Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oslofjord - Norway

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Papa and Anna and two Cats have moved to Summer Home

View from Platform 
At last we have moved to our Summer Home, at least 3 weeks later than normal. One reason is the cold Spring, but the main reason is the missing of Stompa. Old fashioned boards has been posted in the Neigbourhood, on relevant Intersites and in the Local Paper.
No response so far, where are you?
Felicia in the Nature
Well, now we had no choice, we had to move. Felicia (above)  and Rosa have told us very clearly. And we also realized the Summer Garden need treatment and the Platform and houses as well.
Stemorsblomster og tagetes Cherry Tomatoes, chili and different flowers
Flowers and Platform Flowers covering th barbecue
My regular readers do know Papa is crazy about Flowers. Hence he was quick to bring up food, beverages, linen etc, even his PC and wireless modem before driving to his favourite Green House.

Nye blomster hengt opp 1 Flowers at platform 2010-05-22
Papa returned after spending Nok 1227,- USD 200,-. € 150,-.
And he even met his Childhood Friend and his Woman in the Green House.
But how is the Garden after a long Winter with heavy Snowfalls?
Persille - Parsley - Petrosilenium crispum   og Hvitløk - garlic - Allium sativum Løpestikke - Lovage - Levisticum officinalis
Gressløk - Chives - Allium schoenoprasum Salvie - Sage - Salvia officinalis
We did check the Herbs. Scroll over the Photos if you do not know their names. After all they have all survived the Winter up here at 60 degrees North.
Grapes are late this year Wild Strawberries
Lily of the valley Viola
There were much more to inspect. The Grapes are late this year. The Wild Strawberries seems to be as normal. Lilly of the Valley is later than normal, as well with the Violas.
What about the Garden and Berries?
Lions Dent Needs rehabilitation
Tulip - alone Snow has given us work to do
Well, we realize there will be a lot of work to do.  That’s why we move to our Summer House. To to anything else than our regular  jobs. Here you see Lions Dent, a lonley Tulip (the Deers love them and when we are not there…) The houses needs new painting and the Berries needs to be cared for. And the Platform must be cleaned.  After all, we have plenty of time to fix what’s needed with pleasure.  As long as we have Water and Electricity (Fridge, Freezeer, Shower, WC, Washing Machine and a Cooker besides good beds., flowers and Cats and fresh air and  a wonderful view
I really hope my Internet-connection will be stable during our Summer Months. It’s important for me to read your posts and also to comment. In some weeks time I will have more time to comment than I have had the chance to do the past Months.
For those of my readers that know what Pentecost is, have a happy Holyday.

My travelblog is here:

Last letter is from Barzil.

Have you registrated to the Blogger Event of  the Year?

Click here – Did you do it?

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Exotic Oslo

View from Oslo City Hall in February 2010. Here is where the Nobel Peace Price Winners are honoured.

You can come here as well and meet the Mayor of Oslo and even bloggers from all over the World.

Carpe Diem - it's a life time opportunity.
Click here for more information.
See you?

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In memory of Ruben - 1968 - 2008

My dear readers, there is something in a persons life that's harder than anything else:
Loosing your own Child....

Here above you see Ruben on Christmas Eve 2006.
He arrived late. He was not aware of the Fact Public Transportation was closed beteween 5 pm and 9 pm. He called papa and was very confused:
- Papa, I'm here west of Oslo, no Money at all, how can I come to you?
- Find a Taxi, Papa will pay, you will be my best Christmas Gift after all.
- But, taxi-drivers also celebrate Christmas Eve
- Most Taxi-Drivers nowadays in Oslo are Muslims, so I think you will find one...
Yes, he did, 90 minutes later he arrived.
It was worth the $120.

Ruben left our Home after 48 hours talking and talking with papa. So we were. Papa miss Ruben. And  Papa thinks about you every Day - and will allways do.
Rest in Peace my dear Son.
We will allways miss you.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

PHOTO HUNT - HALF - May 15, 2010

This week I will present some Half open or is it Half Closed Tulips in our Garden here just south of Oslo, Norway. Hope you accept my Flowers..

As allways I do remind you of the Oslo Blogger Gathering.
This might be an once in a Lifetime experience.

August 19-22 - 2010
Meet the Mayor of Oslo, experience the Viking Ships, the Kontiki Raft and RA, have a virtuel skijump  in Holmenkollen (World Campionship Feb/March 2010) in the Viking Capital and walk on the roof of the new Opera Building, in pure Marble. Enjoy the Islands and visit the old Castle and fortress from 13th Century and all the Galleries, Munch Museums and enjoy all the live Music Concerts, small pubs, cafees and Seafood  restaurants.
You can even visit The Mini Bottle Museum with 53.000 bottles exhibited in 50 different installations. A World sensation.
Go on Moose safari or Fishing in Lakes, Rivers and the Sea, rent a Boat or kayack/Canoe and pick your own, wild Blueberries and Raspberries in the Hills surrounding the City.
Visit the Beaches and have a swim in the 100 km long Oslofiord.
Everything very close to Down Town.
And the most fascinating: Meeting bloggers from all over the World
Welcome to OsloBG - 2010

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Anna served Vol au Vent and Papa enjoyed dinner

Above you can see Anna's Wednesday version of Vol au Vent.
What it is and how to make it? And where to find Recipes?
You might have this served if you join OsloBG in August 2010;)

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Papa search for Stompa and have a Blood Pressure Instrument for 24 hours.

