Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless - April 30 - 2008

This is the Roosevelt Monument, in Oslo, Norway, situated just outside a Middle Age Fortress and Castle (Akershus).
The Photo is scanned from an old slide. You can see my two youngest kids.
- Mats in the middle, is now married in USA.
- Ingelin to the left has just finnished her 1 1/2 year assignement in Florida, USA.
They did not know at the time this photo was taken. A Token? What do you think?

PS. Excuse the quality of this scanning. The Slide is suberp. Need rescanning?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cats on Tuesday April 29 - 2008

The weather has been up and down. So have Rosa and Felicia. For not to say - in and out - to and from the Balconny here at our Winterhome. Normally, by now we should have moved out to our Summerhome. Hope we can do it during the next few Days.

It was a mild evening this Tuesday. What did we see? A lonely Cat. Outside, in the free. Yeah. Most Cats are kept indoor here in this Neighbourhood.

Here is Rosa. Outside. What to do?

Haha - She has do get used to do what has to be done without her litter box - before moving to our Summer Paradise.

Felicia: Checking out. The new Grass. See her short Tail?

Well, this is a great place to scratch and lay down. Says Felicia.

More Cats and funny stories? As usual the links you will find at Gattinas blog

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

PhotoHunt - April 26 - 2008

Theme: Unique/funny Signs

Hi friends, it's lots of funny signs around this Globe. Most of them meant well, some for the fun and confusion, but there are also some serious.

This sign is to warn you that Santa Claus can be in the street around the next corner. Do not hit him with your car. That would cause serious consequences. X-Mas for instance without Santa? What would that be? Papa or Uncle or Neighbour as a substitute. No way. We say in Norway.

More to find here
and here too
You can see the sign during Summertime on the first photo in my Cybercruise post from Dröbak (Norway) is here

The most fantastic entry: Peace

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

TT - April 24 - 2008

hope my dear readers have missed me and felt a very empty life lately. LOL.
No, no, no. that's not me. I do love you all;)).

So here TT 13 for this week:

1. I'm alive
2. New Job
3. New challenges

4. A sign of spring on the Balconny - in fact Orchides brought from Bangkok a month ago by Solvi.

5. Even for the Cats love the Spring - this is Rosa at our Winterhome Balconny
6. Miss all my blogger friends - by the way: Have you read this one from Oslo?
7. Fishcakes with green and yellow beans for dinner ++
8. Been on the Balcony in Winterhome from around 5:30 pm to 7 pm the last days licking the Sunshine. Then back to work. (Have photos - but *giggles* - we are Sunlovers)
9. Cats are in and out from the Balconny - they find it a bit fresh in the shadow
10. Very noisy to day - grinding of the bricks just outside my home office window
11. Had to shop butter for my lunch (+++ papa goes shopping - hahah), nothing left in the fridge.

12. Did calculate the price for our next Christmas Seminar (Cruise between Oslo and Kiel in Germany) today. It's more complicated than you believe. Spouses and what's included and what's not. Here is part of the Ship. As combined Car-ferry and Cruise Ship, the largest of it's kind in the world. Lot's of Conferences on board. (Germans and Norwegians)
13. Hope the weather this weekend will allow us to prepare our Summerhouse and Garden

Miss you all. I'll come back more regulary as soon as possible.
But you know, for some is work first priority. No alternative to discuss.

Have a great weekend. Maybe I'm back, shortly, on Saturdays Photohunt: unique/funny signs
(My portrait? Who knows?)

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

PhotoHunt - Saturday April 19 - 2008: 13

--- Baked with Seaweed. Very crispy and tasty. Only 13 calories, if you add butter. LOL.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

TT - Thursday - TORsday 13 - April 17 2008

Excuse me for not beeing mathematical correct this week,
when talking about 13.
I do miss 13 by some minutes. In fact by 2 minutes. The Sun here in Oslo to day is 13 hrs and 2 minutes from Sunrise to Sundown.

Rosa, first time outdoor this year, enjoying the light. As a symbol of Lucky 13.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WW - April 16-17 2008

Oslo today (almost 60 degrees North - Temperature 9 C - 49 F):
Sunrise: 5:54 AM
Sunset: 8: 41 PM
The Day is 8 hrs and 53 minutes longer than Dec 21. Hard facts.

Sunset seen from our Winterhome

Here you'll have an impression of our Balconies and how we live during the Winter. In fact, very practical, all services included.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cats on Tuesday April 15 - 2008

The last week has been very busy. For me, Anna and the two Cats: Rosa and Felicia. Papa has just started a new job assignement and attended two IT- Business Conferences. Besides my B D (63 years young) family dinner last Saturday.
At least, Rosa and Felicia very soon understood it's Summertime. Again. Not Summer. It's still remarkably Cold outside. They do not want to go out even on our balconny. When we open the door, they run away to a warm and safe place.

Here they are - together - see how they trust each other.

