Friday, March 30, 2007


This weeks theme is the ultimate WATER - cradle of all life. Humans are searching, and spending tremendous effort in time and money to discover life outside our "green planet". To find life.
My contribution this week is photo from East Washington state, USA . I do hope you can, from this modest picture, see what difference WATER does.

A water hug from all of us here in Oslo;)

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday - Torsdag loveday

Thursday 13 (Torsdag Spring)

this week is about discovering the world onTordag. U do?

It's up you to realise from where these pictures are "shot" from". Clue:
All pic's to the right, Sunset in Oslo, this afternoon.
I', m still at Cyber vruise.
Pls do not hesitatade to contact any of the cruise-members;))
OK: here we go:
- presented by fellow bloggers - where they live: Personal to you.
Besides, I have to admit. Spring time and Sunsets --- what word to set but: Spring.
Practical (hahahaha) -left is content - right is sunset;)

Each day and place have it's unique presence - just like you. You are unique.

That's why I'll will invite to something you must challenge.:

Look at the pictures to the right, and comment. U do?
Click in the links to the left, go to their cyber-cruise sites, and

#1) 16 March, Friday - Lifecruiser ship set sails!!!
Port: Stockholm, Sweden

#2-4 17 March, Saturday
TorAa Mirror & RennyBA’s Terella
Port: Oslo, Norway

#5 - 18 March, Sunday
Writer’s Cramps
Port: Waterloo, Belgiumttp://

#6 -19 March, Monday

Port: Barcelona, Spain

#6-8- 20 March, Tuesday:
Irish Church Lady
Port: Pirate Bay

#9 -arch, Wednesday:
Coffee 2 go
Port: Berlin, Germany

22 March, Thursday:
The Dackel Princess
Port: Alaska (!)

#10 b-ch, Friday:
Irish Church Lady
Port: Ottawa, Canada

24 March, Saturday:
Insanity Prevails
Port: Chesapeake Beach, US

# - 11 March, Sunday:
RennyBA’s Terella
Port: Rome, Italy

#12 - Promised post:
DIY Brazilian Wax article
by aka R’acquel.

#13 - 26-27 March, Monday-Tuesday:
Coffee 2 go
Port: Dominican Republic & Merengue Day

#13 see -28 March, Wednesday:
Host: All Cruisers having a Crazy Hat Parade, NOTE: only 1 hat per person (or cat ;-) in the household is allowed! (With 1 cyber prize* to win ;-)
Port: Between 2 ports, out on the cyber sea

Have a wonderful life. keep what you feel best. I have to go sleep.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lifecruisers Crazy Hat Parade

Wordless Wednesday is next post. Scroll down. OK?
We are on a cruise. This time I''m in Ciudad Mexico (DF). Pimping fresh Guava. With a HAT. And a silk shirt. Specially tailored in India. Glasses from Germany. Rucksack from Norway.
This time of week we have a HAT PARADE. Do enjoy.

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Oslo 8 pm March 28 - 2007

I went for a walk after work, 2 minutes from where live. You can write your words, as you like;)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday March 26 - 2007


Sunday afternoon - the first day, with "Summertime" this year, was a real Summerteaser. Rosa and Felicia did hang around the Windows from the very morning.

No doubt here: We want to go out.

Out, in our winterhome means the balcony. Which is in a mess. Need cleaning and painting and rehabilitation. Rosa and Felicia could not care less.

Let us out. Mieeeew.

Well, we happens know them very well. We can not let them out on the balcony without watching them. Why? 'Cause it's easy to jump from one balcony to another. That means 45 tempting places to investigate. Thank you, we have experienced the challenge to have them come back to the right spot.

Out with one chair, close the door quickly. Out with a second chair, close the door even quicker. Out with a table. Puh, it was "hot" in the afternoon sun.

Then, open the door, rush back and sit down in the chair. Business as usual.

Rosa ran out and jumped into the "garden". Felicia took more precautions. Here they are on a short video. First time out since October 2006.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

green sunday

In between, this what I ...

Rosa, ..

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Photo Hunters March 24 - 2007

This a tribute to my second cousin in California. We had an unforgetable afternoon in Sacramento, and ended in their beautiful home in the evening, sitting chatting in this charming backyard. The next morning, he and his wife had left for work, before we wake up. And we felt empty.

We slept in his daughters room, which we met in Portland, OR, a couple of days before. The visit to the Japanese garden was blasting, since I had not seen theme for 11 years. When leaving, I felt empty.

Who else, but Rande, second cousin as well, and brother to Paul, was our SF Bay Area Guide! After leaving Paul, we did the the Wine Visting tour in Napa Valley. Two winery's we did. Here is # one, and here is # 2. ( #2 Special for our member of the cyber-cruise) When we left Rande, the very morning the new airport security regulations took place - he gave us the correct advices. No perfume lost. We miss all our family in California. And feel empty. Here in Oslo.

