjoy every bite - hmmm
13) Look at the photo below - as we (Anna) serves it
(it's a dinner preparing for a dessert I want mention here -*giggles*)

Enjoy the Meal - at least we did. Yesterday.

Stay tuned for our next everyday make it your own dinner recipe from Norway

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - October 8 - 2008

UPdate - Flash - Important positive News - Oct 9-2008

Ingelin is 11/20 on October 9 - 2008 -
Happy BD - say it here on her FB
BD grats: - and celebrate my darling daughter.
Here she is in Buenos Aires, December 2007. She came down from Miami to join our Silver Wedding. Just now, she is in Hong Kong. The World is small for Ingelin.

Wellcome to a Wordless view of Filtvet Light House in the Oslofjord in Norway.

It was a Sunny Monday - Sept 22-2008. And you might see our beloved bloggerfriend on the Picture. My regular readers might have a clue. But click on the link and be surprised.

This is inside the Light House

Use your translation software to learn more about this Light House and the Penninsula where we live during the short, but magnificiant Nordic Summer

More Wordless bloggers (can bloggers be Wordless) here

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cats on Tuesday October 7 - 2008

Back to the Winter Home. How will Rosa and Felicia take it? Living outside since May 1?

First of all: Happy Birthday to Mar in Barcelona

Our Cats do know in the very moment we think about changes. So this Autumn as well. They knew we would move from the Summerhouse to our common Winterhome last Sunday.

Cat owners are familiar with the challenge to ask Cats to come, when we humans want them to be at hand. Bring them into their cages and transport them. This year it was easy. Our Cats do not like chilly climate.
Besides: The Male Cats. All Castrate "Singers". What a dissapointment . Both Rosa and Felicia were without P-Pills since late April. No kittens.

But they met at least some wonderful humans, bloggerfriends, which they very soon adapted.

Here is some photos from The Summerhome

You might remember Stompa catching a mouse?

And miss desperate (but nowadays - grrrr - not puurr purr

My last Night in the Summer Lining - at least the design. Papa bought it for me - purr purr.

Are we going home? I'm ready and packed, so said Rosa.
And - we are back again. Even with our Cat Sculpture. And our Chaisselonge. That's ours.

More cats here. And here (big surprise). Please also meet Veronito in Buenos Aires. You can comment in English.

PS. Papa has written this in between --- I want bother you - have a great week

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Sunday, October 05, 2008


You shines like GOLD in our Minds. Big hugs from Anna and Tor and Rosa y Felicia. We will share a Champagne for you this evening.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

PhotoHunt: SAD - October 4 -2008

It's allways SAD to sign a Condolence Protocol. In this case, for our Son Ruben who died on May 18 this year - 40 years young. The writings lasted for 2 1/2 hours.

More PhotoHunters
PS. We are returning to our Winterhome this Weekend, thus we are very busy

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