And - they are beautiful. If you do not agree to that, You'll have some real Nightmares ahead of you. Waking up bloody. Ooohuuu. Mieooow.
Felicia is very playful. Normally. But she hide when we have guests. Special young ones.
But when we are alone again, she is the real hunter with versalier: HUNTER. See her Toy? Allmost nothing left. It's a 3 years guarantee on this Cat Toy. But the producers did not consider a real Manx. LOL.
Cats on Tuesdays - a Forum for Cat Lovers

PS. Sorry for blaming Blogger for my problems last Week. The problems is/are caused by Microsoft IE and MS's lack of interest for upgrading and keeping their Customers Investment in XP intact. They (MS) want us all to change to Vista, which is a Catastrophy for too many critical business and personal applications.
Even this evening, IE went down several times. Why does I use it? I'm only using it when editoring photos on my blog. I shall never do that again. It used to be stable, but not anylonger. From now on: Firefox;))

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Dinner

Saturday was time for Family Dinner.
In fact for 4 generations.
So what to serve? hehe, at least 3 dishes we figured out. Actually it ended with 4 plus plus.
We are a hopeless Family in the sense of allways having mutual fun.

Love the setting around the 100 year old Family Table. And beeing together and have a good time. Enjoing every second.
Have you, my dear reader, experienced a 4 G Familiy Dinner?

And even with your X as well? ---- I call it the Global Family. As we are in Cyber World.

Here is the Table, before we "attacked".

Ruben (40) preparing for the Appetizer

Appetizer, this year as last year - on my BD - was shrimps and crawfish in jelly with remoulade, green leafes (French Feld) and seaweed crispy bread (from Sweden) with Normandy Butter, white wine from New Zealand and Voss Water from Norway. What a mix.

We then had a pause. Seb - the Master of Balloon kicking (not only kicking: Bang bang)
Main Dish: Confite de Canard - Conserved Ducks in Jelly and you see the rest

Balloons - wow
Another pause - Seb and papa preparing the surprises. haha - we kept it as as secret - for a while.....
( - No advertising allowed here)
Cheeze of course. 3 diffents from local Norwegian Farmers. Expensive but, what delicassies. Heavenly. But, since these cheeses are only available very locally - no photos. Must visit Norway to feel this wonderful tastes---

Yet another pause. Grandson with my Mother
Rasberries from our Summerhome with premium vanilla icecream.

Chocolade Cake

Chocolade Cake and Apple Cake (Family recipie - advanced by my Brother).

Anna - making Coffee alone?
HAHA - Seb is there to help.
Hallo all of you, he says - and feel safe with his grand grand ma
B D party - we allways have a great time when to celebrate
Served with Coffee and white and brown Calvados (Apple liquer). Genuine Vanilla Ice Cream topped with hip-extract (from our Summerhouse - dry -bake - conserve-cook and use the juice
gave Seb a "Book" with blank pages. Paper made for Aquarels. Everybody had to do a drawing and a poem.
As a Gift for me - then later a Heritage for him (Seb)
Here is Ruben (means: See, a Son) reading from our homemade poems.
Then we watched photos from Solvi's visit to Ingelin in Hong Kong and Thailand.
My grandson was all over.
Here is my mother, born 1919. I do think she had a great time.
In spite of her bad hips.
There was some leftovers from the Dessert - *giggles*
This is the Table after hours of pleasure. It's not hard at all to stove away. 'cause you have everybody's positive mind in your head, and replay their smile and laughter.
My Mother needed help . My son Niklas to the left and my Brother to the Right
Taxi - after Family Dinner

My mothers "best friend"

It was a wonderful Family Dinner. We missed Mats and Lori and Ingelin. Hope we can meet again one time when my mother still are among us. We had such fun together. As we allways have.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


More Photohunters here

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Friday, April 11, 2008


I'm about to give up.

First my Internet Provider's server went down. Then I managed to create "first part of the story of my life". After proofreading and posting - what happended? Everything vanished. Puff - zero.
It will take me Days to reconstruct. In a busy periode, I'm sorry to say: Until next week. And I need to find a much better reliable solution than Blogger can offer.

Love you all.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Worldless Wednesday April 9 - 2008

April 9 is a very special Day in Norway. That was the Day in 1940 the Nazies invaded Norway.
I was born some weeks before the end of this tragic chapter of European History (April 10 - 45).

After the WW II, Norway was a very poor Country. We (My parents) could not afford to go any longer but in our Garden for a Camping Weekend. This old photo (scanned) is a proof of that fact. But we were lucky. As you can see and imagine

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cats on Tuesday April 8 - 2008

We have talked about wether Rosa and Felicia should have kittens or not. Last weekend we came to a conclusion.

Then they started singing the way only female Cats can do.

And they layed down on the floor playing with each other.

We wonder if they did understand what we had talked about, or did they behaved like they did because Renny was here?
More Cats at Gattinas

PS. Go to RennyBA's blog and read about our Slow Food Dinner this Saturday

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