Join the Photo Hunters.
This weeks theme is Empty. Next week: Water.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Torsday 13

1. It's my day (Thors day) - and Thor Heyerdahl

2. I'm on a cyber cruise

3. Pirates tried to .... me

5. I've birthday once a year

6. This number in my language means sex (seks) in English

7. I was a member and worked for Club 7 (in the 60'ies)

8. Had to wake up - last chance

9. Not my shoe number

10. Yeah, here starts the song

11. It's at play

12. My wedding month

13. It's a long time ago


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WW - March 21 - 2007

He can't say a word! Then, he is to trust!
PS. We hired him as a spy, to prevent more Pirat attacks during the most exiting CyberCruise Ever. True. A better and more honest Travelling Guide you'll never find, fellow bloggers.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stop the BlogPress

Polarbears scared the pants of Pirates

This morning all cruise passengers were brutally woke up by the notorious Irish Church Pirate. After an unusual struggle in the Irish Sea, it's seems like the original captain Lifecruiser has regained control over the cruise and passengers, according to normally serious blog-sources.

Here are some of our reliable sources: Captain, Pirate, Passenger (From Waterloo), Viking
and from Barcelona

Rumours said the Pirates went Northbound. This has later been confirmed by this correspondant. Who can confirme the Pirates were driven out in the blue by some Polarbears. Late in the evening a group of Pirates were observed, heading towards Berlin. What bastards do not are aware of, is the secret alliance between the Polarbears and the famous Berliner Bears. This should mean everybody can safely join the cruise in Berlin and the wonderful Lakes around the German Capital.

Here's the proof of todays Polarbear Hero's. And that the shop's soon after the attack were filled with traditional Viking goods.

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Secret Cruise Report


Renny and Rosa

What did really happen in Oslo during the Stay on Mrs Lifecruiser's Cybercruise. Did we go shopping? Did we visit the museums. Or visit cafes? Did Anna make Dinner? All the talk about champagne, wine, coffee and Calva...

Here is what really happend after the welcome video on RennyBA's blog:

Rosa invited Renny down to the Turkish Carpet. As it might be readers under 18 visiting, you only are invited to the foreplay. But, be relaxed. Every movement was closely inspected by Felicia - half hidden like a real detective, in the empty wine carton.
Follow the Cybercruise. New exciting places and surprising events to come. Tuesday ICL we host us all on a secret place.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cruise with drinks

Have a skol in Tigerstaden Can you imagine a better meeting?

We are on a cruise. And during the cruise we realized it's more than humans that need a drink. Skol - from the Oslo-team of the cyber-cruise (Join the A-Teamer Cyber Cruise). Our living co-members do like we care.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Skrik - Scream - Munch

Ok, here I am. Millions upon millions have asked my this question:

Dear Edvard, when abroad you painted Skrik: Where did you do that famous, seductive, sensual, sexual, ancious , mad crazy SHRIEK (skrik).

From here:

Learn even more about "Tigerstaden" - The "tigercity" as one Nobel Litterature Price Winner called Oslo. Stay tuned, and you'll be amazed.

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A-Team Cybercruise 1Q-2007 - Oslo-Norway

Oslo has a thousand year long maritime tradition. From the Middle Age's Vikings to todays Cruisliners and some of the worlds larges and best of practice shipping companies and ship brokers. Situated 100 km (65 miles) from the North Sea at the bottom of the Oslofjord it has a perfect harbour. And with all the Islands and small bays and coves, combined with free access to beaches, it's also a paradise for leisure boats in all sizes and prices. I will start this cruise at the peninsula in Oslo, were I was born and lived for 30 years: Bygdoy.
Here we have the most astonishing collections of boats you can imagine. From the Viking ships or Longboats, via the Kon-Tiki Raft and the Rush Boat RA (known from Thor Heyerdahl's expedition in the Pacific) to the polar ships Fram and Gjoa (the latter was for many years in San Francisco before brought "home" to Oslo) to all kinds of fishing vessels and trade vessels. And several thousands of private leisure boats in Marinas around the peninsula.

What will surprise the most of my readers, even Norwegians, is the fact we do have The Institute for Pacific Archaeology and Cultural History at Bygdoy. Surprised?
The reason is Thor Heyerdal and his famous Pacific expeditions with Kon-Tiki and Ra, besides his research at the Easter Islands. For thousands of people from around the World, this is reason enough to pay Oslo a visit. It's unique. And I was among the first to visit the museum. Touch me:) Learn more here

As a country close to the Artic, it's only natural, we have had more than one to explore both The North and South Poles. I'll not rip up in the race for the South Pole. But instead focus on an expedition through the North West Passage. The sea route north of Canada. With the vessel named Gjoa. It was brougth back to Norway from San Francisco, after years of neglecting there.