This Tuesday Morning Papa went to his Doctor. And got installed what you see below. He is very brave, but not a sight for Godesses right here;) He-he, so is lige at 65. But Papa enjoys it.
Papa with Bloodpressure equip 1 equip 2
It will measure Papa’s bloodpressure for 24 hours. At least every 30 Minutes. Papa feels the pressure from the Air “bulb” which expansion  - wooow now again, it hurts, my hand is dumb – grrr to often, but it’s for the sake of prevent what can happen in Papas age.
Papa is not in his best mood--
Stompa as baby kitten Right Stompa right as kitten
Stompa Stompa in Summer Garden 1
Stompa is still missing. Papa and the rest of the Family are now really concerned. Stompa – where are you. Please come back.
Here you see him from top – to the Right side with his Mother Opus. His Mother as well suddenly went away. Never been seen afterwards.
So you see, we are all concerned.
But Papa is looking forward to this fantastic Event. OsloBG.

PS. Started medication regarding my Blood Pressure Wednesday May 12

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Saturday Dinner in Oslo - Norway

Hello again, dear blogfriend, here you can see our tiny Saturday Dinner. As a starter we had Scampi. 1 kg for € 7,50 or $ 9,50.
Of course we had it on our veranda, but you will not see what we had of beverages, nor how we were dressed in the beautiful Sunshine;-)
Then we went inside, later and had Trout and just click on the photo to see more what else of delights we had.
Then papa went for a short sleep. Must have been too much Sun. What else?
Papa forgot his Camera, but the Cheeze and Fruit was  absolutly wonderful. And the beverages as well.
PS. Just between my readers and papa: We went to bed around 3 a.m
Will I see you here?


Saturday, May 08, 2010

PhotoHunt: Mother/mom

My daughter, left, is the proud Mother of Metin Leander. Here together with other proud Mothers during a Naming Ceremony in Oslo City Hall, February 2010.

Why not visit Oslo City Hall and meet other bloggers from around the World.


More Photo Hunters here

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Surprise, surprise on May 4th – 2010 in Oslo, Norway

To Day, I looked out of the Kitchen Window, and what did I see? Click on the Photo. We should have had Flowers, not Snow by now. Excotic Oslo;)
2010-05-04 Snowing 1
In half and hour we had 10 cm, or 3 inches of Snow in May. Very unusual. I was happy I still have my Winter Tyres on my Car. We live about 100 meters (300 feet) about Sea Level, and the Roads here were covered by wet Snow.  Click to enlarge the Photo below and you see it was a heavy Snowfall.
2010-05-04 Snowing 2

There will be no Snow during The Oslo Blogger Gathering in August. Money Guarantee.

Read more  from the “Beeing Tourist in your own City” arrangement last Sunday on Diane’s and Renny’s. I did my own report from the our Neighbourhood in Southern Oslo, here.

Well, we are fed up with Snow and Ice, so please be invited to Ceara, in NE Brazil – at least enjoy the Photos. Click here.

PS. Stompa is still missing. We are really affraid something has happened to him;(

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Short Photo report from Oslo, Norway

First of all, it seems my new Internet connection seems to work better than the old one. Before I will be back as regular commentor to all my wonderful blogfriends posts, let me give a short insight how it really looks here in the high North in Oslo in the end of April 2010.

View from veranda Springtime acitivties 0
Glass reflexions Late Spring this year - but at last 2 Crocuses Papa selfportrait Flowering Sallow
Diinner end of April 2010 Dinner - May 1 - 2010
Narcisse Optimistic Thermometer - Oslo Apri 2010 (in the sun on the veranda)

From top left: Our Neighbours. Kids playing. Looks frozen but it’s only the special reflexion. Me, selfportrait. Crocuses. Right outside our veranda. Food  (Gartinated Fish). Food (Sangliere – burgers). Narcisse and the temperature at the half closed in veranda. Allmost 40 C.

Beach Oslo South - view Oslo Beach April 2010 - Hvervenbukta
Oslo Beach April 2010 Clear Water Oslo Beach Life around April 18 - 2010

Here you see some photos from the Beach, just minutes walk away from our Winterhome. No comments. Just enjoy how Norwegians enoy Spring and Sunshine.

Oslo May 2-2010 - taken wile driving Spring activities in Oslo 1

This Sunday, Ingelin and Leander and Sölvi left from Oslo To Germany. Due to Road Work on the Highway that connects Oslo West to Oslo North and South, I had to take a detour, most people are not aware of. What normally takes 25 minutes tokk me 70 minuyes. Both Photos taken by me when driving;)

Son and grandson at Summerhouse - checking out 2010 - Son and Grandson Summerhouse 1

Then some Photos from last week, when my Son and Grandson did check up our Summer Home. The Spring is late this year, so we will postpone our move from Winter Home to Summer Home for the first time in 20 years.

Ingelin and Leander was as well in Oslo end of April
Do not miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet other bloggers from all over the world in exotic Oslo. Read more here

This will be an event you’ll never forget. I assure you.

PS. Stompa is still missing. But we have had some indications he could be in the neighbourhood. So we are optimistical- as usual.