Meant nothing. But the expedition has given a proof of the Canadian - Norwegian realtionship with a remarkable, symbolic gift. Let the pictures tell. Read the text at the second picture below.This was the first leg on the Oslo sightseeing. Have some food and beverages before we continue. Or visit my co-host RennyBA.
And do not forget who's the Captain, Mrs Lifecruiser.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where will they go?

Wordless Wednesday
Are you ready to join the cruise? Find out more.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Climbing down


We have all read and heard about the cat that needed help from the firebrigade to come down from a tree. Felicia is too quick for me. Just have a look.

Find out more about Cats on Tuesday on Gattina's blog

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photo Hunters

Pont du Gard is a unique monument of Roman utility architecture located in Southern France.
(Yes, Anna is on the photo).
Please take a minute to visit the UNESCO site-description to find more information.

This is the description in brief:
The Pont du Gard was built shortly before the Christian era to allow the aqueduct of Nîmes (which is almost 50 km long) to cross the Gard river. The Roman architects and hydraulic engineers who designed this bridge, which stands almost 50 m high and is on three levels – the longest measuring 275 m – created a technical as well as an artistic masterpiece.

Find out more about Photo Hunters

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday 9 mars 2007

Fun or not fun?
This Friday was our first Harry-Tour this year. Most Norwegians knows what phenomea that is. In one sentence: It's an expression given by a former Norwegian Minister of Agriculture to describe Norwegians going to Sweden to shop cheaper (less expensive) food than in Norway (incl. Wine and Tobacco, car repairing etc).

We do that a couple of times each year. 250 km ( about 160 miles) - 3-4 hours including shopping and, and.. That's what it takes from where we live. Others have only minutes to go.

The Tour had a perfect start. I went to Anna's job to pick her up, after feeding the cats a little extra. That means I did drive from a our suburb south in Oslo into downtown - on a Friday early afternoon. I was there, but Anna?
No. TG for cellphones. I called.

- I'm waiting at the station, as agreed upon this morning, answered Anna upon my call
- oooops - I'm just outside your job... Coming as soon as the traffic allows me, said the driver (what do we call this kind of reply...)

Twenty minutes it took. At least, we saved 10 minutes all in all.

75 minutes drive in fog, and we where in shopping paradise (mostly prices and also some food varieties we like). No shopping malls. Only the winery and the shop next door. And then another one. No Customs. We even had glimpses of light (different lightscale colors) and blue sky on the return drive. Not much trafic. Cruisecontrol traffic with other words. But wet and salty road. Wiper on automatic needed. Heading home. Safely.

Hello this was the fun. Children go to bed. The rest of the story is very, very sad. Sleep well. I promise some sweet jokes next time. (I'm still alive - hugs from the old Viking)

Good night - sleeeep weeel - dream dream dream....

The rest is for folks with Drivers license only

Then, less than one minute by car from home: pang. punctation. The first one this century. I say no more: 75 minutes extra. No Formel 1 Pit Stop speed. Alumnium wheel rims and salted roads are definetly a very bad combination. Unless you know how to avoid the glueing effect between steel and alumnium created by salt - road salt.

Anna went home by her own (walking to be precisly - with one bottle of white wine to chill down) to feed Felicia and Rosa with Pollock.

As you, my dear reader, allready have observed, I'm home too. And the White Wine - Excellent.

That's it Folks; my Fun Friday this week:))

PS. The last cartoon is dedicated Mrs Lifecruiser.
If you ponder why, you can click here.
Read all, then you'll see the point. But I strongly disagree with the conclusion. You may wonder why. If, read my comment. If you still wonder.. ask:))

btw. Why do they both look like tourists?

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Spring is in the Air

Once in a while I pay downtown Oslo a visit. This Thursday - or Torsdag named after the God - I went to town to have some x-rays taken. It was a sunny day, and everybody felt Spring is in the air. What a wonderful feeling after a long and dark winter. One certain sign of Spring, is all the yellow Narcissus in the flowershops. We call them Easterlillies. A little to early to plant them out, as we still have, and can expect, frost. At least during the nights. The picture is taken in the old Railway Hall.

PS. Join the A-Team blogcruise. We will visit Oslo very soon. Hosted by RennyBA and me.
You can start sending questions to our e-mail adresses given on our profile pages.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

The Press was present

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Tuesday Cats


In most pet shops you will find teeth brushes for Cats. If they don't have, they will offer you Cat Grass. Good for the Teeth and Digestion.

But not all Cats need teeth brushes. They handle the cleaning all by themselves. Take a close look at Rosa. Be aware Cats have different preferations. Rosa, for example, does not accept all kinds of empty Wine Cartons. As you can see, this one was accepted. So far, so good. As the Carton is placed just in front of the TV (she loves spectators), we also must choose the right Channel. Her first priorety is Ballet. She adores the music and the movements.While Rosa does her cleaning, Felicia hide away high up under the Ceiling. She does not bother Rosas ToothBrushing. She waits for another more fascinating TV program: Birds and Wildlife. Join Cats on Tuesday